Close friends on Grand Cayman Ch. 03

Close friends on Grand Cayman Ch. 03


“I can’t decide if that was weird or if that was the hottest thing we’ve ever done.”

Liz and I were laying in bed after an evening of firsts. First time watching another couple in real time having sex. It wasn’t the first time we’d had sex outside, but it was the first time when people were so nearby. And clearly the first time (that we were aware of) that we’d been watched while screwing. I think Liz’s statement was in part because it was our friends that we watched and those same friends as well as another couple watched us. And not just watched us, we knew we were being watched and did nothing but continue in our throes of passion. Yes, maybe a bit weird but no doubt one of the most erotic things we’d done. I’d played the events of the previous evening over in my mind a hundred times. Each time coming to the conclusion that I really liked it and wanted to have something like that happen again.

Afraid that it might be awkward after being caught, I was glad that things seemed to revert back to our low-key vacation mode. We all ended up sitting and chilling in the pool, enjoying some adult beverages and watching the stars and occasional shooting star. We even saw the International Space Station streak across the sky above us. I’m pretty sure that there was a bit of underwater contact going on, hidden by the water and darkness. We all ended up heading to bed before midnight. I think Liz and I were asleep within minutes.

Even though vacation should be a time to ignore alarm clocks and just wake whenever, we still were fully awake at 6am. It was early enough that I knew I should be able to get some nice sunrise photos over the water, so I gathered up my camera gear and headed outside to let the camera temperature equalize and prevent fogging. Liz went to make some coffee. Of course, we wanted to endorse our house philosophy of nudism, so the uniform of the day was a smile.

I’d been experimenting with a photographic technique of time-lapse where you take multiple images over some period of time that, when viewed as individual frames in sequence look like a video of rapid motion. It’s a great way to demonstrate sunrise and cloud movement, both of which I wanted to capture this morning. I knew to expect the sunrise in the next 15 minutes or so. I had enough time to set up the tripod, frame the scene and initiate the camera to take photos every 5 seconds for the next hour or so. Fortunately, I had an accessory battery for the camera which should provide plenty of power and the memory card was nearly empty. I oriented the gear so that the scene would include the little beach in front of the house and the open ocean to get the sunrise and track of the sun. I also made sure that the sun loungers on the sand at the beach were included to make the “story” of the video clip a bit more personal (and make anyone watching it wish they were sitting in one of those seats)! I pushed the button and let things go on their own.

Liz wanted to take a swim and I had worked up a bit of a sweat myself in the early heat so we grabbed our goggles and slipped into the water for a brief dip. The water was so calm, the surface was like glass, disturbed only from our arm strokes and leg kicks. It was nice to stretch out the muscles and get the blood flowing. I’m pretty sure my wife figured out why I was swimming behind her. Her tanline had almost disappeared with the time she spent uncovered the previous day.

Walking out of the water back at the house, Jo and Steve were walking in. I was glad to see that they too had followed the house plan of going naked.

“So refreshing,” commented Liz.

“I slept so well,” answered Jo, “but I need to get at least a little bit of exercise.”

We watched their naked asses swim away as we went up to the pool area to dry off and get some much-needed coffee.

With caffeine in hand and some breakfast casserole that Maggie had made, Liz and I sat down at the outdoor table to start another day in paradise. I could see our friends out swimming. I thought to myself that I should offer them our swim goggles so they could do more than just paddle around. I saw them head back to the beach and then drop out of view. The backyard level was several feet above the beach level. The only way to see down to the sand and the loungers was to walk to the edge of the “backyard” and look over the coral stone wall. When they didn’t walk back up, I figured they were just drying off in the sun on the loungers.

Maggie and Sid, both continuing the house dress code, came out to join us at the table, first spreading towels down in their seats at the table. We chatted amicably about some of the other things we wanted to do on this trip. Our diving of course, and more time snorkeling and sunning at the house but some other activities including a trip to the nearby botanical gardens, and afternoon at Rum Point and maybe a bike ride around that part of the island. I’d picked up a brochure at the airport from a business that organized that kind of thing. Betturkey We agreed that a trip into the main town was not a high priority but might be reserved if we had a less than ideal weather day.

Steve and Jo appeared at the top of the stairs from the beach. They both seemed a bit flushed from their swim and the morning heat and did a quick dip in the pool to remove the saltwater before going inside to get some food and then joining us at the table.

I knew my camera was close to finishing the time-lapse acquisition so after I retrieved it from the tripod, I popped back into our room to grab my laptop and the correct cable to start the process of generating my movie clip. Once all the images were downloaded, I started the program that converts each photo to a frame of a video. Even though it’s a laptop, it has some pretty good processing power so it only took a few minutes before my file was ready to watch. I figured that with the 90 minutes of photography with an image every 5 seconds would give me roughly 36 seconds of playback time with clouds moving across the sky, sunrising and wave action (although the surf as pretty minimal). I hit enter to do my first review of the clip.

Fortune was with me as I saw the sun come up from the sea edge and bathe the scene in a beautiful orange glow. There was some activity in the front right of the scene. It was Liz and me first entering and then exiting the water for our morning swim. It was soon followed by Jo and Steve doing their own swim laps. However, when they returned to shore there was a bit of frenetic action on the sun lounger. I paused the video to see what the individual image was. Jo was sitting on her husband’s lap, fucking him reverse cowboy in the morning sun! I rewound a bit and slowed the replay speed down to 1 frame per second. They walked out of the water, turning to look out at the now risen sun. Steve was behind her and reached around to cup her breasts. She turned, looking over his shoulder toward the house. I guess she was checking to see if they were in our view, after all, we were right there sitting at the outdoor dining table and enjoying our breakfast. She then pushed him toward one of the beach level loungers and had him sit down at the end. She crouched down, taking his cock in her hand and started stroking. It must not have taken him long to get hard. She stood up, turned around then backed up to straddle his waist and then sat back down as she gripped his shaft and guided it into her pussy. I calculated that they spent two and a half minutes fucking like this since the whole activity was over in one second of video played at regular speed of 30 frames per second. But, when slowed down, it was clear that Jo was leading the charge!

I closed up the laptop after saving the clip. Pleased that the time lapse technique worked, I realized that I would have to try again the next morning in order to have a clip that I could share more openly. Right now, the only one I wanted to show it to was my wife.

Going back out to the pool deck it looked like our crew had settled in for another fine morning of sunning, swimming and relaxing. Jo and Steve were back on the beach level loungers, this time just sunning rather than fucking. Maggie and Sid were on a couple of lounge chairs by the pool and Liz had found a pool float and was bobbing in the pool water at the edge with her book propped on the side.

After going back outside I grabbed my mask, fins and snorkel and headed into the water to see what kind of fish life I could find on the coral heads just off our beach. I had put my camera into its underwater housing hoping to find something different. The challenge snorkeling in saltwater is the buoyancy, making it difficult to dive down to the bottom when searching for subjects. Without additional weight it’s almost impossible to remain near the bottom at 15 feet. I saw some colorful movement in the side of a coral head that was probably 8 feet tall in water that was 10 feet deep. Poking around I saw a flash of yellow and moved back a bit so as not to scare off the creature I hoped was tucked in this little hole. I was reward with being correct when a mottled yellow and black head stuck out into the opening of this little crack. It was a Chain Moray eel. These are relatively small eels that live in the reef. I was fortunate to have spotted it. I guess it didn’t feel threatened since it hung out of the hole staring back at me and even letting me snap a few photographs. I was pleased with how they turned out, lucky that the bright sun and my on-camera flash lit the scene nicely.

Excitedly, I swam back to shore to share my find with my friends.

“Check out what I saw,” I said to Jo and Steve.

They huddled around beside me as I shielded the screen from the sun so they could see the eel, asking where I found it. I couldn’t help but feel Jo’s breast rub against my arm as she leaned in to see the image. I certainly didn’t do anything to stop that from Betturkey Giriş happening either. She was slick with suntan lotion and the nipple jutted out excitedly. If she was aware of the contact, she wasn’t letting on. I was trying to be nonchalant myself. However, the situation started playing in my mind and my “little brain” started responding. I could feel warmth as the blood flow increased to my dick. Having just come out of the water it was expectedly a bit on the “shrinkage” side of the equation. I began to worry it might become more of an issue as it began stirring.

“Come on Steve,” said Jo, “let’s go try to find it.”

It was with my relief they went to get their snorkel gear and I was able to adjust a bit to avoid going “full tilt”. I pointed out the coral head where I had found the critter and described the area where they might be lucky enough to see it themselves.

Liz was still on her float in the pool and I was ready to cool off and get the salt off my body. It was almost too warm as I dunked down and swam under to her, coming up at the foot of her float between her feet.

“Now, that’s a nice sight to see,” she smiled.

“I was about to say the same thing,” I answered, her shaved pussy directly in front of my face. “I’ll look forward to this same view later today when there aren’t as many people watching.”

I sensed a bit of a pout from my wife as I dunked back down underwater and swam back to the pool edge.

Knowing that we had an afternoon of diving ahead of us, the girls went in to prepare an early lunch while we guys gathered up the few things we would need. Since we would be using rental gear it didn’t take too long to get up the mask and fins. We each had our own dive computers and I made sure I had a fresh battery in my camera and double checked that the housing was secure. Flooding a camera is something you never want to happen. The afternoon continued to be a cloudless, warm one, so I made sure we had plenty of sunscreen and hats available.

The shade from a large umbrella over the outdoor dining table offered needed relief as we enjoyed our meal and worked on hydrating before the dive. It was with a bit of reluctance that we pulled on some clothes for the afternoon adventure. All of the girls went with their bikinis and a sarong cover up while we guys stuck to board shorts and t-shirts. According to my dive watch, the water temperature that morning during our snorkeling had been around 86 degrees. Even at depth, and for an hour or so dive, I was sure a wetsuit wouldn’t be needed.

The dive shop was only a few minutes away and in no time, we were on the dive boat for our afternoon 2-tank trip. I was even more impressed by the dive operator since our rental gear was already attached to tanks and the boat crew pointed us to our stations as we stepped aboard and gave them our names. While the boat could hold up to 16 divers it looked like only 10 spots had gear set up.

James and Rachel introduced themselves to us as the crew. Rachel would be our boat captain that day and both would be taking turns as divemaster/dive leader. Like most of the dive operators we’ve used over the years they were 20 something’s who were living the life. Warm, sunny workdays in paradise surrounded by other fit, tan workers wearing very few clothes and have little responsibility once the workday was over. Don’t get me wrong, most of these people are very professional and the backbone of the dive industry. But there’s a reason it’s a job for they younger set. The hours are long, the work is strenuous, and they have great responsibility, particularly when a subset of divers have more confidence than experience. They also know that success in a service industry requires a positive vibe and being easy going and friendly can pay out in tips.

There was another dive pair already on board, Jen and Sara, who introduced themselves. These friends had been on the island for the last 2 weeks, enjoying being away from their home in Colorado where the weather was a bit chillier. They looked to be in their mid-30s and seemed friendly. Both were quite tan, reflecting the recent time spent in the sun.

Liz and I found our rental gear on the same side of the boat as Jen and Sara and went over to check the gear setup and get our mask and fins out of the mesh bags to be sure everything was ready. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, since this was not primarily a dive trip, we didn’t bring our own dive gear, just mask, fins and snorkel, but it was a treat to see that the rental gear was nearly brand new and as nice as our own stuff. We went through our gear check and confirmed that we had full tanks. This is always a key step, particularly before the boat leaves the dock.

“Do you want some sunscreen on your back and shoulders,” I asked Liz.

“Yes please.”

She lifted her cover up over her head, revealing her bright orange bikini. It had relatively full coverage across the butt, but the top Betturkey Güncel Giriş was mainly a string type tie and her breasts shook from side to side as she got tangled up the pareo as she was taking it off. As a consequence, the right breast slipped part way out of its cup exposing the stiff nipple. The dark tan and absent tanline were obvious against the bright color of the fabric. I glanced back at Jen and Sara to see if I was the only one who got the show. I wasn’t. Both were watching with happy, knowing smiles. I guess many bikini wearing women have had unexpected malfunctions. When she finally disentangled herself, she saw the problem and quickly pulled things back in place.

“Oops,” she laughed. “I hate when that happens.”

“That’s one of us,” I replied, getting a laugh from our new dive mates and the boat crew.

Liz didn’t seem too fazed by it and stepped up under the front of the boat to put her coverup into the dry area then returned and handed me the sunscreen bottle to cover her back. While I worked on spreading the lotion across her shoulders and back, she stood facing the back of the boat talking to Jen and Sara. They had been friends since college days and, several years ago on a shared vacation, learned how to scuba dive. This was their fourth dive trip, always going to a Caribbean location for the sun and warm water.

I stayed silent, watching the girls and James expression through my sunglasses as I continued to rub the cream into Liz’s skin, knowing that the action of doing so while wearing the little bikini top would make her boobs sway.

Liz introduced our friends. Like me, Sid and Steve had removed shirts, so we guys were just in board shorts. Both Maggie and Jo had also taken off their coverups and both were wearing 2-piece swimsuits. Maggie’s had a fairly narrow bottom and a lot of cheek was showing (not that I noticed). Her top was more of a sports bra type while Jo’s was a longer tankini.

Rachel got everyone’s attention.

“If everyone has double checked that they have all their gear we’re going to head out. It will be about 20 minutes as we head north inside the reef then we’ll continue around to some great spots along the northeast coast. Once we get up there, we’ll take a look at the water and decide what has the best viz for the day. Be sure and stay hydrated. The water cooler is up front, drink more than you think you need. It’s going to be a hot day and we don’t want anyone putting themselves at risk for decompression illness. Any questions just ask James once we’re underway. Right now, just give him a few minutes to help me get off the dock.”

It was a brilliant day. The sun was high in the sky with no clouds at all. Even without polarized sunglasses the water was gin clear inside the reef. Liz and I went up to the front of the boat to sit and enjoy the short trip to the dive site. Sara and Jen joined us up there as well. Asking about their dive experience Jen told us that they were staying in a little condo closer to Georgetown and had spent the first part of the trip diving along the west coast of the island. She said they were getting tired of the shore diving over that way. Seems that most of the sites saw a lot of diver pressure and the reef looked stressed and not as many marine animals as they had hoped. One of the dive shop workers they had talked with suggested that they make the trip to the East End, telling them that they would not be disappointed.

As is the case with most divers, we enjoyed swapping stories and experiences and talked about our scuba bucket lists. It wasn’t too long before James came up to the front of the boat to ready the line to tie up to a mooring ball. After leaving the protection of the reef we were motoring along the northeast corner of the island and passed many bobbing white mooring balls, each marking a dive site. I was glad to see that we were the only boat out that way this afternoon. In order to give him room to do his work we all headed back to the back of the dive platform. That was when I noticed that both Jen and Sara had on thong style suits. In fact, Jen’s was even briefer than that, more of a G-string. They both looked like they enjoyed spending time on the stair stepper. I wondered if they would be wearing wet suits during the dive.

Our boat crew took some time after we tied onto the mooring ball surveying the water and looking at the direction of current. To me, the water looked perfect. Dark blue in the depths, no green color that sometimes can indicate moving current. Satisfied that the dive site was good, Rachel shut off the engines and climbed down from the upper deck to the dive platform.

“Welcome to Black Rock Drop off. Our first site is a deep dive over the Cayman wall. Since there are only 8 divers on board you will all go a one group with James leading the way. I’ll be at the back of the group making sure no one tries to visit the bottom of the Cayman trench since it is at 6000 feet.”

Laughing at her joke I looked around at the others to see if anyone looked nervous. We had been diving with our friends before and I was familiar with their styles, strengths and weaknesses. All had been diving in conditions much more strenuous than what we would see today. Jen and Sara both had expressions of confidence.

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