Claire’s Late Night in the Laundry


Claire Jocelli was in a very happy mood. It was nearly midnight and she was down in the basement of her Kentucky home doing laundry. Normally, having to do a load of clothes for your Yankee in-laws at an ungodly hour of the night, just so that they could be on their way on the next leg of their vacation travels the next morning, would not be a pleasant task for most. However, Claire was grinning from ear to ear as she carried the basket of dirty clothes down the stairs. And that broad smile was just about the only thing she was wearing …

For, among the entourage of her traveling in-laws was Vicki, her husband’s brother’s wife, who — at the age of 42 — did a very good impression of 29. Her wavy brown hair was always done up gorgeously, and the wispy skirts that she usually chose to wear gave everyone a wonderful view of her sexy legs. To Claire’s delight, Vicki frequently chose to compliment her short skirts with low cut blouses that gave everyone a marvelous view of her 38DD cleavage. Claire was always excited whenever the busty Vicki chose to visit, not only because she secretly lusted after the woman who was 2 years her junior, but because of the others Claire would be surely bringing along with her. The Holloway’s had three children — including two college aged daughters, Missy and Misty.

Missy and Misty were not twins, but were certainly quite alike in that the 21 and 19 year old girls both were enchanting blonde goddesses. Missy, the older and taller one, was a serious pre-med major whose resume was just as stacked as her chest. (Claire guessed that her cup size was at least as big as her mothers, if not more.) Misty, who was mainly studying boys in college from what Claire had heard, dressed all the part of the young coed, having arrived in Lexington that evening wearing an extremely short pair of daisy dukes and a tummy-exposing t shirt that read “Born To Flirt”.

Those three girls were very much on Claire’s dirty mind as she descended the staircase, nearly nude. She had disrobed to just her bra and panties a few moments earlier, for she knew it would make what she was about to do much easier. Claire’s thoughts went to her husband as she sat the basket of soiled garments down on the sorting and folding table. He was away on a business trip for the weekend and had asked Claire, in his absence, to be a “good host” for his brother’s family as they wound their way southward to the Gulf for their yearly vacation on the Alabama coast. So, being the gracious host that she was, she had gallantly volunteered to “do” a load of laundry for her weary visitors.

If only her heavenly company knew just *what* she was planning on “doing” to the underclothes they had piled into the pink basket! And if her husband could see her now, as she picked out the girls’ sweet panties one-by-one from the container! What they would all think!?! She could only imagine how astonished they would all be that the quiet demure librarian who they thought they knew would even *imagine* engaging in such a lewd, lusty act.

Claire handled each of the pairs of undies that she extracted from the basket with loving care, inspecting each closely before sitting them down on the sorting table. The first couple of pairs that she came to were definitely Misty’s, she thought. Not only was the somewhat smaller hip size (7) a give-away, but the choice of style just screamed “promiscuous college slut”. One was a Victoria’s Secret pink cotton bikini with the “PINK” logo running across the bottoms of the panties. The other was a skimpy black nylon thong with a red heart on the front. Claire stuffed the pink panties down inside the front of her own red bikinis, rubbing their soft cotton against her moistening mound as she stroked the silky fabric of the black thong across her face. After playing with them like this for a moment, visualizing Misty asleep in her bed upstairs (probably in the nude, Claire thought!) , the wanton woman placed the tempting undergarments out on the table and then eagerly resumed her panty hunt.

The final two pairs that Claire came across (and she just couldn’t wait until she REALLY came across them!) gave her a bit of pause. She was sure that one of these pairs of pretty panties must belong to Vicki and the other to Missy, but she was momentarily at a loss to decide whose was whose. They both were the same size (8) and both were very seductive cotton bikinis. The first was a Candies™ brand white panty with a red lollipop print and a sweet matching red lace edging. The other was a No Boundaries™ bikini with little purple polka dots all over it.

How delicious, Claire thought! She slipped off her own red panties and matching bra and placed them gently on the folding table beside the panties that she presumed belonged to Misty. Then she stepped into the Candies™ panties and pulled them tight against her pussy mound. “Mmmmmm,” Claire moaned, closing her eyes and reveling in the delightful naughtiness of the moment. The soft cotton bikinis felt truly Bycasino heavenly! This fact, coupled with the wicked notion that her sex was now brushing the same fabric that had been hugging one of her sexy in-laws’ pussies just hours earlier, made Claire almost cum right on the spot. But just whose pussy was it? Claire wondered.

She would not have to wait long for an answer. For, suddenly, there was a knocking on the door to the basement, and — before Claire could do much of anything to conceal the naughty knickers games she had been playing — Vicki Holloway came bounding down the stairs! Vicki was wearing a cotton nightgown with green panties underneath. Claire began to stammer, “Oh, Vicki … Vicki … I’m sorry …I ….” But before she could get another word in, Vicki strode over to her and put a finger to Claire’s mouth.

“Shhh,” she said, softly. “There is no need to say anything.”

Claire was relieved, but a little bewildered. What was Vicki doing up at this hour of the morning? she wondered. And why wasn’t she more upset? Claire would have expected most women to have been angered and shocked by her carnal invasion of their private garments. But the odd smile that Vicki was now sporting as she gazed on her sister-in-law, wearing nothing but her own panties, told Claire that Vicki was actually enjoying what she was seeing. And the words that she spoke next only confirmed this. “I see that you found my sweet candies,” Vicki whispered into Claire’s ear. “I’m glad that you are enjoying them. Here, let me help you enjoy them even more …”

And, with that, and without any further explanation, Vicki slid a hand down inside the red lollipop panties and began to rub her sister-in-law’s womanhood. Claire was like putty in her arms. She closed her eyes and let Vicki’s fingers explore every sensitive crevice of her love lands. “Ohhhh, yes ….” she sighed, as the seductive brunette’s digits found her clitoris, “Ohhh, Vicki, yesss …” Vicki kissed Claire’s neck and breasts softly as her fingers touched and teased her sex. “Ohhh, play with me,” Claire was begging her now, “Play with my pussy baby …. Please ….”

Vicki’s response was just as urgent, just as needful. “Oh, I’ll give you what you want, alright,” she told her compliant partner, “And you will give me everything that I need in return.” Claire felt Vicki pushing her back toward the folding table. “Get up there,” Vicki told Claire, her voice more demanding than ever, “Lay back on top of those panties and then pull my Candies™ off”. Do it now. Quickly.”

Longing and desperate for more, Vicki slid onto the table and tugged the white bikinis down to her knees. Then she looked over at Claire. Vicki could see that Claire was taking off her nightie and pulling her green panties down. “Good girl,” Vicki smiled as she disrobed, “Now hand me those red panties of yours and the polka dotted ones beside them.”

“What are you going to do with them?” Claire asked, as she passed the pair of sexy undies to her newfound lover.

“Well, I thought I’d take a cue from your dirty playbook and wear these ones,” Vicki grinned, slipping the red bikinis on over her trimmed pubic mound. “And these ones,” Vicki said, climbing onto the folding table and handing the polka dotted panties back to Claire, “I want you to masturbate with now.” Vicki moved into a 69 position on top of Claire so that she had a bird’s eye view of her glistening pussy. Vicki lowered her hips down to near Claire’s mouth. “Eat me while you do it. I want to watch you frig your cunt with Missy’s sexy panties while you lick my slit.”

Obediently, Claire did just as she was told. This was like something from out of a dream! It was her filthiest fantasy realized! Claire began running the soft material of the polka dotted panties over her slit as her tongue snaked upward to find Vicki’s pussy. Vicki did not take the panties off, but simply pulled the crotch aside to give her servant better access to her horny hole. “Oh yeah!” Vicki cried, as Claire’s lips and tongue worked their wonders over her pussy, “Taste how good and wet I am for you, girl! Keep that up and I’m gonna cum all over your face! All over your beautiful face and panties!”

Vicki wrapped her hand around Claire’s, guiding the polka dotted panties so that Claire could concentrate more on her cunnilingus. Back and forth she slid the sensuous fabric over Claire’s clit and pussy, making sure to provide the greatest pleasure possible. She could tell that she was hitting all of the right spots, as moans of “mmmmmmm” and “ohhhhh” were issuing from her partner’s mouth in between her lovely licks and laps. As the intensity of their lovemaking grew, Vicki pressed the panties down inside Claire’s wet pussy, followed by two of her fingers, and began panty-fucking her.

Both Vicki and Claire were now quivering with delight, their hips jerking and spasming as their orgasms approached. Vicki tilted back so that she was riding Claire’s face, grinding her pussy Bycasino giriş down hard against her lover’s mouth. As Claire’s tongue probed deeper and deeper into her lusty canal, Vicki continued to work her daughter’s pretty panties further into Claire’s wet snatch. In and out the polka dotted panties went, driving Claire to the very brink of ecstasy. “OHHHHHHHH!” Vicki moaned, as Claire reached up and began to massage her massive tits, “OH FUCK! OH, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME COME, YOU SLUTTY BITCH! I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ CUMMMM!”

But, just as each of the luscious ladies was on the verge of losing control, Claire and Vicki were suddenly startled by another person tramping down the basement stairs.

“MOTHER!” cried Missy Holloway, with her hands on her hips and a big pouty look on her face, “Mother, honestly! How *could* you!?!”

Claire could see that Missy had come down the stairs buck naked. The only semblance of “clothing” that she had on was a purse that she was carrying in her right hand. She strode over to the end of the folding table and looked down to where Vicki had just pulled the polka dotted panties out of Claire’s dripping hole. There was a hurt look on her face as she sat her bag down on the table. “You told me that you would wait for me!” she told her mother, “You said that I could do her first and that we could all play together *afterwards*. You broke your promise!”

Claire did a double-take! Evidently, not only was the seemingly conservative Missy just as wanton as her mother, but the two mischief makers had been planning and conspiring to have a threesome with her all along! Vicki was only slightly apologetic to her daughter, with just a touch of remorse in her voice. “Well, I’m sorry, honey,” she purred coyly, “But just look at what I had tempting me, baby! You know that I can’t resist a foxy pussy — especially one as sweet and scrumptious as Claire’s here.”

Vicki climbed off the long sturdy folding table and drew Missy into an embrace, kissing her in a passionate way that Claire found amazingly erotic. “Can you ever forgive me, sweetie?” she asked.

“Well, I suppose we can find a way for you to make it up to me,” Missy grinned, giving her mom’s bum a playful spank, “But you’ll be repaying me for quite some time, you know.” And, at that, she broke away from her mom’s embrace and positioned herself again at the bottom of the table, right in between Claire’s spread open legs. Whatever hard feelings Missy had harbored a moment ago had evidently not lasted very long.

Claire saw Missy reach inside of her purse and pull out a pair of objects: a long tan dildo and a cellular phone. “What … what are those for?” Claire asked the young girl, with a tinge of both apprehension and excitement in her voice. She knew (or at least, hoped she knew!) to what good use the fake phallus would be put, but the sight of the cell phone made her uneasily curious. “Who are you going to call, Missy?” she asked.

A smile as broad as the ocean is deep spread across Missy’s face. “Oh, I’m not calling anyone,” she said impishly, “You’ll understand what the phone is for in just a moment. But for now I want you to slide up to the edge of this table and sit with your legs spread open nice and wide. And you there, sugarbottom,” At this last remark, she pointed to her mom. “Get down on your knees right in front of her sweet wet puss. And be ready to do exactly as I say. Understand?”

Vicki and Claire both nodded and followed the younger girl’s instructions. Claire slid up so close to the side of the table that her moist sex was no more than a foot away from Vicki’s face. Vicki’s cool breath upon her thighs sent shivers and blissful tingles all through her body. The older women watched as Missy positioned herself directly behind Vicki. Handing the dildo and phone to her mother, she said: “Please pass the phone over to Mrs. Jocelli and keep that big cock at the ready in your hand.”

Claire took the phone hesitantly from Vicki. “Good girl,” Missy said, approvingly, “Now I want you to place a call for me. Call your husband. Call him on his cell phone..”

Claire’s face went red. “My husband?! Mark? But why? Its nearly 1 in the morning now! He won’t be expecting me to call him at the hotel. What do you want me to say?”

Missy grinned. “I don’t care what you say, really,” she shrugged, “Make casual conversation. Tell him you missed him and just needed to talk before bed. It doesn’t matter. I just want you to have him on the phone while my mother fucks you with that huge dong. I just want him to think he’s having an ordinary chat with you when — in reality — you’re having sex with his brother’s wife and daughter.”

“Oh, baby, you are so bad,” Vicki said, smirking at Missy’s lascivious plans, “You definitely *are* my girl.”

“Oh, you haven’t even begun to see bad yet, mother,” Missy said, in an assured voice that made it clear that she was not joking, “Just wait till the conversation gets going and see Bycasino güncel giriş what I have in store for you.” Missy pointed up to Claire and barked another order. “Make the call. NOW,” she told her, “When he asks how we are doing, you are to give him no indication that anything unusual is going on at all. Just keep the conversation going as long as you possibly can. Got it?”

Claire consented. As she began to punch some numbers into the cell phone, Missy wrapped her arms around Vicki from behind and whispered into her ear. “As soon as she starts talking with him, start licking her pussy and clit. Get her nice and worked up with your tongue. Then switch to the dildo. Give it to her good and hard. I want it to be real hard for her to keep up appearances.”

Ring, ring, ring. For a few moments, Claire thought that she would get no answer at all. Perhaps his battery had gone dead. Two more rings. Still nothing. Claire was trying to decide which would make her happier: not to get her husband on the line and, thus, not have to try to pull off Missy’s sensual charade, or to get him on the line and be titillated by the knowledge that she was secretly having a deviant kind of lesbian “phone sex” of which he hadn’t the faintest awareness.

But then the call went through. Claire gulped. She heard Mark’s sleepy voice on the other end of the line. “Huh .. hullo?” he stammered.

“Mark? Hi honey,” Claire began. And, at that moment, Vicki began to administer the most delicious form of oral attention to Mark’s wayward wife. She licked and sucked at Claire’s clit while sliding two of her fingers in and out of her damp pussy.

“Claire? Is that you?” Mark said. Claire could tell from his voice that he had already drifted off to sleep earlier and had been woken up by her phone call. Perhaps in his drowsy state he would be less likely to notice her heavy breathing, she thought, hopefully.

Meanwhile, Missy had pulled her bag down from the table. Claire gawked, wide-eyed, as she saw Missy remove a strap-on dildo from the insides of the purse. Vicki had evidently never seen this toy before either because she, too, stared in awe as Missy fastened the belt of the lusty love-toy securely around her hips. “I’m going to lie on the carpet on my back, with my face under the table,” Missy whispered to Vicki, “I want you to squat down right on top of this big prick. Ride my cock while you pump her full with that other one.”

“Uh, yes … yes, Mark, it’s me …” Missy heard Claire saying as she got down to the floor and scooted under the table, “No … nothing’s wrong, darling. Everything’s fine … I just wanted to call to hear your voice … I missed you …”

Claire almost gasped at this point in the conversation as she caught sight of the enormous length of Missy’s strap on cock jutting up from almost directly beneath her. Vicki broke off her cunnilingus for a moment so that she could slide down upon the shaft of the powerful penis pole. “OHHHHHHHHHHH,” sighed Vicki as the thick girth of the dildo pushed along her pussy walls, stretching them to capacity. The loudness of her moaning meant that Claire had to quickly cover.

“That noise? I don’t know, I didn’t hear anything … maybe its just a bad connection here … Why am I talking on Missy Holloway’s phone? … oh, that …. Oh .. well .. you see …” Claire struggled to find an explanation. It was hard enough making things up, let alone to do it with someone sliding a dildo in and out of your pussy. “You see … um … I couldn’t find where I had set my phone at … yes .. and so I asked Missy if I could just borrow hers …”

Phew! Potential crisis averted, Claire thought. But she was finding it increasingly harder now to concentrate on the conversation. With the furious rate that Vicki was ramming the cock into her cunt, she was rapidly starting to close in toward orgasm-time again. And the sight of Vicki bounding up and down upon her daughter’s strap on dildo, her huge boobs bouncing and swaying back and forth enticingly, was only turning Claire on more.

Then Claire heard it. Missy, from below the table, was starting to say some really filthy things to her mother. She was (purposefully, Claire was sure) speaking just loud enough so that Claire could hear her nasty talk. And that meant that there was a chance that Mark, on the other hand, might overhear her, too.

“Ahh, yes! Doesn’t that feel good, sugarbuns? My HUGE cock deep inside you. Filling you up. Filling your sweet sexy pussy with MY BIG MEAT.”

Claire was desperate for an escape now. She could hardly speak from the intense pleasure rising up from her nether regions. It was everything she could do to keep quiet and not scream out in rapture. Yet she knew that she needed to try and say something. Missy’s dirty talk was getting ever louder and more audible:

“Yeah, that’s it! RIDE ME, BABY! Take it like the WHORE that you are! Uh huh! Yeah! YEAH! Show me how you fuck, baby! Show me how you do your husband! That’s it, slut! Show me how you like to CUM!!!”

Mark, who had been telling Claire something about the convention he was attending, suddenly stopped. “Claire? Claire? Are you still there? I heard that noise again? Claire? Has our connection dropped?”

Claire Jocelli was in a very happy mood. It was nearly midnight and she was down in the basement of her Kentucky home doing laundry. Normally, having to do a load of clothes for your Yankee in-laws at an ungodly hour of the night, just so that they could be on their way on the…

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