Church Ladies Cunning Club Ch. 08 – The Popov Twins


It was Nataliya who “needed” the ‘date’ with Simon according to her twin sister Natasiya.

They were sipping tall, thin glasses of Prosecco in Janine’s little ‘parlor’ and getting to know each other before Simon ‘got to work.’ Natasiya addressed the issue.

“She is not heving the good sex with mens as I am. So I tell her how my boyfriend David is giving me the out of body experience with his tongue on my little pikva. She is never heving this same thing, and I think, ‘Can I just lend her David for one night so she gets feelings she never has?’ But then I think David maybe figures after thet he gets two for one price and I think maybe this is not such a good thing. I is also thinking maybe we go to a bar and find a nice man. But some men is so creepy. And then, tam! We is drinking in Melissa bar and I gets a little drunk and how you say spill the beans on my sister, and Melissa tells us of you, Simon, who is so good at this thing, and I think, “Problem solved!” Maybe. If Nalya likes this. So she says she is willing to try, yakhova bisa. So here we is. Nalya to get that thing you do. Me to make sure my doroho sestrichko gets just what she needs.

“My sister I know from the many years we share a room, we talk, we show, we know for what the other one is good and what is not. So maybe I am her insurance policy. Efter all, ve don’t want to come for playsure and hev very bed experience. Is understood?”

Simon didn’t fully understand. It could definitely cramp his style to have someone coaching every step of the way. Oh, he did try to listen to the woman who was receiving his treatment. That was important. It was impressive how each gal had her own particular little favorites, even essentials. But to have a bystander telling him, “A little to the left…now harder …now softer…” That could really kill his buzz. And much as he was “professionally” dedicated to giving each woman just what she needed, he also wanted to be literally and figuratively in the groove.

On the other hand, having two gorgeous Ukrainian women in the room was a turn on at the get go. And the two sisters were stunners in a beautiful quiet way. Above average height, they were pale, wispy blondes with large grey-blue eyes and soft rosy mouths. Their ears were like delicate shells found on an exotic beach. Their ivory necks were long and graceful.

Neither was ‘dressed sexy’, but the soft filmy patterned clothed flowed around their bodies and clung to small graceful curves. They were almost identical, though Nataliya had a small mole at the left corner of her mouth.

Simon figured it might help to get a sense of Nataliya’s tastes. She seemed sweet and elegant, but maybe she liked it rough.

“Nataliya, or may I call you Nalya as your sister does ….”

“Nalya is goot.” She nervously sipped gulped her wine and got bubbles up her nose.

“Oops, I making mess.” A few drops had fallen on her elegant collar bones and chest.

Simon gave her a big smile. Melissa and Janine got up and headed for the kitchen, to give them space. Simon looked Nalya in the eyes.

“This is your treat. You decide what happens. For instance, do you want your sister here to …?

“Oh, yes yes. Nastya is big help. Also her Ingliss is is gooder …is good…

Nastasia interrupted. “…is better.”

“Yes …is better from mines. Also, we thinks …we feels much same. She knows me real good.”

Both were nodding enthusiastically.

“Great. So, Natasiya, Nastya, perhaps you can … help your sister understand if I say something not so clear…?”

“I will do.”

“So, Nalya, I could just do what I do? Treating you like a lady, of course. Or maybe you can give me a hint…what you like?”

Nalya knitted her brows and her sister whispered.

“Tell him what feel good.”

Nalya’s ivory cheeks grew visibly red, but her mouth had an impish smile.

“I ken do this, yes”

Simon took a chance. “I would guess that you like a delicate touch. I think what I would like to do is to undress you very slowly, like you are a fine lady. If you don’t mind, from an old fool like me, I would like to kiss you very lightly as I uncover you, starting with your neck and shoulders. You are very beautiful and I want to take my time admiring every centimeter of your beauty. Would you be comfortable with that?”

Nataliya seemed to understand him pretty well, and a whisper or two from her sister brought a smile with two amazing dimples to her creamy face.

“Oh, and I have an idea. Perhaps as you play grand lady, your sister can be your lady’s maid and take away your garments as they are removed …? Is this OK?”

Nataliya had a sweet smile as she shyly nodded yabancı gaziantep escort her head. Her twin stood in front of her and unbuttoned the top buttons on her soft, filmy blouse. She spread the fabric so Nataliya’s long graceful neck was exposed. Natasiya gently cupped the soft hair that fell on her sister’s shoulders and lifted it so more of that fine neck was exposed. Natasiya nodded to Simon.

“She will like very much you kiss just the place where her hair touch her neck, “Chy ne tak, Nalyu?”

Nataliya nodded and then gave a tiny moan as Simon’s lips touched the delicate tendrils at the top of her spine.

“I know she feels this in her neeples and maybe even way down in her poosie. Funny, the nerves, yes?”

Simon stood behind his subject and lightly placed his hands on her waist; slowly kissing his way down the ridge of the ivory back as Natasiya draped the blouse lower and lower. Where his warm breath touched her, tiny goosebumps scattered across her skin.

“Kees behind her ears. Yes, like that. You see she likes it so much and I can tell, looking from here, her neeples is so tight. They must almost hurt, xiba tse ne pravda, Nalyu??

A tiny moan.

“She says ‘yes’. Halp her pliz. Pop that styoopid bra and take her titties in you hot hands and squiz them good.

Yes, she likes. Squiz them hard, Oh, yes. Her face says this is so good. Is OK to peench the neeples, yes Nalyu? She says, ‘pliz yes.’ I can tell her poosie is almost ready. But maybe first, I take off her skirt and you can bite her ass. No, she will like that. Ty zh lyubysh, shchob vin kusav tebe za dupu, chy ne tak, Nalyu? Look at her face. She says ‘of cyourse.'”

As the fabric dropped away Simon was amazed at the two gleaming eggs of her ass that met above a small hollow with sassy curling blonde hair peeking out. He hated to mar that pristine expanse of white with love bites, but Natasiya reached around and gave it a slap leaving a clear red palm print.

“You bite it now. She needs it. You need it, right, Nalyu?”

This time the naked twin shook her head and peered at him over her shoulder with a puffy lower lip.

“You do not love this, Nalyu? I love this so much. Each time we make love my boyfriend sleps my bottom until it is red. I lov thees. I come so good because I am so hot. So?”

“Ni, ya lyublyu nizhne. I like soft. But you can bite just leetle.” Nataliya whispered, looking over her shoulder at Simon.

“It’s your party.” Simon told his sweet subject, raising his eyebrows at her sister. Was he right? Natasiya had taken a seat on the end of the bed after dragging pretty lace dainties off her sister. Peeking around Nataliya as he gently kissed her pale, smooth hips, now and again pulling some tender flesh into his mouth, never really biting hard, he could see that the clothed twin Natasiya was getting hot. Her pale cheeks had strong patches of color and her upper lip was shiny, and her eyes had that moist ‘fuck me’ look that every man and lots of lesbians can’t wait to see. Both twins were beginning to breath harder. It was a beautiful, the ripples of the delicate ribs under that ivory skin.

Simon had to turn Nalya around because his mouth was aching for her nipples. He was rewarded with the sight of two beautiful cones ending in thick puffy areolas and chubby nipples. They were a deep pink.

Perhaps he was too quick because Nalya gave a deep moan and clasped both her hands on the back of his head as he swallowed most of her right breast. He wasn’t rough with it, but he needed to feel the firmness of her nipple on the back of his tongue. He needed to pull it deep into his mouth and pull it slowly out against the strength of his suction. Then he needed to pop it wet into the air and watch the tiny nubs form around the nipple as the cool air touched them. He was a little cruel. He blew cool air on them and watched as they pulled even tighter.

But he clapped a warm palm on that one and gave his attention to the other. Which one was the one she really needed sucked? The one that triggered that release below, triggered that itch inside that asked to be scratched? Ah, yes, Lefty it was; as Nataliya clamped his head to her chest and rubbed the inside of one knee hard against him, her hips just beginning a slow rocking. Her legs were also beginning to shake.

Hmm, maybe it was time.

Natasiya had gone quiet, and this was because perhaps she had gotten just a little busy herself. She was now sitting against the headboard a couple of pillows behind her. Her own blouse was unbuttoned to the navel and her knees akimbo. Simon thought he glimpsed pale blue gaziantep yabancı escort lace peeking out from under one of the pillows. A couple of fingers were invisible inside her blouse and her other hand was hidden in the folds of her skirt.

She patted the bed in front of her. “Come sit, Nalyu and let the man do his work. I theenk maybe you know he can do what you need. Be comfortable. Put your head in my lep.”

Nataliya took her sister’s suggestion, crawling onto the bed, giving her sister a kiss that was a bit more than sisterly, and then stretching out with her head framed by the folds of her twin’s colorful skirt.

“Are you warm enough?” Simon thought naked Nataliya appeared vulnerable with her pale limbs with just a tinge of yellow where her soft folds surrounded her deep lavender vulva with its tuft of blonde curls.

Nataliya gave a radiant smile. “I am good and warm, warm and good. And I know if my neeples gets cold Nasti will cover them nice.”

Natasiya agreed. “I will do this. Now pliz do what you do. She is aching for your talented tong.”

Simon lay on the bed and placed a warm hand on each of Nataliya’s thighs, spreading them gently to reveal the tight bundle of soft pink tissue he was about to taste. He took a moment to place a few teeth marks on those creamy white thighs just to see if Natasiya was correct. Did Nataliya coo with pleasure? No, she didn’t. Then he placed a sweet warm wet kiss where he had just nibbled. Nataliya groaned, small and low and her hips tilted up in invitation.

Simon took his time. With a very wet tongue he luxuriously lapped that wonderful glistening groove between Nalya’s thigh and her plump outer lip with its very fine and very tight blonde curls. He took the puffy lip between his own, massaging it without biting, though he was sorely tempted to give it a good chewing. Then he lavishly lapped at it with his tongue, getting it as wet as he could. Soaking the fine tendrils of hair with his spit. Watching as the inner lips, all on their own, pushed out a little further, blushed a darker red, and then, at the very bottom, peeked apart just a bit to reveal an inner coral pink glistening.

Then he did the same thing all over again on the other side.

With two fingers he spread back the wings of the beautiful vulva. He pushed his firm tongue into the hollow at the bottom with its tiny pool of glistening syrup. Heard the small, far-away gasp from Nataliya, and felt the slick channel tighten around the tip of his tongue. Fluttered. Tickled with the tip. Pulled out and lapped upward though the shining coral valley. Tickled the tiny pee groove and felt the ivory thighs quiver. Stroked just below the tiny hot-pink bulb peeking from under a slick hood at the top of the moist lips.

Kept on stroking, just there, for quite a while until the whole wonderful wet puss tilted eagerly; trying to get his mouth onto that bud. Breathy little moans were coming from above; but curiously there was a harmony. A second small whine accompanied the first.

He looked up at Nalya’s face to discover that her twin had also removed her blouse and bra, so that two pairs of identical pale cones with puffy pink nipples winked at him, one above the other. Nalya’s head was rolling back and forth in Nastiya’s lap and pressing back rhythmically against her hips.

Nalya dug in her heels and pushed her mound into Simon’s mouth. Nastiya’s eyes were closed and her bare legs framing her sister’s face rocked with her own efforts. A strange sensation, the intense urgency of both women combined to get every last ounce of pleasure. A fierce energy that began in Natasiya’s skull, vibrated down her spine, picking up pulses from her breasts, belly and core; thrusts transmitting into Nataliya’s head and shaking her spine; down into her hips that now fucked Simon’s mouth for all she was worth.

Natasiya, mouth wide, caught Simon with her hungry stare just as he was about to lower his mouth on her twin’s clit, now fully exposed. She leaned forward until her fingers could touch her twin’s sensitive nipples. As his tongue touched the delicate pearl, Natasiya’s hands took hold of her sister’s breasts and squeezed the puffy nipples between thumb and finger on each hand, pinching, twisting.

Nataliya’s cunt surged up into his mouth, scrubbing his lips to get more feeling. Her moan was so loud it could be heard down the block. Simon was having a little trouble because, even though she now had both hands firmly clamped to the back of his head, she was doing the sex dance so violently it was almost a fit. With her head tossing and turning against Natasiya’s swollen escort gaziantep yabancı pussy, the twin was hardly more tranquil, keeping her hands firmly on her twin’s tits, keeping Nalya’s writhing body as tight as she could between her own shaking legs.


It didn’t take long, both women squirming and twisting until the last shudder. They lay there together panting, a fine sheen of perspiration covering both their ivory bodies.

“Two for one, my job is done.” Simon thought to himself as he discreetly wiped his cheek on Natalya’s thigh. But his ‘client’ surprised him.

“Bud’laska”” She demanded, a bit of desperation in her voice. “Meni potribno, shchob ty sylʹno trakhnuv mene po-sobatsʹky. po-sobatsʹky. HARD.”

Simon shook his head. “I don’t …?”

Natasiya’s sleepy voice spoke up. “She needs you to fuck her hard now, doggy style. Ne v dupu, pravda, Nalyu?”

“Nut. In. My. Ass. Pravda. ” She growled. “But now, quickly.”

She flipped over, hips high, flipping her sister’s damp skirt up, revealing the wet, matted blonde curls just like her own. Slid her two middle fingers easily into her twin’s vagina…

She waggled the slick white hard-boiled eggs of her ass at Simon.


Simon plunged into the ripe target.

Nalya’s mouth surged against her sister’s pussy licking and sucking hard and wet, her drenched fingers churning inside.

“Fuck me! Yes, fuck me hard. Tray mane syl’no!” The two voices came almost in unison, one slightly muffled. And Simon obeyed, grabbing Nalya’s pale hips and jamming in for all he was worth.

He had no trouble being fully turned on. He was really fucking two women at once, looking across the graceful ass and curving back of one to her bobbing head below the bouncing breasts and ecstasy contorted face of the other. Every ram and jam he gave to those hips rocked through both bodies. The sounds from two vaginas made tiny wet waves of harmony. He reached under Nalya and grabbed her left breast with one hand and forked her clit with two fingers of the other. In response, she dug deeper into her twin, reached up with her other hand to firmly clasp the perky nipple.

He had expected it to be over soon, given their urgent need. But they all got into a rhythm and he was deep in Nalya, plunging and rocking. Her hand was deep in her sister, doing the same. Step by step the raw breaths, the shuddered moans, and the sudden cries came from louder, harder, more quickly from all of them.

He paused and could feel the contractions around his cock, knowing that Nalya was feeling the same around her fingers inside her sister. He started again, harder, faster, and then faster, knowing from the way Nalya pushed her hips against him that she was close. And Nastya was close, too, her hips rolling up to her sister’s mouth and then beginning to flip. This got Nalya’s cunt jamming against him.

Two women gave a simultaneous scream. He could feel Nalya’s cunt pulse under his fingers and it was suddenly slick and wet there.

“Svyatyy layno!!”

Nastya’s hips rose high and her sister gulped, as clear liquor spurted into her mouth. Simon gave a great yell, pulled Nalya’s hips hard to him so he could plunge deeper, and exploded into the hot wet void.

The three of them collapsed into a hot, wet stack, so satisfied.

But after a short snooze Simon felt himself alone and noticed that the twins ivory naked bodies were curled tight around each other like a Japanese netsuke.

He tapped Nalya (he assumed it was Nalya) on the foot.

“You are on birth control, right?”

She tapped her sister’s cheek. “Shcho tse?”

Natasiya opened a sleep eye. “Nemaye ditey. He want no babies.”

Nalya smiled at Simon. “No babies, but thanks you try so hard.” She patted his hand, then cuddled closer to her sister.

Simon was very hungry when he went in the other room to see Melissa and Janine. They looked at him a little slant-eye, so he knew they were a bit jealous that they hadn’t gotten any recreation out of this encounter.

“Mission accomplished.” Simon grinned. Got something to eat? Oh, and please tell the gals when they wake up that the old in-out is not a regular part of my…treatments. I don’t want to be thought of as your run-of-the-mill gigolo. I’m offering a very specific service to an underserved population, and ….”

“A deep moaning cry came from the bedroom.”

“Well, it seems the twins are continuing their lesson of what they like and don’t like.”

Simon drank off the foaming pint that Janine offered in one great swill.


Please vote or offer comments if you feel they can help this or other stories. If any knowledgeable readers know Ukrainian well enough to correct what I have here, please let me know. If anyone is really upset about the ethnicity of these characters I will considering making them something else.I do see the twins as a certain kind of pale, strong but delicate eastern European/slavic women. Of course the incest is a taboo, but this is a fantasy and there is mutual consent.

It was Nataliya who “needed” the ‘date’ with Simon according to her twin sister Natasiya. They were sipping tall, thin glasses of Prosecco in Janine’s little ‘parlor’ and getting to know each other before Simon ‘got to work.’ Natasiya addressed the issue. “She is not heving the good sex with mens as I am. So…

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