**Author’s note. This was originally written for a dear friend of mine, who tried His best to teach me chess. I still steal His knight as often as I can, but I know I’ll never be able to play to His level of expertise.*~*eva


The winter day had turned into the duskiness of night, more of a dapple gray outside than true black. Snow fell steadily, adding it’s muted comment on the end of the day. Just as the forest began it’s nocturnal dance, one light, and then another broke into it’s privacy.

The lights were warm though, not as sharp as others would have been. One was a distinct glow of an exterior globe lamp, haloing a circle of light, showing a backdoor with steps leading away from a rough hewn log cabin. By the exterior view, this was a hunter’s accommodation, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As one came closer though, and peeked into the side window, this was a warm home, not just a weekend getaway place.

A fireplace was roaring merrily, the popping and hissing of the resin in the wood combined with the soft strains of classical music in the background. A table set before the fire threw shadows up at the window of oddly shaped pawns and knights. A chess set.

On one side of the table was a large comfortable chair. Within the chair sat a man, his hand resting calmly on his chin as he gazed at the board in intense concentration. Ah, so here was the hunter! Dressed in jeans and a fisherman’s sweater, all he needed was an orange vest and a Bostancı Anal Escort rifle to match an average hunter’s description. His eyes flickered shut, remembering the last few moves, and then flicked open again. His well worn hand, larger than an average hand, but with true delicate control of his fingertips, reached out and nudged a bishop to a new square. He sat back, nodding to himself, the same hand encircling a brandy sniffer and raising it to his mouth. His eyes moved across the table to the girl.

But what was this? The girl had no chair, but was kneeling with grace opposite this ‘hunter’. Naked, except for a collar gracing her thin neck, she didn’t seem excessively cold for the blush of her body was a rosy hue. The fire glinted off her eyes which were now fixed on the board. Her lips twisted in concentration, as her teeth came out to gnaw upon her bottom lip. As she leaned in to view the board’s pieces, it was obvious that her arms were tightly bound behind her. She leaned back once more, her eyes darting up at the man’s face briefly before, with a blush, her eyes lowered back to the board. With skill of long practice, she leaned forward and with the swiftest of movements, curled her tongue and lips around a knight and slid it across the board.

The man watching, shifted in his seat.

The girl leaned back on her knees once more, raising her shining eyes to look up at the man.

“Good move,” the hand came up to the chin, thoughtfully stroking.

The Bostancı Yaşlı Escort girl allowed herself the smallest of smiles to accept this compliment. For she was the novice, He was the Master. So many months of calm and patient learning led to this quiet winter night. Chess match after chess match.

The smile quickly faded as his hand reached forward and moved his queen, into the area that she had not considered a threat, and the word came, “Check.”

Her eyes searched the board for some way out. But there was nothing. He had caught her unawares again. With a deep sigh she bent, and nudged her piece over to signal acceptance of defeat.

Without realizing it, her lips had formed into a pout. As she sat back once again on her knees, his eyes gazed at her and then with a snap of his fingers pointed to the spot in front of his chair.

She moved to where he commanded, insinuating herself between his legs, which were now spread to accommodate her. He lifted the brandy once more, sipping it while looking down at the girl. With the quickness of a viper’s strike, his other hand came forward and twisted the pert nipple before him. The girl cried out but then moaned deeply, feeling the pain as pleasure deep within her, twinging at her sex. Her chin dropped to her chest, softly panting, fighting back the response.

The pebble of her nipple between his thumb and his forefinger felt wonderfully hard. He smiled as he rolled it one Bostancı Zenci Escort way, pinching harder, listening to her whimpering moans, then he rolled it back, releasing his pressure, feeling the blood swell.

He brought one foot around and nudged his toe under the girl, pressing up against her sex. He felt her response, pushing down hard against his toe and he grabbed the other nipple, pulling and twisting at it.

“Patience..” Her eyes looked up, blatant need and arousal apparent. His smile became bigger, for he held his little slut in check. It was HIS need that would be satisfied first.

He released the nipple with a sharp twist and stood, unbuckling his belt and dropping his jeans, feeling the warmth of the fire. He sat back down and with a firm grasp in her hair, fingers tightly wound in her tresses, drew her to his cock. With a soft cry of surprise, the girl opened her mouth quickly, almost being raped in his urgency to settle his nerves. Subtle shifts of his fingers, tensing into her scalp, leading her into his pleasure, as much in control here as he was to the chess match. Her lips became vise like, locking around him as he drew her back and forth in a rhythm of his choosing. His soft grunts and groans harmonized with her soft whimpers, the slurping of her tongue as she served his need. One strong hand kept her moving as the other reached over her shoulder, his nails digging deeply into her back. The red scores along her back appeared as a loud hissing came from his mouth, drawing her sharply up and away from him as the hot seed sprayed against her face and chest. Eyes bright she stared at him, as her tongue came slowly out to lick at the cum dripping at the corner of her mouth.

“Thank you for the game, Master.”

“You are quite welcome, slut.”

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