Charmaine’s Dark Humiliation

Charmaine’s Dark Humiliation


Charmaine sat nervously on the couch waiting for Davalle to come out of the bathroom. She looked down at her pendulous 38D tits, the left slightly larger than the right, and wondered if he would find them attractive. Her husband referred to them lovingly as her “saggy hangers” and he spent a lot of time sucking her nipples and playing with them when they had sex. Unfortunately she had put on a few pounds since giving birth to her third child and they no longer made love as often as they used to. Truth be told it had been almost 9 months since her husband had entered her and that lasted all of five minutes, just long enough for him to rut on her doggy-style and cum inside her before falling asleep. Unsatisfied and feeling unloved she knew she needed more than an occasional screw from her uninterested spouse.

Char always had a healthy sexual appetite and masturbated frequently during her teen years. From the time she was 15 until she turned 19 she had taken 16 lovers between her thighs. She lost her virginity at 15 to a 19 year old boy whom she knew from the neighborhood. He took her in the woods behind her parents house, pulled her pants down, bent her over and unceremoniously popped her cherry and filled her virgin womb with sperm before going to meet his girlfriend. Although the experience wasn’t as good as she had expected it made her realize how good it could feel to have something bigger than her fingers inside her pussy.

Char was an attractive and popular girl in high school and with her virginity gone she quickly became known by her peers as an easy piece of ass. She enjoyed the fleshy feel of a boys stiff cock in her pussy and never made anyone where a condom. She thrived on the passion of each new lover and welcomed their urgent rutting between her legs until she felt the familiar spurting of cum on her vaginal walls which always drove her to another orgasm. Surprisingly she had never become pregnant although she was never on birth control and frequently would take several loads of sperm from different boys in her eager pussy in a single day. There were very many nights where she came home and had to rinse the cum from her panties so her mom wouldn’t see them in the laundry. This behavior continued until she was 20 when she met her husband Paul.

Not wanting to cheat on her husband who worked the night shift, she would find herself masturbating almost every night after their children went to bed. Laying alone in bed, her hand buried in her pajama bottoms, she would rub her swollen clit while remembering her sexual antics with the many men who had used her hungry holes in the past. Her auto-stimulation was enough to satisfy the ache she felt in her loins for many months but that became less satisfying for her as time wore on.

Char had heard of internet chat rooms devoted to what was called “cybersex” and had taken to searching the internet for unknown and random lovers she would never meet in person. Lovers who didn’t know what she looked like and didn’t care if she was overweight as long as she was able to stimulate them with her erotic dialogue on the keyboard. Locking herself in her bedroom she would place a towel over her chair to prevent staining the fabric with the ample juices she released and giving away what she was doing to Paul.

Stripping down naked with only a pair of socks on to keep her feet warm she would sit in front of her desktop computer and begin her nightly search for another cyber lover. She particularly liked one site where members could sit in a cyber hot tub and engage in sexual fantasies ranging from lesbian love to gangbangs. Being one of the more popular women in the tub she often would have sex with multiple partners, reaching down to touch her wet pussy or finger herself between typing erotic responses to her lovers.

In cyber land she lived out all the fantasies she had been unable to entertain over the years. Although she had oftentimes thought about having sex with more than one man at a time, she had never been presented with the opportunity and even if she had the thought of Paul finding out and possibly divorcing her was a price she had been unwilling to pay. He had hinted around at her that they should bring in another guy in their sexual love-making but she had told him that was disgusting and she didn’t want to. In reality she did want to have sex with 2 or even more men, but there was no way she would feel comfortable doing that in front of her husband. She knew she would want to be a wild slut if she was in a threesome or a gangbang and she wouldn’t be able to lose her inhibitions with Paul there.

Every night Paul was gone she would find herself online tapping out the erotic responses that flowed so easily to her. One of her favorite things was to be cyber-gangbanged with stiff thrusting cocks in all of her holes ending up with all the guys either shooting their loads inside her or pulling out and spurting all over her face or tits, something she would never allow her husband to do to her.

It yalova escort was difficult to tap out several responses, finger herself and then return to the keyboard, especially since her fingers would be sticky with her cunt juices but she enjoyed it nonetheless and would always end up cumming very hard and squirting all over the towel she had placed on her chair to catch it. Sometimes even that was not enough to soak up all the hot fluids that spewed from her hole and the chair would end up wet anyway, an event that she was not sure if Paul noticed or not.

Later after purchasing a webcam and an assortment of vibrators and dildos, she joined several online swinger groups and would splay her legs open in front of the camera and perform for the many men and women who were always available to her. She creeped into webcamming slowly at first, angling the camera so her face wasn’t shown and spreading her legs wide so that men could enjoy the view of her hairy cunt while they jacked off for her. Sometimes she would kneel on her chair with her ass towards the camera and reach back with both hands to pull her cheeks apart. She would tease men this way begging them to shove their swollen cocks in her ass or pussy and fill her with their cum. She loved the sight of men jacking their stiff cocks up and down knowing that her naked body and sexuality got them that hard. Char was no virgin when she married and had seen quite a few hard cocks, but she was always amazed at the variety and sizes of the hundreds of dicks she saw spurting their thick loads for her. She would take requests from her fans and perform whatever sexual action they wanted to watch no matter how erotic or perverse it may be.

Her cunt had never really been very tight and after giving birth to three children vaginally she was extremely loose, so loose in fact that her husband could easily fit his fist inside her then insert his cock and laughingly pretend to jack off inside her. He had commented many times how much he loved her oversized cunt and in their early years he would stick anything that was available up her hole, from fruits and vegetables to shampoo and wine bottles. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her hole being so large and loose, on one hand her husband seemed to love it but she knew that a lot of men liked a nice tight hole to shove their hard dicks in and she always wondered in the back of her mind if they were turned off by how loose she was. In fact if a guy had been pumping on her for awhile and hadn’t ejaculated inside her, she would reach down and wrap a couple of fingers tightly around his shaft to simulate a tight pussy. Most times this would work and the guy would cum inside her in a few minutes but that fact made her realize her cunt wasn’t tight enough for them which bothered her. In any event, Char had enjoyed the sex games her and Paul played and she had never tired of the unusual objects Paul would find to plunge into her twat.

As time wore on and guys asked to see her face, Char raised the camera and gave her cyber lovers the full view of her from her face to her ass. She was naïve to the fact that guys would be recording her online and posting her on porn sites around the world. Her loose hole proved to be a turn on to many of her cyber lovers and they would stroke their swollen cocks while she stuck increasingly larger objects into her cavernous cunt. Others requested to watch her pee, to fist herself, or to spread her pussy as wide as she could by inserting fingers from both hands and pulling outwards. Several guys would have her write words like “Rob’s whore, Allen’s cunt, or I’m a slut” on her stomach or the insides of her creamy white thighs with lipstick and then masturbate for them while they did the same. She had never seen so many different cocks in her life and they all excited her immensely no matter what color or size they were.

Char grew increasingly bolder in her online actions, exposing her naked body to literally hundreds of men, who in turn shared her pictures and videos with hundreds of other men. Many men requested photos of her and although she had always been leery of doing that she soon found herself sending pictures to them. At first it was clothed pictures of herself that others had taken of her in the past at weddings, parties or family events. It wasn’t long though before she was setting up a digital camera and taking explicit nude photos with her face in them and emailing them to hundreds of different addresses. Little did she know that she was now posted on more than a dozen porn sites listed under different user names. Her pictures and videos were extremely popular and web hits on them numbered in the tens of thousands. Unknown cyber lovers would email her videos of themselves jacking off over her pictures or send her photos of her naked body with loads of cum spewed all over her. Feeling completely uninhibited she even shot a video of herself masturbating in her bed and posted it on one of the swinger sites edirne escort for her fans to download and jack off to when she wasn’t online. She received many emails requesting to meet her but she never did, mostly because she could never quite get over the thought that she might hook up with some psycho killer.

Although all the exhibitionism, cyber-sexing and masturbation kept her sexual needs in check they also served to increase her sexual desire for a real live partner. She now realized that there were many men out there that found her extra weight attractive, sometimes even beautiful. It wasn’t that she was grotesquely fat, she was just about 30 lbs overweight with no willpower to slow her calorie intake or work out at the gym like she used to. She loved performing for her online friends but eventually even that was not enough, she needed a real flesh and blood lover to make her feel alive and sexually desirable again.

So it was that she came to meet Davalle, or Dave as he was known around the hospital where they both worked. Char was new to her department and worked with mostly women, the majority of whom were bitchy and unwilling to assist her in learning the hospital protocols and her job. Dave on the other hand, was more than willing to assist her in any manner that he could. He encouraged her when she made mistakes, showed her around the unusually large hospital campus and stuck up for her when her bitchy coworkers caused problems. She appreciated what he did for her and sought out his company whenever she could wether it was for lunch or just to walk down the hallway and talk. During their conversations she found out he was married to a white woman who worked several floors above where they did.

He was a tall, light-skinned black man about 6 feet 2 inches tall and somewhat muscular. She had never had an interest in dating a black man and had certainly never been to bed with one but for some peculiar reason she found herself drawn to him. They often found themselves alone in examining rooms and subconsciously she felt herself flirting with him and wondering what it would be like to be with him. She had mentioned him to her husband several times in passing and Dave had even called her at home feigning to ask some work related question just so he could talk to her in the evening. On those occasions when he would call she would talk business at first then slowly leave the room her husband was in to have a personal conversation with him. Her husband was extremely prejudiced and would never accept or understand if he found out she was attracted to a black man. He remained ignorant of her increasing feelings towards Dave and would never have suspected that she would be attracted to him.

Char sat naked on the hotel couch while the first man she would ever cheat on her husband with was draining his bladder in the luxurious Hyatt Regency bathroom. Besides her husband, Dave would be the first man to see her naked since she had been married which was over 20 years. She heard the bathroom doorknob start to turn and she quickly sat up straight, pushed her big breasts outwards and tried to suck her stomach in.

“God I shouldn’t be here” she thought to herself “I’m too fat and he’s not going to want me.”

She was nervous but even more excited as she watched Dave walk towards the couch. She sucked her breath in sharply as she locked her eyes on the dangling flesh between his thighs. His cock was limp and probably about 5 inches long, not particularly large compared to all the black dicks she had seen online, but what amazed her was how thick it was. It was nearly the size of a coke bottle around with a prominent circumsized head and a big set of testicles hanging below. Both his cock and his balls were shaved smooth and as he walked towards her they swung heavily back and forth bouncing off his thigh.

He walked over to her slowly then stopped and looked down at her.

“So what do you think Char, is it what you thought a black man’s cock would be like?” he asked her.

“Oh my God Dave it’s so thick, you must rip women apart with that thing!” she responded half laughing, still amazed at the circumference of his tool.

“I heard black guys have big dicks but your’s is the first one I’ve seen in the flesh, it’s beautiful.” She replied.

”Well the majority of broads tell me it feels pretty good inside them and others say it hurts and it takes a little while for the their pussies to adjust to it. I’m hoping it fits nicely inside you and that you like it.”

“Mmmmmm I like it already and I know it will fit in me perfectly!” Char replied as she admired the fat black tool hanging in front of her.

Seeing the circumference of his organ made her feel better as she knew that something this wide would more than likely fill her ample hole.

It hung limply in front of her barely 10 inches from her face and all she could do was to stare hungrily at it. Slowly she came to her senses as erzurum escort she realized he was standing in front of her for a reason. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the thick girth of his manhood feeling its warmth and smoothness. He moaned softly as Char began stroking his cock up and down with her right hand while cupping his big balls with her left. Looking down she noticed how creamy white her hand looked compared to the blackness of his swelling cock.

She switched hands now lovingly and gently stroking him with her left hand. She thought of Paul for a fraction of a second when she looked at her gold wedding band pressed against the black flesh of his mighty tool. She wondered how much cum they would produce for her as she admired the size of his testicles and how far they hung down between his thighs. She had always loved to play with and suck on the balls of the men she went out with never tiring of feeling them roll around in her mouth like 2 golf balls. Paul had a nice set of balls but Dave’s were slightly larger and his scrotum hung down further than Paul’s which would make it easier to get them in her mouth.

She had a fleeting thought of why she had never discussed birth control with Dave which she wasn’t on, or if he had received a vasectomy. She decided it didn’t matter at this moment she was no longer in control, her sexual cravings were and it would be easier to stop breathing than to stop what was about to happen. She had longed for the moment when another man would be between her thighs making love to her like her husband was unwilling to do and if Dave filled her with sperm and she became pregnant then she would worry about the consequences later.

Grasping his dick firmly, she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto his throbbing rod. She felt her nipples harden and her juices start to run as she savored the tip of his cock, it was slightly salty from the piss he had just released. She had never physically cheated on her husband before although she had led a few men on over the years making them think they would get to sample the goods between her legs. She was finding it strangely enticing to commit adultery with her black friend, not just because it was a new and exciting sexual experience for her but because being with a black man had always been taboo among her friends and family. If they were to find out about her infidelity they would be hurt but to find out it was with a man of color would make them disgusted with her.At the moment she couldn’t understand why. Dave was a man just like any white man she had known. He was educated, well dressed, very courteous and had a good job, all the things she and her friends would have wanted in any man. His cock, although enormously thick, was like any white cock she had experienced in her life, bigger than some and smaller than others. The only real difference was the color of his skin.

She pushed her head down as far as she could on his dick forcing it all the way down her throat until she started to gag. He moaned with pleasure as she started bobbing her head up and down taking him as far down her throat as she could on each stroke. Dave’s black monster came to life in Char’s mouth. Now becoming engorged with blood it thickened even further making it difficult to close her mouth around it. Determined not to be denied the pleasure of sucking the second real cock she had seen in over 20 years, she opened her jaws as wide as she could to accommodate him. With her face buried in Dave’s groin she let go of any reservations she had about being with him and worked his stiffening tool like a two dollar hooker. Her saliva glistened along his entire shaft and started to run down his balls as she slobbered hungrily on his beautiful black rod.

She had stopped sucking her husband’s cock many years ago and she wondered if Dave liked how she was performing on his. Thick strands of spit ran from her mouth to his strong stiff dick as she drooled over its entire length. When her jaws became tired she would jack his shaft up and down while she licked and sucked on his balls, first taking one in her mouth and then the other. While licking his balls she flicked her tongue quickly over his asshole not sure if he would like something like that as some guys she had gone out with didn’t want her touching their buttholes with her tongue or finger.

To her surprise Dave moaned loudly when her hot wet tongue touched his rectum. He placed one foot up on the couch which opened his ass cheeks and gave Char more room to tongue him. She licked his heavy balls again and then concentrated on his tight ass swirling her tongue around the rim then forcing her tongue into his asshole. She lapped hungrily at his anal opening like a dog licking a dirty wound. Dave suddenly pulled away from her then turned around so his ass was in Char’s face. He reached back with both hands and pulled his cheeks apart revealing his tight puckered asshole covered in her saliva. She buried her face between his cheeks tonguing his ass and licking from his balls all the way up to the top of his ass crack. She didn’t even care if he had just taken a dump in the bathroom, this was the most erotic thing she had ever done and she was lost in the moment. There was literally nothing sexually that she wouldn’t do for him right now, all he need do was ask.

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