Charlie’s new Boss

Charlie’s new Boss



Charlie admired the way Gregory walked, moved, talked, and smiled. She liked his tall, lean body, his thick wavy hair and his dark brown eyes under the slightly bushy brows. His rimless glasses gave him the air of an executive, someone important, well-educated, powerful. Her new boss was everything she could have hoped for.

As Personal Assistant to the Vice-President, she had seen two other men come and go in the four years she held the position. Neither of them deserved a second glance, but Gregory, now she had trouble looking away. He had been in the job four days and every time she saw him she squirmed, just a little, squeezing herself in anticipation of feeling his weight on top of her. She couldn’t help it. It had been a few months since Peter the Beater had finally left her alone. She had not thought about sex since, but now, since Monday, things were different.

She sat next to him at the table in the boardroom, making notes, recording the conversation around the table as they discussed the leasing of another ten aircraft. Multi-million dollar contracts were on offer and customers needed aircraft to satisfy demand on the longer routes. The merits of Airbus versus Boeing were discussed. The Chief Financial Officer described how they had them underbidding against each other for the order and advised a delay. Gregory suggested that now was the right time. Customers could go to other brokers if the deals were not available soon. The vote favored Gregory who instructed finance to get the best possible price by the end of next week then affirm the notes, locking the price and the contract down.

“Charlie, in my office, please.”

Charlie followed Gregory along the hall to his corner office. He pointed to the chair in front of his desk, sat down and asked her,

“You need a drink, coffee, tea or something?”

Charlie made sure her skirt sat an inch above her knee, showing off at least a part of her long, shapely legs.

“No, thank you. I’m fine.”

“Yes, you, er, fine, okay then. Er, I wanted your advice. You’ve been here four years, I’ve been here four days. What is Malcolm Marshall like as a person? He’s offered me the use of his yacht any weekend I’m free. He tells me he never uses it and would be happy for me to take it out. We were talking about what we do in our spare time and I mentioned sailing, but I don’t have a boat here on the East Coast. Mine is in San Diego. He told me to use his, it’s moored in Baltimore.”

“He’s lovely. A genuine gentleman. He’s been head of Personnel for about ten years now. He’s married with young kids who keep him busy at the weekend. I’ve been to his place for a BBQ a few times in the summers. His wife is adorable. He told me the last time I was there that he has no time for leisure. He used to sail and play golf but now his family come first. If he offered it to you, take him up on it. He has no ulterior motive, I assure you.”

“Right, good. Thank you. I was hoping that was the case. Are you free this weekend to come sailing?”

“Er, me. Goodness. We hardly know each other and now you’re asking me out? Well, goodness. What a surprise. Er, yes, I suppose I could. When will you go?”

“Tomorrow, Friday, after work, which for you and me will be three o’clock. We’ll drive down and get there before dark. Give us time to unload and get everything ship-shape for Saturday. Are you okay with early starts?”

“Er, yes. No problem. I’m up at five-forty-five every day to get here so that’s not a problem. “

“Right, bring a bag to work in the morning. Leave it in your car until we knock off. I’ll drive my car and we can pick yours up on Sunday night. How’s that sound?”

“Great, yes. I never sailed before. What do I wear?”

“Nothing, er I mean, nothing special. Jeans and T-shirts. Shorts maybe since the weather is fine. A swimsuit, of course. Bring a couple of towels. I’ve no idea what he has on the boat. I’ll call and ask him now. See you tomorrow then.”

“Yes, of course. Tomorrow. Good night for now then, Mr Hamilton.”

“Call me Greg when we are alone or out of the office. Good night, Charlie.”

The drive in Greg’s Maserati to Baltimore took just under three and a half hours. They found the marina and the boat without trouble, thanks to Google maps and GPS. Greg parked the car and carried two large duffel bags through the marina gate, pausing to register at the office. Charlie toted one shoulder bag, wearing her stretch jeans and a white sports shirt, as suggested. ‘Lucky Lucy’ sat at her mooring at the end of the jetty and at the far end of a short pier. The furthermost boat from the office. As they approached, Gregory said,

“Wow, what a beauty. I never did ask him how big it was. This looks like a forty-foot Sparkman and Stephen’s. A real classic. It must be older than me. I’m glad I brought you along to help. Sailing this alone would have been a handful. Goodness. This should be fun. Here, hand me your bag.”

They stepped aboard the sleek wooden yacht. Greg dropped the bags through the small door above the steps leading inside the cabin. He changed beylikdüzü escort his shoes and walked around the deck, checking everything as he went. He checked the batteries and started the engine, letting it idle to cool the fridge, heat the water, and top up the batteries.

“Malcolm has someone come aboard every week to run the engine and make sure everything is ship-shape. Normally tomorrow. So we get to do it this weekend, charge the batteries, and the ship-shape thing, I mean.”

Charlie noticed how Greg looked at her body. Charlie was proud of her great body and drew admiring glances and lustful looks many times from many men, some of whom got to enjoy her well formed, powerful body. Sometimes women too glanced her way. Charlie was used to it. She didn’t mind it at all. Greg’s gaze made her do her vaginal squeezing once again, in anticipation.

“Greg, I’m a big girl now. I know what you want to do. I know what I want to do. I just hope we both want the same thing. I’m not such a prude that I won’t have sex on a first date. It’s happened before. I think we need to eat something first, don’t you?”

“Let’s just unpack first, then we can eat. There are two cabins at the front and one big one at the back. Which would you prefer?”

“Let’s put all our stuff in this cabin and sleep in the big one? How does that sound?”

“Sounds perfect. Right you are. Done.”

Greg turned the engine off and secured the boat. Dinner at the marina restaurant proved adequate and delicious. They both ate fish with pasta and drank a bottle of white wine between them. The conversation ebbed and flowed as they got to know each other better. Both of them knew full well that they would be naked within the hour and the anticipation added a frisson of excitement to the meal. Over dessert, Charlie said,

“I trust you have condoms with you?”

“Well, now that you mention it, yes. I have a dozen. Will that be enough, do you think?”

They both laughed. Greg touched her wrist with a fingertip. She rotated her arm so that her palm was uppermost. He stroked gently across her wrist, around her thumb, into her palm where he made small circles. It was their first touch since he had arrived and shaken hands on Monday morning. She gripped his fingertip gently and pulled him to her. He leaned across the table and their lips met, gently, softly, just enough pressure to transfer some heat, some passion, some excitement between them. Charlie felt the tingle once again. She had to squeeze. They had to break off, the width of the table preventing them from prolonging the moment. Greg signaled for the check and told her to drink up.

The Middle

They reached the boat, hand in hand as they walked along to the end of the dark jetty. Greg had a torch to guide them, the marina lights being dim and widely spaced. Greg helped her aboard and suggested she sit on the bench while he went below to get something. He returned moments later with two glasses and bottle of very expensive Cognac. He poured two generous measures into the glass bowls. He handed her one and clinked his glass against hers.

“I trust you like Courvoisier?”

“Hmmm. I’m not so familiar with strong liquor but it smells wonderful. Cheers.”

“Cheers. Now we will both taste of Cognac and not of fish, which is much more pleasant. Do you think now we could resume that kiss we tried earlier?”

“Of course. Please do.”

Charlie placed her glass on the narrow table in front of them, Greg did the same. They turned to each other and leaned in. Their lips met. Her hands held his face, his hands held her shoulders. Lips opened, tongues met, probed, licked, slipped and slid across one another. Teeth nibbled, lips pulled, saliva spread, licked, sucked, swallowed, all tasting of hundred dollar liquor. They paused for another sip, then resumed. His hands moved now, down her shoulders, over her back and around, under her arms, holding the sides of her breasts. He squeezed, gently, marvelling at the weight and firmness. He cupped them now and held their full weight. His thumbs circled her nipples, hard beneath his touch. His cock stiffened in anticipation, in readiness to perform.

Charlie let go of his face and unbuttoned her shirt. Three buttons and it was done. She slipped it over her head, revealing one of Victoria’s secrets. Red silk and black velvet, trimmed in delicate lace. She had dressed to thrill. Charlie hoped he could see the effort she had put into her choice in the dim light. Greg admired the bra and the breasts that filled it. He just knew they would be perfect globes of warm, plaint, sensitive flesh. He lowered his head and licked the upper curve of her left breast, tasting her. Slightly salty with a hint of expensive perfume. He hardened further as she raised his head and resumed their kiss. His hands went behind her. In one deft move, he had unsnapped the bra. She rolled her shoulders forward as he brought the straps down over her arms. He dropped the bra on the table and suggested they move inside.

“I like it out here. There’s nobody about and nobody will walk bolu escort past. We’re on the end of the pier thingy here. Do you mind?”

Greg looked about. No lights showed from any of the boats nearby. The closest light was the dim bulb on the jetty about fifty feet away. The light on the pole next to their boat was blown. They were in almost total darkness. He had no qualms about sex in the open and said,

“Let them watch. Nobody knows who we are, do they?”

“Exactly. Can you help me with my jeans. They are a tight fit. You need to pull the legs off for me. That’s it, thank you. I can manage these on my own.”

Charlie stood up and dropped her pants to the floor. She sat and picked them up, dropping them on top of her bra and jeans. Greg stood in the cockpit. He pulled the blue T-shirt off and dropped his khaki pants on the deck. He shucked his boxer shorts down and kicked everything away into a heap at the back of the cockpit. He was standing, Charlie was sitting. She reached out for his hips and pulled him close.

“Come here. I have been wanting to do this since Monday.”

She reached for him, noting the length in the pale light dappling across the water. She saw it in silhouette, rampant, erect, jutting out from his flat belly. She gripped his rigid cock in her soft hand, her soft hands. She dipped her head and engulfed what remained above her right hand. It touched the back of her mouth. She sucked and pulled back, drawing her lips over the upper portion of his shaft. She heard him groan. She groaned too, her vagina squeezing in time with her sucking. She used her tongue, wetting the head, licking around the crown as her hands pumped gently, just an inch or so up and down. She went on for two minutes, savoring the feel and the hardness in her mouth. His gasps and groans urged her on to do more with her tongue, which he seemed to relish over all else. Greg leaned over her head, his hands just able to reach down to her breasts. He cupped them, lifting them away from her body. He rolled his thumbs over her nipples, squeezing gently. They felt hard to his touch. They continued to pleasure each other until Charlie felt able to accommodate this massive rod comfortably inside her.

Charlie slipped her left hand down between her legs. She slipped her middle finger between the fold of her lips. She felt the wetness on her finger. She was ready.

“Where’s those condoms?”

“Right here.

Greg reached around his side to the table. He moved the bottle of Cognac to one side and revealed a box, about an inch high and four inches long. He popped the lid and withdrew the foil wrapper. He used his teeth to tear it open.

“Give it to me.” said Charlie.

She unrolled the latex over the head of his erection, rolled down several times until the condom covered almost his entire length.

“Sit here.” she instructed him.

They swapped places. He leaned back on the bench, sliding his hips forward towards the edge of the seat. Charlie stood in front and over him, one leg on the floor, one on the bench. She reached down in the darkness to hold his cock, keeping it vertical. She lowered her body slowly until the tip of his cock touched her. She lodged the head within her wet lips. She slid it to and fro and side to side a few times, transferring her wetness to her outer lips. She held him steady and lowered herself further, engulfing the broad head inside the ring of muscle. Once that part was inside, the rest was plain sailing. She slid on down, slowly, jogging back up a little but always more down that up. A minute later, she felt him deep inside her. She couldn’t take any more. She reached down and touched the base of his cock. There was an unused two inches of flesh protruding from her pussy.

Charlie held on to Greg around his neck. She pulled and raised her other leg on to the bench. She rode him, very slowly at first, as if she rode a horse at canter, up and down the length of his rigid cock. She increased the tempo slightly, loving the feel of his cock hitting deep inside her, almost painful but not, pleasurable pain. She held his shoulders now while his hands grasped her buttocks. He kept her vertical, not allowing her to deviate too much from straight up and down.

“Just sit still for a minute.” said Greg.

Charlie slowed and stopped, sitting down hard on his cock. She reached down once again and felt the base of his cock. Nothing protruded. He had all of it inside her. Charlie groaned as she felt his head deep within her, pushing hard against her, seeking entry. She loved the feeling of complete and utter fullness. She leaned back and kissed him. Their tongues devoured each other. His hands mauled her breasts, her right hand squeezed and pulled at his balls, her fingernails scratching the sack. Her left hand she used to pinch his right nipple, repeating what he had been doing to her minutes earlier. Greg clenched his muscles, making his cock tense and relax inside her. Charlie responded likewise by squeezing his cock with her own muscles, hard, squeeze, relax, hard, squeeze, relax.

“You could make me come like bursa escort that, squeezing your pussy. You are strong down there!”

“Years of practice. And Yoga!” she responded. “I need a bit more than this to come. I need more of this.”

She rose up, sliding up his pole of flesh until only the tip remained gripped within her pussy. She slid down, fast and hard, then rose up yet again. She repeated the move, hard and fast, fucking him with her pussy.

“Come with me. We can do it again later. Come with me now. I’m close, close, so very close, just a bit more, ugh, ugh, fuck that’s good, fuck you are big, fuck, fuck, fuck me!”

Charlie’s orgasm began deep inside her, probably near her cervix. She tingled, vibrated and shook. Her legs gave way as the nerve endings sparked and sputtered. Her chest heaved, her lungs depleted, her face flushed, her pussy squeezing so rapidly she felt it might cramp. A volcano erupted inside her body, spewing great gobs of molten magma through her veins. The lightning bolt struck her brain a second later, rendering her barely conscious. She screamed, not loud, but a scream nonetheless.

“Holy fucking hell, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

She let the lava flood through her, suffusing her body with heat. She gasped for a breath just as she felt Greg bucking his hips beneath her. He roared in her ear.

“Come, come, coming. Fuck, Jeezus fucking Christ. Fuck.”

He slammed her hips down hard on his cock, he thrust up one last time as his cock exploded, pouring his hot seed into the latex teat. He kept thrusting, she kept bucking, they both kept fucking each other as the spasms subsided. They slowed down, reducing the thrusts and the tempo until they were still, chests heaving, sweat pooling between breasts and down their stomachs. Charlie felt movement. His cock began to deflate, evidently drained, satisfied, fucked. Charlie reached down and gripped the base of his cock as she stood up. She held the condom in place until she stood next to him. She pulled at the tip, held the roll and removed the condom. She tipped it upside down and let it hang in the pale light. The teat bulged with fluid. Charlie said,


As he stared at her, she held the condom close to her breasts and inverted it. His seed spilled out covering her left breast, then her right breast, dripping off her nipples onto the deck. When it had stopped draining on to her body, she dropped the condom on the floor and began to massage her breasts.

“Keeps the skin looking young, so I’ve heard.”

She rolled her hands around and over the globes of her breasts, spreading the fluid until each breast was covered in a sheen of glistening cum. Greg told her it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. She sat down and said,

“Give me a sip of that Cognac, please. My hands are sticky.”

Greg obliged, lifting the glass to her lips. She took a mouthful and let it linger in her mouth. Greg did the same. He put his glass down and said,

“That was the most fantastic orgasm I have had in years, trust me.”

“For me too. It’s been a while since I had any orgasms with a man and to the best of my knowledge, that was the finest! Thank you. I need a shower. Show me how it works will you?”

Greg followed her inside the cabin, switching on some lights as he went. He gasped when he saw Charlie’s back. From her neck to about three inches above her knees, she was covered in tattoos. Intricate, swirling, colorful, vivid designs covered her back, her buttocks and her thighs.

“Wow! You look incredible. Stop there a moment, let me look.”

He stood about six feet behind her and looked more closely at the artwork. A dragon flew across her shoulder, a puma sat above the crack of her butt, a snake coiled around her hips, and several birds, lizards, flowers, and lettering made up the rest. Almost her whole body was covered.

“Turn around, let me see the front. Holy Jesus. That is the most fantastic body and art work I have ever seen. You look amazing! How long have you been tattooed?”

“This butterfly on my left breast was the first when I was fourteen. The most recent is the pattern on my breasts. They were finished about six months ago. They hurt like hell but they’re worth it, don’t you think?”

Greg looked more closely at the intricate pattern-work covering each breast. Swirls, layers of what looked like armor and threads of yellow wove through and around, as if she wore a metal bra fashioned from steel, gold, brass and leather with silken inserts and velvet straps. He stepped close and touched her nipples, hard again under his stare. He felt the stickiness of his ejaculation and withdrew his hand.

“Let me help you wash that off. I don’t know how much hot water there is but there should be enough if we share.”

They stepped into the small shower cubicle together. They squeezed together, running their hands over each other, Greg applied shower gel to them both. Charlie stuck her head under the water and squirted a dollop of shampoo onto her head. They lathered each other, hands sliding and slipping over each other. Inevitably, Greg’s manhood reacted to Charlie’s close attention to washing his balls and backside. He stood erect once again. Charlie rose onto her tiptoes and slid his cock between her legs. She moved her hips back and forth, gripping his cock with her thigh muscles.

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