Cause Nothing Even Matters

Cause Nothing Even Matters

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Chapter 1

*Now the skies could fall,

Not even if my boss should call.

The world it seems so very small,

“cause nothing even matters, at all ” … *

Everything about his profile picture screamed out to me… A single picture of a neck, thick and strong, a jawline raised to the Gods so that only his masculine profile was accentuated. Anonymity remained intact… I swallowed a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

Taking in the picture, dark background contrasting with his light skin, made me want to be the woman that makes him throw his head back in pleasure.

It’s the tattoo on his shoulder that grabs my attention. Mystery unraveled… I know who you are!

Hey, when did my body automatically start doing Kegels at a picture?

I felt my walls tightening and relaxing in anticipation to a phantom phallus that wasn’t even present.

My finger hovered over the Flirt button. My brain scrambled to NOT push it; my head saying “BITCH…You might know him”. Say ‘No’ to something familiar; it’s too close to your reality. Just pick someone different, its safer.

But that website wasn’t about brains or love, just pure carnal urges. That day, Pussy over ruled all and before I realised it, FLIRT has been sent and the internet now become the front row ticketholder to the Goat39ate show.

*Cause nothing even matters at all*


Time to kill.

Ah yes, let’s check out RHP. Haven’t been there in a while. Bright Red dot on the bottom of the page. New flirt.

My eyes widened as I realised ‘It’s him, he’s responded. He’s a GUEST, I’m a GUEST’.

Damnit, we have both used up our FLIRTS!

Maybe if I send him a “friend request” or add him as a *favourite*, it will inspire him to get a membership. Sending my pussy vibes through the internet…

Because that’s a real thing.

I double check his profile…SEPARATED.

Could mean no access to play as often or as freely or is he auditioning for sidechicks – HELL NO. But then again, my profile says it all.


* You can’t phone, forget it.

* You can’t host, forget it.

* Shit if you don’t come with a plan… FORGET IT!

Can’t be clearer than that. C’mon pussy vibes, work your magic…


Good things come to those who wait and if you wait 2 years… Hell, it could be otherworldly Or … not?

Pulling into the carpark, I sit and breathe.

Touching base with him before I left on holidays, was a terrible idea. Spent the whole time Kik-ing, wishing the hours to go by faster, so I could meet the “Goat39ate”

I had parked the car in a spot that would not allow him to park next to me. That little space, giving me room to get my damn butterflies under control. Breathe In, Breathe out, Brea –


My door opening and closing before I could even finish my breath out. The man sitting here in my personal space, invading every part of my bubble.

There’s always that “ohhhh” moment when you meet someone and they don’t exactly “Match” those pics that they have been “sharing” with you.

I can’t help the smile that is creeping up on my face, nor my eyes testing the extreme limits of my peripheral vision. He is all sorts of things that make a girl wanna slide their panties to the side and let him aydın escort have his way.

His relaxed demeanor and smooth game let me know that my self-control was left at my house and that my hand clenching pose around my seatbelt, wasn’t fooling anyone. That automatic Kegels thing was happening again. Smoooooth

*Nothing even matters at all*

#Charlie Brown Filter “Whoomp whoomp **Lets go for a ride** whoomp whoomp” He smiled casually and headed towards his car.

Fuck, did I just agree to that?

My insides flipped, my legs automatically moved. Plans for drive-in movie, CANCELLED.

Did I say NO when he just asked if I wanted to grab something to eat? Shit, pay more attention, Woman. First sign of hot dick and your brain cells have left the building. DANG!

Was I moving like the zombies from the kung fu movies towards his car? Damnit.

The only reprieve was that he couldn’t fully concentrate on me, as he was driving . That much sex appeal directed at me? It’s just too much.


Apparently, one of #Goat39ate’s super powers are that he doesn’t need to look at the road while he drives.. For fucks sake!

I found myself laughing, smiling and thanking my forward-thinking ass that I wore chastity belt Fort Knox SPANX panties. It’s too easy to imagine him balls deep up in me. Thank you, brain!

After what seems like an hour, he pulls over to a side road in an industrial area. How romantic! Are we drunk or our hormones so out of control that we have to resort to … ANYWHERE? What are we, teenagers?

*See I don’t need no alcohol,

your love makes me feel 10 feet tall.

Without it I would go through withdrawal.

Cause nothing …*


His lips. I saw them moving, but I didn’t (couldn’t?) hear his words. I saw him take off his seatbelt, and his hand move slowly towards me, around me and then pull me towards his lips…

Those damn lips, softly made my body move towards him, his tongue gently moved across, tested and conquered my mouth; then moved across to my ear lobe. Then down my neck. His hands made short work of removing my bra. (#whisper: White devil.)


The need to taste and touch everything was unbearable, everything was just a barrier. And hands. Seemed like there are hands everywhere? How he made two hands feel like eight, I’ll never know.

Safety in the car, safety with Fort Knox panties, safety with my pride. This is just a meet; I never fuck on the first meet. I’m a Grown Ass Woman I have SELF-CONTROL.


Grown Ass Woman outside, no panties, bent over and ass up, leg across the bonet of his car getting eaten out. That man was hungry and I was his buffet.

I wanted to let go, I did! But my built-in killjoy switch had me trying to straighten up. My mouth moved something about “Too fast”. His lips were then on the back of my neck, and I felt his hard cock pressed up against my ass. His fingers moved to my nipples. He had me arching my ass back to meet him.

He bent me over gently, but left no doubts as to who was in charge.

Mmmmm Yes…

What the fuck is happening? (#whisper: White devil.)

Last line of defence… I didn’t have much else if this failed… He didn’t have protection…

Thank nazillibelediyespor.org you! #NogloveNolove

My brain automatically turned off all my desire.

So, I told him that never have I ever slept with someone on the first date, especially with no protection.

At least that’s what I thought I told him.

Wait, did I just beg him to fuck me harder? #Whoops!

I was bent over trying to push back on the iron grip he had on my ass. My pussy was wide open, the sound of his thrusts slapping against my big ass. His cock squelching into my soaked cunt had me blacking out – DONT SQUIRT!

SHIT, then he’s on his knees, his thick tongue tasting my pussy, the cold air adding to the friction from his barely there Movember Mo. (#whisper: White devil.)

I didn’t want to saturate him. I might not have been able to stop myself. He’d gotten to my nipples now.

GAME OVER .. If he stuck that cock in me one more time –


He pulled down my skirt, the smallest amount of modesty as my bra and Fort Knox panties are on the floor of his car. (Who’s bright idea was it to wear those? Useless Defense!) He covered me with his body, shielding me from the oncoming traffic, pressing me back against his car… Which just adds to my craving from him to fuck every cavity…

*Cause nothing even matters*

I wanted him on the ground .. I wanted to squat over his mouth, grinding my cunt in his face, overwhelming all his senses by the core of me. Taste my pussy, smell my wet cunt, watch me cum on your lips, feel my juices all over your face, hear me ordering him to make me lose control.

… And funnily enough, I wanted to do that in front of this audience of passers by. (Wow, new kink)

He sucked on the tip of my clit as flashes of light filled my eyes; whether it be from cars or my ecstasy I still don’t know, but it had me moulding my body to him. I had to stop; I was getting lightheaded.

Though he goes to the gym, I didn’t really want to test if he could bench me to the car.

He stood up and spanked my thrust-out ass – If he didn’t know how much I loved that before doing it, he sure knew I did afterwards.

I clambered back into his car… Deep breaths… I could smell the desire of my pussy, filling the car.

(Interesting new car fragrance concept)

He wasn’t done, though. Damnit… Don’t squirt … Don’t squirt …

My mantra, as I closed my eyes and lay back in my chair as he twists my nipples. We’re talking about life, work, family, while he twisted, licked and sucked on my nipples. I never should have told him my secret. I felt a groan move from my core, travelling up my throat. I squeezed knees together .

Kegels, don’t fail me now…

But it felt so good just to release, so easy to give into him.

I squeezed myself into his shoulder, I feel him murmuring something into my hair. (Whisper: White devil damn your wicked tongue.)

OG Klutz takes over turning on cars different radio functions, whilst trying to reach out for something to grab. Breathe, breathe… Think fast what can I do to distract him.

Suck him off!

My hands move down to start, unravelling my new mission. His lips moving down my neck.

Front seat sex, when you’re a 6-ft BBW, is a task that requires a geometry degree as well as years of Yoga, Pilates and any other circus-side-show contortion type regime that my body most definitely does not do.

I really want to 69 him, but me bending, side angle over the hand break for a BJ, is what will have to suffice. He could owe me one.

As I pushed him back, (#DownBoy!) his hands are keeping me close to his body.

Get control of the situation, shit woman, control yourself…

I finally felt my inner sex speak “Please baby, let me taste you”

I started to pull down his pants, kissing my way down to his cock. The smell of his mix with my pussy, added to fuel my hunger for him. Gentle hands moved my hair, I took his cock in my mouth, I tasted our sex.

“We should have got a room” His words made my pussy pulse and me moan.

That’s all the encouragement I needed to take him deep into my throat. Even down south, I could practically feel his eyes close- NEXT TIME WE’RE FILMING THIS.

I wanted his eyes on me, watching my enjoyment of him. I popped his cock out of my mouth, my spit dripping from my mouth (Pussy, cock and me juices) and sucked the top of his smaller head faster. My nipples are rubbed against his pants; the rough fabric causing them to harden and elicit another earth shattering wave of pleasure. Mmm, deepthroat.

I lost myself with trying to get closer, deeper, I wanted him fucking my face. #TakeChargeMan.

He pulled me up and kissed me. Did he know how turned on I am? That he kissed me after I’ve just sucked his cock?


After what seems like two hours of being in the car, on the car, around the car and beside the car, it has come down to a Mexican Standoff.

Both parties tried to satisfy each other, but HEADLIGHTS and lack of interior space, had left us both spent and – Cumless? How on earth…?

Definitely not from lack of trying, I was left feeling more sexually frustrated than before. Did he feel the same? What did he give up to be here? Did he regret it?

He kissed my hair and smoothed away any of my doubts, while continuously twisting my nipples. (Whisper: white devil)

We stare out the window, clothes all over the place, breathing heavily.

“We should get a room next time” his words echoing in my ears, as we re-dress he helped me find my glasses, keys and earrings that had gone flying off earlier.

“It’s up to you?” Trying to hide the shock in my voice; I really didn’t think he would want to see me again, now that he’s already seen every inch of me.

He looks at me with a look, I couldn’t really read, “Yeah, we’re gonna get a room.” Alpha Male.

“Did you want another person there?” I asked. As I want him to not be bored with just me. Not sure who I could muster as a third, with my zero drawing power.

The arched eyebrow look I get says it all. his eyes soften as he slowly understands that questions asked, are communication tools for better understanding of what this is.

With the cheeky smile, that has now been imprinted on my brain he says:

“Nothing but you.”

Cue symphony and cut.

The End… Or is it?


Thank you so much for reading my story. Its been awhile.

Devlin Carnate your skills as an editor, gives me goosebumps. Thank you for your golden touch and giving life back into my writing dreams.

Chapter 2 is in progress.

Feel free to leave Comments

New Family Ties Part 5 is also coming out.

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