Caught at Lunch

Caught at Lunch


Only so long can you hide, if you are wondering what the hell I am on about then let me explain.

As a part time transvestite dressing is always a thrill as is the joy of turning myself from a very average looking guy into a sexy cock loving slut, but due to where I live the chances to fully dress and enjoy the company of other trannies or guys was difficult.

The few chances I had were due to my girlfriend, we had been dating for a long time and on my days off I always drove to her place to spend my time with her. Some days though she would have to work from early in the mornings until late in the evenings and this is when I indulged my girly side and slid into the sexiest lingerie and tight short dresses to tease and please any visitor I fancied.

In some ways it was my girlfriends fault as I had admitted to her I cross dressed as a teenager and as she is bisexual she asked if I would wear high heels and stockings while I fucked her on several occasions, little did she know that buying a pair of shoes led me back to the days of my youth and soon I had ordered a new wig, corset and lingerie.

The funny part is my girlfriend had always commented on what good taste I had in lingerie when I had bought her presents for birthdays and Christmas, as soon as I received the items some months before I had locked my bedroom door and fully dressed before wanking myself to an explosive orgasm and as a bi guy I had craved a cock deep in my butt for ages.

Fortunately it didn’t take me long to find my first cock, it belonged to a good male friend and was a nice long thick surprise as he admitted to me he was bisexual also and that was that shall we say, soon though I knew the urge would be back and stronger than ever.

By signing up to several online websites for trannies and their admirers I managed to find someone who worked nearby to my partners home so knowing what day I had to myself I invited him round to pleasure his cock and hopefully my tight butt.

Hiding my girly side I left all my lingerie in the back of my car along with my stilettos and makeup making sure it was tucked out of sight if me and the girlfriend happened to go shopping, soon enough the day came and as the girlfriend kissed my cheek before she left for work and whispered I will see you tonight then babe the thoughts of the kinky sex I would soon be enjoying.

Falling back to sleep I managed to relax and enjoy another couple of hours snuggled up in the duvet but soon I was fully awake and knew I had arranged for my friend to come around for midday, dragging myself from the bed I decided the first job would be a cup of tea and a visit to the boot of my car.

As I got back inside the flat I laid out all the girly items I had bought and decided I would wear a black very clingy lace looking mini dress with seamed lace top stockings and corset, finishing off my outfit with a pair of 5 inch black satin peep toe stiletto heels.

Before I dressed I had to prepare myself so running a very hot bath I ran a razor over my body removing every inch of hair before moisturising my skin, getting from the bath I shaved my face twice as I always do when dressing, once in normal direction then once in opposite with lots of shaving foam. Pouring a little aftershave balm into my palms I massaged it into my face making sure it was all absorbed.

Standing in front of the mirror I wondered how I could ever pass as a woman but with the tips and tricks I had learned from other trannies I knew it had become easier each time to turn this average guy with acne scaring and bad skin into a smooth sexy looking woman that men went crazy for.

Wrapping a soft towel around myself I went back to the lounge and dumped myself onto the sofa to watch the normal morning television and let my skin dry out, it also meant I had time to sit and make sure my wig was all nicely brushed through and styled as I wanted it.

As soon as I had dried out and the heating had warmed up in the flat I sat naked at the dining table with the girlfriends makeup mirror sat on the table, laying out my makeup in order of application I pulled my brushes and makeup pads from my bag and got ready to start my makeover from guy to girl. First off I applied a paste that hides your shaving shadow then my smoothing sealer to hide my poor skin tone and markings from my acne as a teenager, then on went the powder and then the lip liner and lipstick. I never did think I looked particularly convincing but as I applied my eye makeup and mascara the look was beginning to come together and I could finally see the girl in me coming out with each flick of the brush Lisa appeared more and more.

I fulya escort had always gone by the name Lisa as I had a huge crush on this girl I met through a friend on a night out and although we never did get together her name just kind of stuck in my head so when I began dressing again Lisa was born, a sexy but classy trans girl who adored the attention she receives from guys and other trannies.

Standing back up I picked up my corset and did up all the hoop fixings and then pulled it tight with its silk strings until I saw my belly and waist pulled in tight, I so adore putting on my corsets and with my slightly chubby build I could form a small pair of natural breasts and I adore having boobs and having my nipples played with.

Sitting to put on my FF stockings I remembered why I normally put my stockings on first as trying to bend down with my corset done up so tight I pretty much could not breathe, rolling the FF stockings up to my thighs felt fantastic against my freshly shaved legs.

Pulling my panties into place I tucked away my cock and balls between my thighs and as I adjusted myself to fit all my bits into my panties I suddenly started to feel feminine and couldn’t help but run my hands up and down my long legs, standing around six feet two tall in my heels my legs are a impressive 32 inches long and with my heels had always got me comments on how good my legs look in stockings.

Pulling on my mini dress and adjusting the hem so it just covered the first inch or so of my stocking tops it felt great as it teased my thighs and butt, standing I slid my size 8 feet into my black satin stilettos and wiggled my way back to the big mirror in the hallway.

Standing watching myself I took my wig from the sideboard and carefully fixed it into position and then brushed it through again just to make it look completely natural, and there she was staring straight back at me, a girl I would fuck all night long if that girl wasn’t me.

Turning to every angle making sure I looked perfect I was happy with my finish and as I took one more long look over myself my mobile began to ring, running as best I could in 5 inch heels I managed to grab and answer my mobile before it diverted to answer phone.

Answering hi in my best girly tone the voice on the other end sounded very feminine and as I asked is that Terry the voice replied yes sweetie it is, are you ready for me?

Answering yes I think so, Terry replied good because I am so horny I want to fuck you hard and breed your tight little butt.

My only response was yes please and the gave him the flat number and with that Terry replied give me 10 minutes and I will be there.

I actually began to get quite nervous as I had never met Terry before but we had chatted a lot online and he always sounded nice so I was looking forward to meeting him and having him fuck me good and hard, and he had said he wanted to breed me so I knew I was going to get his spunk deep in my girly butt and I couldn’t wait for it.

Soon enough the door entry phone went and answering in my best girly voice the voice at the other end simply said its Terry and with that I pressed the door release button, opening the front door I got a shock as a very convincing looking trans girl came my way.

She was stunning, standing well over six feet tall with long blonde hair that cascaded in ringlets down past her shoulders, a very tight looking mini dress with fake breasts and long eyelashes she was very glamorous. Her legs were much like my own very long and not at all masculine and to top it off she had very high black patent stiletto heels on.

I don’t know why but I had expected a guy and as I took her into the flat Terry said you were expecting me as a guy weren’t you?

Answering I said kind of yes, but I love trannies too so I am very happy as long as you can still fuck me babe.

As we sat Terry kept giving me compliments on how convincing and sexy I looked and as we sat stroking each others stocking encased thighs I knew I was beginning to get hard in my panties, Terry was obviously very experienced as she said why don’t you lay back and let me pleasure you.

Not being completely sure what would happen next I laid back on the sofa and as I did Terry laid on top of me and our lips met softly at first but growing more and more passionate and hard, soon I knew I was rock hard in my panties and as I went to wrap my thighs round Terry’s waist she pulled away.

Pushing my dress up my thighs a little she expertly slid my thick 8 inch hard girly cock from my panties and lowered her beautifully made up lips around my shaft, slowly bomonti escort sucking and flicking her tongue across my bell end she soon had me squirming with pleasure. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out long and as her eyes met mine my cock throbbed hard once then twice and sprayed the back of Terry’s throat with my thick white semen.

Sitting up Terry licked her lips and simply said yummy Lisa that was delicious but now its you’re turn to suck me off, laying Terry back and managing to push her skin tight dress up enough to get at her panties I released her cock and as I did she asked very sexily if I would suck her clitty for her.

Not wasting any time at all I made myself comfortable and slid my lips round her helmet and slowly took her length sucking her gently making her cock stiffen with each time my lips met her balls, soon her cock was rock hard and it was huge.

No longer than my own 8 inches but thick with big purple looking veins running the length of it, how I was going to take this in my butt I didn’t know but as I settled into sucking her fat cock she said that’s enough Lisa.

Standing up she took my hand and said can we go to the bedroom then?

Getting to my feet I led the way down the corridor to the bedroom, Terry playfully patted my butt and simply said nice butt Lisa I am going to enjoy screwing that.

Getting into the bedroom I had laid out a couple of dildos I owned and lubricants for our pleasure on the bedside cabinet, standing kissing each other I had completely assumed the feminine role and my cock didn’t grow an inch even though I was highly aroused at Terry’s tongue dancing with my own and her long nails caressing my body.

As we broke away I knew I wanted her cock in me and wasting no time I peeled my dress from my body to show off my satin and lace corset and FF stockings, Terry removed her dress also to show off a gorgeous red basque and a stunning figure despite her fake breasts.

Kissing her again she pushed me back onto the bed and as she climbed on top of me I could feel her thick cock rubbing against my groin, as we laid together kissing and fondling each others bodies I felt Terry pulling my panties aside again but this time she slid a long finger deep into my butt and began to finger fuck my tight arse.

As we played and she pushed another finger inside my anus she purred Lisa you have a gorgeous little pussy baby, I am afraid I am going to have to fuck it now though.

Standing up beside the bed she pulled down my panties and pulled them off over my heels, I was so aroused I wanted her cock in me really bad but as the cold lube hit my anus I once again wondered how she would get all that cock inside my butt.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out though as she worked the lubricant into my anus she said get on your knees for me so I can slide inside, getting into the doggy position I felt her thick prick pushing against my anus and as I felt my arse pussy being opened and this thick girly cock entering me I moaned hard as the pain flashed through my body.

Telling Terry I cant do it you’re too big she said relax and as I tried to think of other things Terry put a open bottle of poppers under my nose and with a few long draws my anal muscles relaxed and I felt Terry once again sliding deep inside my butt, getting comfortable on her large girly clit was now not so difficult and as she began to slowly fuck my butt I moaned in pleasure telling her how beautiful her thick cock felt in my girly arse pussy.

Soon Terry had a nice rhythm and as I felt her driving into me I moaned with each time her balls slapped my now wet butt, she certainly knew how to fuck and she was far better than most of the men who had ever fucked me before.

Slamming her cock in and out of my arse I was loving it and began to push back into her making sure I got every inch deep in my arse pussy, it felt so good but as Terry pulled her dripping wet shaft from my butt I suddenly felt empty but not for long I was guessing.

Rolling onto my back Terry mounted me again pushing my legs back that I wrapped around her waist she expertly pushed her cock into my butt again, it was much more painful this time but as I wriggled around trying to get comfy Terry pushed a pillow under my butt raising me up slightly and as she did she pushed all 8 plus inches into my anus again.

Leaning into me we kissed passionately as she slowly slid her thick shaft in and out of my butt and as she noticed my tiny boobs formed by my corset she slid her hands into the tops of the corset squeezing my nipples before releasing them and wrapping her kurtuluş escort tongue around them one by one making me cum hard as she sucked my pert nipples like a girls.

Kissing me hard she said you are one dirty little bitch, but one hot little fuck too, now im going to give you your present baby and fill you with spunk.

I couldn’t wait and as she pushed my legs up to her shoulders she began to fuck me harder than before and really deep, it felt so good I was in ecstasy as she pounded away at my wanton little fuck hole and I only encouraged her as I begged her to fuck me harder and faster.

Pounding into my butt I knew she couldn’t possibly go for much longer and as she gave me another explosive orgasm she locked up herself, it felt so good feeling her thick girly cock exploding into my butt.

Feeling one shot then another deep inside my butt as Terry emptied her balls deep inside my arse, begging her to give me more she groaned hard and fired another thick creamy load into my anus and with that she slid her now sticky wet flaccid cock from my butt.

As she rolled onto her back I wanted to taste my own butt from her flaccid clitty so as she laid down relaxing I eagerly began to lick and suck the last of her semen and my anal fluids from her shaft, I must have been doing a good job as within minutes Terry was rock hard again and soon I found myself begging her to screw me again.

Agreeing but saying I would have to ride her I eagerly lined myself up and as I sat down on her thick cock I found it slid easily into my butt this time and with that I slid right down and sat on her cum soaked balls, it felt so good so as I got comfortable I began to bounce on her thick clitty.

Feeling her thick cock inside me I was in heaven and felt totally feminine riding a thick cock into my arse pussy right until I heard a snap, freezing solid I knew that snap only too well and then came the voice.

Hi darling Im home, are you in the bedroom you naughty boy

As the door swung open my partner had a full view of two trannies one being her boyfriend having full kinky sex together, something she had always said she didn’t approve of. Trying to get off of Terry’s cock that had now fell flaccid again a river of cum and lubricant spilled from my fucked raw anus and as I tried to get to my feet my legs gave way.

Her only word were you dirty perverts, I knew you were a tranny but having sex without my permission in my flat. You are in big trouble now, I am going to have to punish you.

Looking at Terry as she helped me to my feet she said what is she going on about and I simply stammered in state of shock I really don’t know, it didn’t take long for both of us to find out though.

As a few minutes past my girlfriend walked back into the bedroom in her 5 inch heels with fishnet stockings and a tight little Pvc dress I had bought her with her breasts bulging from the top, I couldn’t believe seeing me as a girl turned her on for a second but as she got onto the bed with me and Terry she took my cock in one hand and Terry’s in her other and began to wank us both off.

As soon as we were both hard again she got onto her knees and said go on then you sissy bitches fuck me, as Terry got one end and filled her mouth with her thick tranny cock I pushed my 8 inches into her already wet twat and began to fuck her hard making her gag on Terry’s shaft as I slammed deep into her pussy filling her up with my cock, as soon I as was ready to cum we swapped ends and as I pumped my load into my partner Mandy’s throat Terry was pounding her arse into submission.

Soon she was dribbling cum from both ends and as we both flopped onto the bed Mandy stood and said now its my turn, going into one of her lingerie drawers she pulled out a large strap on and said I bought this for you baby boy so I could pleasure you but I guess I could use it now to fuck you hard.

Putting on her strap on Mandy climbed back onto the bed and as I took my turn in sucking Terry again I felt Mandy’s strap on opening up my anus, soon she was fucking me just as Terry had but it was not the same, not like having a real cock up my butt.

All the same I played the game for her and as she began to slam into my anus my cock erupted again and sprayed the duvet and my stockings in spunk and with that Mandy pulled from my butt, rolling over to face her she had a look of sheer delight on her face and as I asked her if she was ok she replied im fine but next time you two had better invite me.

Climbing off the bed Mandy chucked her cum and lube soaked strap on to the floor and went off to the bathroom to clean up, about 15 minutes or so passed and as Terry and me enjoyed petting each other Mandy walked back in and said right my sissy’s I am off back to work now and with that she was gone.

Getting up both me and Terry could not believe what had happened but I did wonder who she would tell and what she may do when she got in that evening.

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