Cate’s Gift Ch. 03

Cate’s Gift Ch. 03

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Autumn Falls


My Christmas gift to Mark changed our lives, marriage and sex life. Mark posted the legendary final card of my gift on our large bedroom mirror as a constant reminder to both of us that at any moment, anything could happen.

As endless as the world’s imagination?
Sexual adventures we promise to do?
Committing to every sensual fantasy,?
Making every dream come true.??

Our erotic journey continues,?
Through other’s ideas for Mark and Cate.?
Dreams of illicit sexual fantasies?
Become our real life adventure and fate.?

Every morning was filled with suspense. Sexual destiny and adventure was one click away, sent from anywhere in the world. I had not only promised to fulfill any fantasy my husband Mark had for me, but also daringly promised I would fulfill any request sent to us online. Neither of us will ever forget the moment we posted my commitment on our Cates Gift Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as the amazing Literotica.

“Do it,” I insisted, as I watched Mark’s index finger hover over the Enter key on his laptop.

“Are you sure?” he asked, nervously excited and impressed at my commitment to follow through with my bold gift as his wife. “Once it’s out there, there’s no going back.”

i looked at Mark with sultry confidence. “If you don’t, I will,” I said with a coy smile. I am used to making bold decisions. During the day, I am a successful businesswoman, having earned respect and influence in my field. Although a bit naturally shy, no one experiences the level of success I have enjoyed without strong leadership. I don’t say that with pride, it is just true.

I pushed Mark’s teasing hand down, forcing his index finger on the key, launching a transformation of our sex life. We made passionate, reckless love that night.

The months that followed created an escalation of anticipation and sexual intensity in our marriage. I woke up every morning, wet with expectancy for what the day might hold. My submission was not only to the far reaches of Mark’s imagination, but also to the risky inspirations of more than seven billion people on planet earth. The significance of my commitment was not lost on Mark either. He found himself continually aroused at the constant realization his wife was willing to do anything for him. That became one of the parts of my gift to him I enjoyed the most. I had kept my promise with the first few submissions that had come in online; our vacation in Costa Rica had proven my unrestrained commitment.

The most recent request was one of simple exhibitionism, while bringing myself to orgasm in public. Mark watched from across the crowded mall as I stealthily fingered myself toward glorious climax. My moans called attention to my sultry action. The straps of my low cut short dress dropped off my shoulders to expose the swollen plump nipples of my small perky tits. I was all the more aroused catching awkward glimpses of men and women secretly mesmerized by my bold public action. I could tell they wished they felt the freedom to live with such impudence.

The moment I finished, Mark intercepted a mall cop who realized what was happening and was about to ask me to leave his complex.

“We can’t have that here,” the 45 year-old wannabe awkwardly insisted.

“Have that?” Mark asked pointing to me, my face still flush from my delightful orgasm as I pulled the straps of my dress back over my shoulders, “or that?” he asked, looking at the obvious erection in the cop’s pants from arousal. The flustered man’s face blushed as he stammered for words.

“No more of that please,” the man said rushing off embarrassed, “or I’ll, I’ll call the police or something.” His voice faded as he disappeared behind the exhibits.

“How was that?” I asked with a smile.

“Hmmm, it was OK,” Mark humored. “It could have been a little more dramatic. I may have you do it again,” he teased.

I knew I would have no choice if he did. Truthfully, I had grown addicted to the suspense and submissive vulnerability. Something deep in my eroticized psyche enjoyed my new double life: a successful powerful businesswoman by day, and a sultry submissive by night – or whenever Mark might call. It was all about power. It was freeing. The suspense was invigorating. In one moment I might be wielding my unwavering control in the office for competitive corporate dominance, and in the next, I was willingly submissive to the sexual dominance of someone I didn’t know for the enjoyment of my sweet husband. There is something about putting myself in precarious positions of complete submission under someone else’s control that makes me hot.

“You amaze me,” Mark said as he slid his hand across the top of my leg to my inner thigh as we turned the corner to another area of the mall. His fingers circled in the dampness of my cum dripping down the inside of my long tanned leg.

I smiled seductively. “How’s that Lover Boy?” I asked as I Ataşehir Anal Escort boldly reciprocated with my hand moving across his leg to gently caress his hardened member through his pants as we strolled unnoticed in a quiet section of the mall.

“That you’ll do anything,” Mark smiled. “So where’s your line?” he asked genuinely.

“What line?” I asked back. “What do you mean?”

“The line of what you won’t do? Or when you say no more to our little arrangement?”

“I gave you a gift Mark. I made a promise to you,” I answered with soft confidence. “Unconditionally, remember? There is no line.”

“I remember,” he said.

I smiled, seeing his challenge and the sincerity in his eyes. “You’re right,” I said. “There’s nothing at stake is there?” I asked with a smile. “I mean, what’s to ever keep me from saying ‘no’ to a request?”

“I don’t see that happening,” Mark said, recounting my actions since giving him the gift, including what I had just done in broad daylight in the middle of a public shopping center.

“Don’t let me off that easy,” I shot back with confidence. “I never sign a contract at work without a ‘breach clause’ that has real teeth. If someone reneges, then there is a steep cost. What’s the cost for me?” I asked daringly while ideas raced through my mind.

“Cate, I’m not going to have a breach clause with you for your gift,” Mark answered. “That’s ridiculous. It’s a gift.”

“Maybe you won’t, but I will. I insist,” I said with a confident playful smile as we turned another corner of the large mall. “It’s not just for you, it’s for me. No risk, no glory. Let’s make it count.”


“My business reputation,” I blurted, answering my own question. “It’s perfect. Nobody at work knows about my secret commitment of complete submission. If I was caught, it would ruin me.”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t…,” Mark started to answer.

“So, that’s it,” I interrupted. “If I ever balk, then you let my secret out.”

“No,” Mark said, “I’m not going to…”

I interrupted again. “You’re not; I am.” I pulled my iPad mini out of my purse. “Gawd I’m hot,” I said as I sat down on a bench and started to excitedly type. I hit the enter key and looked up. “I need you to promise me Mark, that you’ll do this.”

“Do what?” Mark asked.

“I’ve given you the adventure of a gift that has changed our lives. I need you to promise me. If you love me, you’ll make a promise to help me fulfill my commitment with no way out.”

“How?” Mark asked.

“I just sent you a short email that reads:

‘To Whom It May Concern,

This email is sent on behalf of Cate, who believes you will find the following links very interesting. Enjoy.’

Below the text, I have included links to our Cate’s Gift Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the links to our Literotica page. I also included the group email address to my company’s executive team and one for the downtown women’s executive society I’m in. I need you to promise that if I ever, for any reason, do not fulfill any erotic request from you or others online, that you will immediately send the email to those groups.”

“But the pictures and stories will ruin all you’ve worked for,” Mark said.

“Only if I balk and don’t follow through,” I answered cleverly with a devious smile. “That’s the genius of it! The most important thing we have is trust. Keeping my promises to you, including this one, is more important to me than anything else. Promise me this Mark.”

Mark saw the sincerity in my face and heard it in my voice. He knows me so well. I could tell he was aroused at my logic and adventurous commitment. He knew I was right that the suspense of possible consequences intensifies everything. This was something I was doing this to herself, putting myself in a position with no way out.

“Promise me, Mark,” I repeated.

“I promise,” Mark said.

My pussy moistened with arousal. “Gawd I’m so hot right now,” I said. “If I thought we could get away with it, I’d fuck you right there on that display.”

“Maybe I’ll ask you to,” Mark answered with a wry smile.

Chapter One

Checking my phone became almost obsessive for me. At any moment someone could post a fantasy on social media for me to fulfill. I set my notification settings so I will be notified the moment one came in. Most fantasies posted involved basic flashing or exhibitionism. The suspense of these never gets old. That shy part of me is still there. Whenever possible, Mark takes pictures from angles that proved I fulfilled my obligation, while not revealing too much of me in the photo. Ironically that means photographing my exposed tits, ass or more, while not revealing my face. I was surprised how the frequency of new requests was picking up, although I shouldn’t have been. This could get crazy if it goes viral.

One day the number “1” appeared over the Facebook messaging icon on my phone. Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort With apprehension and excitement, I clicked on the numbered icon.

The new request was another fantasy of exhibitionism with the added risk of humiliation:


Dear Cate,

Your gift to Mark and promise of willing submission thrills me. I have a very successful business and am a powerful woman in my field. The thought of submitting to the sexual demands of complete strangers makes me wet, especially when it involves exposure and humiliation.

Let’s start easy. If you work outside the home, you must find a way to completely expose your breasts in a meeting or to a group of people of no less than five people where you work. (If you do not work outside the home, it must be in a store or other populated place.) The fantasy is more than showing cleavage; it requires full exposure of your tits.


My heart stopped when I read the words. Like the fantasy writer, I too am a successful businesswoman. My fantasies toyed with risks at work of being caught in a compromising position, but I am always very careful. I read the words to the fantasy again. I realized the only way I could make this happen is if I went to work without wearing a bra under my blouse. How else could I fully expose my breasts and make it look like an accident? I had never gone to work without wearing a bra. This would be a first, but only the beginning for what the day would hold.

I checked my calendar for what appointments I had the next day. The only official meeting was one in the morning with other business leaders in our field from the region. I was scheduled to make a small presentation at the meeting. I shuttered at the thought. I had worked hard to earn respect in my field. I tried to console myself that at least many of the others scheduled to be there were women.

I nervously shared the new fantasy with Mark.

“That’s ironic,” Mark said.


“These are the very people you didn’t want to let your secret out to,” he said. “At least it’s only exposing your tits,” he said, “and not sending them the links to show more.” Mark was basking in my predicament.

I realized I put myself in this predicament. Mark was right. It was obvious he was also turned on by the idea of his wife exposing herself to her colleagues. He would love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall to see how I would pull this off.

I chose a more revealing blouse than I normally wear to work. It was a stylish beige top with one front closure. I had always worn it when Mark and I went clubbing or out at night. I had never worn it to work. I realized I could get away with the single closure “accidentally” opening, fully exposing my front, including giving everyone a complete view of both breasts before “discovering” I was exposed.

As time got closer to the start of the meeting I felt both nervous and aroused. I am proud of my body but never imagined having to humiliate myself at work through exhibitionism. The anticipation of it was also clouding my mind for my presentation.

The meeting was scheduled at main offices of one of the businesses in the consortium, and called by their CEO Donna. I nervously waited for the moment the floor would be handed to me for my presentation. I secretly reached down and manipulated the single clasp on the front of my blouse, guaranteeing full exposure of my tits the moment I stood up. I decided I would pretend I didn’t know until someone said something. I was counting on one of the other women to mention it first. God knows the men in the room wouldn’t quell their enjoyment of the view. My heart pounded with trepidation.

“Cate,” Donna said in her firm but caring voice. “The floor is yours.”

I stood up and walked quickly to the front of the room, clicking the remote for my presentation to appear through the projection onto the small screen behind me. My top flew open exactly as I had planned, causing all seven other leaders in the room to drop their jaws from being simultaneously surprised and impressed.

As I also predicted, the men sat up but didn’t say anything to rescue my exposure. Truthfully, the women didn’t speak up as quickly as I had hoped either. They simply watched in stunned amazement as I spoke the first two sentences of my presentation completely exposed. My nipples jut out almost an inch from arousal atop my swollen puffy areolas.

Donna finally took control and put her hand up to pause my presentation. “Cate,” she said, trying not to laugh at the humor my exposure. “Cate, your top is open.”

I looked down, as if surprised at the scenario. “Oh gawd, oh gawd,” I pretended. “I can’t believe that happened.” I quickly manipulated the closure on the front of my blouse with my long fingers to once again secure it. My face was flushed and my erect nipples pushed through the thin material as if resisting the cover up.
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The others around the table all blushed in embarrassment, but also wished it would have continued without Donna’s interruption.

“Damn,” Pete said, disappointed. “I thought it was going along just fine.” The other three men chuckled like teenagers. His words broke the awkward silence. Their dicks all stood like masts in their pants, hidden under the table.

I was embarrassed and humiliated, but also could not deny my own arousal. The tiny thong between my legs was drenched. My mind was all the more clouded for my presentation, and certainly everyone else in the room was distracted.

“Let’s take a break,” Donna said, “and we’ll come back to this in ten minutes.”

The women in the room all stood to step out to refill their coffees and text the gossip of what had just happened to whomever they were eager to share it with. For some reason, the men were all slow to get up from their chairs.

“Can I see you in my office?” Donna asked.

“Damn,” I thought. The morning had been tough enough, the last thing I wanted was some awkward conversation about my embarrassment.

“Close the door,” she said as I crossed the threshold of her office. Like the rest of the morning so far, I did as I had been asked.

“What happened out there?” she asked calmly as she sat down in the chair behind her large desk. I stood facing her on the other side of her desk.

“What do you mean?” I stammered. “My blouse flew open, and um, it was horrible,” I faked.

“How?” she asked. “How did it fly open?”

I was confused by her question. From one woman to another, it seemed obvious, or at least I staged it so it would. “My clasp somehow came undone,” I explained. “It has never done that before,” I said.

“Without your help, you mean,” she said. “The clasp had never opened before unless you undid it.”

“Well yes, when I take it off,” I answered, confused with where she was going with her line of questions. “What are you getting at?” I asked, starting to get a little annoyed at her questioning.

“What would you say if I told you I watched you unclasp your blouse before you stood up?” she asked with a coy smile.

My face instantly blushed to a dark red from her surprise announcement. My mouth opened but remained silent, trying desperately to find the right words. My eyes blinked and darted around the room. Before I could say a word, my nonverbal reactions gave me up. How could this be happening?

Donna continued. “I watched you reach down and undo your blouse Cate. You walked into that room and into that meeting with a plan to humiliate yourself by exposing your tits.”

I stammered for words. “Look, I can explain,” I said, unable to find the words to do so. How could I explain why I would purposely expose myself at a high-level business meeting? Why I would purposely humiliate myself? How could I explain that I had no choice and that I had no way out? How could I explain to her about my gift to Mark? Words failed me.

Donna put her hand up to ease my stammering, just as she rescued me in the conference room. “I know who you are, Cate.”

“Of course you do,” I answered, beginning to wonder if Donna had gone off the deep end.

“No. I know who you are Cate, as in Mark and Cate. As in Cate’s Gift.”

Blood immediately drained from my face, turning it from beat red to sheet white. “Oh my gawd!” I thought to myself, stunned as this conversation was moving from bad to impossibly worse. “I don’t know what you mean,” I tried to fake.

“Sure you do,” Donna said, maintaining her calm tone of voice. “It’s the only explanation why someone of your caliber would purposely strip and humiliate yourself in our meeting.”

I felt as exposed as I did with my shirt off in the meeting.

Donna continued. “When I saw you unclasp your blouse and expose yourself, and then realized the coincidence of your name being Cate, it became an amazing coincidence.

My mind raced. Of the billions of people on the planet, how was it that she would figure out who I was? “Wait!” I answered back. “The only way you would know that is if you were the one who sent the fantasy request in.”

Donna smiled. My words confirmed her suspicion. She now knew for sure that I am the Cate of “Mark and Cate,” the Cate of “Cate’s Gift.” “It makes it even more fun that I know who you are,” she answered deviously. “It’s our little secret. Today is only the beginning of what is possible.”

“Oh shit,” I said out loud, realizing that Donna had me. I had promised Mark I would fulfill any fantasy sent in, and now Donna could sit back and watch as she unleashes her bent sexual imagination on me. It was like being blackmailed, but with no way out.

“Please,” I pleaded. “You can’t say anything to anyone.”

“Why would I say anything when there is so much fun to be had?” she asked calmly. “I can now live vicariously through you.”

I suddenly remembered her words that prefaced the fantasy she sent online: “The thought of submitting to the sexual demands of complete strangers makes me wet, especially when it involves exposure and humiliation.” I realized this would only be the beginning.

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