Carnal Convention Ch. 02


Marcus tried to steady his hand as he brought the paintbrush closer to the figurine on his desk. He wanted to get the color just right, it wouldn’t do to have a Voskon Warlord look improperly dressed on his throne.

“Marcus! Where are you? I have great news!”

The loud voice echoing in the entryway of his house broke his concentration, and he was just able to avoid placing the brush in the wrong place. He cursed under his breath while he returned his painting implement to the glass on the desk in front of him. The chair where he sat slid across the floor as he stood up. The momentary frustration he had been feeling quickly dissipated when the owner of the loud voice appeared in the doorway of his study/recreation room.

Michelle Thibodeaux’s face was flush with excitement looking not unlike it had the first night they had slept together, and she had orgasmed all over his cock. The weeks since had been some of the most fulfilling in Marcus Shaw’s life. He and Michelle spent as much time together as they could get away with without raising the suspicions of her parents that anything out of the ordinary was going on. He was still torn as to how he felt about sneaking around with his best friends daughter, but he couldn’t deny that Michelle made him happy in a way he hadn’t been for a very long time.

“Guess what I have behind my back?” she said smiling, her gorgeous, full lips peeling back from her even white teeth.

“An original prop model of an Aquelen Battle Cruiser from Battle Beyond the Galaxy.”

Michelle smirked, “Right! There are only a half-dozen original models still in existence so that would be quite a miracle for me to pull off wouldn’t it? No, but I have something that I think will be almost as exciting two tickets to the premiere of the new Strange Encounters movie!”

She held the tickets out in front of her with a look of satisfaction painted on her face.

“Wow! How did you manage to pull that off?”

“I have a friend who works as an intern at the theater that is holding the event, and he snagged a couple for me.”

“You never cease to amaze me you know that.”

“Well…There are a lot of different ways I can be amazing,” whispered Michelle in a sultry tone.

Her arms quickly slipped around his neck pulling him to her their lips meeting in a soft kiss that quickly turned passionate, and hungry. Marcus groaned softly in the back of his throat enjoying the feel of Michelle’s full lips against his, the sweet feeling of her tongue poking its way into his mouth. His hands slipped down to squeeze her tight, heart-shaped ass, and his cock started to swell into a full erection.

The sound of his doorbell made them both jump.

“Shit!” exclaimed Marcus fighting to calm his breathing.

“Maybe they will go away,” teased Michelle as she ran her fingers across Marcus’s muscular chest.

“I don’t think I’m that lucky.”

Reluctantly, he pushed her hands aside and made his way to the front door. He glanced through the peephole and froze with the guilt he had been feeling earlier returning in spades. Michelle’s father was standing on his porch. He sighed quietly and opened the door.

“Dan. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Hey, buddy. Look, the wife sent me over to invite you out on our boat this weekend. We both appreciate how hard things have been for you since Sally left, and how nice you have been to let Michelle pal around with you to these conventions. We just thought it was time we paid you back, and maybe helped you get your mind off your troubles.”

“Wow! That’s nice of you both.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s the least we could do.”

“Hey, Daddy,” said Michelle coming up from behind Marcus.

“Oh…Hi, pumpkin. I didn’t know you were over here.”

“I was inviting Marcus to a movie premiere. I got some advanced tickets.”

“Some weird space thing, right?” observed Dan Thibodeaux with a laugh.

“Yeah, nothing you or Mom would be interested in that’s for sure. Thanks, Mr. Shaw. We can set up a time to meet for the movie later,” said Michelle as she exited the house walking back toward her own home next door.

As soon as she passed out of earshot, Dan leaned in closer to his old friend.

“I really do think its nice of you to spend time with Michelle. She hasn’t had anyone to share this hobby of hers with in a long while, and I feel a lot safer knowing she is with you not some college boy who would be trying to get her clothes off.”

Marcus choked a bit before he replied,”Um…Yeah…Sure, Dan, it’s my pleasure she is a wonderful girl it’s been no trouble at all.”

Dan patted him on the shoulder,”O.K. then we will see you this weekend.”

Marcus followed Dan’s steps as he walked away. He was pegging the guilt meter at this point. The longer he let this go on, the more pissed he was sure Dan, and his wife would be when they found out. It really would be safer if he just broke things off with Michelle, but the thought of not seeing her again made him ache all over. Marcus Maltepe Escort shook his head shutting the door behind him as he returned to his study.

“This is going to end badly I can just feel it,” thought Marcus.

He tried to return to painting his Voskon Warlord, but his hand refused to stop shaking.

The weekend arrived all too quickly, and Marcus drove to the marina outside of town where Dan kept his boat tied up. It was a nice little cabin cruiser with a below deck galley and a private forward cabin with all the amenities of home. He left his car parked in the marina lot and shouldered his day bag making his way down the pier.

“Oh, Captain My Captain! Permission to come aboard!” yelled Marcus from the edge of the wood pier.

Dan turned from where he sat in the pilot’s seat smiling,”Permission granted! It’s good to see you, Marcus.”

They shook hands as Marcus threw his bag onto an empty chair near the stern.

“I should warn you, Marcus, Kim had an idea that she was afraid you would balk at if you knew about it beforehand so…”

Before Dan could finish his statement, the cabin door opened, and Kim emerged followed by another woman that Marcus didn’t recognize. Kim Thibodeaux was a tall woman with lighter skin than her more swarthy husband, and a waterfall of honey blond hair that fell just past her shoulders. One look at her, and you could see where Michelle had gotten her looks from since Kim had the same full lips, and a models body. The woman behind her was much shorter, maybe a shade over five-foot tall with short dark brunette hair cut up around her ears. She had a small round face with vaguely Asian features, her skin a light brown color.

“Marcus, thanks for coming! This is Erin, she and I work together at the bank,” said Kim.

Marcus reached out to shake Erin’s hand, her tiny palm almost vanishing into his when they touched.

“It’s nice to meet you, Erin.”

“Likewise. Kim told me she had a handsome neighbor, but she scarcely did you justice,” replied Erin with a laugh.

Marcus felt his face going a bit red at the compliment. He quickly realized the fix was in, and that Dan had been about to warn him that Kim had planned a blind date for this excursion. He knew that his friends meant well, but Dan had been right that he would have opted out if he had known about this beforehand. This kind of setup had never appealed to him. Things felt even more awkward since they didn’t know about his real relationship with their daughter. He thanked God that Michelle wasn’t there or this would be a bizarre situation.

“Oh! Good, Michelle is here I was afraid she was going to be late,” remarked Dan.

Michelle stepped onto the back of the boat her eyes taking in the scene in front of her. Marcus tried not to stare, but it wasn’t easy since Michelle was wearing a tiny blue bikini that showed a lot more than it covered. He dropped Erin’s hand and turned to help Michelle with her bag.

“Thank you, Mr. Shaw,” she said.

The women went below deck to stow things away while Dan, and Marcus worked together to cast off. Dan piloted the boat with practiced skill pulling it away from the pier and heading out to the open waters beyond the small harbor.

“I’m sorry about this Marcus. I know we should have told you first, but like I said Kim was afraid you wouldn’t go along with it if you knew Erin was going to be here. The thing is I think if you give it a chance you could really get to like her she is a very nice woman, and pretty easy on the eyes too.”

Erin had come up from the galley and was looking back at the marina vanishing behind them. She wasn’t a bad looking woman it was true her tiny body filled out her black one-piece suit nicely, with a decently tight ass, and small, perky tits up top. Her mixed heritage gave her some beautiful almond shaped brown eyes along with soft looking lips. There was nothing wrong with her, and she was indeed more age appropriate for him. Still, she was nothing compared to Michelle who joined her on deck. The two were a complete contrast, Erin was cute, but Michelle was as close to perfect as Marcus had ever seen a woman get.

“We’ll see,” replied Marcus noncommittally.

Dan took them up the coast finally dropping anchor near a secluded beach away from the more heavily trafficked areas. Kim sat out a nice little lunch of sandwiches, and chips for everyone.

Marcus politely held out Erin’s chair for her while Michelle’s eyes shot daggers at him from the other side of the table. They all sat eating quietly for a bit before Kim tried to break the tension in the air.

“You know Marcus, Erin grew up not far from where you did.”

“Is that right?”

“Well, pretty close by I lived in Porterville when I was a kid.”

“That is just a hop, skip, and a jump from where I was living in Havenburg.”

The conversation settled into reminisces about their time as kids with both Erin and Marcus telling stories about their old neighborhoods.

“I Anadolu Yakası Escort remember going to the wildlife park in Meridian!” exclaimed Erin dropping her hand onto Marcus’s knee, and tossing her hair. Michelle’s face darkened even more at the sight of Erin’s hand resting there so comfortably. Marcus caught the look on her face and cleared his throat getting up from the table.

“Sorry folks, I need to use the restroom,” said Marcus excusing himself.

In the small lavatory, Marcus threw water in his face and wiped it away with a towel on the counter. He looked into the mirror frowning with worry at the situation. He could see that Michelle was not happy at what was going on here, but he had no idea how to mollify her and keep her parents happy at the same time. It looked like he was in for a long, and painful afternoon.

He carefully shut the door behind him, and turned to go back up on deck nearly colliding with Michelle in the process.

“Do you like her?” she whispered with a hint of anger in her tone.

“What? You mean Erin? Look, Michelle, I didn’t know anything about this it was all your parent’s idea I didn’t know Erin was going to be here until I set foot on board.”

“I know you didn’t. My parents told me this morning. As soon as I found out what they were up to, I invited myself along. I don’t think they wanted me to come, but they didn’t have a good reason to exclude me either.”

“We have to make the best of the situation. I can’t be rude to Erin or your parents it just wouldn’t be right.”

“That little bitch is totally flirting with you.”

“I know, but she isn’t the one I’m interested in.”

“Do you think she is prettier than me?” asked Michelle quietly.

“Not even close. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Kiss me, Marcus…Please…I need to feel you right now.”

He stole a glance at the door worried that someone might walk in at any moment. He could picture Dan throwing him overboard if he caught them in here kissing with the anchor tied around his ankle most likely, but he couldn’t say no to Michelle.

Their lips came together in a soft, gentle kiss. Marcus didn’t think he would ever get tired of how wonderful Michelle’s lips were touching his own. They covered his mouth in a warm, slick embrace, and slid so sensually around that his penis started to stir in his swimsuit. Her hand wandered down squeezing his hardening prick through the cloth making him sigh into her mouth.


“Please, Marcus…We can be quick.”

“You’re out of your mind! If your parents walk in here, your Dad will kill us both.”

Her hand kept stroking his stiff member bringing him to his full erection. It was getting hard to fight the urge to take her right then, and there despite the consequences if they got caught. The boat rocked on the waves. Music played up on deck, and Marcus could make out Dan’s voice speaking with laughter following his words. Michelle’s fingers started to loosen the strings holding his bathing suit in place.

“Michelle…Please!” he begged.

She didn’t stop. Her hand vanished inside his suit, and Marcus gasped as she gripped his rigid penis rubbing it slowly up and down.

Marcus winced gripping the wood of the built-in table behind him. Michelle dropped slowly to her knees taking his hard cock into her mouth while pushing his suit downward. He fought the urge to cry out when his flesh slipped into the warm, wet embrace she offered. Michelle’s head moved between his legs. His fingers turned white gripping even harder while his breath came in quiet bursts. This was crazy, but he couldn’t stop her. God, did her hot mouth feel so fucking good!

His willpower failed him, and despite the danger, he yanked Michelle to her feet spinning her around to face the table.

“Is this what you want? IS IT!” he whispered harshly in her ear.

“I want you, right now, Marcus!” she moaned softly in reply.

He pushed her bathing suit bottoms down, and his fingers quickly found the slick entrance to her pussy. She was soaking, even wetter than she had been in the hotel room that first time. It was her turn to grip the wood edge of the table as he pushed her part way over exposing her dripping hole to his swollen prick. There was no time for a slow, loving entrance inside her instead he rammed himself forward hard, and deep. Michelle stiffened, and let out a low cry that he prayed didn’t carry over the music. His hands slid up her stomach and crossed her chest pulling down the cups of her top. The gorgeous brown flesh of her tits spilled out into his waiting palms. Her nipples were stiff, swollen, and ready as his fingers caressed the silky skin of her love mounds before pinching the dark stiff knots of flesh at their centers.

They began to move together both fighting to keep the noise of their tryst to a minimum but struggling against the rising tide of passion that threatened to consume them. Marcus groaned in his throat feeling every incredible İstanbul Escort inch of Michelle’s tight pussy as he pounded his cock into her willing body. She sat up enough to push her back to his chest, and pulled his head down so that they could meet in a hot, French kiss. He squeezed her large breasts harder in his hands while their movements became more frantic, and desperate. He had lost track of what was going on around him with his only focus the feel of this beautiful, naked woman.

The kiss parted. They stared into each other’s eyes.


“I know…Me too…Now…Marcus…Inside me!”

Marcus tightened his arms around Michelle and exploded inside her filling her with a shower of semen. Her eyes grew larger starring deep into his, and she let slip a low moan while her body shook in an answering orgasm.

“Oh…God, Michelle,” he said quietly.

“I love you, Marcus.”

The words hit him taking him off guard. He opened his mouth to reply when the sound of footsteps on the way leading down to the cabin galvanized them both into action. Michelle slipped into the bathroom pulling at her swimsuit bottoms and trying to close the door at the same time. Marcus wrestled his own suit back into place the sticky mix of his cum, and Michelle’s juice making a mess of his pubic hair. The deed was barely done when Dan appeared ducking his head to avoid the low roof edge of the cabin as he entered. Marcus stood still trying to slow his breathing and look nonchalant at the same time.

“Hey…Um…Is everything o.k.? You’ve been down here awhile.”

“Sure. Everything is just fine. I stayed down here to get out of the sun for a bit and cool off. Michelle is using the restroom.”

Dan looked back and forth from Marcus to the restroom door, but then shrugged.

“Well, get your ass back up on deck you’re missing the party, and Erin wants to swim. Can you imagine how hot she is going to look all wet?” said Dan poking Marcus in the ribs with his elbow.

“Smoking hot I’m sure,” said Marcus without much enthusiasm.

The bright side of hitting the water was that it allowed him to clean the mess from inside his suit. The downside was Erin wanting to swim around him continually flirting, and finding every excuse to brush up against him. Michelle eventually joined them in the water along with Dan, and Kim.

“If that bitch tries to touch you one more time I swear I’m going to knock her lights out!” said Michelle at one point as she treaded water next to Marcus.

“Michelle! Please, let’s get through this without any violence Erin doesn’t know the situation it’s not her fault.”

Michelle started to comment, but her dad swam up to them, and she kept her thoughts to herself.

“Come on guys lets dry off, and head out of this cove I want to see the sunset on the water.”

Dan headed the boat back out away from shore until the land was a distant dark strip on the horizon then he shut things down letting the boat drift with the tide. He and Kim took seats near the back of the boat while Marcus sat on the couch that ran across the stern. To his dismay, Erin joined him on the couch moving up close and letting her arm rest on top of his leg. He had no choice given how she was sitting but to put his arm across the back of the couch behind her giving at least the impression that he had it around her. Michelle sat in the pilot’s seat looking ready to commit murder while watching Marcus, and Erin.

The sunset was spectacular. A virtual explosion of reds, and yellows across the sky.

“It’s so beautiful out here,” commented Kim.

“Yes, and very romantic,” said Erin smiling up at Marcus. He swallowed uncomfortably glancing up at Michelle begging her with his eyes not to make a scene.

They arrived back at the marina shortly after nightfall, but Marcus found that his difficulties were far from over.

“Marcus, sweetie. Could you be a dear, and give Erin a ride home? We need to clean up the boat, and put it to bed so we’ll be here awhile,” asked Kim.

Marcus wasn’t that naive he could see what Kim was trying to do, but he also couldn’t see an easy way out that wouldn’t embarrass Erin.

“Yeah, I guess I could do that.”

Michelle shot him a look from the back of the boat, but all he could do was raise a shrug, and mouth, “Sorry,” as he picked up his day bag, and led Erin back to the marina parking lot. They rode in silence for the most part although Erin tried several times to engage him in conversation. He felt terrible about the whole thing. She seemed like a lovely lady, and she was attractive in her way though not in Michelle’s league. Her neighborhood came up, and he turned into her driveway shortly after putting the car in park.

“Thank you for the ride, Marcus. I had a nice time today.”

“I did too it was very nice to meet you, Erin.”

“Would you like to get together again sometime? I’m free tomorrow night. Perhaps we could have dinner?”

“Oh…Um…I’m sorry, Erin I brought some work home with me I need to get done before Monday maybe some other time,” blurted Marcus taken aback by her sudden invitation, and searching for a way out.

“It’s o.k. I understand how busy work can get. I’ll call you later in the week. Kim gave me your number I hope that’s alright?”

Marcus tried to steady his hand as he brought the paintbrush closer to the figurine on his desk. He wanted to get the color just right, it wouldn’t do to have a Voskon Warlord look improperly dressed on his throne. “Marcus! Where are you? I have great news!” The loud voice echoing in the entryway…

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