Can I Count on Your Vote?

Can I Count on Your Vote?


You know, I’d heard about this kind of thing before but never, and I mean never, did I expect to see it first-hand!

It was voting day and I was on my way to the polling station in my neighborhood. As I approached the building, a local school that was giving up their gymnasium for the occasion, I saw a few people wandering in and out of the building. Some were headed for their cars, others, like me, were walking.

In a back corner of the parking lot there was a white and blue mini-bus with a few people standing around looking very business-like. I noticed one particular woman who seemed to be issuing instructions to a small group of young women. They were all standing on the grass perimeter just a few feet from the front of the bus.

The door to the bus opened and that was the first I noticed it had been closed in the first place. A very attractive girl wearing a blue skirt and white blouse stepped down. She was followed by a man about my age, well into middle age that is, with a shit-eating grin on his face. As he placed both feet on the ground by the door the girl leaned forward and hugged him tightly then whispered into his ear. The man nodded, still grinning widely, and then meandered off to the door leading into the gym.

The girl went to the front of the bus and spoke happily to the small crowd of young girls and the older woman with them. They all cheered and slapped her back in congratulations. The girl smiled broadly, soaking up the positive reinforcement.

It was then that the woman with them directed her gaze at me. Hurriedly she placed her hand on the arm of one of the girls with her. The younger girl looked at me as the woman seemed to be giving her instructions. Then the young girl walked confidently toward me, cutting me off from going into the polling station.

“Hi!” she said happily.

She stood about twenty feet from the door and was grinning at me. Her teeth were breathtakingly white and seemed to glow as she flashed me her smile.

I took the opportunity to gaziantep escort look her over. She was probably about twenty, blond and very pretty. She was built like a cheerleader. Her body was lithe and athletic with pert breasts and a well-shaped bum. Dressed in tight white shorts and pull over golf shirt, she looked very tasty.

“Are you on your way to vote?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said suspiciously.

“Can I ask who you’re going to vote for?” she asked as she closed the distance between us.

“Why?” I said, my spidey senses tingling now.

“I just want to make sure you’re going to vote the right way,” she said as her grin changed slightly.

If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn she was coming on to me.

“What do you mean, the right way?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Did you know the Conservative Party intends to cut social spending?” she asked as she laid a hand lightly on my arm.

“Yes, I did,” I said, “That’s why I’m voting for them.”

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, “You can’t do that! There are people who depend on the programs that might be cut!”

I shrugged, as if I didn’t care. Truthfully, I didn’t.

“Is there anything I could do to make you change your vote?” she asked with a girlish voice.

“I doubt it,” I said, chuckling again.

She looked to either side and then leaned in very close to me.

“What if I give you a blowjob?” she said, “Would that make you change your vote?”

I stopped and looked at her severely.

“I beg your pardon?” I said, not believing what I’d just heard.

“I’ll suck your cock if you vote Liberal,” she said with a conspiratorial wink.

I stared at her hard, trying to ensure I’d heard her correctly.

“You’re telling me—,” I began.

“I’ll let you cum in my mouth if you vote the right way,” she said with a beaming smile.

“You do know that kind of thing is illegal,” I said.

“I won’t tell,” she said slyly, “Will you?”

I looked down at her; she was about babelan.net two inches shorter than me.

“Come on!” she said, tugging at my wrist, “I promise! I suck cock really well! Come on over to the bus!”

I looked toward the bus and noticed the entire crowd of girls was watching us, even the older woman. They were all smiling and they started beckoning me over.

“Don’t worry,” the girl in front of me said, “They won’t watch; not unless you want them to.”

I smirked and looked at her suspiciously.

“This is a set-up,” I said.

“No,” she said in all seriousness, “There’s no set-up. I’ll suck your cock til you cum in my mouth and then you can leave. The only string is that you vote Liberal.”

I frowned and pursed my lips.

“Come on,” she said with her grin firmly back in place, “You’ll love what I can do with my mouth!”

Although I was still deeply suspicious, I could feel my little head winning the argument. She looked down at my slacks and winked when she saw the tent below my belt.

“Come on,” she said with a giggle, “I can see that you want to.”

“Can I see your tits?” I said before I could stuff the words back in my mouth.

“Sure Hun!” she said, “I’ll strip naked if you want!”

That was it, the debate was over. With my little head firmly in charge I sauntered toward the bus wearing the same shit-eating grin I saw on the man leaving the bus a few moments ago.

The girls around the bus were all smiling and began patting me on the back as they led me through the door. My friend followed me on and led me to a seat at the back.

She undid the belt on my pants and it was only then that I noticed there was another girl sitting in the seat behind me.

I raised one eyebrow and blushed.

The girl in front of me grinned.

“Don’t worry about Ashley,” she said, “She gets off on watching.”

“Come on Ash, help me make this gentleman cum.”

“Sure thing Jen,” the girl in the seat said with a grin.

Jen pulled my pants to my ankles and slid my underwear down. Then she shoved me lightly to fall into a seated position beside Ashley.

“I promised him we’d get naked,” Jen said.

“You bet!” Ashley said.

Together, they began to strip off their clothes. As soon as they were all naked Jen knelt between my knees and proceeded to give me the best blowjob I could remember.

I was torn. I couldn’t decide whether to watch her suckle my cock or to look at Ashley. Both of them were more beautiful than any girl I’d had in the past. They were in great physical shape and their tits and asses were incredible. The blonde at my knees wasn’t even the best looking of this pair, even though she was a beauty.

Jen was shaved and her slit showed bright pink as I gazed down between her glorious breasts. Ashley was trimmed into a V-shape. The hair was slightly darker than the hair on her head.

Ashley sat close to me and offered her nipple. I kissed and licked it happily as her friend slobbered on my cock. When the girl beside me gave me a deep kiss and shoved her tongue in my mouth I grunted. I jerked and my sperm filled the Jen’s mouth. She mumbled happily and continued to suck til I was completely spent.

Both girls smiled at and then I got a group hug.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never been group hugged by two beautiful naked women, both of them rubbing themselves suggestively against you, you haven’t lived.

I got up shakily and the girls helped me get my pants back on. Then I was tottering unsteadily to the ground outside the bus. The woman in charge, herself a real knockout that I wouldn’t have minded seeing naked, wished me well and shook my hand.

“Now go make sure those bastard Conservatives don’t win!” she said with a smile.

“You got it!” I said with my own grin.

I wandered over to the voting station and cast my ballot.

I know what you’re wondering. How did I vote?

I voted Conservative of course!

As for my promise, well, who knows what you might say while the little head is in charge? But I take voting seriously and never let the little guy make any decisions like that.

Maybe I’m just a cad.

Yeah, probably.

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