Business with Pleasures

Big Ass

“Sunanda, I am not going to let you go tonight,” said Arjun as he was trying to remove Sunanda’s clothes. Sunanda was resisting and saying “Arjun, leave your land lady will not allow me to stay here, and I have come here hiding. You will lose your room for keeping me here whole night.” Arjun continued his actions and said, “So lets do a quickie sweetheart and he pull down his track and along with underwear to pop his dick out.” Sunanda agreed for a quick hand job and blow job combined since Arjun kept pursuing her. Geeta was standing in her balcony opposite to Arjun’s room drying her clothes. She accidentally saw Sunanda giving blow job to Arjun through his room window.

Geeta was a dusky voluptuous woman aged 36 with a figure of 36d 29 36, 5ft 3 inch tall, sharp eyes and nose, thin lips, straight chicks and mother of 2 kids. She was always leched by men in lanes when she went out for buying anything. She was a housewife but used to supply pickles and papads (an Indian food) to her purchasers. Her husband was working as supervisor in factory nearby. Geeta used to wear mostly sarees and always tucked her pallu around her waist.

Arjun was recently recruited as salesman in a consumer electronics shop. He used to leave home at 9 am and come back at 10 pm. The blow job episode which was witnessed by Geeta was on Friday which was Arjun’s weekly off. Arjun didn’t miss opportunity to take glimpse of Geeta just like other men in lane. He also adored her though she was 11 years elder to him. He even masturbated thinking about her in his lone times. He role played on FB with a plot of Geeta’s character. He was unaware of the incident. He did not know that Geeta has seen his GF blow job him from a distance of about 30 ft.

Geeta was intelligent lady and her intelligence was result of her home business of pickle and papad (an Indian food). She knew land lady of Arjun. One day on a Friday, Geeta spent more time in balcony pretending to dry clothes. But she was more interested in looking for the GF of Arjun has come to meet him. But the window was closed. She could not figure out. She went into her balcony 4-5 times for some or the other reasons. Her kids were in school and husband in office. At 12 noon, Arjun opened window and Geeta was there for the 8th time since morning. Their eyes met, Arjun started looking here and there as he didn’t want to look. But Geeta kept looking at him and then Arjun had to notice her. Arjun smiled. Geeta didn’t smile but made a questioning face as if she is observing something.

Arjun kept looking and glanced her body also. He waived hand. Geeta didn’t respond but gestured with hands to show figure of a woman and asked in gestures where is the woman. Arjun was shocked as he didn’t know that Geeta knows about her. He joined hands and held ears and pleaded not to tell anyone. Geeta took a banana and started eating slowly in front of him. She took another banana and gestured as if she is sucking and moving the index finger like a hamper gestured that she has caught Arjun. Arjun pleaded and asked if he could meet her. She said no. He gestured pleading and begging by joining hands. She ultimately told him to Ataşehir Escort call. And she gave him her number signaling with fingers. He called her.

Geeta: Hello

Arjun: Hello madam, what were you saying?

Geeta: You very well know what I was saying.

Arjun: Madam what?

Geeta: Your girlfriend didn’t turn up today.

Arjun: Girlfriend, who madam?

Geeta: The same whom you were offering your banana.

Arjun: Oh madam, you saw it. How did you like it? (Arjun suddenly turning flirty)

Geeta: Your landlady might also like it. Should I tell her?

Arjun: No No No Madam (all flirting gone for toss)

Geeta: Why, anyways you also keep leching at me whenever I am in balcony and in lanes. I should complain so that one lecher less from the lane.

Arjun: Madam no please, lets settle this. I don’t wanna leave this place. I won’t get another room so reasonable. And won’t be able to see you too.

Geeta: You have courage to say this huh. (She went inside)

Arjun: Sorry madam, I didn’t mean to say that I wanna see you. It just slipped out of my tongue.

Geeta: Oh so you don’t wanna see me, means you don’t like me.

Arjun: No no madam. Nothing like that.

Geeta: Then like what.

Arjun: Sorry madam, you tell me what I should say or do.

Geeta: Where do yo work.

Arjun: Push and Burn electronics.

Geeta: As a?

Arjun: Salesman.

Geeta: Good. From tomorrow, I want at least 20 bottles of pickle sold by you.

Arjun: What? Madam pickles?

Geeta: Yes.

Arjun: I don’t know madam, I don’t have any knowledge.

Geeta: That I will give you. You have to do this.

Arjun: Madam I don’t have time.

Geeta: And I have your pic enjoying blow job with your girlfriend.

Arjun: Okay madam, as you say.

Geeta: Collect products tomorrow morning before you go to office. (She cut the phone)

Next morning, Geeta gave 20 bottles of pickles and 20 packs of papad. Arjun enquired about papad (an Indian food) as papad (an Indian food) was not part of deal over phone, but he had no alternative to agree. A week passed by Arjun was able to sale all of it. So Geeta increased the count from 20 to 30. Arjun met that target too. Then from 30 to 40 the next week. After few weeks both became good friends. Arjun tried flirting, Geeta gave hard time to Arjun initially, but softened later. As mentioned earlier Geeta was a voluptuous woman. The closeness gave Arjun take more glimpse on her. He could see her cleavage her body parts often. Sometimes, he could see her in wet hair also. He had already been masturbating thinking about her. The frequency increased. Arjun once made a bold move when he offered Geeta that he will sell 75 bottles minimum per day and can even sell more subject to Geeta giving him a blow job. Geeta slapped her once on his request. But on the same night, she said Friday 12 pm after kids leave come over for your deal. Arjun was excited. Geeta purposefully wore her old blouse which was tight revealing herself more. Arjun knocked the door in full enthusiasm. Geeta opened the door which Arjun Kadıköy Escort immediately closed after entering.

Geeta: Hey, what you up to?

Arjun: 7 inch

Geeta: hahahah, I meant why you closed door.

Arjun: So that I can see you and show you

Arjun was already horny by now and pulled down his track and underwear to reveal the saluting banana. Geeta was aghast to see the scene. She wanted to play, but being intelligent, she played on his mind.

Geeta (Seductively): Arjun, you just need a blow job today or you want to have entire Geeta on next Friday.

Arjun was stunned. “I want to have the entire Geeta now”, he said.

Geeta (Seductively): Have patience. Sell me now 100 bottles and 100 packets daily and have entire Geeta on every Friday. She dropped her pallu when she said this at the end. Such words coming from Geeta’s mouth along with the view of her melons turned Arjun on.

Arjun (having no choice but to say yes): Yes, but today something?

Geeta had dropped her pallu for few seconds and bent in front of him to give him good vision of her cleavage and then covered things back. Arjun made advances, but Geeta stopped him warning him of dire consequences if he is not patience.

Arjun wasn’t able to sell bottles as per target. He pleaded Geeta for the Friday reading, but she refused. He pleaded for at least a blow job, she refused. She instead started talking to him in seductive tones whenever they met. Arjun worked hard through his contacts to get the target sales and after about a month he achieved. But Geeta was not going to give up easily. She wanted consistency in her business. Hence, she told Arjun to perform for another 2 weeks in same manner. But Arjun denied and conveyed her that she cannot be so adamant. Arjun even told her that he may just leave her to do business on her own and is also finding another apartment. This made Geeta think. Arjun stopped going to her house to collect the products. She was now stunned and her pickles wouldn’t be sold. So it was now for Geeta to take a back step.

On a Friday, Geeta called Arjun at her place at 12 pm. She wore backless blouse and deep neck blouse which she bought only for this particular reason because otherwise she won’t be allowed to wear it being from conservative house. Arjun knocked the door. Geeta opened the door and greeted him. She just turned back to walking in swaying her butts and revealing he slender back and said “Arjun, close the door and come in.”

Geeta went in her bedroom, and turned around waiting for Arjun. As Arjun entered the room she dropped her pallu inviting him to explore her and read every alphabet on her body. “Come Arjun, there is plenty to have in this Geeta.” Arjun was also patient this time knowing well that he has won over Geeta. He also was prepared to read her in parts. He knew its not going to be one day affair and just like her business, its going to go long way. He advanced and grabbed her in his arms for the first time feeling such a matured woman in his arms. He immediately felt how incomplete was his girlfriend. Gradually, Arjun lost it to voluptuousness of Geeta Ümraniye Escort and started kissing her like a greedy person. Geeta kept herself in mild consoling mode whenever Arjun went aggressive. Somewhere, Geeta also was looking for a fresh reader. She thought Arjun to be the right one. Unknowingly she pulled out Arjun’s Tshirt to let his bare chest touch her. The flames between two bodies were evident from the sweat they were excreting. Her blouse had gone wet due to sweat rolling all over her neck. The dusky skin shining in sweat looked like a molten chocolate. Arjun was lucky person to lick every part of the chocolate. He was licking her back voraciously and he untied the blouse. She was not wearing bra because of the design of the blouse. He breasts were released by the act of Arjun untying her blouse. His hands were now removing the blouse from her slender arms making her topless. His hands further just became aggressive feeling every inch of her topless body, whether be it by groping her breast or by pinching her stomach.

Arjun knew he his weapon was erect. He also knew that the battle had to be finished not just before sunset, but before Geeta’s Kids were back home or before anyone knock the door. So, he had to attack. He took Geeta on the bed. He pulled the saree up touching her meaty thighs. He reached her waist under the peticoat and grabbed the panty and pulled it down. Geeta knew it was time for her reader to turn the pages further. She widened her arms to welcome Arjun on her attractive body, which had two wonderful globes ready offering Arjun the worldly view. As arjun placed his weapon and was ready to push it in Geeta, both closed their eyes to feel the battle of pleasure. Arjun pushed himself in Geeta as both moaned in ecstasy. Geeta scratch her nail on Arjun back, while Arjun bite Geeta’s left breast. Arjun pumped Geeta ruthlessly. He wanted to take commission of every drop of pickle he sold and every piece of papad (an Indian food) he sold.

Geeta was also in no mood to stop and she also wanted to give her employee the right increment. The molten chocolate was being tasted by Arjun in all possible manner. Arjun was drilling in continuously and had pulled the string of his bow till maximum extent. The arrow was set to be released though Arjun wanted to hold the string as long as possible. But the touch of Geeta was so soothing and her moans started groaning in tunes that would beat any form of music. Arjun could not hold on the string and released the arrow. The arrow of pleasure was it right at the concentrated area and Arjun could never miss the aim. The shot silenced Geeta’s moans and he pulled her head back and gulped her saliva. She knew, she was laid by a perfect warrior. They took few moments to release what they went through for past hour or so, when Geeta broke the silence.

Geeta: I think the business can grow if you help like this and I can think of expansion.

Arjun (tired voice): Yeah sure, I can come daily to take my commission.

Geeta: Nah, I want to expand.

Arjun: Ya, you can add more products.

Geeta: I meant expansion of team, like hire more salesmen too

Arjun: I hope my job won’t be in danger every because of competition from other salesman.

Geeta: Nah, you will be the team leader or the CEO — Chief Erection Officer (she said with a wink)

Both laughed and giggled as they wore back respective clothes.

“Sunanda, I am not going to let you go tonight,” said Arjun as he was trying to remove Sunanda’s clothes. Sunanda was resisting and saying “Arjun, leave your land lady will not allow me to stay here, and I have come here hiding. You will lose your room for keeping me here whole night.” Arjun…

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