Business Trip Encounters Ch. 04

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 04


It is proving to be a very hectic week for me so far, sexually that is. I have only been in Manila for 2 days and have already blown 4 loads: one to the hotel’s customer service officer, one to the masseuse and another two to my new PA.

I woke up to a new day thinking, “If today is anywhere near to the last two days I had, I will be a very happy man.”

Today, I was supposed to be meeting up with the Real Estate Agent to view some potential apartments in central Manila.

At about 10 am, I proceeded to the hotel lobby to wait for the agent. I did not wait more then 5 minutes when I saw a young lady walking towards me, with her heels clocking away on the marble floor of the lobby. I could not help but felt her sense of confidence as she walked with a spring in her feet. She has long hair, which, surprising, was not tied up in some sort of bun or ponytail as with all other lady executives I have met so far. Although she does have on her the usual jacket, but the skirt she had on, was definitely what you would call a micro-skirt, and if I could see through it, I would have guessed that it was only about 2 inches lower then where her pussy was. Her hair was long and silky, and ended just halfway to her back. There was so much bounce in her hair; she almost looked like a model from a shampoo commercial.

As she approached me, she reached out with a handshake and greeted me,” Hello Sir, you must be John, my name is Amy and I am your Real Estate Agent from Modern Estate Agency.” She sounded so confident; it almost felt like spring had come early.

Amy is about 1.6 m tall, with a small face and cute little face features to match it. Her skin is a little tan, which matches her overall image of a sunshine girl. She has a tiny frame which makes her look very slim, but she seems to have just the right amount of curves on her ass to make it stand out, and her tight micro skirt did help to emphasize that.

She led me to her car outside the hotel, and while walking behind her; I got a great view of her swaying ass, carried by a pair of long and slender legs. And it seems like all the female executives in Philippines wore only one brand of black heels to work, the “Cum-fuck-me” brand, although Amy did take it to a new level with her stilettos. The heels were a good 2½ inches which added, what seems like, a couple of feet to her already long legs, and they got me fantasizing how they would look like spread in front of me.

I was led to a black Mercedes Benz and was greeted by another woman, seemingly in her early forties. She was dressed in a white shirt and long pants and its not difficult to guess that she was the chauffer for the day, although it is quite uncommon to see woman chauffeurs in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world for that matter, a fact that I was curious enough to ask Amy about, “Amy, it’s interesting that you have a woman chauffeur, it’s not very common to see that.”

Amy turned to me with her gorgeous smile and said,” No sir, it is not very common, but you might also like to know that our company is an all female company, from the CEO down to the Janitor, we employ only female.”

I was a bit surprised by this information, although it does not affect my purpose a bit, but out of curiosity, I asked, ” Oh, that’s interesting, but is there any particular reason for that?”

Amy flashed a naughty smile across her face that caused the corner of her mouth to twitch a bit, and then she turned to me and said,” Well Sir, the strategies and tactics that we used during our sales are specially developed and have help us achieved 99% success rate in our efforts, and we feel that it would be easier to keep them secrets within the company if we have an all female work force.”

I was stunned upon hearing that and said,” Wow! 99% percent! That means I will be signing some papers by the end of the day?!”

Amy then wraps her hands around my elbow, and spoke close to my face, “Sir, let me assure you that your shopping trip today will be satisfaction guaranteed.”

I felt Amy’s soft hand rubbing on my arm and I immediately felt my cock stiffening.

Amy led me to the passenger’s seat at the back; I got in and slide to the other side so that she could get in at the same side. When Amy got into the seat besides me, her long legs were in clear view again and when she sat down, I could almost see the whole of her thighs as her skirt rode up and I swear I caught a glimmer of her white panties between those delicious looking thighs.

As we were negotiating the traffic jam in Manila, we made small talks and I tried to turn my head towards Amy as often as possible during the discussion to steal a peek or two at her long legs whenever I thought I would not be caught.

During the long rush hour jam, Amy was getting a bit comfortable and has removed her shoes and placed her right leg under herself and is sitting on it while facing me. Her already short skirt was riding higher and higher up her thighs and her white panties osmaniye escort was in full view right in front of me, causing my already stiffening cock to go full hard.

As we were talking, I can’t help but direct my vision down to the white silky panties that Amy was flashing to me; the panties were so sheer, I could see the silhouette of her pussy hair even in the dim lighting inside the car. Amy was not making any attempt to cover up; in fact as she was sitting there flashing to me, her finger was running to and fro on her thigh and she was stealing glances at me with her bright round eyes. It was obvious that Amy was aware of the effect she was having on me, although she was quite determined to play dumb. Amy was going on and on about the apartment she was going to show me, knowing full well there was no way in hell I could concentrate.

The view in front of me was taking so much of my attention; I did not even realize that we were slowly getting caught in the famous Manila jam. Our car was coming to a complete halt but what surprised me was that everybody was so calm about it, very few drivers were horning and everybody was quietly negotiating the traffic.

Suddenly, I felt Amy’s hand on my thigh,” Sir, this is the usual jam that we have to negotiate every morning, but don’t worry, the apartment that I am showing you today is slightly out of town so you would not be caught in this every morning.”

I gave a sigh of relief upon hearing that. But the relief I really needed was in my pants, and as though having Amy’s Panty clad pussy staring at me the whole morning was not enough, her hand is rubbing my thigh ever so slightly and it almost took me over the top. I have to close my eyes just to concentrate on not cumming in my pants.

Amy noticed the discomfort in my face and asked,” Sir, are you alright? Is it the air-conditioning? Do you want us to turn it down a little?” It was quite obvious that Amy was teasing me deliberately and quite aware of it, but she was still trying to play the game and act dumb.

“No Amy, I …I am alright,” I began to stutter a little and moved my sitting position a little, trying to settle down to a more comfortable position.

Amy then glanced at my crotch, gave me a knowing smile and said, “Sir, I think it’s going to be a while before we got to the apartment. It is our company’s objective to ensure that we not only sell or lease our clients a property, but also to ensure that the whole experience of shopping for an apartment is as enjoyable as possible. I could see that you are having a little problem trying to relax and I would like to put you at ease as much as possible. It seems like you have a very tensed muscle down there, it will be my responsibility to help you take care of it so that you could go through the day in a more relaxed mood,” Amy then gave my hard cock a little squeeze outside my pants and moaned, “mmmm, maybe it’s a bigger problem then I thought.”

Amy then gave the woman driver in front a little tap on the shoulder, and she immediately turn up the music a little and pressed a button to activate a curtain separating the front and the back seats, something I did not noticed until now.

I got an idea of what Amy was going to do but was very much taken aback by the development. I looked around to make sure that I understood what was going on and realized that all the window glasses were tinted to a very dark tone. I probably have a very worried look on my face when Amy grab my cock and gave me an assuring look,” Don’t worry sir, the windows are made of reflective glass and nobody can look into the car, even if they have their nose pressed onto it.”

I then looked in the direction of the driver, and knowing what my worry was, Amy said, while continue rubbing on my cock, “Sir, you remember when I explained to you regarding our policy of hiring only females? It’s for times like this.”

Amy then started to work on my belt and still unsure if this should be happening, I stopped her and asked,” Amy, I am a bit surprised by your enthusiasm, I mean…. I am only leasing this place; I am not even buying it?”

Amy, almost in a business tone, replied,” Sir, we take all businesses seriously and will treat them equally, whether it’s a purchase or a lease. We believe if we served our clients properly, words will travel and it will bring in more business…unless of course, if you are not comfortable with our sales method…I could always stop now.” With that said, Amy pulled my pants down to my knees and ran her slender finger over and over my hard shaft, and I swear I would have busted a load immediately if not for my adventures the previous 2 days.

I took a deep breath, trying to stay calm, and managed to utter some kind of response,” Well, Amy…sssss…. I will not stop you from …doing …your job…then……damn…..”

“Hmmmm…. I didn’t think you would want me to stop either, just sit back and enjoy the ride,” Amy had my cock firmly in her little cool hand and started stroking it gently.

Although still a bit worried about the surrounding, I was so aroused I could not give a hoot if anybody was able to see what’s happening in the car. Amy now has her body very close to mine, with one hand stroking my cock and the other playing with my balls.

My left hand, which was at a loss as to what to do for the last 5 minutes, found its way to Amy’s right thigh. She was not wearing any stockings, not that she needed it because her thigh felt so smooth and cool. I was still a bit reserved in fondling Amy’s thigh, but when I saw her responded with a smile on her face, I took it as a go ahead and started giving the soft flesh in my hand a slight squeeze.

The air in the car is now filled with the soothing music from the radio, the smell of my fully aroused cock and Amy’s wonderful perfume.

Although the windows were tinted black, the morning sun still managed to shine through a bit and I could see some precum sparkling at the tip of my cock. Having already blown 4 loads for the past couple of days, I expected myself to last a bit longer today. I am determined to keep this information to myself, hoping to enjoy this as much as I could. And feeling the numbness in my cock, I knew there was no way I was going to blow a load into Amy’s hand any time soon. Not that Amy was rushing me; in fact it was quite clear that she was not going to just jerk me off and get on with it. She wrapped her small hand around my cock, had a very light grip on it and was stroking it very gently. She was toggling between giving my cock a gentle massage, and tickling my balls with the tip of her fingers, which was driving me back against the seat literally. She seems to know very well that she was building me up real good but was also careful not to bring me over the top. As skeptical as one could be, she was really trying to make the whole journey as enjoyable as possible.

“Oh God, Amy, it feels goooooood…ohhh………,” I could not help but moan my approval.

“Sir, just sit back and relax, and you don’t have to hold back, if you feel like cumming, just let it go…as long as you could handle it, I will be at your service for as many times as you need today,” Amy said with a naughty wink of her eye.

It took me a while before I understood what she was implying and I gave her thigh another squeeze to let her know that I understood her.

“Sir, if it helps you to relax more, you could touch me anywhere you want. If any of my clothing is getting in your way, feel free to make any adjustment you deem necessary, although I would like to keep my skirt and blouse on…at least for the moment,” Amy said, giving me another knowing smile.

She then took a hand towel from the box just besides the driver and proceeds to kneel on the seat besides me. She cleaned my cock with the towel, giving it a very thorough wipe and then pulled her hair back to tie into a ponytail.

It was quite clear that Amy was getting ready to escalate her service to another level.

She placed the towel just beside her, gave her ponytail a last adjustment, held my cock straight up and plunged her mouth right into my hungry cock.

“Ooooooo…..ssssss,” I sucked in some air upon feeling Amy’s wet lips wrapping around my cock.

Amy gave my cock a few long sucks and then puckled up her lips and gave the trembling head a gentle kiss. She then used her tongue to lick the precum off my desperate cock head and flickered her tongue on it to send me to heaven. She then plunged her mouth into my cock again and started bobbling her head up and down, settling to a rhythm.

Amy is now making slurping noise on my cock,” mmmmmm, grrop, ….grop…..mmmmm.” She seems to be savoring sucking my cock and her lips were wrapped around my cock every inch of the way from the base to the head and then back down again. Again, she did not seem to be rushing to suck me off, but really sucking and licking like my cock was her favorite lollipop.

With my “man-getting-a-blow-job” instinct taking over, I placed my left hand on the back of her head, and without being too rough, I pushed her head down ever so slightly on every of her downward motion.

In her kneeling position, Amy’s ass is being pushed out in the air and her micro skirt is now hopelessly ridden half way up her ass. Remembering Amy’s invitation to make any necessary adjustment to her clothing, my left hand found the hem of her skirt and pulled it all the way up to her waist, fully exposing her tanned ass, covered only by whatever little material that her lacy thong has to offer. I gave her round ass a light slap and started fondling and squeezing it.

I am totally aroused now, but I know I was still a long way from blowing what would be my 5th load in 3 days.

While I was savoring the sight of this head bobbling sunshine girl giving me a blow job in the middle of a busy Manila street, my left hand found Amy’s thong and pushed it aside, giving myself access to her pussy. My finger found her opening and started to rub on the entrance of her heavenly hole, causing Amy to shiver a little. Although I remembered Amy saying I could touch her anywhere I wanted, she certainly did not say anything about inserting anything into her body. But seeing that she did not put up any resistance, I tried my luck and pushed my finger into her pussy a little bit. I could feel Amy’s pussy getting wet but I still let my finger lingered just inside her pussy for a while, waiting for a response. And almost reading my mind, Amy pushed her body back to meet my finger, causing my finger to be pushed fully into her wet pussy.

I took that as a signal and started to finger fuck her slowly. Before too long, I could hear the sound of her fuck juice getting stirred by my finger. I kept up the rhythm of finger fucking her, stopping only to dig deeper into her fuck hole to fondle her inner walls. Amy was getting more and more aroused by the second, and between sucking my cock and getting finger fucked by me, she would rest her head on my thighs, seemingly to catch her breathe and savor the moment.

Amy has now replaced her mouth on my cock with her soft hand and continued stroking my cock. It seems like she could not keep up with sucking my cock, and at the same time getting fingered by me. She started to rock her body back and forth, literally fucking my finger. “Ummm….oh….. urg…….oh god…….fuck me ….ohhhhh,” Amy’s moaning is getting louder and was competing with the music coming from the car radio. Through the curtain, I could see the driver taking a peek through her back mirror to see what’s happening behind.

I stopped trusting my finger into Amy’s pussy and found her clit. I pinched and rolled it between my fingers, causing Amy to screech,” Ehhhhhhh!……ehhhhhhh…Goddddddd!!… huhhhh…ooooooo.”

I continued finger fucking Amy harder and harder, and Amy responded by rocking her body faster and pushing back harder to meet the trust of my finger and in one final trust of my finger, Amy came with a loud scream; so loud it literally brought the vehicle to a halt, “Ohhhhhh..shit……oh……urgggggggg…Godddddddd!!” I felt Amy’s body trembling to her scream, and she placed her mouth over my thigh, trying to muffle the noise she is making.

The driver then turned her head back and said through the curtain, “Mdm, we are here already.”

Amy then turned her head to me and said, still trying to catch her breathe,” Oh yes, we are definitely here…”

She then looked at my still hard cock and said, almost apologetically “Well, at least I am..”

We both straightened our clothing back and I could see that Amy was still feeling flushed from her orgasm. She placed her hand gently on my semi hard cock and said, “Sir, we will sort this out in a while.”

I got out of the car and the driver spoke softly in my ear,” Sir, you are one tough customer, the last one Amy attended to, he signed the lease without even getting out of the car.” I gave her a wink and followed Amy into the lobby of the apartment building.

We took the elevator up to the 20th floor where my apartment would be, and I was walking behind Amy most of the time. She must still be feeling the effect of her orgasm as she was walking with a very slight limp. She was obviously still very flushed when I asked, “Are you ok Amy?”

“Sir, if that was what you could do with your finger, I can’t wait to find out what you could do with this?” Amy said with a smile while giving my semi hard cock a good squeeze from outside my pants.

“Here we are sir, this is the apartment that we are proposing to you,” Amy said, and went on about the location, the facilities and view, stuff like that. Actually, the moment I stepped into the apartment, I have already made up my mind to rent the place. I hold back telling Amy regarding my decision, just to see just how far she is willing to go to make the deal, although I have the feeling that she was not going to short change me in any way.

I was following Amy around the house, listening to her, although what I was really interested in was seeing her ass swaying away on her pair of slender legs. At one point she was showing me the view outside the window in the sitting room while I was standing very close behind her. Although she has already tasted my cock, I was still a bit hesitant and tried my best not to have any physical contact with her.

Amy, almost sensing my hesitation, turned her head and said, ” Sir, I have always advised my clients not to just view the property, but have a hands on feel to fully explore it’s potential.” With that said, Amy pushed back and started rubbing her sexy ass on my raging cock.

I placed both my hands on either side of her hips and started humping her ass lightly.

“Mmmm,……Sir, I think you are finally getting the idea,” Amy turned around and said, again, cupping my cock in her hand at the same time, “Sir, do you like the view from this window?”

“Well, Amy, I could really see very far from here. It’s a great view of the city,” I said as a matter of fact.

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