Brother Asked to Correct Bratty Sis Ch. 07

Brother Asked to Correct Bratty Sis Ch. 07


After washing Ava’s hair she held on to the hand holds on the shower wall, while I washed the rest of her body. She was exhausted from cumming so many times in the playroom. My cock was hard as nails again, but I knew she needed to rest.

I chuckled, as I used a soapy sponge to wash her ass, “Almost finished, then you can rest for a while.”

“Oh gawd,” she moaned, “I’m so tired.”

“Spread your legs then we’ll be finished,” I chuckled again. Running the soapy sponge between her ass cheeks, over her rectum and down over her pussy, she groaned loudly.

“Oh me,…. I’m so sensitive down there,” she groaned, “it feels like the lower half of my body is still vibrating.”

I chuckled as I finished, “All done, let me get you dried off and you can rest.”

Turning the water off I helped her out of the shower and dried her off. She looked in the mirror and saw the pinkish stripes on her breasts from the flogger, and ran her fingers over the stripes.

“Do they hurt very much,” I asked her as I grabbed some lotion to apply to her breasts and ass.

“Not really,” she giggled softly as she continued to lift and look at her breast. “It stung like hell, I figured it would look worse than it does.”

Squatting down behind her, “Well it’s supposed to sting,” I laughed as I rubbed the lotion into her ass cheeks, “but the marks will be gone by in the morning.”

Standing behind her I pour more lotion into my palms, “Lift your arms and I’ll put some of this on your breasts and it will help.” My cock laid right in the crack of her ass as I reached around her.

“Oh my gawd,” she giggled, ” you’re hard again. Hell I thought you drained your nuts down my throat.”

‘What can I say,” I chuckled, as I kneaded and groped her breast tenderly, rubbing the lotion into her soft globes, “it’s difficult not to get a hardon around you.”

She leaned her head back against me as I continued to apply the lotion to her breast. In the mirror I could see her close her eyes as she moaned, “I lost count on how many times I cum.”

“That’s because you’re a cumslut,” I chuckled softly. Here slip this robe on and you can take a nap in my bed.”

Within seconds of laying down in my bed she was asleep. I still had a hardon, so I returned to the shower and took a long cold shower. I was anxious to sink my cock in her but she seemed like she needed a rest after multiple orgasms.


Opening my eyes I saw the alarm clock on Lee’s dresser. It was only 11:15 a.m. and the sun was shining through the curtains. Burying my head back in the pillow I closed my eyes, inhaled Lee’s scent and smiled.

Memories of the playroom flooded my mind and I pulled Lee’s pillow to me and hugged it between my breasts. I moaned as I pressed the pillow against my breasts, they were a little sore from the flogger, but well worth it. I believe he could have made me cum just from flogging my tits and ass if he had continued.

Inhaling more of Lee’s scent from his pillow I clenched my core muscles remembering the feel of the butt plug and dildo stretching cunt and colon. Squeezing my thighs together I groaned out loud, thinking of the sensations that rumbled through my body when they both started vibrating.

Running my hand down through the opening of my robe, my fingers dipped into my wet folds. “Hmmmm.” I moaned. The hand holding the pillow, without even thinking slid over and I was sucking my thumb just like a pacifier.

Within seconds I was finger fucking myself and sucking my thumb just like it was a cock. My mind thinking about having all three of my holes filled and Lee face fucking me and cumming down my throat.

As I came I pulled my thumb out of my mouth and buried my face in Lee’s pillow and screamed out my release. “Oh fuck yes…..oh yes…yes..” I moaned into the pillow.

When my heart rate slowed I turned over on my back and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Opening my eyes I sighed and stretched my arms and legs feeling wonderful. Then I heard Lee. He was on the phone walking this way talking to someone.

Getting up quickly I wrapped my robe around me tightly and belted it closed, just as Lee entered the room. God I hope he didn’t find out I masturbated!

“Yeah, she’s awake. She had a long night and left her phone in my office. Sure I looked forward to meeting you. Here’s Ava,” Lee said and smiled and handed me my phone. Thank God he walked away. Who in the hell was on the phone?

“Hello,” I mumbled.

“Ava, it’s Nick,” he chuckled, “Your brother seems like a nice guy. It surprised me when a man answered your phone. He said you were taking a nap and I told him not to bother you, but he said you needed to get up anyway.”

“Yeah, I stayed up late last night,” I mumbled, “just took a short nap.” Thank goodness he didn’t FaceTime call me! “Is there a reason you called?” I murmured.

“No I was just going to check and see if we might change our plans for Saturday. Something more casual, like going out on my boat and having a picnic on the beach.”

“Sure that’s fine. Same time at 6 o’clock?” şahinbey escort I asked.

“Let’s make it 2 o’clock if you don’t mind,” he asked in that deep voice of his that drove me crazy.

“Fine I’ll see you then, and thanks for calling, bye.” Hanging up I thought maybe I should have cancelled the date, hell I just got through masturbating thinking about Lee. Nick was handsome as hell and made me tingle just by listening to his voice, but he might not be worth a shit in bed. I want someone that can rock my world and fuck me silly like Lee.

I knew I needed to get to my room and get some clothes. My pj’s from earlier were in Lee’s office and I had no idea what happened to my panties. With only the robe around me I quietly stepped out of the bedroom, not knowing where Lee was, my pussy was leaking and running down my thighs.

“Ava,” shouted Lee, “if you’re off the phone come here to my office.”

“Oh shit,” I mumbled under my breath.


After a cold shower, I dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt and was in my office watching the recording of our session in the playroom. When Ava’s phone rang I glanced at the screen, Nick’s name popped up on the caller ID and I started to let it go to voice mail. But I thought what the hell and smiled when I answered the phone.

“Hello, this is Ava’s brother how can I help you?” I said in a cheerful voice.

“”This is Nick Dalton,” a deep voice responded, “I was trying to reach Ava about a date I have with her,” his voice was calm and confident. I smiled thinking to myself, this guy doesn’t sound like a wimp. I liked that about him.

“Let me see if she’s awake,” I chuckled, “she was feeling tired earlier and laid down to take a nap.”

“If she is sleeping don’t bother her, she can call me back later,” he replied politely.

“No problem Nick she needs to get up anyway,” I laughed, “she told me about her date with you, I look forward to meeting you. Here’s Ava,”

“Same here Lee,” he replied.

Ava looked startled and her face flushed when she took the phone. I could smell her arousal and she had a cum face on. I just handed her the phone and walked off.

While she was busy talking to Nick, I returned to my office and quietly waited until she was off the phone. Giving her privacy I didn’t look at the security camera of my bedroom, but I watched the camera that covered the hallway.

I chuckled watching her trying to walk quietly to go down the stairs. I waited until the last minute and hollered for her to come to my office. She almost jumped out of her skin.

As much as I wanted to continue training her as a submissive, I wanted to give her a chance to change her mind. Especially since she had found someone she seemed interested in, hell I was confused myself and I haven’t even met Sandy in person.

Ava entered my office, her face was flushed, head down and mumbled, “Master, you wanted to see me,” her eyes looking at the discard pile of her pj’s on the floor.

My cock stiffened, her sexy voice and her still referring to me as Master told me she still wanted to continue. Still I wanted to make sure. I was going to test her and see if she faltered. Turning my chair to face her, I smelled her arousal.

Reaching over and grasping the belted robe I tugged her between my legs, “I think you have something you need to tell me,” I ask, my voice low, “and you had better not lie to me.”

“Master, are you referring to my date with Nick?” she murmured her hands behind her back, as she shifted from one foot to the other.

I smirked when she said that, I now knew for sure she wanted to continue, even after speaking to Nick. Opening the belt of her robe I let it fall open and the scent of her arousal was stronger.

“You know that’s not what I’m asking about,” I growled, “your cunt’s dripping, your inner thighs are coated with your juices from masturbating. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“So..sorry Master, when I woke up in your bed I smelled your scent and….thought about our playroom time…..I just got carried away,” she mumbled.”

“I need time to think about your punishment,” I sighed heavily, “and while I’m deciding, you are going to do the following.. So listen carefully:”

1) Go wash your smelly cunt and thighs and put on some panties to keep you from dripping all over my house. You will wear only panties today.

2) Strip my bed, which I’m sure is a mess now, and put on fresh sheets.

3) Carry all dirty bedding and dirty clothes to the laundry room. Maybe if you’re busy doing laundry you can manage to keep your hands off your greedy pussy.”

“Well,” I bellowed, “what are you waiting for, get moving!”

“Ye…yes Master,” she stammered and took off running, her robe flying behind her.


After following his instructions collecting all the dirty laundry and bedding, I rushed to my bedroom and added my robe to the laundry basket. Making sure my pussy was dry from washing it and my thighs, I found a pair of red seamless panties with a thick gusset escort şahinbey and slipped them on.

Starting down the stairs I wasn’t afraid of being punished, unless the punishment was orgasm denial. What the hell did he have planned? Surely he is not mad because of my date with Nick, then again maybe he’s jealous. If so it serves him right, I’ve been jealous of Sandy. I don’t see any reason we can’t enjoy each other as long as possible.

Carrying the laundry basket through the kitchen, I didn’t see Lee until my pj’s hit me in the face when he threw them at me.

“You forgot these in my office,” he growled, startling me. “Plus I found out you just crammed the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and didn’t even bother to start it. Don’t just stand there, get the washing started and come back here!”

If my hands hadn’t been full I probably would have given him the finger. Biting my tongue I did as he told me. Hell if I just did what he said maybe he would just spank my ass and fuck me silly. I giggled thinking about that, and without realizing I giggled loud enough for him to hear me.

When I went back to the kitchen, he was at the kitchen table drinking a bottle of water and glared at me. “If you think all this is funny and you can just be disrespectful and not follow the rules, maybe I need to put a female chastity belt on you. I sure as hell can’t watch you all the time.”

Oh shit no, I had never seen a real one but I had read about them. Dropping to my knees, “Please Master….I’m sorry….it won’t happen again. I promise,” I pleaded.

“If being a good submissive is too hard for you, you can always use your safe word and request to end your contract,” he calmly stated.

“Never Master, I can do this,” I mumbled. I had discovered something about myself the past few weeks. I liked being dominated and I especially like being dominated by Lee. Sex with Lee was always good, but even better when he spanked me, fucked me hard, called me a slut or shoved his cock down my throat or up my butt.

“I’ll think about it,” his voice low almost a whisper. “In the mean time fix us some lunch while I check my emails.


At least now I knew she was fully committed, and until she told me otherwise I intended to enjoy her luscious body. Taking a seat on a stool at the kitchen counter I opened my laptop to read my emails, but that was impossible to do, with her in my line of sight. That panty covered ass and jiggling tits only a few feet away from me, were making me horny and mad.

Yes mad, I made the mistake of taking pity on her this morning, and letting her rest after her many orgasms in the playroom. I should have removed the dildo and butt plug and fucked both her holes until she begged for mercy. Well that might just happen before the day was over, after I teased her and denied her an orgasm until she begged me to let her cum.

I smirked at her when she sat my plate down in front of me. “You better make sure you meant what you said, because you’re going to have to prove it to me,” giving her an evil grin. She nervously sat down and started eating.

As she took her last bite and finished her glass of milk, I pitched her surprise on the counter in front of her. They made a loud clicking and clacking sound when the four 2″ diameter steel balls hit the counter. She jerked her head up and eyed the object in front of her, then looked at me with frightened eyes.

I chuckled, “Those are anal balls, see how they are connected. They are going up your ass about 8.5″ and each ball is 2″ in diameter. Together they weigh a little over one and a quarter pounds. Maybe it will help you keep your mind off your greedy pussy with these up your ass.”

Her face flushed and she gulped and sucked in a breath of air. Staring at the shiny silver smooth balls she sucked her entire bottom lip in her mouth and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Being a kind Master I will lube your rectum up before I push them up your bottom, then you can clean up the kitchen and finish the laundry.” Giving her an evil grin I ordered her to get down on the floor head down ass up.

Looking down at her on the cool tiled floor with ass in the air her face toward the den I laid the anal balls right in front of her face. Her eyes locked on the shiny balls she whimpered softly, as I pulled her panties down her thighs. The little minx was already wet and her crinkled hole was staring right at me. My cock was tenting my shorts, desperate to get out and ready to stuff either hole.

Squirting some lube at the top of the crack of her ass, I watched to slowly run down over her rectum, she shuddered and clenched her ass cheeks. “SMACK” I hit her left ass cheek, “Relax,” I growled loudly, “or I’ll shove the balls up your ass without any lube. Understand?” She relaxed but didn’t answer.

“SMACK” I hit her other ass cheek, “I didn’t hear you slut!”

“Oh gawd….yes Master,” she groaned.

Using my middle finger I rubbed around her dark ring and the little slut actually moaned. I chuckled and şahinbey escort bayan pushed my finger through her sphincter all the way to the second knuckle and I heard her grunt then relax again. Working my finger in and out over and over again she moaned and pushed back against my finger.

Okay you little slut let’s see how much you like your ass stuffed with the anal balls, I smiled as I pulled my finger out pushed the first ball against her rectum. Her moaning stopped and I heard her groan as the ball pushed against her tight sphincter. When the shiny 2″ ball was half way in she squealed “UGH,” and I pushed it on through her dark passage. “Oh shit,” she whimpered.

Before she could recover I pushed the second ball in her rectum and all she could do was grunt and gasp for air. Quickly I laid the third ball against her dark entrance and I heard her groan, “Oh noooo,” as I shoved it inside her ass.

“One to go you little slut,” I growled as I pushed the fourth ball up her ass roughly. Her ass clenched, and she mewled like a cat that had its tail stepped on.

Pulling her panties back up I slapped her ass “SMACK.” “Now get your ass up and finish your chores!”


I knew Lee was staring at me while I prepared our lunch, and regardless of the words coming out of his mouth I could see the lust in his eyes. I just wish I had not masturbated and got caught. I could take whatever punishment he dished out, but right now I needed him to give me a good hard fucking.

More threats from him when we sat down to eat, but I just kept my head down and ate my sandwich. He was so damn quiet while we ate I started to worry about what he had planned. I wanted to get on with it and get to the fucking part. The wait was killing me.

When the four shiny steel balls hit the table it startled me. What the hell, I had never seen anything like them, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were for. Lee had shoved butt plugs and his cock up my ass, but those damn shiny balls didn’t look like they would be all that much fun. Shit!

Doing as he told me, I got down on the floor. I sure as hell was not going to back down. I had faith he knew what he was doing, so I planned on taking whatever he dished out.

With my ass in the air and the cool tiles against my tits and the side of my face I relaxed. Until he dropped the shiny steel balls in front of my face. The light hitting the shiny objects made them look even bigger. Then I felt him pull my panties down and the cool air flowing over my wet pussy.

When the cool lube ran down the crack of my ass I clenched my ass cheeks while staring at the shiny balls. “SMACK” I bit my lip then he “SMACK hit me again. He had asked me a question and I didn’t respond, my eyes were locked on the balls dreading them going up my ass. “Oh my gawd…yes Master,” I mumbled.

The feeling of his finger rubbing my crinkled hole felt good and when he shoved it inside my ass I moaned. Hell it felt good, I enjoyed a good ass fucking. The in and out motion of his finger had me remembering the feel of Lee’s cock up my bum hole, and I rocked against his finger making me moan.

Then he stopped and grabbed the balls and pushed the first one against my tight hole. As it stretched my sphincter I squealed and he shoved it on through my asshole closing around the cold ball. It felt heavy and rolled around inside my colon.

Gasping he shoved another one inside me and I felt it click as it bumped into the first ball. “Oh shit…” I groaned as the two heavy balls settled inside my colon.

Before I knew it the third one joined the other two balls up my ass, and it bounced against the last ball making a clicking sound. “Oh nooooo,” I whimpered. The fourth ball was shoved inside and all air escaped my lungs. I mewled as my fingers clenched into tight fists and my eyes watered. Fuck, it felt like battle going on in my colon the four heavy balls rolling around bumping into one another.

I felt him pull my panties up and then he “SMACK” my ass dead center. The four balls bounced around clicking into each other. “Oh fuck, oh shit…ohhhh,” I moaned and whimpered. This was worse than I imagined. How in the hell could I do chores with them buried inside my rectum!


Her red seamless panties fit snug and I could see the outline of the loop on the end of anal balls resting at the top of her ass crack. I looked forward to pulling those silver balls back out of her ass.

I chuckled loudly when she got up off the floor, her eyes widened, her hands going to her bottom and she squealed, “Oh shit…oh…oh…gawd.”

“They may feel like they are going to drop out,” I laughed, “but believe me you’ll know when they come out. If you think it was tough going in, wait until you see what it feels like when they come out. You’ll think you are pooping baseballs,” I chuckled.

“Now do as I told you and get busy, it’s already almost 2 o’clock.” Then I went up to my office where I could get some work done, plus watch her on the monitors in my office.

I got a little work done, but it was just too much fun watching Ava struggle to do the chores of cleaning the kitchen and laundry. Especially when she emptied the dishwasher, and had to bend down and or stretch to put things away in the upper cabinets. With the audio on I could hear her moan or whimpered each time movement caused the balls to shift around in her colon.

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