Bridget’s Revenge


Bridget and I had been going out for a couple years, but this was the first time I was going to meet any of her friends from Chicago, which is where she grew up. She and I had been long distance dating, I lived in San Diego, she was living in Phoenix. Bridget was a gorgeous blonde in her late 30’s. She had the perfect hour glass figure, 34D breasts, tiny waste, and a butt that made women envious.

Bridget was a successful nurse, but what I really admired was her passion for her work. She was self-made, unlike me. I went to an all-boys, catholic high school, graduated from a fairly prestigious university and went on to get my law degree. My parents, however, helped me financially. Bridget, on the other hand, did everything herself.

This brings me to Bridget’s past, including her Chicago friends. Prior to becoming a nurse, Bridget worked at a strip club. She started out as a cocktail waitress, but quickly realized the real money was being made by the ladies on stage. Despite being shy, she forced herself to give it a try. She’d later admit to me that alcohol helped her adapt. I know everyone always here’s the cliché that a lot of strippers say they are just earning money to become a nurse, but Bridget actually did just that.

While working at the club, she became close with quite a few of the girls, some of which became lifelong friends, including Vanessa. Vanessa, also a blonde bombshell, did not have Bridget’s hour-glass figure, but was very pretty and could shake her ass better than any other dancer at the club. Even though she had small natural breasts, she had a very athletic build and beautifully toned legs. Prior to me meeting Vanessa, Bridget told me she was very sweet, but extremely naive and not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, Vanessa admitted she always wore a digital watch because she never learned how to read a dial. As a result, she often asked Bridget to tell her what time she had to go on stage.

Bridget not only learned she could overcome her shyness, but also, she had an attraction for women, including Vanessa. This of course, aroused my curiosity when we first started dating. She told me stories about her, Vanessa, and other girls going to clubs after work, which led to bi-sexual exploration. The girls would go back to each others homes, or sometimes with an unknown male partner for the night, where they would engage in love making sessions that sometimes-resembled orgies. Her stories usually resulted in us making wild passionate love, during which she would ask me things like, “you want to see me fuck Vanessa, don’t you?” I, of course, responded, “Fuck yes I do.”

In addition to exploration of her bi-curious nature, Bridget discovered another vice, Ecstasy. In case you’ve never heard of it, Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that alters a person’s mood or perception and is often used at dance clubs, which are called “raves.” People often refer to it as a sex drug because it causes you to become very stimulated by touch and lowers your inhibitions. Well, from the stories Bridget told me, it definitely lowered hers. When she first told me that she had taken it, I was a little nervous, given my catholic school boy upbringing, however, when I finally tried it with her, I realized just how amazing it could make you feel. That’s an entirely different story.

Bridget shared with me several stories about her and her girlfriends going to raves, using Ecstasy, and fucking all night long at someone’s home. During one of these stories, she introduced another character to my already stimulated fantasies, Randy, which was Vanessa’s boyfriend. Randy was a truck driver, who Bridget said was kind of an asshole, but Vanessa’s friends tolerated him because of her. Despite the fact he didn’t treat Vanessa very well, she stayed with him because they had children together. From what Bridget explained, it was clear there was quite a bit of drama in this relationship.

I picked up on something else when she told me stories about Vanessa. It was clear Bridget enjoyed being dominant over her. Of course, it was obvious Bridget was more intelligent, but there was something else. Bridget enjoyed being Vanessa’s, and the other girls, protector. She also enjoyed the fact she could control them and dominate them sexually. It was apparent to me from her stories, Bridget was definitely not used to being submissive when it came to other women.

Using my knowledge from freshman psychology, which I completely hated, I quickly surmised this may be why Bridget disliked Randy so much. From what Bridget explained, Randy had a better hold over Vanessa than she did, which created a kind of struggle for control between them. While Bridget was friendly to Randy for Vanessa’s sake, it was clear Bridget did not care for him or the way he treated her friend and lover. She especially hated the fact he lied and cheated on her.

Now here’s where my psychology 101 really kicked in. Despite her dislike for Randy, the three of them had fooled around on occasion. I never really esmer gaziantep escort learned how much, but I got the feeling Bridget would never let Randy fuck her, despite his desire to do so. I also got the feeling that Randy was using Vanessa to influence Bridget into having a three-way, which Bridget resisted. Again, my expensive education led me to believe the resistance to having a three-way with Vanessa and Randy was not because of a lack of desire, but instead a power-play. Bridget wasn’t going to let Randy get his way.

Then Bridget told me a story that would not only lead us to having amazing sex, but be the fantasy of many of my masturbation sessions. I’ll try and relay this story as accurately as I can, but I’m afraid my imagination and desires have probably enhanced it’s telling. Vanessa, Randy and Bridget went to a club together to celebrate Randy’s birthday. While there, Bridget and Vanessa were their usual flirtatious selves, dancing together in their skin-tight dresses. I can only assume this was driving Randy crazy, hoping he would be able to take them both home that night for an Ecstasy induced three-way, fuck session.

While dancing, Vanessa tried to convince Bridget to give Randy a birthday gift by having a threesome. Bridget consistently told her no, she wasn’t interested. Knowing Bridget the way I do now, I imagine her rejection was not at the act itself, but more because of the powerplay between her and Randy over Vanessa. Despite Bridget’s consistent negative reaction, Vanessa continued to try and convince her. I envision Vanessa rubbing up against Bridget as they danced and kissing her seductively on the dance floor while Randy watched intensely, hoping Vanessa could change her mind.

At some point, Bridget and Vanessa walked back to the bar, where Randy was having a drink. Now, here’s where things get pretty fucked up. Bridget told me she has no idea what happened, but she can only assume Randy or Vanessa stuck something in her drink, but she has no knowledge what it was. After consuming a cocktail that one of them hand given her, she lost all recollection of what happened next. She doesn’t remember leaving the bar, getting into a car, or driving back to their house. The next thing Bridget remembered is being on all fours in their basement while Randy fucked the shit out of her from behind and Vanessa watched.

As she described the scene, I didn’t have any hatred for Randy, nor was I upset by the non-consensual nature of the way it took place. Instead, I imagined my gorgeous girlfriend being fucked doggy style while her beautiful submissive lover, Vanessa, watched. It was also obvious to me, as I’m sure it was to Bridget, that while Vanessa may not have put the Mickey in Bridget’s cocktail, she was certainly a co-conspirator to the betrayal. I imagined Bridget’s anger, but also her arousal, knowing Randy had won as he fucked her from behind while Vanessa watched, stimulated at the scene of her man fucking her dominant lesbian lover.

When Bridget told me this story, it did not appear she was angry at the fact she had been drugged, or the fact the three of them had sex, which apparently, they did several times after that session. What appeared to really piss her off, was the fact Randy had won the power struggle and been able to fuck her, despite her resistance to the contrary. Again, I’m not a psychology expert, but I think what really upset her was that Randy was able to convince Bridget’s submissive, Vanessa, to aid her in this betrayal.

Now, here we are at Randy and Vanessa’s front door and I’m about to meet this drama couple for the first time, with full knowledge of this fantasy I’ve been harboring. As Vanessa opens the door, all I can think about is the three of them having sex and the Freudian analogies I’m about to experience. As Vanessa ushers us inside, she politely kisses me on the cheek and says how happy she is to finally meet me. Vanessa is exactly how Bridget described her, approximately 5’4″, petite, with a killer athletic build. As I look at the two of them, I can see they are doing their best to be PC around me. They also kiss on the cheek, which you can tell is awkward for the two of them.

As we enter the living room, I notice a man who I assume to be Randy walking toward us from the back of the house. He is about 5’10”, muscular build, blondish hair, but with a bit of gut. Randy is the kind of guy I envision who goes to the gym to lift as much weight as he can with no concern over cardio or what he eats. I, on the other hand, am 6′ with a much leaner build. I love to lift weights as well, but I’m more about super-sets and like to incorporate yoga and cardio into my routines.

As Randy extends his hand to shake mine, I have no anger towards this man for tricking my girlfriend into a three-way with Vanessa, but instead jealousy that he was able to somehow pull it off. I know that must seem pretty fucked up, but after listening to Bridget’s gaziantep esmer escort stories and realizing they had consensual sex several times after this event, it’s hard for me to believe her resistance towards Randy’s desires were nothing more than about principal and her refusal to be conquered by this asshole.

After we shake hands, Randy also gives Bridget a kiss on the cheek, but I can see from her reaction the disdain. It is clear Bridget puts up with Randy for the sake of Vanessa as we engage in senseless banter about life and meaningless current events. As the three of us sit down at the kitchen table and have drinks, I’m mesmerized as I watch the glances and innuendos that are taking place. It’s clear Bridget misses Vanessa and wishes they had some time to be alone together so they could catch up. I’m sure she wants to hear about the latest drama in Vanessa’s life, which of course is most likely caused by something Randy has done.

“So where are the kids?”, Bridget inquired?

“They’re staying over at their friends for the night.”, says Vanessa. “Hey Randy, why don’t you show Chris your Scotch collection in the basement. Bridget said he’s a collector himself.”

This, of course, if the perfect set up for Bridget and Vanessa to have their alone time together. Despite my lack of desire to engage in useless interaction with Randy, I take the clue so Bridget can have time with her friend.

As Randy and I descend into the basement, I notice a fully stocked wooden bar with a mirror behind it. On the other side of the basement is a full recliner in front of a big screen television with an entertainment system. Randy remarks he wanted a furnished basement to entertain since they don’t get out as much due to the kids. He grabs some remotes and puts on some chill/electronic music, as he begins to show me a couple bottles of single malt Scotch.

After a few excruciating minutes of chit chat, Randy received a work call and said, “Sorry, I need to take this to see about an upcoming job.” Little did he know I was delighted at the interruption. In order to give him his privacy, I walked upstairs to see what the ladies were up to.

As I was almost at the top of the stairs, I peeked into the kitchen and noticed Bridget was face-to-face with Vanessa, as they leaned against the countertop. I could instantly tell she was consoling her as I heard her say, “Look, you know I’ll always be there for you, but you also know you’re never going to change Randy.”

“I know, I just wish you still lived here.”, replied Vanessa.

As I did my best to announce my presence by stepping heavily up the last few stairs, Bridget turned, smiled at me and said, “Hey babe, we’re just catching up.”

“Sorry, to interrupt, but Randy got a work call and I wanted to give him some privacy.”

Vanessa immediately retorted, “Yeah, more likely a call from one of his sluts from the road.”

In response, Bridget cupped Vanessa’s face in her hands and kissed her softly on the lips. As the two embraced, the kissing evolved from kindness to passion and I saw their tongues begin to caress each other and Bridget’s crotch began to lean into Vanessa, pinning her against the countertop. As I suspected, Bridget was clearly the dominant.

Bridget then looked back at me, held out her hand to grab mine and drew me closer. As I came near, Bridget put her hands behind my neck and Vanessa’s, as though it was an invitation for us to kiss. While keeping one eye on Vanessa and the other on Bridget, I began to kiss her very lightly at first. When Bridget volunteered, “Go ahead babe, I want to watch.”, I too grabbed the back of her neck and began circling my tongue with Vanessa’s, as I occasionally gently bit her lower lip.

After a moment or two, Bridget began to join us in the kissing scenario, as the three of us switched from partner-to-partner, our hands began to run up and down each other’s bodies. As the two of them began to moan with delight, I could feel Bridget’s hand roam down my pants to feel my fully erect cock. “Oooo, Vanessa, I think someone is really getting aroused.” As I looked down I noticed, not only had Bridget put her hand on my cock, but she began using her other hand to massage Vanessa’s pussy outside of her pants.

“Vanessa, are you getting wet for me?”

“Fuck yes, I am honey.”, replied Vanessa.

My brain was no longer working properly. I could think of nothing else besides kissing and caressing these two beautiful women. Time had no meaning, as I was lost in a world of bi-curious women touching me, touching each other and moaning and giggling in delight. I knew Bridget was in control of Vanessa, but now it appeared she had also placed her spell on me.

“I think we should all go downstairs and play like the old days.”, exclaimed Bridget.

“Wait a minute”, Vanessa said, as she broke our three-some bond and grabbed a little plastic baggy from the top of one of the kitchen cabinets. gaziantep esmer escort bayan I watched as she removed three blue pills from the baggy and gave one of them to Bridget. “If we’re going to do it right, let’s roll.”, exclaimed Vanessa.

“Wait a minute honey”, Bridget said, “I need to make sure Chris is alright with this.” As she looked at my face, I could tell right away she wanted me to participate, but wanted to make sure I was alright with it.

To show my affirmation, I took one of the blue pills from Vanessa and instructed her to show me her tongue. I then placed the pill on it and removed it from her with my own. The girls began to laugh as they both took a pill for themselves.

“What about Randy”, asked Vanessa.

In response, Bridget took a blue pill from the baggie as she looked at Vanessa and replied, “Let me worry about him.” She then grabbed both of our hands and led us downstairs.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Bridget led Vanessa and I over to the sectional and said, “Wait right here while I go talk to Randy.” Vanessa and I watched curiously as Bridget walked over to Randy at the end of the bar where he was finishing his phone call. As he hung up, I couldn’t hear what Bridget was saying since they were speaking softly and the electronic music distorted their voices. I did, however, notice Randy snicker as Bridget spoke.

As they talked, I noticed Bridget place the blue pill on Randy’s tongue. Bridget appeared to be doing the majority of the talking as Randy simply nodded his head. At the end of the conversation, the two of them shook hands as though some kind of truce or agreement had been made. With that, Bridget led Randy over to the sectional.

“Alright everyone, Randy and I have agreed to the terms for the evening, haven’t we Randy”

In response, Randy simply nodded his head affirmatively.

“So, first, I’d like you gentlemen to sit on the couch while Vanessa and I take our time catching up.” As she finished talking, Bridget grabbed a blanket from the sectional and spread it across the floor in front of everyone. She then grabbed Vanessa’s hand, lifting her up off the couch and embraced her.

At first, the two girls kissed and laughed like school girls who were experimenting for the first time. Soon after, Bridget dominantly grabbed the back of Vanessa’s hair, drew her close and began passionately kissing her. As I looked over at Randy, I could see him intensely watching the show as he caressed his obvious hard-on through his jeans. I have to admit, I was right there with him.

As Bridget continued kissing Vanessa, I noticed several things. First, Vanessa was clearly putty in her hands. Bridget continued to grab the back of Vanessa’s hair with one hand, as she began moving her hands over Vanessa’s ass with the other. She soon began moving her hand over Vanessa’s crotch, which caused her to moan with delight.

The second thing I noticed, Bridget was able to keep one eye on Vanessa, while at the same time looking around at Randy and I’s reaction to the show. “You like that boys?”, asked Bridget, as we nodded in affirmation. This resulted in Bridget slapping Vanessa’s ass, which caused her to let out an unexpected shriek of delight.

Finally, I became aware I was starting to feel a tingling in my body, which I assumed was from the ecstasy. The reactions from the pill, coupled with the show the girls were putting on was becoming euphoric. I quickly realized I was not alone in this feeling when Vanessa said, “Bridget, I’m starting to feel it. Are you?”

Bridget didn’t answer, but instead lifted Vanessa’s t-shirt to reveal a silky red bra. She then began to lick around Vanessa’s bare breasts, using her hands to lower her bra just enough to reveal her erect nipples. As Bridget took her time, sucking from one to the other, I watched as her hands descended to unbutton Vanessa’s jeans.

Vanessa became nothing more than a doll for Bridget to undress. After removing her jeans to expose her matching red thong, Bridget kneeled down and began to lick her through her panties. I watched as Vanessa closed her eyes and put her hands behind Bridget’s head, forcing her mouth deeper inside her crotch.

Bridget then grabbed Vanessa’s hands and helped her lay down on the soft blanket. She then stood up and looked at Randy and I as she stripped in front of Vanessa, as though she were back on stage at the club. I can only imagine how much money these two must have brought in together. All three of us watched in amazement as Bridget got completely naked, fully revealing her hour-glass figure.

As she slowly positioned herself between Vanessa’s legs, she began to kiss from side-to-side up each of her athletic thighs, finally positioning her tongue outside of her panties again. As Bridget began to remove her thong, I saw Vanessa arch her back, as she brought her hands towards her breasts and began to pierce her nipples with her finger tips. Bridget then used her hands to spread Vanessa’s legs wide open, so she could lick her clit unimpaired.

As I looked over at Randy, I noticed he began to remove his clothes, first his shirt, then his jeans. Bridget immediately looked up and warned him, “Remember our deal, or we can stop right now.”, causing Randy to settle back into the sectional. She then looked at me and said, “Babe, you should take your clothes off too.”

Bridget and I had been going out for a couple years, but this was the first time I was going to meet any of her friends from Chicago, which is where she grew up. She and I had been long distance dating, I lived in San Diego, she was living in Phoenix. Bridget was a…

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