Breaking in the New House: Kitchen

It took almost six months, but the house was finally theirs! The back and forth with the bank and the sellers had been ridiculous, but in the end everyone had agreed and they closed on the house last week. Now came the hard part: Renovations.

Matt and Emily had searched for almost two years for a house before finally settling on this one. They originally intended to buy a house that was move-in ready, but after two years, they realized their dream may not be possible. Finally, they found this one. It looked like an old Victorian castle on the outside, and on the inside had everything they wanted. The only problem was, it had been ignored for almost three decades. Almost the entire house on the inside was in shambles. The plumbing and electricity needed to be brought up to code, and the floors and walls in several places were damaged from years of neglect. But Emily loved it. It had two Libraries, a large but out-of-date kitchen, eight bedrooms, and even a ballroom.

They planned to turn the ballroom into a theater, and two of the bedrooms into offices. They intended to turn three of the bedrooms into different sex dungeons for their various parties and sexual exploits. Two would be for guests, and one would be the master bedroom.

They had been meeting with a contractor for months, in anticipation of closing on the house. Plans were already in place. They both stored up their vacation days at work, so that they could spend as much time as possible working on this house over the next few months. They estimated it would take another six months before they could move in.

Today was the day they set foot in the house for the first time since closing. They received keys and made copies for the contractor. He was supposed to meet them there at noon to go over the plan for renovations.

“Can you believe this place is all ours?” Matthew said as he parked the car in front of the house.

“Our very own castle. It took forever, but we got it. Now we just have to make it livable.” Emily beams at her husband. They get out of the car and walk hand in hand to the front door. “Are you ready?” When he nods, she takes the key and unlocks the door, making a mental note that after renovations, they should probably change the locks.

The wide open space greeted them inside the door, with staircases on either side headed up to the second floor. A dilapidated chandelier hangs above them. The railings of the stairs are broken in several places. It feels as if they are standing in an abandoned castle, and in a way, they are.

“Well,” Matt says looking around. His voice echoed in the empty space. “Where do you want to start?”

“The contractor is going to be working on several rooms to start with. His crew will be all over the house. But the primary focus is supposed to be this area here, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the Master bedroom.” Emily pondered the options for a moment. “Why don’t we check out the kitchen first?” Matt nodded and pointed to the left.

On the left of the open front room was an archway that led into a formal dining room. From there, they could turn to the right to enter the kitchen, or go straight forward into the main library. The double doors to the kitchen were missing, leaving them with a pleasant view of the large industrial size kitchen. The appliances were all either outdated or missing.

Matt followed his wife into the room and surveyed the work to be done. “Alright, well, once we get that old fridge out of here, and the stove too, then they’ll have access to the walls for all the wiring and the gas lines. The inspector said the gas lines were going to need to be replaced too.”

Emily didn’t really hear him. She couldn’t see the mess, or the work gorukle escort to be done. All she saw was her dream kitchen. In her mind, she was picturing the way it would be when it was done. The smile on her face widened, and she leaned back into Matt’s arms. “Isn’t this wonderful?” She looked over to the brand new stove that wasn’t there. Then to the island in the middle that would have the cook-top on it. “Can you imagine all the fun we are going to have here? All the food we are going to cook?”

Matt let his arms wrap around her and pulled her in tighter. He could see it too. The potential of this room. The dinner parties they might throw, the food they could cook. Both Matt and Emily enjoyed cooking. And they were good at it too. When they first sat down to discuss what their dream home would have, they both had the same two thoughts at the top of the list: A good kitchen, and sex. As long as the house had a good kitchen, and could accommodate their sex lives, they were happy.

“Did we ever check the height of these counters?” Mat asked as he looked over to the one part of the kitchen they hoped to keep. The marble countertop had been hidden below a layer of dust and debris when they first looked through the house. It had almost looked like a typical counter until Emily had taken a cloth and wiped it off. It turned out to be Calacatta marble, the most expensive and rare marble on the market.

“No, I don’t think we ever did.” Emily broke free of his grasp reluctantly and walked over to the counter of the island. The height of countertops was actually very important for Matt. He was six foot two, and had spent the first several years of his working career in factories. His back had suffered from that, and if the counter was too low, as most were, then he would have to hunch over to use it, which would cause him back pain. “We should be able to have them raised if they are too low though.” Emily bent over the counter, and knew instantly that they were way too low. She was bent over at the waist easily, and that made the counters at least two to three inches lower than he would need.

Matt watched his wife test the height of the counter and took a step back to admire the view he was getting. She had worn jeans today, something she rarely did, and they hugged her beautiful ass in ways that other clothing just didn’t. His eyes traveled down her toned legs from her round ass, and then back up again. As she stood up, his eyes continued their journey enjoying the curves of her body. Her braided red hair was like a ladder for his eyes to climb as they made their way to the summit, just in time for her to turn and look at him.

Emily saw the smile on his face and wondered what he was smiling about. “You should check the other counters too, to see if they are too short also,” He suggested. She shrugged and moved over to the next counter, next to where the stove would be and bent over. It wasn’t until her elbows touched the cold marble that she figured out what was going on.

He did this all the time, and she was always so clueless. Her self-esteem was not the best. Growing up, she had been teased because of her red hair, and her glasses. She was also a late bloomer when it had come to developing breasts as well. So she had grown accustomed to the idea of people not finding her attractive. So much so, that she rarely recognized it when someone was hitting on her, even her own husband.

Now that she knew what he was doing, she wiggled her ass with a little giggle. “Like what you see?” She looked back over her shoulder at him. He had a big grin on his face.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” He stepped forward and placed his hands on her hips. “You know, we have at least an hour altıparmak eskort bayan before the contractor will be here.” He trailed off as he slid one of his hands around the front of her waist, and quickly unbuttoned her jeans.

“Babe!” Emily cried out, as she felt him starting to unzip her pants. “What if they show up early?”

“Well,” He peeled her pants from her sides, pulled them past her hips, exposing her milky white skin and lacey panties. “I guess maybe they’ll get a bit of a show then.” He hooked his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down until they were even with her jeans, both wrapped around her knees. “Besides, you can’t expect me to ignore such an amazing ass waving about in my face.” He got down on a knee, putting his face level with his wife’s ass, and spread her cheeks apart. He leaned forward and licked the lips of her pussy, eliciting a moan from Emily.

“Fuuuuck…Okay.” Her body flattened on the counter as she felt his tongue probe into her. She tried to spread her legs for him, but her pants around her knees prevented it.

Matt stood up, quickly undoing his belt. He reached into his pants and fished his cock out in one fluid motion. As his pants fell around his ankles, he kicked his shoes off and stepped out of the jeans. Stepping back up to his wife, he slapped his cock against the cheek of her ass. He wasn’t huge by any means, but he was longer than average. Emily always assured him that length was good enough, but he sometimes worried that his lack of girth was a problem.

He pressed the head of his cock against her lips. “Imagine what they might think, if the contractors came in right now.” He pushed into her slowly. With her legs pressed together like they were, the walls of her vagina were slow to give way for him. “You think they would just watch as I fuck your tight little pussy? I bet they would. I bet they’d stand there jerking off while I slid my cock in and out of you.” Finally he pressed himself against the soft cushion of her ass, as he pushed the last inch of his cock into her. “Would you like that?”

“God yes baby,” she panted. Her arms reached out, looking for an edge to grip but found only smooth marble. “I know how you like a good audience. Imagine all those hard cocks, being stroked. All those guys wishing they were you, cheering you on as you fuck me.” Emily flexed her core, giving his cock a squeeze.

Matt slowly pulled back before pushing back in. He knew that this slow pace would drive her crazy. The slower he went, the more sensitive she became. It was like running a feather across every nerve ending she had. “Maybe,” he grunted with the effort or pushing back into her tight hole, “when they are all done fixing up the house, we should invite them to one of our parties as an extra reward. It’s not like they won’t already know that we are sexual deviants.” He gave her ass a light slap to emphasize the point. “They are going to be building and installing three sex rooms for us. They may as well get to see what we will use those rooms for.”

Emily tried to push back against him, to speed up his movements, but the smooth marble, and her lack of good footing prevented her from doing so. Instead, she was left with the torturously slow pace he was using, as he teased not only her increasingly wet hole but also her mind with thoughts of the sex party they would throw once the house was ready.

They’d been attending sex parties for years together, always at someone else’s place, or occasionally at conventions in hotels. It was basically just a massive orgy with multiple themed rooms. Matt and Emily had dreamt of having a place big enough to host parties of their own, and now they nilüfer eskort bayan did. Each of the three ‘dungeons’ would have a different theme, complete with devices and toys.

Matt grabbed her hips and gripped her tight. Emily was beginning to whimper beneath him. He pulled back once more, but this time when he pushed back in, it was hard and fast. She cried out in surprise, mixed with the pain of being pinned against the unyielding material of the countertop. “Uummpfffuuck,” was what came from her mouth as the air was temporarily forced from her lungs.

He held her there against the marble and began to fuck her wildly. “That’s it baby,” he said as he moved faster and faster. The smell of her juices wafted up into his nostrils, mixing with the musty scent that had permeated the room before. He could feel her beginning to cum around his cock, the liquid leaking out around him as he pulled out and pushed back in.

Matt felt the familiar tightness beginning to form in the deepest parts of his groin. He was close to his own orgasm now, and he knew it. Without warning, he pulled out of Emily. Grabbing her arm, he yanked her around, and pushed her quickly to her knees in front of him.

Emily’s eyes were glazed over from her own orgasmic bliss, and barely noticed what was happening. Matt grabbed his cock, slick and slimy from her pussy, and began to stroke it in front of her. The tip of his cock pushed past her lips, leaving a film of liquid in its wake. Even in the mental state that she was in, Emily instinctively began to suck on the present she had just been given.

Careful not to punch her in the mouth, Matt continued to stroke his fist back and forth along the length of his cock. The natural lubrication she had provided made it feel so much better than normal. He couldn’t help but imagine the contractor walking in right then. With her on the floor beneath him, being fed his cock like this. It would be a very erotic scene to walk in on.

With that image in his mind, he felt the hot surge boiling up from his loins. He felt his cock expand to allow his cum passage as the first shot barreled out into Emily’s mouth and throat. Matt let go of himself and pushed deeper into his wife’s mouth as he continued to cum. He felt the muscles of her throat relax and open up to accept both his cock and the seed it offered her. His hips bucked wildly, effectively fucking her face, as his orgasm took control of his movements.

As it began to subside, he pulled out, one last weak spurt of white cum hitting Emily on the lips as he did. He stumbled back a step or two until his hands found the Island behind him and he stabilized his body. Emily slumped down on her knees, leaning back against the counter. Her mouth opened, revealing that she had swallowed all of what he had given her. The only evidence left was what had hit her lip, and a little bit that had leaked out towards the end.

Matt took out his phone to take a picture of his newest piece of artwork. He snapped a couple of quick shots before he noticed the time. “Oh shit,” he said, putting his phone down on the counter and helping Emily up onto her feet. “I guess we lost track of time. It’s 11:45. The contractor will be here in fifteen minutes.”

Emily licked her lips clean before bending over to pull her pants back up. She wiggled her ass back and forth shimmying her jeans up her legs and back into place. As the button snapped into place, she looked up at Matt with a smile.

“What are you smiling like that for?” Matt was looking for his shoes while trying to fasten his belt around his waist.

“Oh, I was just thinking.” Emily pointed to his shoes behind the Island. He must have kicked them there when taking them off. “I think we can officially declare the house properly christened, don’t you?”

Matt chuckled. “Yea, I guess so. But then again,” he looked around the kitchen. “We’ve really only broken in the kitchen so far. There are so many other rooms in this house.” They both laughed as they heard the doorbell ring.

It took almost six months, but the house was finally theirs! The back and forth with the bank and the sellers had been ridiculous, but in the end everyone had agreed and they closed on the house last week. Now came the hard part: Renovations. Matt and Emily had searched for almost two years for…

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