Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 02

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 02


The cookie drive was drawing towards the weekend delivery time. All orders around the nearby suburb were to be delivered by car with a helper to take the cookies to the door.

The ladies met again. Mum told me that Jackie had asked for me to be her helper. Sunday morning Jackie picked me up in her Mercedes coupe. We drove to Maryanne’s where we were to pick up the cookies. Maryanne and Jackie talked together in the kitchen whilst I loaded the cookies; Angelique was nowhere to be seen.

Jackie had told me she wanted to see more of my prick but I was too timid to start anything. We delivered cookies and chatted .Her mini skirt rode high up her legs as she drove but she was talking and acting prim and proper.

I wanted to lean over and kiss her legs but was too scared for fear she would say no or worse still I would lose any chance to fuck her.

As the morning wore on her skirt rode higher and what looked like a “g” string panty was on show each time I returned to the car.

I licked my lips and stared, she grinned opening her legs wide. She lolled back running the tip of her tongue around the edge of her lips, teasing me

When I came out of our last delivery the top of the coupe was down, she was just ending a mobile phone call. She was visibly angry talking to herself

“That fucking bastard I’ve had enough of him and his bullshit” as she spoke she stared hard at the lump in my pants.

“I’m going to drop by a bar and get some gin, you wait outside”, she barked,

“You’re underage”.

She went in the bar and stayed for quite a while then came out, talking to two foxy ladies, and pointing to me she called with a slur in her voice,

“Its time I took him home.”

At her home we drove into her garage and the automatic doors closed as we got out of her coupe.

I had to walk around the bonnet to get to the door that entered the house from the garage.

Jackie stepped in front of me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me vigorously.

She smelt heavily of liquor. I returned the kiss with my tongue, wrapping Ataşehir Escort my hands around her butt. We settled into an enthusiastic session of kissing and touching. My prick grew rock hard.

Jackie broke away and peeled off her shirt, freeing up the most magnificent set of tits I had ever seen. Later I recalled that they were the only set of tits I had really seen. Through later studies I can still say they were magnificent. They were suntanned firm and fully packed, with nipples that stood out like golf tees, not a blemish or crease marred their perfection.

“Come here “she said as she pulled my head down onto her breasts.

“Suck baby, my tits need loving”

I didn’t need any urging. I took a nipple in my mouth and the other in my fingers and bit down on the nipple.

Jackie squealed and called me a rough bastard. Grabbing my hair, pulling me off. She cried “go steady or I will bite your prick off you rough bastard”.

She held my head tight in her hands looked me straight in the eye and said “My boobs need loving…… be gentle”.

I started to suck those perfect tits, using my tongue to roll the large nipples in my mouth. Jackie responded by undoing my jeans and pushing them down along with my jocks until I was spread across the sloping bonnet of her coupe, my prick erect like a car mascot.

She peeled off her mini slipped that g string down around her legs and tried to mount me, but the bonnet was too low the slope meant that I was sliding towards the floor

As she straightened to try again and I slid further, I found my face buried in her cunt.

Jackie said “lick it”. I did as I was told. Licking from bottom to top using my tongue like I would love to use my prick. Then I lapped her cunt juices, licking along her cunt lips, rolling my tongue around her protruding hard slick clit.

“Oh fuck! I love it when a big tongue’s in my cunt” she sighed.

She held my head in her hands and guided me and my tongue where she wanted it

“Come on Lick there”.

“Use that Tongue”.

“Suck my Acıbadem Escort clit…. Suck…fuck you suck”.

She was holding my head roughly, pushing her cunt into my face until I could hardly breathe, she cried out

“Stick your tongue right in…do it now … now”,

Then she moaned. I felt her body jerk as she came.

Her legs closed on my ears.

“Don’t be so rough,” she whispered “suck my clit gently between your teeth”.

I could not help notice the change, one moment she was demanding and ordering next she was pleading for me to be gentle.

I responded enthusiastically to her instructions.

She bucked. ”Oh shit, that’s good, keep it there”.

“My god I’ve forgotten how good this can be” she cried as she pushed her cunt into my face.

I could feel her growing excitement, tremors rippled through her body.

Her juices flowed and her cunt contracted on my tongue and nose. I couldn’t control myself. I pulled her cunt hairs and lips apart and bit and licked the folds and lips. She bucked and moaned swearing at me, but demanding more.

Jackie wanted to fuck and the bonnet didn’t suit our purpose. She grabbed me by my prick and led me around to the driver’s door. She leant over the door to get something from inside; as she did her cunt was displayed right in front of my rock hard dick.

I drove forward and after some fumbling impaled her.

She squealed and bucked for this wasn’t what she had planned. But I was in and driving, the more I pumped the further her head settled on the seat. Every time I drove into her, her stomach was flattened against the top of the door and wind was pushed from her lungs with a whoosh. She threw her head back and groaned as she struggled to get up.

As her arse and cunt tipped up to me, I put my arms around her thighs pulling her on to me and drove hard .One of my fingers found her clit and I started to massage it , “fucking hell”, she screamed .

I told her she was like a mare in heat and I was the stallion pawing over her arse. I lent forward and bit İstanbul Escort her hard on the back of the neck as I had seen the stallions do at the local stud.

She reared back forcing me in to the hilt I rolled a magnificent nipple in my hand as Jackie came in torrents. A trail of cum trickled down my leg. I felt my blood rising and emptied myself in her.

At eighteen recuperation is quick. I was able to keep on and on, my stomach was slapping against her butt. She was being pushed further and further over the car door until her feet left the ground and her face was pushed down into the seat.

Jackie eventually seemed to swoon away .She went very quiet. I became worried and slipped out of her turning her over. I wiped her brow, cradling her in my arms.

Her eyes fluttered open,

“My god!!!

What a fuck!!

That was awesome!!

“The best…..I really felt like a mare in the hands of a rampaging stallion”

She smothered my face with kisses. I pulled away to get a good look at her body. Only the slash of pink of her open cunt, shiny with cum, marred the perfection of a body that was daily oiled exercised and pampered.

I marvelled at my first real look at a woman’s body when aroused.

I vowed to always spend a minute to enjoy the sheen and aura that a woman’s body displays after love making.

I ran my hands over her, hardly believing what had happened….. This was a body from playboy perfect in every way. How did I get so lucky?

Jackie proceeded to tell me that the phone call was from her husband who had promised to come to the party tonight. He had called to say he was busy.

“I will give him fucking busy” she said,

“In future he only gets me if you are not available, you better be available” she added.

“He is the richest bastard in the state, he married me when I won the state surf girl title for my body and now neglects me for that underage stuff”.

“I married the stuck up bastard for his money. From now on you can have for free what he has paid for”….

Suddenly the flow of words stopped. She licked her lips ran her hands over my body and said

“Come her you horny young bastard you can suck me while I lick that great dick clean”

A couple of hours later tired and very relaxed we headed off to the mums end of cookie sale party.

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