Boudica Pt. 02


Louetta here. This is Boudica Part 02. Everybody mentioned in this story is eighteen or older.

In Boudica Part 01 I mentioned having begun my career at eighteen as a nude photo model and how I wanted to expand into video and even film work. I realized that I needed experience getting naked in front of a crowd of strangers and performing whatever was required to advance in my new career. That summer, through the good offices of my Dutch cousins, I got a chance to take a job greeting customers at one of the many kinky clubs in Amsterdam. It was a good way to start getting the experience I needed. We stood behind a counter, naked to the waist, in skimpy panties, and smiled as customers came in. Bouncers guaranteed our physical safety. I never gave a thought to being bare-breasted in public and ended every shift with the crotch of my shorts soaking wet.

The big event came after the second night I worked. My two female cousins Eefje and Dieuwke, who worked with me, went to a nearby sex club after midnight to see my oldest cousin Juliette strip off. In fact, stripping was a minor part of the show, the way she did it. She was naked in about three minutes and spent the rest of her act working a pole, strutting about doing bumps and grinds, spreading her “nether lips”, as they are referred to in 18th-century porn. Finally, she masturbated, cumming gloriously in full public view at show’s end. Meanwhile two hundred horny guys, and maybe thirty horny women, applauded thunderously. I knew if I was going to get used to performing starkers, stripping was something I had to learn but I knew I would need my parents’ permission. I asked Juliette for help.

The first thing we decided was that my routine would be more of a strip tease and less of a sex show than hers. I was too young to work at the sex club where she worked so I would perform at my home club where I worked the front door. There I would not be able to do what Juliette did, fingering her pussy and eventually cumming. I would work in a room open to anyone who paid to get into the club, not in a private room where people paid to see a sex-oriented show. Once naked I could do bumps and grinds and external thigh rotations and some pole moves that spread my legs wide and showed my girlhood to good advantage but mostly I would spend my thirty minutes removing my clothes and working the pole.

There was a lot of work to do but since we worked nights we had plenty of time in the day to get things done. The first thing I needed was a costume. Women have a lot of sexy accessories to stimulate their audience during a strip show, stockings, panties, transparent bras, garters, garter belts, and I added the black armbands and a scrunchie from my work uniform. Clothes are an essential element of a well-done strip. I had seen what Juliette wore, a black shirt that opened from the front and showed most of her bare tummy, and a short black skirt. Underneath was a black and red garter belt, black and red garters, and black fishnet stockings. She wore black spike heels, but we decided it would make dancing easier if I went barefoot. She lent me a shirt and a skirt, but I needed my own undies.

So without having taken the time to speak to my parents I drove out with Juliette to the rather aptly named Sex Shop Hot Stuff in New Holland to get me outfitted. I bought a see-through black lace bra, see-through black panties, black G-string so I could bare my ass in a separate step while stripping, solid black garter, red belts and black fishnets with lace tops. They had more stuff like feather boas, fans, bodysuits, masks, etc., but it’s important to feel comfortable both wearing and taking off your clothes. You have to be confident and comfortable with your body and remember there’s no right or wrong way to dance. The goal is to just have fun and enjoy yourself. Then you can add some sexy moves into your routine, such as shaking your bum and adding some slow, suggestive moves like feeling yourself up or putting your hand between your legs. Hopefully, you end up being able to do a routine like Juliette did.

Turns out lots of girls can strip off well. After I danced for a while I got to know plenty of girls who stripped off as a side job. Plenty of people who are studying or working entry-level jobs do it. oğuzeli escort Mostly they’ll answer an ad or just go to a local club and meet a manager who thinks they might be good at it. They try out on an open call night and maybe the boss will like the way they dance and they get some open dates. There’s high turnover so they usually find something quickly as long as they are half-decent looking and can at least dance as well as an average girl. It helps to have tits which I did and you can learn to use the pole. Juliette taught me enough in one day to get a start.

Now I had to talk to my parents, especially my Dad. Some girls would say well, you’re eighteen you can do what you want but we did not run our house that way. Of course he knew Juliette was stripping and in fact he and Uncle Jan went to watch her the next night so my Dad would have a better idea of what was going down. I told him I would not be doing what she did, as far as the sex part was, but that I would get starkers. He said he wanted to see what I would be wearing so I went and put my outfit on. When I came back to him Mummy was there too. She had been a nude photo model but had never stripped off in public.

“So you want to be a stripper?”

“Yes, Mum.”

“And anyone can come and watch you strip off, your friends and your brothers and their friends and the people in the neighborhood and the men your dad works with and your teachers and men you don’t even know?”

“Yes, Mum.” She stared at me.

“Well, strip for your Dad!” I hesitated. I loved my Dad with all my heart but I didn’t want to get my kit off for him.

“Go ahead strip, for your Dad! You’ll strip off for all these people, then strip off for your Dad. All the way. Every inch. Front and back.” He picked up his cell phone and fiddled with it and pointed it at me. I could see the little red light on.

“Go ahead, strip for your Dad, and let him record it. Then he can look at you naked anytime he wants and he can show all his friends how his oldest daughter looks naked.” I knew this was some kind of stupid test. I knew he’d never show it to anybody. But my Mum was right, I loved him and I was certain he loved me and he had the right to see what I was going to go out in public and do.

It was hard. Very hard. I swear I’m not a prude. I did nude photo sessions with my regular photographer and posed nude twice a month for The Little Sketching Group and let my boyfriends see me nude. I knew my Dad had seen nude photos of me and had even seen me naked at home, by accident, coming out of the shower, in the summer changing into a bikini, lying out naked tanning, all sorts of things, but with him standing right there in front of me getting my kit off was going to be hard. No normal girl wants their Dad to see them naked. I started slowly, first taking off the running shoes I had worn instead of going barefoot.

I began unbuttoning the front of my shirt. I stared at the buttons, I couldn’t look up at him. I could feel my nipples harden and the stirring inside me down below as the thought of getting naked turned me on, even if it was my father who was watching. He was still a man and probably my best friend. One by one I unbuttoned the buttons and finally I had done them all and I pulled the two halves apart to open the front of the shirt and slipped it over my shoulders and knew he could see my boobs through my see-through bra. My Mum reached for my shirt and took it away from me. I figured I’d start on my skirt next rather than show him my breasts. There was a button on the side and then a zipper. I undid the button and then slipped the zipper down and the side of the skirt came loose and I slowly slipped it down over my ass showing him my garter belt and my see-through black panties, and all the while his phone recorded me.

My mother took the skirt and I just stood there for a few seconds with my hands down over my crotch. I didn’t think he could see my girlhood clearly through what there was of the panties, but I would have died rather than have him see it clearly, even if I knew he would in just a few minutes. I was down to my undies now and I could feel myself getting wet and the fire beginning to slowly burn in my breasts and my pussy. I noticed oğuzeli escort bayan my belly button, an obvious indentation on my tummy. My Dad always liked to tease me by poking my belly button. I always craved the attention. Thinking of the fun times we had had together and the love I had for him finally I could bring myself to look up at least partway to my Dad and I could see his appreciation for my half-naked body.

Much as I was embarrassed for him to see me nearly naked so close up and for an extended period of time I was secretly proud to think he thought his daughter had a nice body but of course I knew he would never take advantage of me so I felt safe with him seeing me if it was absolutely necessary, and it was if I wanted to strip. I wondered what he thought of me wearing a garter belt and stockings, whether this would complete the picture for him of his daughter as a little tart, and he recorded it.

“Go ahead,” said Mum, “the rest of the way. All the way.” I reached for my stockings but my Mum interrupted.

“No, the bra, do the bra next.” I panicked a little. I had hoped to save my breasts for next to last. No girl wants her Dad to see her breasts. My bare ass I could stand, but not bare boobs, even though I knew he had seen them many times around the house or the pool or at summer camp. But I had no choice. Slowly I reached for the straps and pulled them down off of my shoulders, one then the other. Then I reached around back to unhook my bra, knowing when I leaned forward to do it Dad could see at least the top half of my boobs almost down to my rock hard nipples. I was getting so turned on by now my breathing had picked up a little and I could feel sweat under my arms and the wetness between my legs. I tried to stall.

“Come on!” I brought the two unhooked parts of the bra around towards the front and held it on me for a few moments.

“Come ON!” I dropped my head and pulled the bra down off my tits and let them fall free. I knew Dad loved me and loved to look at me and I could hear his soft cry of appreciation at seeing my bare boobs. I had inherited Mum’s generous bosom and he enjoyed seeing it, as any red-blooded man would. Mum took the bra from me. I raised my hands to cover my tits, shivering slightly, my heart starting to beat faster.

“Take your hands down!” I let them fall to my sides and raise my head up and my eyes to the ceiling as my boobs jiggled slightly as I breathed harder. I took some seconds and could feel Dad’s eyes on my tits and saw him nod approvingly. And he recorded that too.

“OK, finish it!” I started unhooking my stockings from my garter belt. I had put my panties on underneath the belt so I could get as naked as possible before baring my pussy even though I found the Charlotte Rampling look of bare cunt with black garters extremely sexy. One at a time I peeled the stockings down and each, in turn, handed them to my Mum. That was the least traumatic part of undressing because my Dad had seen my bare legs many times. I started for the garters.

“Leave the garters. Do the belt.” I followed instructions and removed the garter belt. She took it. I was naked except for my panties, now soaking wet. I looked toward the ceiling, my chest heaved slightly and I could feel my heart beat. My nipples ached and my breasts were warm. I could feel the little knot I always get just north of my cunt, deep inside me. I knew Daddy could see the wet on my underpants.

“OK, finish it!” I knew I had a thong under my underpants, but they didn’t. When I pulled the panties down I think my Dad was almost as relieved as I was. My Mum took the knickers and felt them soaking wet and shot me a glance. My G-string was even wetter.

“Turn around!” I turned halfway, knowing she wanted me to show Dad my bare ass, not that he hadn’t seen that before. Thongs were a staple in our house. I knew he appreciated all his daughters’ behinds.

“Now finish it!” I was kind of numb. I almost couldn’t reach down there and start pulling the little wisp of cloth down. I thought of the love and trust I had for my father and that’s all that got me through this, knowing he loved me and would see my nude body with the same eyes he’d see a beautiful painting. Then escort oğuzeli the G-string was further down and my girlhood came into plain view, all pink and wet and not a trace of hair to hide Dad’s view of my most private parts, and then the G-string was at my knees and my ankles and my Mum took it and I stood up stark naked, my face buried in my hands and I sobbed softly and felt a trace of the wet from my pussy run a little way down my thigh and knew that was recorded.

Though my face was covered I could feel Dad’s gaze on me and knew he rejoiced at what he saw, my pretty face, my boobs, my body, my ass, and the part he very rarely saw, where the whiteness of the little triangle usually left covered by the front of my bikini bottom set off the pinkness of my pussy lips, two fat little mounds of flesh that ran from the front toward the rear and framed the entrance to the little pink tunnel that made me a girl. I made sure he had a good long look. Finally, I brought my hands down in front of me and folded them over my crotch.

“Take them away!” Mum ordered. But I didn’t.

“Take them away or I’ll tie your hands.” But I didn’t so she took the laces out of one of the running shoes I had taken off and bound my wrists tightly behind me.

“Now I’ll leave you two alone.” Dad recorded it all, including her tieing me up and me standing there naked, with my hands tied behind me, and latter we made stills and sent them to Harry, my photographer, for sale. Daddy looked longingly at my body, but it wasn’t the look of a boy my age, a look of lust, but a look of appreciation of the beauty of my naked body and how I was becoming a woman. And he had seen me tied up in the nude before, when I did it to myself earlier that summer after the Best Body contest when I had done it to help me get myself off. And later we both laughed about it.

With Mummy gone he shut off the phone, stood up and approached me. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed my hair back over my shoulders and down.

“You are so beautiful,” he said. “And so soft to the touch.” He put his index fingers on either side of my neck and ran them slowly down over my collar bones and down each breast and then out and down around the side and then in along the under boob. I shivered at his touch and my nipples stiffened as he gently squeezed my boobs.

“Spread your feet apart just a little.” I had been keeping my knees tightly together, but I gladly did what he asked. Then his fingers went lower down and played with my belly button just like he used to. And then down the sides of my tummy muscles and into the little creases on either side of my abdomen and down to my hips and in the little creases on either side of my mound and my breath came faster and I lowered my chin and closed my eyes so I couldn’t see what he did but his fingers passed outside my labia so my girlhood was left untouched and then he put all four fingers of each hand on the inside of my thighs and felt the softness and the wet. Then he was in back of me running his hands down over my back until he reached my bare ass. I think I said he loved our asses. And he gently squeezed my cheeks with his thumbs and fingers and caressed them softly. He came around front and gently felt me up and I almost exploded.

“You can do strip tease if you want to, Sweetie.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Can you do something for me, Daddy?” I was so horny I could fucking scream.

“Sure what?”

“Can you tie me up like you found me after Best Body?”

“Sure,” I told him where I hid the rope. He untied the laces that bound my wrists and got the rope while I stood by the bed, all the time still completely naked. He came back to me and laid out half a dozen lengths of rope.

“Tightly, Daddy. Hand and foot.” And he did. When he was done, he laid me on the bed and spread my knees apart so my genitals came in contact with the surface of the bed, just like I needed. He bent my knees and the rope that tied my ankles to the rope that tied my wrists, in a perfect hogtie, tied another rope around the rope that bound my ankles and pulled my ankles up toward my bare ass and tied the rope off on the rope that bound my wrists, again as tight as possible. I was completely, utterly helpless.

But all the while he tied my ankles my pussy was firmly in touch with the bed and it took me only half a minute of squirming for my body to explode in the loveliest orgasm imaginable. And all the time he watched. Then he blindfolded me and I had an hour to myself, about the best hour I ever had. And then Juliette came and untied me and it was almost time to go to work.

Louetta here. This is Boudica Part 02. Everybody mentioned in this story is eighteen or older. In Boudica Part 01 I mentioned having begun my career at eighteen as a nude photo model and how I wanted to expand into video and even film work. I realized that I needed experience getting naked in front…

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