It was my day off and I was bored so I thought I’d go to visit my favourite fetish shop.

I dressed in my favourite leather trousers, teaming it with a satin blouse and biker boots. I knew it was a hot look. As always, I had on sexy lingerie underneath. That just made me feel good.

I finished putting on my make-up and doing my hair before grabbing my bag and heading out the door. It was one of those days where I felt really good about myself and knew I looked sexy as fuck also.

The shop was only a bus ride away from my flat and the bus stop only a few hundred yards from my door. It wasn’t going to be long before the next bus came so I took a seat and prepared to wait.

You know that feeling you get when somebody is looking at you? Well I was getting it. The feeling of eyes burning into me. I looked up to see who was giving me that feeling. Fuck me. I was NOT disappointed. There was one hell of a hot man staring at me dressed in leather trousers and a jacket. OMG he was something…

My bus came and I duly got up to get on it. Mr sexy pants also got up. Guess this was his bus as well. At least I’d have something good to look at on my journey.

We both got on and I took a seat quite near the front. He sat behind me about three rows away. I could still feel his eyes burning into me. He clearly liked what he saw as well as I did. Normally that feeling of somebody staring at you makes me uncomfortable but not on this occasion. He was actually getting me going a bit and I could feel myself getting wet. You could tell I’d not been fucked in a while.

The short trip was soon over. I got up and pressed the bell for the bus to stop. The hotty also stood up. Not that surprising as it was one of the main stops for the shops. He followed me off the bus. My pussy was twitching at the sight of him. He was seriously sexy in that get-up. I have a real thing for men in leather. It just made them look so manly. Like they could really protect me and as a sub I loved that quality in a man.

I walked the short distance to the shop I was heading for. I could feel those eyes on me still, so I knew he was behind me. I stopped at the doorway of the shop as it was a shop that you had to ring a bell in order to be let in. He stopped beside me. Surely, he wasn’t heading to the same place as me? Maybe he loved kink as well as I did? Surely, I couldn’t be that lucky?

One of the girls from the shop came to answer the bell and let us both in. I smiled shyly at him as I went upstairs to kıbrıs escort the lady’s section and he went his way to the men’s. This shop always had an effect on me as it sold my favourite fabric. Latex, and the smell. Wow. Turned my pussy into a soaking mess and with matey in his sexy leather I knew that today it would get me hornier than normal.

I was after some new latex to add to expanding collection of dresses, skirts and catsuits. I was thinking possibly a black catsuit as I already had a red one but would need to try it on for size. I picked up the size I thought would fit me and headed back down the stairs to the changing rooms. I loved the changing rooms here as they had curtains made of latex. How they actually managed to actually get any work done in this placed without ending up in a constant mess all the time I never knew.

So, anyway I carried the sexy black catsuit down to the changing rooms to find Mr Sexy already there talking to one of the girls. He had a pair of amazing black vinyl jeans slung over his arm. Could this man get any better???

He finished his conversation and took the jeans into one of the cubicles. I had all sorts of naughty thoughts running through my mind. What I would do to him if I had half a chance while he was wearing them. Behave Clara…

Taking a deep breath, I focused on what I was supposed to be doing; trying on this catsuit. One of the girls showed me to the cubicle next to the man of my dreams. I stripped down to my lingerie and took the catsuit off the hanger. Now latex is a bugger to get on unaided and with no talc or dressing aid so this could be interesting to do solo.

I was obviously making more noise than I realised as I was struggling to wriggle my way into the tight latex as I heard a male voice ask if I was ok in there. My response was very muffled as I was having real difficulties in getting the sexy fabric up over my not skinny body. The next minute the curtain was being pulled back and he was standing there. The guy that I’d been eyeing up all morning. Only this time he was wearing those sexy jeans. Fuck me, he was HOT!!

“Would you like a hand there?” he asked his eyes running up and down my semi naked body. I’d only got the catsuit up over my stomach so my tits were on full display. Just the feel of his eyes on me was having an effect on my needy cunt and I could feel myself getting wet. I can be a cheeky little minx so I thought I could maybe have a little fun here. After all what had I to lose?

“Yes, konya escort a hand would be good.” I replied, licking my lips. He came and stood behind me taking the catsuit and began to ease it up over my back. His gentle breath on the back of my neck really turning my cunt into a soggy mess.

You now that feeling you get when you think you felt something but are not really sure if it was your imagination? Well, I was getting that feeling. I was sure I felt a soft kiss on the back of my neck but couldn’t be 100% sure that it wasn’t my brain playing tricks on me. Nope. It was definitely not my over active imagination. There it was again. I could feel a soft kiss on the nape of my neck. Fuck, neck kisses are like kryptonite to me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck there he was again. Gently kissing my neck.

I turned around and looked up at him. His eyes were full of want and I was sure mine reflected that. He leaned forward towards me and put his arms around my back pulling me in tight. Kissing me hard he moaned into my mouth, my naked tits crushed with the force of his embrace. I wanted this man, of that there was no doubt and by the feel of his pvc clad bulge pressing into me he wanted me equally as much.

Dare I pursue this a bit further? Why not. Nothing to lose as I said earlier. I reached out and began to kneed his sexy package. He definitely had something to play with there! Still kissing me hard, he started to play with my nipples, just taking the end of them between two fingers and rolling them about. I love that.

He broke away from our passionate embrace and dropped to his knees pulling my ass closer to him. He eased the catsuit down over my hips to reveal my naked pussy which was glistening with my juices. I was so turned on by this sexy stranger.

His tongue lapped greedily at my needy cunt. OMG. He knew how to do this… I was so conscious of not being too noisy as there were people the other side of that amazing curtain. I stifled my moans putting my hand over my mouth. His fingers eased into me, turning slightly so he found my g-spot. Yep, he absolutely knew what he was doing.

I could feel my orgasm building as his tongue and fingers worked their magic. I was going to cum and cum hard. I’d gone without for so long I knew that this was going to be explosive. His fingers deep in me I threw my head back and let my orgasm pulse through me. Trying so hard not to yell out. My body shuddering at the release.

There was no way I was going to leave him unsatisfied kuşadası escort and he clearly had the same thought as he took out his wallet and a little foil packet from within it. He ripped open the packet and undid the zip on those sexy trousers to reveal a very hard, very magnificent cock. He rolled the condom on it and I knelt in front of him. There was something about a latex condom clad cock that really did it for me. Loved to suck them. I cupped his balls with my hand and took that amazing beast into my mouth. Greedily sucking it. Yum. My fave thing to do. I had had no previous complaints over how I suck a man off and by the gentle noises he was making he wasn’t objecting either.

Obviously, my skills weren’t lacking as he pushed me back from him. He turned me around. I knew where this was going. I lent forwards my hands on my ankles steading myself. My ass towards him. He pushed that fantastic cock in to me. All gentleness gone. That ship had sailed. He proceeded to fuck me deeply. Exactly what I needed after going without for so long. He pounded me hard and fast, his hard around my waist so I didn’t fall with the force of his passion. I could feel another orgasm brewing. I was going to cum all over this man’s cock. Shuddering with the power of the pulsed running through me I came hard. He speeded up, fucking me harder and harder. His need obvious. A final deep thrust I could feel him cum, his body also shuddering at the release.

He pulled out of me and carefully removed the used condom from himself. I passed him a tissue from my bag to put it in. He concealed it in the tissue and passed it back to me so I could dispose of it. After all he had nowhere to conceal it to.

He did up his trousers and adjusted his shirt. Straightening himself up before leaning over to me, kissing me on the cheek and handing me his card. “I hope we can meet again.” He said as he passed it to me. Absolutely I wanted to meet him again. With sex like that in a changing room just imagine what it would be like when we were totally private!

All thoughts of trying to get the catsuit back on gone out of the window I eased it off. It was going to be mine now anyway as I knew it would fit and imagine the fun I could have in it with him.

I got myself dressed back into my day clothes. Checked my hair and make-up. I wasn’t going to walk out of there looking like I’d just been fucked stupid. Although, the smile on my face probably said it all…

I grabbed my stuff together and pulled back the curtain taking my purchase to the till where he was already paying for his sexy vinyl. I passed over the catsuit so I could pay for it. He turned to me, smiled and said, “See you at home Clara.”

I just loved acting out fantasies with my man…

C xx

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