Bookstore Encounter

Bookstore Encounter


I’m a bookworm, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love to spend hours in the bookstore, browsing the aisles for quality fiction, noir novels, history books, you name it. When most girls my age are hitting the bar, I’m in the local bookstore. It’s not that I can’t get dates. I receive enough attention from the opposite sex. I am a petite Asian female with a slim figure. I have shoulder length dark hair and dark eyes. I work out 4 times a week (no, I don’t know martial arts). I consider myself to be attractive, but I just don’t have much time for dating. I am a full time student, and I work in the evenings. I cherish my free time, and I would rather be reading than doing anything else.

On most weekend nights, you can find me at the Barnes and Nobles down the street. I like to stay until closing time. Last night I was in my usual spot, near the poetry stacks. I find that it is the most quiet area of the store, and there are usually empty chairs there. I settled down with a Ted Hughes collection and a latte. Time passed quickly, and pretty soon they were announcing that the store would be closed in 15 minutes. I stretched, and I went to return my book.

I stood in front of the poetry section, browsing through their selections. I felt someone approaching me, and I moved aside to give this person space. I could feel someone’s presence near me, and I glanced to my right. A tall, twenty-something man was also browsing the poetry aisle. I looked down, and I smiled to myself. I only got a quick look, but I could tell he was cute. Handsome face, clean-cut, dark hair, dark eyes, denizli escort broad shoulders. Too bad I wasn’t looking my best that night. I was wearing a plain white t-shirt and black yoga pants. My hair was in a pony tail, and I didn’t have on any makeup.

As he continued to stand next to me, I became embarrassed because I was not wearing a bra. For a petite woman, I have full breasts, natural C-cups. (What can I say, it’s just genetics.) I worried that he could see my nipples through my shirt. As if he read my mind, he said “Nice shirt.” I blushed. Was he mocking me? There was nothing special about my shirt. Just a white Hanes V-neck shirt, 3 for 10 bucks. I mumbled, “thanks” and thought about leaving. He wasn’t threatening in any way, but for some reason I felt a little awkward.

I turned to leave, and he stepped closer to me. I hesitated for a bit, then the unexpected happened. The handsome stranger reached out and cupped my breast. I said, “hey” and he squeezed his fingers. I glanced around to see if anyone else was there, but it seemed like we were alone. I pushed his hand away, and he smiled. He leaned closer, pushing me back against the wall. He held a finger to his lips and grinned. I was dizzy. I knew that I should have screamed for help, but my lips would not move. He moved his body closer, as if to embrace me. I held my breath, and both of his hands slid up my shirt. His palms felt so warm. He cupped my breasts, and I had to swallow a moan. Another step, and he was almost pressed up against my body.

He denizli escort bayan was tall, around 6 feet. I’m only 5’1”, so he covered me with his body. He didn’t say a word as he massaged my tender breasts. I never thought I would let a stranger fondle me in public. Yet it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. It felt like we were doing something very taboo and naughty. I could feel my panties getting wet. He started to pull my shirt up, and I struggled for an instant. What if someone came by? The thought of being discovered was frightening but thrilling at the same time. He squeezed my breasts together and pinched my nipples. I almost came right there. My nipples are extremely sensitive and I love having them pinched like that. I couldn’t believe any of this was happening. I knew it was closing time at the store, so I figured the staff would walk by.

I could hear the staff getting ready to close downstairs. As he played with my breasts, I thought about what would happen if someone came upstairs to check if everyone had left. Again reading my mind, he spoke for the first time, “It’s okay, I told my buddies that I would lock up.” Oh, so he was a staff member. I had never noticed him before. He grinned. “Everyone should be on their way out right about now.” Sure enough the store became very quiet. I glanced at the man who was massaging my breasts. My panties were soaked by then, and I had the courage to do what I did next.

I pushed him until he took a step back, and then I took off my shirt. He inhaled, and his escort denizli hand went down to his crotch. I grew even more bold, and I started to fondle myself through my pants. I could feel the moisture through the fabric. He sighed, and he stepped towards me again. He slid my pants and my panties down in one motion. I threw my head back as he pushed his mouth on my shaved crotch. He tongued my pussy for a while, while pulling off his pants with one hand.

It had been a while since I’d been with anyone, so I came quickly. He laughed as I ground my pussy into his lips. He pushed me onto the floor, and I knew that he was naked from the waist down. I reached up to pull off his t-shirt, but he lunged forward and pushed his cock into me. I groaned loudly. He felt so hot and hard. I was so wet that he slid in and out in a smooth motion. I put my hands on his ass and he ground his cock into me harder. I knew I was close to another orgasm, and I clutched him tighter to me. He moaned into my neck and said “cum all over my cock.” That did it for me, and I came so hard that I was shaking. He wasn’t done yet. He was pounding me so hard that I could feel my breasts shake. He saw me pinch my nipples hard and he thrust even harder. He said he was getting close, so I told him I wanted to taste him. He thrust one more time, pulled out and straddled my face. I wrapped my lips around his hard, hot cock, and I sucked his head. He screamed “oh my god” and exploded into my mouth. He came so much that I could only swallow some of it. Some cum dripped out my mouth, and I licked it off with my fingers. I gently licked his cock clean, and he smiled. We were both exhausted, and we lounged on the floor like two lazy cats.

Afterwards we put on our clothes, and he walked me to my car. He kissed me on the lips and asked “Will you be here next weekend, too?” I couldn’t resist that smile. I told him, “I’ll meet you at closing time.”

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