Bonnie’s Boobs


Deep throbbing techno beat making my whole body throb. Dazzling lights flashing in time to the beat. Dense smoke enveloping the DJ at the sampler box. Even in my skimpy shirt I’m sweating as I bounce and jiggle. It’s time to give everyone a thrill. I whip off my shirt and let my bare boobs free.That gets a cheer from the other dancers, as my little tits bounce around in time to the music. It feels so good, being topless, and exciting knowing that other people are staring at me, lustfully or otherwise. The new piercing in my right nipple glints in the light. I feel hot and sexy.There’s another girl dancing by herself on the edge of a group, lost in the music. Her short blonde hair hangs over her face as she sways, her plain white blouse unbuttoned just low enough to let me see the edge of her breasts. They look tiny, little more than conical bumps on her chest.She looks up and sees me looking in her direction. She registers that I’m topless and smiles. I take this as an invitation and dance over to her.“Hi,” I say.“Hi, I just wanted to say you’re very brave, going topless like that. I wish I dared.”“Try it, why don’t you? It’s fun.”“Oh, I couldn’t. Anyway, my tits are too small. People would stare.”“Sweetie, from what I can see they’re simply perfect. And if people do stare, it’s because they love them. Go on, keep me company.”It turns out that’s all the encouragement she needs.“Okay,” she says shyly, undoing the rest of the buttons on her shirt and slipping it off.Oh God, her boobs really are perfect. Just starting to bud, little cones topped with pale pink nipples, curving upwards at the tips. They glisten with sweat and jiggle delightfully.“I’m Bonnie,” she says, blushing as she notices me staring at her boobs.“I’m Annie. Come on, let’s dance.”“Oh gosh, it does feel lovely,” she giggles, and begins to move in time to the music, which is getting faster escort bayan and louder. Her little pointy boobs bounce up and down, and lots of people turn to watch as we surrender to the beat, sweat gleaming on our nude torsos.I begin to want her so much. I put my hands on her waist and held her as we dance together. As the music intensifies even more, I pull her towards me and our bare breasts touch, nipple to nipple. She lets out a little gasp, but doesn’t pull away as our tits rub together, our sweat smeared across the warm mounds. I lean in and kiss her, and she seeks out my tongue with hers.“Come outside,” I whisper, and drag her towards the emergency exit. I push the door open, and we both tumble out. The music becomes muffled as I shut the door.Bonnie leans against the wall of the building, her pointy little breasts heaving gently. I kiss her again, and this time take her right breast in my hand, feeling her nipple harden as I stroke it. She lets out a little moan in her throat and begins to rub her bare leg against mine. I kiss down her neck and across her chest until my mouth finds the cone of her little boob. I can taste the salty sweat on my tongue as my mouth closes over her nipple and I begin to suck and nibble at it.“Oh, fuck yes, Annie, that’s so good,” she mumbles. I put my hand over her other breast and squeeze it gently, feeling the soft flesh giving under my touch. I take her nipple between two fingers and pinch it hard, making her squeal.She takes my hand in hers and pushes it under her short skirt. God, she’s so eager, but I’m happy to oblige. I rub my hand across her panties, then slide my hand down inside them. I can feel the heat from her pussy as my fingers burrow through the little covering of pubic hair down to her vulva. My middle finger slides easily between her labia. escort bayanlar She’s very wet, and almost without trying I feel it slip inside her.She lets out the sweetest little squeal of pleasure. I wiggle my finger around inside her, pressing against her soft vaginal walls, then add a second digit. Scissoring my fingers, I explore inside while she gasps and moans.She pulls my head up and kisses me roughly on the mouth, then burrows her mouth in the nape of my neck and begins to bite quite hard at the skin. The little stab of pain as she bites into my neck is a massive turn-on, and my own pussy begins to tingle.Then she gives a little squeal.“Christ, Annie, there’s a guy over there watching us. And, oh fuck, he’s got his cock out. He’s wanking himself off!”I look round. She’s right, there is a guy there, by the wall, trying not to be seen. And he’s got his hand wrapped around his erect penis, sticking out of the front of his shorts.“Oh God, look how big it is, Annie. He can hardly get his hand round it.”She’s fascinated. So am I. The guy realises we’ve seen him and starts to tuck his dick back into his trousers. Quickly, I beckon him over. I want to see more.Looking a bit ashamed, he walks towards us. His dick is still out of his trousers, but he’s covering it with his hand. He looks pretty young, about eighteen, I guess.“Look, I’m sorry,” he stutters. “I’d just come out for some weed, and I saw you over there, and you looked so fucking hot, I just couldn’t stop myself.”“Don’t apologise,” I say. “I’m Annie, and this Bonnie. We want to see more, don’t we, Bonnie?”“Yes, show it to us properly,” she giggles.By now he realises he’s got lucky.“Well, I’m Dan, and this is my best friend,” he says with a grin. He takes his hand away and lets his dick hang loose.“Is that what you want to see?” he asks. It’s bayan escort gone a bit soft, but he makes it jerk a bit anyway.“Oh Annie, it’s lovely,” breathes Bonnie.“Do you want it?” I ask her.“No, it’s okay, you go first.”So I get down on my knees and put the dick in my mouth. It tastes a bit sweaty, not surprisingly, but it quickly starts to grow in my mouth. I suck greedily on the firm, smooth knob, letting my tongue slide around the rim of the helmet. Luckily, I can manage any size of dick, as it’s soon rock hard and pushing down my throat.Bonnie’s loving this, watching me do my best deep-throat job on Dan’s dick. She has her hand inside her panties, rubbing herself, then she pulls the skimpy cotton undies down, and pushes three fingers into her pussy, pumping them in and out while I suck away.“Do you want a go now?” I say, pulling his thick shaft out, leaving a thin string of saliva dangling from the tip.“I want it in me,” says Bonnie bluntly. “In my cunt, I mean.”I smile. “I’ve got him nice and hard for you. But are you sure you can take it all?” It’s definitely at least eight inches, and thick as well.“I don’t care, I just want it,” she says, filthy little slut that she is.“Do you want to fuck her?” I ask Dan, thinking I’d better check he’s up for it.“Oh, fuck yes,” he gasps, so that’s okay.The trouble is, when he pushes her against the wall ready to shove it in, she’s a good foot too short, and his dick is just rubbing against her tummy. But he knows what to do, and picks her up and lowers her onto his erection, which is sticking up vertically.For a moment his knob is pushing against her pubic mound, trying to find her slit, but I grab it and put it in the right spot. Bonnie drops down onto it with a gasp and a slurp, and then they’re fucking like it’s their last chance before the world ends. Bonnie wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and bounces up and down, while he meets her with thrusts of his own. She’s gasping and squealing, and he’s grunting away, supporting himself with one hand against the wall while the other squeezes her little boobs roughly. It’s a good job the walls are already vibrating with the music inside.

Deep throbbing techno beat making my whole body throb. Dazzling lights flashing in time to the beat. Dense smoke enveloping the DJ at the sampler box. Even in my skimpy shirt I’m sweating as I bounce and jiggle. It’s time to give everyone a thrill. I whip off my shirt and let my bare boobs…

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