Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 01


I am a 40 year old Midwest housewife. My name is Donna, but have had the nickname “DD” since my early teens due to my large chest. I have been married 16 years to my husband Dave. We have two pre-teen kids. Dave has been a good supporter as I have only had to work part time jobs and been able to focus on raising our children.

Our marriage was rock solid until Dave confessed to me an affair he had with a coworker. I had suspected it all along but didn’t have any proof. He promised to discontinue seeing her. I still love him but my sexual desire for him waned after that. Since then I have mainly faked it during sex. I never thought of revengeful cheating however the hurt it caused was hard to live with. I thought I was all my husband would desire.

I often receive whistles and comments from men when I am out and about. I am 5’5, 160, maybe a borderline BBW. I have dark brown hair that is shoulder length, brown eyes as I am Native American with a hint of Irish. Now my figure is what turns heads. I wear a GG cup bra, small waist and have a big round ass to balance out my hourglass figure. People say I am like Jessica Rabbit on steroids. I am proud of my figure, I don’t have to workout or diet real hard. I have been blessed with being natural.

About three months ago I pulled into a grocery store parking lot. As I was walking into the store I noticed a car pulling in next to my SUV with a woman and a infant child in a car seat. I went inside the store remembering my children at that age and how I missed those days.

I only had to purchase a few items and was in the store maybe twenty minutes. As I exited I noticed a small crowd of people around my SUV and a police car parked behind it. I stopped for a moment to analyze the situation. I noticed the cop working on the driver door with a metal tool of the car that the young mother had pulled next to me in.

As I approached the small crowd and noticed the young mother sobbing hysterically. She had locked her keys in the car and the infant was locked inside. It was early May and the temperature that day was in the mid 90’s. The Midwest gets the extreme of all four season. I could see the infant in the car seat. He was sleeping away and didn’t notice anything. After a couple of minutes which seemed like forever the officer was able to unlock the door and the young mother retrieved her baby. The child was fine. The small crowd began clapping and praising the officer.

That’s when I noticed him. I have always been so in love with Dave that until this moment I had never really noticed another man in this aspect. He was tall, about 6’1, nice broad shoulders and strong arms. His uniform shirt sleeves could barely contain his biceps. He had a shaved head and intense blue eyes. His face was ruggedly handsome, kind of reminded me of a mix of Bruce Willis and Ed Harris.

I wasn’t sure of his age but he looked to be mid to late 30’s. I watched him calm the young mother almost in a fatherly way. He had a very stern look about him but yet seemed so nice. He then walked to his police car and smiled in a boyish grin as he told me he would move so I could get into my SUV. I then went home and made dinner however I couldn’t get the image of that cop out of my mind. I had never looked at another man in that manner since I had been married. I felt guilty for having those thoughts.

After a couple of days of thinking about the officer I let it subside. The guilt overwhelmed me. I was raised to be true to my man no matter the circumstances. I went on about my life giving the officer no second thought.

Almost three months later in late August I noticed our neighbors had put their home up for sale. They were a elderly couple who were very friendly, my family cherished them living next door. I then noticed several real estate agents showing the house throughout the week. The elderly neighbor, Larry McGregor, told Maltepe Escort my husband that a offer had been made and the house was sold. He and his wife would be moving out in a week. My family was sad to see them go.

After the McGregor’s moved out I noticed a U-Haul truck in the driveway the next day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him, it was the cop from the grocery store I had seen in the early part of summer. I watched as he unloaded the truck with his furniture and belongings. I told my husband we should go introduce ourselves and that we did. We met our new neighbor, Allen. He told us he had been divorced for five years and had tired of living in a apartment and decided to purchase a house. He had been a police officer for several years and served in the Marine Corps before that. Dave and I offered to help him move some items but he declined and said he had some coworkers on their way to help him unload the large items.

As we stood there chatting with him I wondered if he remembered me. If he did he didn’t let on. He was wearing shorts and a tank top. His muscles were pumped from unloading the moving truck. I felt a tingle down below, this guy was turning me on. Dave and I welcomed him to the neighborhood and went back home.

Over the next two weeks I would look out my kitchen window and watch Allen while he mowed and did yardwork. He never wore a shirt and the sun made him sweat which highlighted his muscles. I guessed he weighed a little over 200lbs, he wasn’t like bodybuilder big but very fit and sculpted, reminded me of the actors in the movie 300. My husband sadly had let himself go, he had stopped working out and put on quite a few pounds in his mid section. He still had a handsome face but the hurt from his affair still lingered.

One night while watching tv in bed with Dave I heard his cell phone chime that he received a text. Dave had fallen asleep so I nudged him awake to check his phone. He works in sales so his phone constantly receives calls, text, emails so I didn’t think twice about it. Dave checked his phone and the look on his face was shocked. I ask him what was wrong. He fiddled with his phone and said it was a client and said all was fine. He then turned off his phone which I thought was unusual and went back to sleep. His shocked expression had me curious so I did something I never had done before. I grabbed his phone and checked it. In the text message section there was a number with no name and the text said “POSITIVE”. His reply was “We will talk about it tomorrow.”. I was curious but decided to sleep on it.

The next day I got up and got Dave off to work. I was off that day from my part time waitress job. I noticed a unfamiliar car in Allen’s driveway and figured he had company. I went outside to check the mail. I then heard what sounded like screams of pleasure coming from Allen’s house. The windows in his house were opened and it sounded like a wild sex session was happening in his living room. I listened to the woman cry how much she was cumming and not to stop. I did get wet just listening to it. Dave and I hadn’t had sex like that since his affair.

I went inside my house and went straight to my bedroom. Since my kids were home I turned on my bedroom tv, shut and locked the door and pleased myself with a vibrating sex toy. I closed my eyes and imagined I was the woman having sex with Allen. After I finished I did feel a tad bit guilty but the orgasm I had made me light headed and weak.

That night after the kids went to bed I confronted Dave about the text message I found on his phone. His face said it all, I knew he was having an affair again. After awhile of interrogating him he broke down and confessed. The text that said “POSITIVE” was from his mistress of the past year. He said she was pregnant and the child was his.

Totally devastated I didn’t know how to react. I wanted Anadolu Yakası Escort to scream and yell. He swore after his first affair that he would never cheat on me again and now this. Not only had he cheated on me again but now a child had been conceived. I felt so betrayed. We then started arguing. I thought I had maintained a calm voice but I then heard a knock at the door. I went to the door and noticed Allen standing in his uniform on my porch. I opened the door and he said he had just got home from work and heard the commotion and inquired if everything was ok. I told him Dave and I were arguing and that was it. He ask if he needed to intervene and I told him no and that we would be fine. He said not to hesitate to knock on his door if I needed to.

I thanked him and shut the door feeling embarrassed. I told Dave I needed to leave the house and go clear my mind. He apologized repeatedly and agreed that we should be apart for a bit.

As I started my car my sadness turned to anger. Dave swore to me he would be faithful, not only had he betrayed again me but he had got another woman pregnant. I couldn’t think straight. As I backed out of the driveway I looked at Allen’s house. His living room light was on and his truck was in the driveway. This gave me a idea. I drove a couple blocks away and parked at a elementary school. I parked my SUV and got out and walked to Allen’s house coming the opposite way of my place. I knocked on his door and he answered wearing only a robe. I apologized to him for bothering him so late but I needed to talk. He let me in, I noticed the cologne he was wearing had such a masculine scent, he listened to my situation with Dave.

The whole time all I could do was stare at his blue eyes. He told me he remembered me from the grocery store parking lot. I was very surprised. I told him I remembered that day very well also and how excited I was when he first moved in. He told me his marriage was similar in a sense. His wife had cheated on him and became pregnant by another man. He couldn’t accept that and they divorced. He had been doing internet dating since but hadn’t found anyone to be serious with. He laughed and said he was enjoying his Charlie Sheen days. He made me feel very comfortable.

I soon forgot the situation with my husband and began fantasizing about Allen. As we were sitting on opposite ends of his couch I turned my body towards him and began stroking my hair. As I spoke he laughed and stopped me. He said that he could read body language and that mine was giving him a green light. I ask him and he explained the stop light principal, red means stop, yellow proceed with caution and green means go. He then stood up and untied his robe. As he untied his robe I was in awe of his perfect body. Not a ounce of fat, nice muscles and the biggest dick I had ever seen. I thought my husband was big but his dick had to be at least 9 inches and was thick.

He smiled as he stepped towards me grabbing the back of my head and pulled it towards his dick. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I was so full of emotion I let him take me. I began licking his dick and looking at it in amazement. I then put the head of it in my mouth and began sucking while stroking it. While sucking his cock he told me how he had fantasized about me since the saw me at the store.

This turned me on so much, hearing a man express his desire towards me. I then sat back and lifted my shirt and took off my bra letting my huge breast fall. Allen said how beautiful my breasts were and that he was a bona fide tit man. He then lifted my breast and stuck his dick between them. My husband had never done this, he had always complained my breast were to big and never gave them much attention. Allen told me to rub and stroke his dick with my boobs. He placed my hands on them and ushered me on. I was amazed at the sensation and how I had İstanbul Escort never pleased a man in this manner.

After stroking his beautiful cock with my tits for a few minutes he stepped back, taking my hand and pulling me up from the couch. He lead me to his bedroom. His bed was situated against the far wall and directly adjacent to it was the closet, the closet doors were mirrored from top to bottom.

Allen hopped on the bed and stood on his knees, he began stroking his dick and told me to take off my shorts and panties. As I slid them off Allen commented on my figure. He said I reminded him of the girl that you see on the back of truck mud flaps, the one with the tiny waist and curvy hips and chest. My husband had never complimented me that way and had often said I could lose 10-15lbs.

I hopped on the bed and Allen attacked me in a aggressive manner. His hands were all over my body, groping and grabbing everything he could. He lifted my breast to his mouth and gently bit and sucked my nipples. His little bites sent electricity through me. I felt as I was going to orgasm just from that.

He then stuck two fingers in my pussy and began stroking his fingers in a come here motion. At first it tickled and after about a half minute of this I thought I was going to pass out and he made me squirt. I had never done that in my life, my legs were shaking controllably. I have had friends tell me about it but didn’t believe it. Allen just giggled and ask if my gspot had ever done that. I told him no and said it felt amazing. He told me he learned that trick several years ago and many gals become hooked after he did that to them.

He then told me how he likes to please a woman and that is how he differs from a lot of men. He then had me lay on my back, he spread my legs and put his dick in me.

At first I didn’t think it would fit but he slowly and gently worked it in. The stretching I felt was unreal. I thought Dave was hung but Allen made Dave seem small. He slowly worked that big dick in and out of my pussy until it was all the way inside of me. I started grinding against him, I started to orgasm after just a few strokes, his dick was hitting places never hit before.

He turned my head towards the mirrored closet doors and told me to watch him fuck me. His fit, muscled body on top of me pounding away, it made the sex even that much hotter. Each time he pumped my tits heaved back and forth. He then grabbed my ankles and push them towards my shoulders.

He told me to hold onto him tight, he began pumping me with such force, my body was pinned to the bed. His dick was massaging my gspot so much I began squirting uncontrollably. My screams were piercing, I now know why I heard such passion the day I heard him fucking a woman in his living room. This man could fuck and pleasuring a woman was his specialty. He continued pumping away and making me squirt more. All the liquid I was gushing out was soaking both of us. I started to black out as he continued to pump harder, he then yelled and his body began twitching. I could feel his dick grow even bigger inside of me as a hot load of cum filled my pussy. He collapsed on me.

We were both soaked with sweat and my pussy juice. He then chuckled and said he knew the day he moved in that he and I would be intimate. I ask him how he knew. He told me he had seen me peek through my kitchen windows while he did yardwork and knew I was interested.

I then realized I probably should get back home to deal with my unfaithful husband. I thanked Allen for the amazing sex and that I needed to leave. He smiled and said he patiently awaits the next time we get together.

I cleaned up the best I could and put my clothes back on. I walked back to the school where my SUV was parked. I felt as if I should feel guilty but honestly didn’t. My pussy was sore from the hard pounding it had received.

I started the ignition and drove home. I looked at the clock and realized I had been gone over three hours. I drove back home. As I got out of my SUV I walked upstairs into the house. I could smell Allen’s cologne and sex on me. I wondered if Dave would notice…

To be continued.

I am a 40 year old Midwest housewife. My name is Donna, but have had the nickname “DD” since my early teens due to my large chest. I have been married 16 years to my husband Dave. We have two pre-teen kids. Dave has been a good supporter as I have only had to work…

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