Blackmailed Couple Ch. 22

Blackmailed Couple Ch. 22


Note from the author: First I want to apologize for taking so long to get this next chapter out. I promise the following chapter will come out sooner! Also, I want to thank all who wrote to me… I’ve had so many positive notes, and notes asking for the next chapter… it would take forever to respond to them all! I’m thrilled that so many have enjoyed this story… yes, it’s about time to wrap it up… but I’ll definitely get this one wrapped up one way or another. Enjoy…

Chapter Twenty Two:


Anna stayed in the bedroom the rest of the day. She’d taken a long, long shower, and wanted to be left alone. I’d spent most of the day tinkering in the garage, trying to keep my mind off of everything; but the cock cage kept my mind on my position.

That evening we sat quietly on the couch together. Her face was ok, not really showing any of the marks that I’d been afraid would stay.

And then Master Mark showed up. He was back in town now, and despite the pain it brought to me, I was almost somewhat relieved to see him. I’d answered the door because Anna had almost turned to tears when the doorbell rang. I brought him down to the living room where we had been watching TV.

He greeted Anna and sat down next to her; he allowed me to sit in one of the chairs across the room, but I realized that he was in a serious mood.

After a brief casual conversation about his trip out of town on business, he brought us back to the reality of our situation.

“Listen. I want you both to know that things have gone further than I had expected; I’m not against it, it’s where I want you to be….but I need you both to focus on trusting me. I’m your best hope in all of this, and I need your undivided loyalty and trust. Believe it or not, my own situation is not completely unlike yours. I’m in this for the long haul, and I don’t have complete and total authority over you now. The Group has that control, and it’s not something I can easily overthrow; but I do have a measure of authority, and I will do my best to protect both of you.” He looked at me, locking his strong eyes on me. “Eddie, you have to trust me, and do things that I say. If you want to protect your wife, you have to trust in me.”

Suddenly Anna broke down, grabbing on to him and sobbing into his shoulder. “Please, Mark. I’m scared. The things that have been done to me, and now…..god, please.”

It killed me inside, to see her looking to him in that way. But I knew that He was the only one who could help us.

He was actually soothing to her; he put his arm around her, and quietly ‘shushed’ her, telling her it would be ok.

Then he turned to me, as she continued softly whimpering in his arm. “Eddie, I understand that you are now locked away. Stand up for me, strip completely. Stand over here, so I can see what’s been done to you.”

Through all of our talking so far, I’d had a moment to think that maybe the evening would go by without the physical reminder of our situation. But now I knew that I wouldn’t be able to avoid the humiliation. I stood, quietly taking off all of my clothing. The reality of standing naked, with a cock cage on, before my wife and Master in my own living room left me light headed, shamed. I stood there quietly, with my eyes down, while Master Mark took in the sight of my shame. It hurt inside, feeling the arousal hitting again, and feeling the trapped sensation of my inability to even gain a full erection.

Anna had stopped her sobbing, and opened her eyes in time to see Him reach out and idly fondle my bound cock. As He cupped my balls, a slight smile escaped His lips. “Yes, you are definitely in quite a predicament eddie. Tell me. You know that your sexuality is controlled completely, don’t you.”

My submission was in full swing already, and I nodded yes. My voice was nothing but a whisper. “Yes Master.”

Without taking His hand from my balls, he turned his attention to my wife. “Anna, you see how powerless he is now, don’t you.” She simply nodded a yes, as she sniffled, getting control back over her own emotions. “And you know that I’m your only protector in this, yes? Look at me, and tell me, even as I hold your husband’s balls.”

I felt my own cheeks flushing at the reality of his words, and also noted the flush on Anna’s face as she accepted the inevitable. “Yes, Master, I know You are my protector. Please, Master. I’ll do whatever You want. Please. Just please protect us.”

“Kiss me.” It was a simple command, but overwhelming for me to stand and watch. I sank deep inside, as I watched the woman I love reach up to kiss Him. She knew what he wanted. She knew it wasn’t a sexual kiss; it was a kiss of passion. A kiss that would be normally reserved for the man she loves.

The kiss lasted forever. I felt his grip on my balls tighten, as she continued until he was satisfied.

“Good girl.” His eyes were penetrating hers, and they shared something intimate mersin escort in that moment. Then he turned back to me. “Eddie, you need to be the most obedient you have ever been. Next weekend, we are having another gathering; it won’t be a full blown party, this is planned as an initiation for the both of you.”

His pause had a dramatic effect, and Anna had tensed up. Suddenly she was pleading. “Mark, Master Mark…please…. I’ll do anything You want, we’ll both do anything You want….just please, don’t take us back there. Please, just let this be between us, You know we’ll do anything You want, for as long as You want…..”

Her voice died off as His stare at her became cold. “No. It cannot be that way. The Group has control of you, and there’s nothing I can do. We have to be careful….” He seemed to be contemplating something, and then he let it go. “Listen to me. I am the closest thing you have to a friend in this, but don’t mistake that for weakness. I have my own personal desires in this, and I will do what I can to make things go the way I want.” He emphasized it strongly, HIS way. Inside, my stomach was churning, and I knew I needed to support my wife, I needed to do something, anything, to protect her.

I knelt down suddenly, and looked up into His strong eyes with a pleading. “Please Master. Please…. I don’t care what happens to me. Just…..please…take care of Anna.”

A smile crept onto His face. “Yes, very good eddie. Keep that train of thought. You make sure you remember saying that. Eddie, you will do anything, ANYTHING, to have me be your wife’s protector?”

His words twisted in my mind. I knew I was being set up, but I couldn’t see any way around it. “Yes. Yes Master. I’ll do anything to have You be the protector of my wife. Please.” It was genuine. My pleading was real, and I knew it had real consequences.

I felt Anna’s eyes on me, and for a moment I could feel her love so strongly again.

Suddenly He stood. “Anna, go upstairs, and wait for me in bed. Eddie, come with me.”

I was led, naked, down to the basement. A pair of handcuffs came from nowhere, and I was given a small towel from the laundry to ‘sit’ on right next to the furnace. The cuffs were on my wrists, behind my back, through a pole against the cement wall. Just before leaving me there, he leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I’m going up to fuck your wife, eddie, in your bed. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear, but I’m hoping the ductwork allows you to at least hear a little. If not, then keep in mind that she’s going to be making love to me tonight. And eddie. Next week…I’m going to make sure things go my way; and I will expect you to abide by your stated desire to do ANYTHING.”

With that, he left me alone, in the dark, naked, and unable to even get a full erection. God how I felt the internal agony. I stayed there awake for hours. I never could hear much of anything going on upstairs, but my imagination filled in all of the silence. Even when I knew it must be 3a.m., and knew they were likely asleep together, I was awake, in agony. So much pain, to imagine a man in my bed, with my wife…picturing her curled up against him, and wanting him to be her protector. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take, and my mind disappeared into fitful dreams as exhaustion took away my consciousness.


Anna was the one to wake me, and release me. She wouldn’t talk about the night. She was distant, cold. During the day on Sunday, I heard her talking quietly on the phone several times. I knew to leave her alone, and fell into my own world.

The week went by as “normal” as normal can be. We had no visitors, although I knew that Anna was spending a lot of time on the phone in the evenings. I didn’t dare ask what was going on during the daytime, if anything. By Friday, I still had no new information on the events that were planned for us, although I suspected Anna had more information by now. The kids were once again going to their grandparents, for the whole weekend. After work on Friday, Anna let me know that we were going to be gone for more than one night this time, but that we didn’t need to worry about packing.

For me, the intensity was unbearable; but in a way I really didn’t understand. I’ve never felt so powerless, as I felt now. The sexual desires inside of me were burning beyond anything I’ve ever felt, likely because of the fact that I could never even attain a full erection. I needed relief, but couldn’t even get to the point of being able to simulate in my mind humping anything in front of me. The humiliation of my whole situation had completely overwhelmed my mind, and I think I was to the point that had been intended all along: I was a submissive married man. Completely submissive. My desire was to obey, completely, fully. Simple. To obey.

I guess that’s why I didn’t press Anna all week for more information; kocaeli escort I didn’t press her even now, as we prepared for the weekend. I put on the clothing that she wanted me in, and I submissively waited on her, bringing her anything she wanted. And then I was waiting downstairs for her, not even knowing if we were going to be picked up or if we were driving together.

Anna answered the door, when the bell rang. She led 3 men in. One I recognized as being one of the more outspoken at the last party; older, but distinguished. The other 2 men were big guys, typical ‘stud’ looking guys; briefly my mind pictured them as “the muscle” of the group.

“Eddie, we’ve met before, but I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. Everyone calls me Doc. I understand you are ready to join us in your role formally this evening, yes?”

I wanted to tell him that I had no idea what was going on, that I wanted to get out of this badly…but I knew better. Humbly, I answered respectfully. “Yes Sir.”

He turned briefly to address his companions. “Gentlemen, why don’t you trade out the vehicles. Anna, get the keys to the car in the garage, and help them out. They know what to do. I want to spend a minute talking with eddie.”

His tone was clearly superior, like a real doctor…which later I found out he really was. He sat down on the couch next to me, and his tone seemed friendly, but I could sense the power that he knew he held.

“eddie, before we leave, you are going to be given something. But I need some information first.” He proceeded to ask me medical questions, about allergies, my family history, and such. Satisfied, he opened a briefcase that I hadn’t really noticed that he’d brought in. At that time, Anna came back in from the garage, and the 2 men were close behind her.

“Good, Anna dear, you’re just in time. I need you to help with this.” He focused intently on what he was doing, filling a syringe, while he spoke almost idly to us. “I need your help Anna, because I want this mental impact of what you’re doing as well as the physical assistance. Take the bottle of alcohol that you see there, and use one of the cotton balls to clean his arm, just like what you’ve had done or seen on TV. No, no, not there, right there…” he pointed to the crook of my arm. “See that big vein there? That’s what we’re shooting for.”

I felt the trepidation inside, but was already mentally prepared to obey as expected. I knew that I had to go through this, that there just really was no other choice. And I didn’t even know what it was that was happening.

“Good girl, Anna.” His voice was so much like that of a grandfather talking to a young girl. “Now, eddie, hold out your arm for me. Anna, you understand, yes?” I was missing something, but saw her slowly nod her head.

The prick into my arm stung. I’ve always hated shots. I know I should have been fearing for my life, but I was resigned. It didn’t surprise me to feel the wooziness coming on. I leaned back, hearing his voice slowly becoming more distant. “Yes, good boy eddie, just lie back and relax, just let go.” A soft chuckle. “When you wake, things will be different for you. Your life will be changed, and you will know your place finally.” Then everything went black.

Anna watched as her husband quietly, obediently surrendered to being drugged. It had sunk in deeply, over the last month, that he was now so absorbed into this circle of darkness, that it really didn’t surprise her that he allowed this to be done.

She was aware of her own descent, and had come to accept the simple fact that she had no control, and that even her own husband could no longer save them. Her hope, the small light that she focused on now, was the thought that maybe Mark would take care of them. He’d given her that hope, last weekend, when she’d made love to him like there was no tomorrow. He knew he had her, and she wanted to show him. All of the harshness from the past month had broken her down, and she now knew that she needed Mark, that she wanted him… she could even admit to herself that she loved him. She loved His control, she loved His power. And now it was something she needed; not just for her own desires, but for her own survival. She needed to belong to Him, in every way, to survive this.

This past week, Master Mark had spoken with her daily; she felt that he was confiding in her, telling her things….but still she honestly didn’t know what was going to happen this weekend. She knew though, that both she and her husband would be drugged before leaving the house. She knew that she was to keep everything to herself, telling nothing to her husband, and even keeping silent to Those that she would come into contact with. She was to be the submissive, completely. And she was. It was more than just an act…it was now who she was; and she knew it.

She watched as her husband fell into a deep slumber. samsun escort Watched as the two men came around to strip him of his clothing, bind him up carefully, and then carry him out to their car that was now in the garage.

She then obediently stripped off her own clothing, and knelt down before Doc, holding her arm out willingly to accept her own drugging. It almost seemed euphoric, the whole situation, as she felt the haze come over her, fogging her mind into a driftless void.

Voices haunted my ‘sleep’. Pictures were painted in my mind, pictures of my wife as a slave, serving as a submissive sexual slut. Pictures of Cocks flooded my mind, their power over my wife as well as myself, images of myself kneeling and worshipping a large Cock, a darkly clad Master hazy in my view standing over me. I could feel arousal, aching arousal, unsatisfied bound arousal.

Slowly I came to realize my eyes were open, and some of the images were real. I could see a man clad in black leather near me, busy in some way. I could see bondage equipment everywhere, tables to bind people, chains hanging from the walls, a glow from a fireplace. I was lying on a table, my hands spread over my head clasped by metal holding them tightly. My legs were spread as well, widely, with my feet raised in stirrups holding them up and away from my body. I could feel a sensation between my legs; a wetness, and something touching me. Looking down in my haze, I could see a figure shaving me. My legs, my crotch, even my ass. It was a surreal sensation, in my still drugged state, feeling a hand testing the smoothness of my legs, even as my crotch was receiving the careful finishing touches of being denuded.

I realized that I was still hearing the voices that were making me see the Power of the Cock; it was in my head, and it wasn’t coming from those in the room. Headphones. I had headphones on. The voice I could hear at the moment was a dark male voice, bold despite the whisper. “….nothing left for You now but to worship the Cock. There is no choice now, eddie. You will worship the Cock; all Cocks are superior to you. Your role, from here on out, is to provide pleasure to the Superior Cocks, in any way that’s demanded of you. Your wife, the woman you love, she is there for the Cock. You are there for the Cock; your mouth is a portal for It, and you must always remember to obey the Cock.”

It kept on, and on. I realized it had been in my head forever, it seemed. Slowly it came back to me that I’d allowed myself to be drugged; most likely the recording had been going on for hours now. Even as I tried to take in my surroundings, images of Cock Worship were there in my mind. It was a feeling inside of me, as if that’s the way it had to be. My wife, myself….slaves to the Cock.

Anna slowly found herself in a dreamworld. She knew she’d been having a restless ‘sleep’, with voices in her head reminding her of her new role serving the Group. Different male voices were still in her head, voices she recognized from the core Group that now owned her. Individually, she had hazy memories of them, with reminders that her body was no longer her own; she knew she did not belong to her husband anymore, and she knew that the man she loved was already being absorbed into submission to them. The voices slowly became clearer to her, as she came out of her drugged state. She also realized that her eyes were open, and she was seeing feminine hands in front of her face, close to her, as they worked on putting makeup on her. Every now and then, something, fingers, manipulated her sex which she remembered was bare. Her arms were behind her, bound tightly; by the texture, it felt to be solid leather all the way up to her shoulders. As consciousness slowly came to her, she could see the background; there were a couple of men in the room talking seriously in a quiet manner. The voices in her head were coming from headphones, she realized. “Anna, every part of your body belongs to the Group. You know us now, and We know you. We know every part of you, every part of your life. Your husband is ours now, provided to us by your own carnal desires. It’s too late to go back, and you know this. The marking on your bodies will be symbolic, known to all in our Group. From this moment on, you are no longer in control of anything. Every function of your body, from eating to breathing to sexual pleasure, it belongs to the group. Tonight, the special kind of branding will confirm that.”

The voice went on, and was replaced by yet another dominant male voice, and the words remained in her mind even as she slowly came to grips with the position that she was now in.

After a time, Master Mark was before her, his calm smile soothing to her. The woman applying makeup to her had left, but still she could feel an occasional fingering of her now soaked need between her legs. She’d realized that her bondage also included a high-neck collar, one that kept her from looking down at her body that she knew was still naked.

Master Mark reached out to her, and she felt the headphones being removed. “Anna.” Just the sound of his voice made her ache inside, and suddenly she wanted badly to feel him plunge into her. “Your husband is being prepared for your initiation, and it seems you are almost ready.”

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