Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 02


Careful not to appear too anxious, Sam waited two days to call Cass. He tried to sound calm after she said hello, but his voice came out shaky instead.

“Why’d you wait so long?” she asked. “I gave you my number.”

“It’s not that,” Sam answered. “I’m widowed, you see. Haven’t been with someone since my wife died.”

“I’m so sorry, baby. How long ago?”

“Eight months, but I knew it was coming.” Sam’s voice had recovered. She’d put him on steady ground. “She got really sick, but the doc found out too late.”

“Oh my, no wonder you sounded so nervous. You seemed pretty calm ’round your friend at the bar. “

“Oh yeah, Joey. We go way back. Quite a place he has, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I’d rather go somewhere more private,” Cass answered. “Since you haven’t been with a woman for a while.”

Sam took a short breath. “Yeah, me too.” What do you have in mind?”

Cass gave him the hotel and room where she was staying. “It’s the Premier Suite, top of the place. I plan to be here for a little while.”

Sam went through the rest of his day carrying about his business. Fords always sold briskly. Most buyers already knew what they wanted, but he had the rare one who’d dared to look at a Chevy and challenge him to lower his price. Occasionally, he’d relent and drop the price a few bucks, if he had that sixth sense the customer would come back when the time came for a new car. He’d done that once today with a young couple who’d put money down. But twice more he said ‘no’. The buyers tried to talk him down too much. “Go buy the Chevy, ” he told them. “Put the money in the mechanic’s pocket,” Bostancı Escort he said as he shook their hand at the door. However, while his grip was firm, he was nervous inside.

The nervousness continued as he drove to Cass’s hotel. His foot did a soft jig on the elevator floor as he watched the arrow slowly point to the top floor. When he reached the Premier Suite, he knocked on the door. His heart beat faster as he heard footsteps approach from the other side.

Cass opened the door. “Hey baby, C’mon in,” she said, licking her lips.

Sam’s heart beat faster as he looked down first. She wore a low-cut blue silk top and a very short skirt that stopped just above her knees.

“Hey, look up,” she said, touching his cheek. “I got beautiful eyes, too.”

Sam straightened up, fixed his tie, and grinned. “Yeah, you sure do.”

“Well don’t just stand there,” she said. “C’mon in.” She led him into the suite by the arm, not letting go as she showed him around. Dresses of all colors lay over the couch backs and chairs.”

“All your’s?” Sam asked.

“Some. I’m delivering the others. Got accounts all over.”

With dresses covering all of the chairs and couches, the bed was the only place they could sit.

“Tell me something,” she said after they sat at the edge of the bed. “Why me? You’re a pretty good lookin’ guy. Not many like you go for big girls.”

“My wife was. It was just something for me when I met her. Something about her body just reached inside me. I just knew she was the one.”

“I’m so sorry about your wife.” She touched his hand then squeezed Ümraniye Escort it.

“Edith, yeah. She was everything to me. My life. She was beautiful, smart, the whole deal. You’re as close as I’ve seen to her.”

Cass blushed. “Oh my, baby. That’s the nicest thing any man has ever said to me.”

“You ever marry?” Sam asked. “I don’t see a wedding ring.” Cass wore rings on several fingers, the ring finger as intricately detailed as the others.

“No. I’ve had proposals, sure. But I never took ’em seriously. Men want me for one thing or the other. Usually the other,but they appreciate business, too.” Sam smiled. “I can’t see why any man would turn you away.”

“You’re sweet,” she said as she ran her fingers along his elbow and arm. “Cute, too. Now I want you to get up and lock the door.”

“You don’t want to go out.”

Cass touched his lips. “Honey, if I’m your first since your wife, I want this to be something special.”


“I’ve never been with anyone like you,” Sam said. He lay on his back, Cass beside him, smoking a cigarette, and she smoked one too. “I can barely move.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” she replied. Cass put out her cigarette, got up from the bed and posed as if she were a fixture in a gentlemen’s buff magazine. She did a fashion model strut in front of the bed, first with hands on hips, then massaging her large pink nipples. Sam stretched to reach for her, only to trace the curves of her buttocks.

“Wouldn’t think of you as an ass man,” she said, and smiled.

“I love it. My wife had a gorgeous Kartal Escort ass, like yours, but she wasn’t as tall and leggy as you are. Can’t explain, but I love it.”

Cass bent over to show her derriere in fuller view. Sam caressed the cheeks and kissed them, first very gently, then pressed his lips harder as she purred her approval. He couldn’t get enough of her golden soft skin. After a minute of kissing and licking, Cass playfully pushed Sam away.

“Down boy,” she said. “We have to shower. We’re going out.”

“Why don’t we save time and shower together? I’m sure the shower’s big enough for two in this suite.”

Cass shook her head. “No sweetie, it’s just a claw tub with a curtain, like you’ve got at home. Guess there’s some creature comforts we have to do without. And you’re showering first.”

“Why’s that? Why can’t you go ahead? Takes more time for a lady to freshen up.”

“‘Cause I know when you get in that shower, you’ll be thinking of me. You’ll keep me waiting,” she said then giggled.

Sam showered first, as she’d requested then stepped into the bedroom dried off, but covered only by a hotel towel. Cass lit another cigarette and had stayed on the bed, posed as if she wanted to go another round under the covers. But this time, she only wanted to watch Sam dress. Cass got up from the bed after Sam was ready to put on his shirt and tie. She playfully massaged his chest, running her hands between the buttons, but not removing his shirt. She took his tie from his hands and tied it for him, as well as he’d ever done before setting out for work. Then she resumed the soothing chest massage for a moment while they kissed.

“I know another use for this,” she said, playing with his tie. “but that will have to wait. Be right back, baby,” she said, before she stepped into the shower. The throbbing in Sam’s crotch died down after she closed the door.

Careful not to appear too anxious, Sam waited two days to call Cass. He tried to sound calm after she said hello, but his voice came out shaky instead. “Why’d you wait so long?” she asked. “I gave you my number.” “It’s not that,” Sam answered. “I’m widowed, you see. Haven’t been with someone since…

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