Betty Loves Daddy

Betty Loves Daddy

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It was a usual morning for Betty, her chirpy self got up lazily out of the bed, the smell of pancakes drawing her to the kitchen quickly.

Becky was naked. Just like her step-father had told her to be. After her mother died and she was left with her step-father Stephen, the rules around the house changed quite a bit. The fact that Betty was homeschooled till now also helped in molding her as the gullible 18-year old that she was now.

No interaction to the outer world other than her teachers (all of those were females of course) and the church they were a part of, the nuns helping Betty through her teenage years telling her how serving Jesus and dedicating herself to her family was the way of living in the god’s name.

As she reached the kitchen she saw her step-father behind the stove, singing some tune and flipping pancakes for her. Her body tingled weirdly as she saw her step-father half-naked, her 38DD boobs perking up and her nipples jutting out as the sensations in her pussy made her twist and turn trying to relieve the tension building down there.

He has tried to be a good parent or at least a friend Betty could talk to but he has always been a bit distant. That all changed a few months back though. Betty’s 18th birthday had just passed and Stephen had taken a much-needed break from his office to relax a little bit around the house.

Betty who was used to Stephen being away from early in the morning didn’t realize that he was in the home and went out of her room like she did every day, stark naked like the day she was born.

Stephen was stunned, to say the least.

She had the same round, big beautiful hazel eyes looking at Stephen with such love and comfort, but that wasn’t the part of her body that had Stephen’s attention. His eyes went to her waist as small as her mother but the youth making her flesh taught and without any mass there she was a beauty to behold.

Her slim waist ended in her flaring hips that no amount of modest dresses could hide. Betty had the perfect hourglass figure and her extreme fitness regime that Stephen ordered her to participate in made her shed all the baby fat that her growing teenage years had left her.

He and chocked on his coffee and the noise made Betty realize she wasn’t alone in the house about to turn away and run back inside her room Stephen said something that surprised them both.

“Hey love, going back inside?” Stephen said looking directly at Betty as if her naked body was of no concern whatsoever.

Betty turned around and looked at Stephen a little embarrassed that her secret was out. Betty didn’t like clothes and would rather stay naked if no one was around. Though she knew it was wrong to stay naked in front of anyone else she has been used to having her mornings vacant and had quickly became used to walking naked in the house.

“Hi daddy, I am just going to go back inside and put something on real quick okay,” Betty said already turning around.

Stephen piped up once again, his tongue now completely out of his control “Why baby, I am your daddy, I have seen you naked before, you don’t have to hide from me. Its alright love”

Betty looked at Stephen confused as to if she should take him seriously “But daddy I know I shouldn’t be naked like this in front of other people, the nuns in the church have told me so” Betty said to his daddy explaining her hesitation.

“I know love, but the family does not count into that, especially not your parents. I am your father, you can be any way you want to be with me.” Stephen told Betty, the lies spewing out of his mouth so easily he was even surprising himself.

The explanation sounded sensible to Betty and she decided that if her daddy is saying this then it must be true. With this conclusion in mind, Betty came forward and sat in front of Stephen completely naked and went on with her business as usual.

The whole time Stephen looked at Betty as if nothing was out of the ordinary and kept on taking subtle glances at her body. That was the day that Stephen knew he was going to take his step-daughter and no one could stop him from making her his.

Remembering that eventful day and smiling he turned around and smiled at Betty, “Good morning, Sweetheart.” He softly said to her, opening his arms.

Betty ran towards Stephen and hugged him tightly, smashing her body into his, her boobs pressed into his naked chest, squishing flat on his. He curled his arms around her waist going down, reaching towards her ample ass and squeezing it, pushing her towards his groin.

Betty had gotten used to such a warm welcome from his step-father for a few months now, after her last birthday her father has been a lot more lovable to her than before, and easily melted into the hug feeling a weird sensation going on in the middle niğde escort of her legs making her squirm, which intakes made her rub herself on Stephen’s growing erection making him moan involuntarily.

Stephen placed his arms around her and drew her away, he had to wait for the right time, he had to make Betty fall into his trap, make her believe being his is the only way possible for her and then take her to be his forever.

Betty loved her step-father always adored the way he took care of her. He had become a lot more affectionate towards her from the past few months. The day Betty came out naked in front of her daddy and he told her it was alright to do so cause he is family he has been very affectionate towards her.

Long hugs and kisses have become their routine and as the night falls he has started taking her to her room every night tucking her in and saying good night to her like a grown-up.

As he could tuck her in every day he would kiss her deeply. This too is a new routine after her birthday, her father told her that’s how you wish good night to the people you love. He would kiss her and squeeze her tightly towards his body nestling himself between her and pressing her into him tightly before going to his room.

“My beautiful girl, Look at you,” Stephen said, “You are a big girl now, all grown up,” he said squeezing her waist one more time before releasing her.

“Oh yes, daddy” Betty replied excitedly, “I am so happy I am a big girl now, Sister Artha said when I turn 18 I will become a woman but I still don’t know what she meant after 4 months. What happens when a girl becomes a woman daddy?” Betty asked Stephen looking at him with her big beautiful eyes and he couldn’t believe his luck.

Such exquisite beauty and so naive and dumb that he could say anything and she will believe her. Having such power makes his dick so hard he had to take a few deep breaths and calm himself down.

Placing a stack of pancakes on a plate and on the table he sat on a chair and patted his thigh while looking at Betty “Come, Darling, sit. Let daddy explain to you what does becoming a woman means.”

Betty bounced towards him and made herself comfortable on his lap sitting comfortably and keeping her head on his chest, her ass snugged to his groin, her dick stuffed comfortably between her ass cheeks.

Stephen kept his hands around her waist his right hand going up and grabbing her right boob, pinching her nipple, making Betty let out a moan and then releasing it, he said: “When you become a woman, my love, you have only one duty in your life, to serve the man in your life, to devote your mind, body, and soul to the man you love the most, to take up the wifely duties for that man, and to make him your husband and the love of your life.”

Betty listened attentively as Stephen explained to her what becoming a woman meant, all while pawning his big hands over those luscious tits, squeezing them, pinching them, and making Betty so wet she couldn’t comprehend what her father meant exactly.

Stephen then continued “Who is that man in your life betty? Who do you love the most? Who will you devote your life to?”

Betty in her world of pleasure couldn’t think clearly and didn’t understand what trap she was falling into all she could feel was how her daddy’s hand made her feel. Closing her eyes she said, “You daddy, I love you, I have only loved you daddy you are the only man in my life daddy no one else.”

Stephen couldn’t control himself anymore he had to have his little girl now, feel the warmth inside her pussy, break her virgin body, and make her his forever. Just on the brink of complete control he continued squeezing her boobs and starting to give open-mouthed kisses on her neck, betty unconsciously submitting herself to him tilted her head to the other side giving him more room to go on.

He then said “Exactly my love. I am the only man in your life. You love me, only me, there can be no one else ever. You have to devote yourself to me, mind, body, and soul. You have to take up the duties of my wife and treat me as your husband now. Will you do that Betty? Are you ready to become a woman?”

Betty didn’t know how to answer any of this other than with a yes. She has known only one man in her whole life, her daddy. Loved only one man and if becoming a woman meant to give that one man your complete submission then she will listen to the word of the god.

She opened her mouth and said “Oh yes daddy ahhh, I am ready to be your wife, I will obey you, I will do my wifely duties and do whatever you want me to do. What is happening to me daddy, it feels so good.”

Stephen knew he had her in his palms now, literally and figuratively. Her moans out loud made his dick so unbelievably hard he didn’t know it could get ordu escort this hard actually.

He then said to Betty “Love then make your daddy happy. Come let me make you a woman, my woman.” He made betty stand up and turned her, pushed her on her shoulders till she had to kneel in front of him. Looking at her kneeling in front of him completely naked, her boobs red from her assault on them, he couldn’t believe this day has come.

He held her cheeks in his hand and looked right into betty’s eyes, the innocence there making him more sure about his plan. He took her hand and placed it on his hard dick right above his shorts, Betty looked down where her hand was and unconsciously started palming the hardness. Her naive brain trying to understand what she was holding, in the process of which she kept moving her hands on his penis squeezing it hard and long sometimes.

Even from a layer of cloth, the feeling of betty’s hand on Stephen’s dick made him feel like heaven. He took her hands away and stood up took off his shorts and his 8-inch dick sprung up to life.

Betty got startled when the dick sprung upon her, bobbing like a pendulum before coming at rest, the tip of it stopping just in front of her lips. Stephen took Betty’s hand and placed them on his dick, palming his dick through her soft hands, making her understand how to give him his pleasure.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations too much. Slowly he took his hands away but Betty so intrigued by anatomy she had never seen before didn’t stop the motion and kept going on.

The dick too thick to come in her single hand she palmed it with both of her hands doing the bobbing motion just like daddy taught her.

“Taste it, baby, slurp it like a lollipop, suck your daddy’s dick, you little slut” Stephen said the lust reaching its peak and the control slipping from his brain.

“Is this a dick daddy? What does it do? It looks, weird daddy. Do I have to lick it? but why?” Betty asked in a series of questions that Stephen was in no mood of answering.

“When a woman loves a man baby, they love every part of him but they worship his dick, Ohhh just like that keep going Betty, Ah and since you love daddy and you are his wife now you have to love daddy’s cock too. Show your love betty lick it as you love it” Stephen said in between hisses and moans as Betty unknowingly was doing a great job at her first handjob.

Betty needed no more push, she loved her daddy and she knew her daddy would never lie to her, if he says something then it’s the truth. Betty brought her mouth close to the cock, looking at it closely, the girth making her wonder if she could fit it in her mouth. It smelled funny she thought but she had to show daddy that she loves him, so she brought her tongue out timidly and give the dick a little lick, going at the top of it and sucking in the tip, all while looking at her daddy to see if he like it.

Stephen was in heaven, the warmth of a mouth on his dick like a dream come true. He put her hands in Betty’s hair bunching them up like a ponytail and slowly brought her closer to his dick making her take more of him into her mouth. Betty took as much of her father’s dick as could till it rammed into the back of her thought and she gagged.

Stephen knew he had to take it slow but the feel of her mouth and tongue after 8 years of celibacy and only the touch of his hand was making him go crazy. He didn’t stop even when he heard her gag. He kept her mouth on his dick and slowly starting moving in and out.

He couldn’t believe that this was her baby girl’s first blowjob, oh the way she kept slurping him in, sucking his dick like a lollipop and licking his whole dick by her lithe tongue. He knew if he didn’t stop her soon he would cum in her mouth and as much as he would like that, his first load will be in her baby’s virgin pussy.

He held Betty’s head and pushed her away from his dick and he wasn’t sure of it but he might have seen a look of disappointment cross Betty’s face like her daddy took away her favorite treat. Oh, he couldn’t wait to make Betty his cum-loving slut who craved to be filled by his cum anywhere and everywhere.

“Get up baby, daddy wants to get inside you now,” Stephen said as he pulled Becky up and kissed her on her lips passionately.

He could taste himself on her, his pre-cum on her tongue making him go wild in ways he couldn’t comprehend. He scooped up Betty in his arms her legs automatically coming around snugly around his waist, his dick snuggled in her between her warm canal.

He started going towards the bathroom all the while kissing her hard. Becky returned the kiss with great enthusiasm, the feel of her daddy’s dick down there making her go wild.

“Tell me, baby, tell me that look sucking daddy’s dick, that rize escort you’ll always suck daddy’s cock when he’ll come back home in the evening,” Stephen said while walking towards his bedroom giving betty little instructions and training her to be the perfect cum bucket.

“Oh yes daddy as soon as you enter the home I will kneel and suck your cock daddy, everyday daddy I promise,” Betty said, she would agree to anything her daddy said right now. The tingling sensation she felt in the morning when she looked at her daddy has now amplified making her go crazy inside.

Stephen took Betty inside and threw her on his bed. Her big boobs jiggling insanely before coming to a rest on her chest. Oh, how magnificent she looked. Stephen wanted to taste her but he couldn’t control himself anymore he had to go inside Betty’s pussy now.

He went on top of her, both oh her hands encased in one of his and he started kissing betty on her jaw and kept going downwards towards her neck, at the junction of her neck and shoulder he started sucking harshly, knowing that it made Betty go crazy, Betty started writhing on the bed just as Stephen lined himself up in front of her pussy.

“Baby it’s going to hurt a little bit in the start but daddy promises you it’s going to feel so much better later,” Stephen said as he prepared himself to enter Betty.

Betty felt a little scared but she trusted her daddy. He wouldn’t hurt her unnecessarily, so she looked right into her daddy’s eyes and said “I trust you, daddy, you won’t hurt me.”

Stephen couldn’t stop himself now and he slowly started entering Betty’s cunt, the virgin pussy too tight to enter such a big dick but he couldn’t stop now. Slowly and steadily with controlled thrusts he started entering her one inch at a time, till he felt her hymen, the thought of being the first and only man who would even enter this warm tight pussy made him go wild and he pushed back till only his tip remained inside Betty’s body and slammed into her pussy, breaking her hymen and making her his.

“Ahhh” Betty shouted “Daddy it hurts,” she said a tear slipping from her eye.

But Stephen was long gone now all he could feel was the warmth of a pussy on his dick after eight years. Such a sexy, young body below him, and all his plans of going slow went right out of the window. He came out and started entering betty with hard strokes, looking into her eyes, the lone tear making it all the more real to him.

After a few strokes, Betty realized what her daddy meant by the pleasure coming later, the pain went away and instead of it, the tingling started coming to her body full force, every stroke of her daddy’s dick inside her pussy made her feel so good.

She threw her legs over her daddy’s back and moaned “Oh yes daddy, it feels so good”.

Looking at her baby girl like this, writhing in pleasure Stephen lost whatever ounce of control he had left inside his body and started earnestly moving inside Betty’s pussy with all his might.

He dipped low and took the right breast in his mouth, licking it tugging it, and biting the nipple all the while ramming into his little step-daughters pussy.

The pleasure making Betty go crazy, “Oh yes daddy”, Betty said “Keep going daddy, Don’t stop, Oh it feels so good” she closed her eyes the pleasure was becoming too much. She could feel something reaching its peak inside her body, down from her toes till it slowly started reaching her stomach.

Stephen too started feeling the tingling in his balls realizing that he is going to cum soon and the idea of cumming inside Betty and making her pregnant, with a swollen belly, roaming around the house, barefoot and naked. That image did it for Stephen and he started ramming into her cunt fast and hard.

“Open your eyes, Betty I want to see you when I cum inside of you,” Stephen said and betty opened her eyes at once.

“What is happening to me daddy,” asked Betty as the tingling sensation was all over her body, her brain ready to lose into it, submit to whatever her daddy was doing it to her.

He could feel her pussy squeezing his dick knowing that Betty was close too, he brought his hand down to her cunt and started rubbing her clit fast, all the while going inside her.

“Oh yes, Oh yes baby,” Stephen said looked into Betty’s eyes and came deep inside her pussy.

His orgasm threw Betty go over the threshold, her eyes closed, back arched up “Oh daddy” she said and came all over Stephen’s dick.

Stephen kept his head on Betty’s chest not wanting to get out of her warmth just yet. His dick grew soft and as his breathing came under control he came out of Betty’s pussy and lied down beside her.

Betty who still recuperating from her first orgasm, hissed as Stephen took his dick out, her newly fucked pussy too sensitive.

She opened her eyes and drew her head on her daddy’s chest and said “Hmmm that was lovely daddy, I love being your wife”. Stephen pulled the 18-year old into his arms and closed his eyes.

Oh, how good life is going to be now.

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