Beth and Rich Ch. 05

Beth and Rich Ch. 05

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This is the fifth in a series of stories about the sex life of a young couple living in Palo Alto—Rich, a successful young lawyer, and Beth, his vivacious red-haired wife. There are four prior stories in this series and while not strictly necessary, it might be helpful to following this story to have read the prior stories.

Beth and Rich were raised in strictly religious Ohio families that taught sex was for procreation only and certainly not something to be enjoyed or discussed. After their move to Palo Alto they had, primarily at Beth’s instigation, substantially broadened their sexual horizons from the narrow confines they were raised with. In prior stories we learned that following a lascivious encounter with a cucumber Beth had discovered her lust for a wide variety of sex strictly forbidden by the religious tenets of her childhood and seduced Rich into joining her in a gradual exploration of her hedonistic interests, including in Chapter 02 fucking on a nude beach in Hawaii while another couple watched and did the same, and most recently in chapter 04, a libidinous visit to an X rated theater in San Francisco’s tenderloin district. We also learned in chapter 03, that their parents were not at all the strict, religious couples they had led their children to believe they were, but were instead long-term members of a secret group of swingers hidden beneath the pious façade of their church. In a recent trip home Rich and Beth learned of their parents’ secret lives and joined them for a week-long stay at an adults only nudist colony where they were introduced to their parents’ hedonistic ways.

It was nearly 6:00 when Rich arrived home after a week-long business trip to LA. He was anxious to see Beth, wanting to know how her first week of work at Madrone Partners had gone. Madrone was a major venture capital firm with several billion dollars invested in a range of Silicon Valley start-ups. Beth was truly starting at the ground floor, working as a part of their clerical staff, manning the reception desk.

When Rich had asked her just before he left town if she really wanted to start at that level given her college degree, she had insisted that she did. “Rich I have had enough of just sitting around the house all day. I need to get out and meet people, and you know as well as I do that I can handle a full-time job and look after our home at the same time. I certainly did it when I worked in the church office in Ohio. Besides I really want to understand what these people up on Sand Hill Road are doing with all that money they have, and I’m not going to do that working in another church office.”

“They’re making more of it.” Rich quipped.

Beth laughed, and then said, “I know that, but I want to learn how they do it.”

“Okay, well Madrone is a good place for you to start. “Those guys know what they are doing, and my law firm doesn’t represent them so no one can say you got the job because of me.”

Beth sniggered. “I think I got the job because a senior partner liked my big boobs,” she said, cupping them from beneath and holding them out to Rich.

“He wouldn’t be the first. I think preacher McCoy liked them when you worked for him back in Ohio.”

Preacher McCoy had been the deceitful minister at their parents’ church who preached hell fire and brimstone and strict sexual abstinence on Sundays, while he was the covert leader of a swingers club made up of a small group from his congregation. The rest of the congregation thought the club was a Wednesday evening prayer group.

“I know he did. He stared at them all the time.”

“He did more than that with your mother’s boobs,” Rich said with a laugh.

Beth and Rich had learned on a recent eye-opening trip to their childhood home that their parents had for many years been regular members of the ‘Wednesday evening prayer group.’ Their parents had kept this side of their life a secret from Beth and Rich.

“He certainly did,” Beth responded. “Mom told me he always liked to start off their ‘prayer meetings’ by titty-fucking her boobs. He would sit before the group and she would drop naked to her knees and wrap her big boobs around his dick while the others, all as naked as Mom, stood in a semicircle and watched.”

“I got used to Preacher McCoy and his letching, so I’m not going to have a problem with anything the firm’s partners do with their eyes,” Beth continued. “Eventually they’ll figure out there is more too me than my thick red hair, big boobs, and long legs. In the meanwhile I’ll let them appreciate my more obvious assets.

“You failed to mention your narrow waist, nice round ass, and dirty mind. Especially your dirty mind. It’s one of your finer assets in my opinion, and I didn’t even know about it when I married you.”

“I have no intention of sharing my dirty mind with anyone at Madrone. They can lust over my figure—with clothes on that is, but I’m reserving my dirty mind for you. bursa otele gelen eskort Now you have a plane to LA to catch, so get going. I have to get to work so those dirty old men can lust after my tits.”

Rich smiled, shook his head, and headed out the door, luggage in hand thinking as he left that the tight sweater Beth was wearing would display her big boobs nicely to the dirty old men at her new job (and the dirty young men too).

Now that he had returned from LA there was another reason Rich was anxious to see Beth. He was horny. He had been working long hours while he was in LA, and although they had talked briefly on the phone, they hadn’t engaged in the torrid phone sex that they often indulged in when he was away. To make things worse, earlier in the afternoon he had sent Beth a brief text message telling her he was boarding the plane to return home, and she had responded with a lewd naked picture of herself.

“OMG!” he had responded as soon as he had settled into his cramped seat jammed against the cabin wall of the plane. “I want to fuck that!”

“It’s been too long. Are you sure you remember how?”

Rich responded with a lecherous looking smiley face.

“Do you have ‘the video’ on your phone?”


“Watch it while you fly home.”

‘The video’ was a piece of cell phone video taken a few weeks ago in an X-rated movie house in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. The video was just as X-rated as the movies had been—several minutes of Rich furiously fucking Beth, her large tits swinging about wildly, as she leaned forward over the row of theater chairs before them. It had been taken by the husband of another couple, Harvey and Genevieve, strangers to Beth and Rich before that evening. They had watched Harvey shoot a similar video of Genevieve being fucked by a stranger, a young man introduced to Genevieve by her grown daughter.

“I will if I can. I don’t know how full the plane will be,” Rich responded via text message.

“Watch it. I want you nice and hard when you get home. . . . Gotta go now. The boss wants to see me.”

“To ogle your tits?”

“Probably. See you in a couple of hours.”

Rich actually arrived home a few minutes before Beth. After he had peeled off his coat and tie he opened a bottle of wine. He was just pouring himself a glass when Beth arrived.

“Hi lover,” she said. “Sorry I’m a little late. Traffic was terrible on the El Camino.”

“No problem. I just got here.”

“Did you get to watch the video?”

“Didn’t think I could get away with it. The plane was packed. Besides I like it best when I can listen to the sound track, and I can’t really do that on a plane. I love the obscene noises you are making on that video.”

He noticed as she walked in that even though she had her nice office clothes on she seemed to have lost her bra. Her big tits bounced delightfully under her sweater as she walked across the room to greet him.

Beth put her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him to her, smashing her boobs on his chest. “I couldn’t help it. It was all your fault.”

“Oh I see,” he said “and you were just an innocent young lass that I seduced?”

She smiled up at him nodding innocently in confirmation of his statement.

“But wait. Wasn’t the choice of theater yours? And as I recall you told me you had been there before.”

“Well maybe. Yes that might be true,” Beth said as she continued to smile innocently while she rubbed her boobs against his chest.

“But wait,” she said, changing the subject, her tits still pressed lightly against his chest. “I have to tell you about the meeting I had with Madrone’s managing partner.”

“Is it a long story?”

“Kind of.”

“Then sit down and let me pour you some wine,”

After they were seated and the wine poured, Rich asked, “Hmm, should we be naked for this?”


“Whenever we drink wine at this table I remember the night you got me drunk and we watched each other masturbate.”

Beth smiled and raised her eyebrows looking lascivious. “You mean the first time we did that I assume.”

“Yes. There have been several more haven’t there?”

“Yes, a good deal more than several I think. But you aren’t going to forget that first time are you, you dirty boy.” She took a sip of the wine and then said, “Neither am I. I like to think of that as the night I took your virginity.”

“How do you figure? We’d been married for two years.”

“Yes, but before that night our sex life was terribly boring.”

Rich smiled, “Yes, you’ve got me there. Before that our sex life was kind of bang, bang, shoot my load, and fall asleep.”

“Pajamas. You forgot about your flannel pajamas. You always took time to put on your flannel pajamas. There was no danger of your wanting seconds once you got into bursa eve gelen escort bayan those jammies.”

“It’s improved a lot, and I remember that evening, when you got me drunk and naked, as the starting point of the improvements, you little minx.”

“Thank you,” she said, tipping a non-existent hat. “Now let me tell you about my meeting this afternoon.”

“Okay, but maybe you could take off that sweater you are wearing first, and by the way, where did you lose your bra, or did you just skip wearing one to the office today?”

Beth laughed. “That’s a nasty thought, but no, I wore a bra. I like to leave something to the imagination of the dirty old men I work for. Let me tell you about my meeting and you’ll understand.” As she finished speaking she peeled off her sweater and held out her tits toward Rich for a moment. She had a hand supporting each breast, with a thumb and forefinger curled around and squeezing her engorged nipples.

Rick could feel his prick swelling in his trousers. He had been thinking about Beth’s boobs all the way from Los Angeles. “Much better,” he said as he stared at her. “Now tell me about your meeting with your boss.” He was thinking he could tolerate a dull description of a meeting if he could stare at her tits while he listened, although he was wondering what kind of meeting she had been in where she had lost her bra. What followed was far from what he expected.

“Well it really wasn’t with my boss,” Beth said. “Actually I haven’t quite figured out who my boss is yet. Everyone seems to feel free to ask me to do things. So when I was told a partner named Kester wanted to see me, I grabbed a note pad and hurried right down there.”

“What did he want?”

“The door was closed so I knocked and said ‘Mr. Kester, it’s me Beth. Beth from the reception desk. You asked me to come by.’ A male voice responded, ‘Come in.’ It sounded familiar. I couldn’t quite place it, but I was shocked when I opened the door. It was ‘Harvey’.”

“Harvey?” Rich asked.

“Yes ‘Harvey,’ . . . The guy who tried to seduce me in the bar at the top of the St. Francis and shot the video of us that you find so erotic.”

“Oh. That Harvey. He told you he was a film producer while he was running his hand up your thigh and then later he stood there in that theater fully dressed, shooting video of his wife being fucked by some total stranger while he jerked his cock that was sticking out of his open zipper. Strange guy.”

“Yes, that Harvey. He was sitting on the corner of the desk.”

“Oh my. It’s certainly a small world, isn’t it?” Rich chuckled. “I guess he wasn’t the film producer he said he was, but you probably already knew that.” Rich took a long drink of his wine, then refilled the glass, and leaned across the table to refill Beth’s. “What did he say when you walked in?”

“There’s more. He wasn’t alone. Genevieve was sitting on the couch. Remember Genevieve?”

“Yes, the woman with the broad ass and big tits who came to the movie with Harvey, but got banged by the kid with the big dick.”

“Right, that Genevieve. I somehow knew that was what you would remember about her.”

Rich shrugged and smiled. “So what happened. This sounds like a more interesting meeting than I expected to hear about.”

“It was. Let me tell you:”

“‘Do you remember us?’ Genevieve asked me when I looked at her.

I gave her my best deer in the headlights look for a few moments and then fessed up. ‘I certainly do.’

‘Does this mean I’m going to get fired?’ I asked.

Genevieve laughed. ‘Oh god no. If we fired everyone around here who had inappropriate sex with one of the partners or other employees, we wouldn’t have anyone left.’

Harvey laughed at that comment.

‘Oh . . .Well, what can I do for you?’ As soon as I spoke it occurred to me that my offer might have been a little too open ended, so I added, ‘But I didn’t have sex with you that night.’

Genevieve smiled, ‘Yes, but you came about as close as anyone could and still say you didn’t.’

‘True,’ I responded with a smile.

‘Well first,’ Genevieve said ‘We should introduce ourselves. I’m Genevieve Kester and this is my husband Harvey Kester, and by the way, I’m the managing partner here at Madrone.’

I blinked and tried not to look too surprised. No one had told me who was in charge of my new employer, and the idea that the managing partner of a major Palo Alto VC firm was a woman was, to say the least, surprising. And the idea that she was a woman who liked to be fucked by young studs in sleazy San Francisco porn movie houses was beyond surprising.

‘Surprised?’ Genevieve asked.

‘Ah no, of course not . . . but I was under the impression that the venture capital business was uh . . . well, male dominated.’ I focused on the gender issue hoping to ignore the detail that the last time we had seen each other Genevieve was getting royally fucked by a kid with a huge cock in sleazy Tenderloin erotic movie house.

‘It is, but I’m an exception. Right Harvey?’

‘You certainly are my dear,’ he responded. ‘You are exceptional in a lot of ways.’ There was a leer that went along with the statement.

‘And you Mr. Kester, are you a member of the firm too, or are you a movie producer.’

Harvey and Genevieve both laughed. ‘A movie producer?’ Genevieve said. ‘Is that what he told you when he was feeling you up in that bar in the City? Harvey, I always thought you were more original than that.’

Harvey smiled and shrugged his shoulders. ‘It was the first thing that came to mind. Not my best I suppose, but it was working until you showed up, Genevieve.’

‘Harvey was my lawyer when we first met. He represented me in my divorce from my first husband. Then I discovered he had other talents.’

‘Oh.’ I assumed Genevieve was referring to sex, but didn’t feel comfortable saying it.

Finally, unable to think of anything to say in response, I asked, ‘Do you still practice law?’

‘No, he fucks,’ Genevieve responded.

‘Oh, I see. . . . but at the theater?’

‘Oh that was a birthday treat. Arranged by my daughter, Crystal. Harvey’s really good, but a little variety is always nice and that kid, . . . he was very talented.’

‘I noticed,’ Beth said.

‘So you enjoyed that?”‘


‘And your husband? I assume he was your husband?’

‘Oh yes,’ I said as I thought about how many times we have talked about watching Genevieve’s big tits bouncing and swinging while whoever the kid was pounded away at her from behind. ‘Yes, he’s my husband and yes, he enjoyed it too.’

‘So was that the first time you have ever watched others having sex?’ Genevieve asked.

‘Ahh . . . no. there have been several actually.’ I was thinking that it was actually a lot more than just several given what we had seen at the nudist colony.

‘So are you and your husband swingers?’

‘No. I wouldn’t go that far. Well, we haven’t gone that far.’

‘Well, how far have you gone or would you go?’ Genevieve asked twisting the meaning of my words slightly.

‘I don’t know. That depends,’ I responded with deliberate ambiguity. I wanted to ask if Harvey’s fucking skills were limited to Genevieve or whether he fucked others, but I didn’t have the courage.

‘I see. But you both did enjoy yourselves at the theater that night. Right?’

I smiled. I’m sure my eyes were bright with lust as I thought of the excitement of that night in the sleazy Tenderloin District theater. ‘Oh yes, we both definitely enjoyed that. Rich keeps telling me he wished he had a copy of the video Harvey shot of you. Actually I do too.’


‘My husband.’

‘Oh. Well, I don’t think we want to part with a copy of the video, but if the two of you would like to join us for dinner a week from now, I think . . . well let’s just say if the two of you enjoyed watching us in the theater, I’m sure you’ll enjoy dinner.’

‘Really?’ I said, raising my eyebrows.

‘Oh yes. I’m sure you will. But now Harvey and I have to go to a dinner meeting with an investor, so can we count on the two of you for next Saturday night, or do you have to talk to your husband?’

‘Oh that won’t be a problem,’ I told her. I knew my horn dog husband would jump at a chance to see Genevieve in action again.

‘Good,’ Genevieve said as she stood up. ‘Next Saturday at 7:00 at our house in Woodside. The address is in the firm directory. If the weather is good we will be out by the pool’.”

“Wow. That’s all a bit of a surprise, Rich said as Beth finished her description of her meeting. He took a sip of his wine and then continued, “But wait. What about your bra. How did you lose it?”

“Oh it’s not lost,” Beth said. She was rubbing her nipples now. Rich couldn’t take his eyes away. “It’s just in my purse,” she said. “Along with my panties.” She slid her chair to the side of the table, hiked her skirt up to her waist and put one leg up on the table while she spread the other to the side, giving Rich a view of her gleaming shaved pussy.

Rich’s cock had been gradually growing and hardening throughout the conversation. Now he felt it flex beneath his pants.

“I see.”

As he spoke he moved his chair to the side to provide himself with a clearer view of Beth’s naked pussy. Now they were facing each other, the kitchen table and their wine glasses to their side “Well I mean I can see your panties are gone, but how did it happen? Did Harvey or Genevieve have anything to do with it?” Rich was stroking the boner that had arisen beneath his trousers as he talked and stared at Beth.

“You dirty boy. I’m sure you are imagining all kinds of lewd activities. If you will pull that tool out, I’ll tell you.”

Rich did as requested, stripping all his clothes off. “Is this what you want to see he asked as he stroked his now fully erect dick. Did you miss this while I was gone?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

For a while they both sat in silence, watching each other masturbate.

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