Bess Ch. 06


Bess stood in the huge closet trying to decide what to wear to work today. There were numerous choices and she was debating over which one to wear. It was no secret that the outfits she wore to the station were helping her career. They were in style, not over stated, professional, but definitely made her look attractive. She had now the additional responsibility of the noon reports and as well as some on location reporting. Her on the field reporting for the Twins had led to a job with the Vikings and offers from the Wild and T-wolves. She was beginning to see that these jobs could lead to something and in a change since May, she was liking it.

Bonnie was still sending “friends” her way and Bess was starting to create a following of clients herself. Most of her men were in their 40’s but a few were in their 50’s. Most were with her for the sex but one man would simply treat Bess to the finest dinner and talk with her. He told her that he enjoyed being with her and that was all he wanted. At the end of the evening, he would see that she got home safely and say good night. Surprisingly, he also paid her $500 each time. When she tried to refuse it, he told her her time was valuable and besides she was worth it.

She had gone through all the scenarios in her album except one, the dungeon scene. All had gone well and the more she was asked to perform them, the better she became. All the times she was asked by the ‘friends” only once did she feel uncomfortable.

His name was Charles and like many of Bess’s men, he was recommended by other ‘friends’.

Charles was late to dinner which in itself was unusual. As she watched him his hands were never still. He put his glass down and fiddled with his napkin. When it was neatly in his lap, he picked up his fork and twirled it in his long slender fingers. “You sounded nice on the phone,” he said, his words quick and clipped, “but I’d like to make this perfectly clear. I do not want to talk about my personal life or my job. Charles is not my real name. I don’t want you to be able to trace me.”

This was the first time that Bess had this occur and she should have been on guard. Instead she continued.

“I have no intention of trying to find out who you are. Remember you asked me here,” she said.

“Yes, yes I did,” he said, putting down his fork and picking up his water glass. His nails were bitten down to the quick and his cuticles chewed. “As I told you on the phone, I have these needs that no one would understand so I decided to hire a hooker.” He looked at Bess, stylishly dressed in a pair of black woolen slacks and a long-sleeved Kelly green silk blouse, and his mouth tighten. “I’m sorry. You’re not really a hooker.”

“Yes, I am,” Bess replied. “Look, you need to relax. We can just talk.”

They spent the meal talking and discovered they shared the same tastes in restaurants. Try as she could, she couldn’t seem to get inside the barrier he put up. Again there were signs that things may not go so well but she chose to ignore them.

Over coffee, Bess decide to get to the point. “Why did you call me?”

Charles picked up a sugar packet and turned it over and over in his long fingers. “I have needs. You understand. I have things that pound inside my brain, fantasies I have. You know, in bed.” His eyes fixed on the corner of the leather album.

Bess pulled out the album and handed it to him. “Here is how this works. You look through this and find the one you want. There’s an envelope inside.” When he nodded, she rose and picked up her pocketbook. “I’ll just freshen up.”

When Bess returned, Charles was staring at one of the pictures. She glanced over his shoulder as she took her seat. “Charles?” He was a million miles away. “Charles?” she said again. His eyes cleared and she caught his eye. “That’s Annie. She really likes candy.” She could see Charles’ Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

Suddenly, Bess knew exactly what he wanted. She had never been Annie before and she became a little nervous thinking about it. “I know where she lives.”

When they arrived at the condo, Bess showed Charles the living room, then disappeared upstairs.

As she finished dressing, she gave one last look into the mirror. Her face was freshly washed and she wore no makeup. She even removed her nail polish. She had put on white cotton underpants and a tight t-shirt Bostancı Escort which flattened her large breasts. A ruffled skirt, some petticoats, shoes, socks, and a bow completed the look. Her stomach gave a nervous flip. She looked too right.

Afterwards he dressed quickly and, reliving the evening over and over, he left. Bess gathered her props and walked upstairs, thinking. She was surprised how deeply Charles got into his fantasy. She had given him a wonderful time and earned five hundred dollars as well. As she pulled off the white cotton undershirt, she got a glimpse of herself in the mirror. And threw up.

Bonnie always called or stopped by the next day after a ‘friend” visited. Today was no different. “So, how did go?”

“Awful,” Bess said, “It was sick, perverted, and I feel terrible. He wanted Annie and I gave her to him!” In front of her was the picture of Annie, torn to pieces.

Bonnie grabbed Bess’s shoulders. “You did nothing wrong. He didn’t fuck a little girl. It was a fantasy.”

“A pretty sick one!”

“Granted. Remember Bess, there are two main rules. One, you don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Obviously this one did. Second, always keep control. They may think they are in control but you must be. Always! Understand?”

Bess nodded.

The City Tavern was not one of Bess’s usual restaurants. It specialized in mammoth hamburgers, great steaks, forty-five varieties of beer and desserts covered in real whipped cream. She headed towards the back looking at a man seated at a table for two. “You must be Richard,” she said.

Rising, he said, “And you must be Bess. Please be seated.” Richard was in his thirties, medium height, with almost blonde hair and rimless glasses. “Bonnie has told me a lot about you.”

“You have me at a disadvantage then,” Bess replied, sitting down.

“Fair enough. I own my own business. Built it from the ground up. I like being in charge. Now what would you like to eat? They serve the best steak in town.”

They spent the next hour in pleasant conversation and quickly discovered they had similar tastes in books and movies. They had completely different views on the current administration and argued hotly over a recent law.

As the meal neared its end, Richard leaned over and asked, “I’d like to see your pictures.”

Bess reached down and grabbed her album. “Did Bonnie tell you about them?”

“Yes she did,” Richard replied, “I know how this works. Now be a good girl and get lost. I’d like to look at this alone.”

When Bess returned, Richard had already paid the bill and was waiting by the door. He handed her coat and the album. “I have a cab waiting. What’s the address?”

As they sat in the back, Bess opened the album to the bookmarked page. The dungeon! Her heart skipped a beat as she peaked inside the envelope. There were 10 one-hundred dollar bills.

“I take it that is enough?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Bess already beginning the fantasy.

“Very good,” Richard smiled. “Yes, very good.”

The ride to the condo went quickly even though to Bess it seemed much longer. She didn’t speak unless Richard spoke to her. She did notice that he smiled a lot during the ride. For the entire ride Bess tried to imagine how she would set up the scene, to get it started.

Upon entering the condo, Bess excused herself and went upstairs. She changed her outfit. Not really a change but into clothes that could easily tear away. She put on a short black dress with matching panties and stockings. She opened the door to the extra bedroom. She inhaled deeply of the leather and wood.

As she came downstairs, Richard stared at her impatiently. He told her to go to the kitchen and bring back two glasses of ice water. Not sure where this was going, Bess did as she was told. She returned with the glasses on a tray.

“Place them over here,” he said to her.

“Yes, sir.” As Bess passed by him, Richard put his foot out causing her to stumble. She spilled the water.

“You clumsy bitch!” Richard yelled, grabbing her wrist. “Do you know what we do to clumsy bitches?”

“No, sir,” Bess answered.

“They need to be punished so they learn.” Richard grabbed Bess hard by the wrist and pulled her towards the stairs.

“You’re hurting me. Let go,” she cried.

“We’ll see about Ümraniye Escort that. You will hurt more than this!”

“Crackerjack,” Bess said clearly.

Richard stopped, “Am I really hurting you?”

“No but I needed to know if you understood the safe word.”

“Yes, I do,” Richard said, “Bonnie told me about it and I understand.”

“Thank you, sir,” Bess replied getting back into character.

Richard took her into the main bedroom and let go of her. “Take off your dress, now,” he ordered. When she moved too slowly to suit him, he reached out and tore it off her.

Standing clad only in panties and stockings, Bess moved to cover herself. “Please, sir,” Bess begged.

Richard grabbed her wrist again and led her into the dungeon. “From now on, don’t speak unless I ask you a direct question. And don’t move unless I tell you. Nod if you understand?”

It was an order Bess had no intention of disobeying. Her palms were sweating and she was struggling to get air into her trembling body. She nodded.

“That’s very good. Come here,” Richard commanded, “Give me your arm.”

Bess held out her arm and he fastened on a tight leather wrist band. He looped a ring attached to the band over a hook on the wall. He fastened an identical strap around her other wrist and one around each ankle. The rings attached to additional hooks on the wall so her arms were held out from her shoulders and her legs were spread about two feet apart. Richard then snapped a leather collar around her neck with a leash on it.

He kissed her full mouth. Then he slid his finger across her hip until it was against her clit. He could feel that she was soaking wet through the fabric. He grabbed her panties, lifting the material between her pussy lips. She could feel the material against her clit.

“You like it, don’t you?”

Bess nodded. At that moment it was no longer his fantasy. She wanted to be dominated by him.

Suddenly he pinched her nipple and twisted it hard. So sudden that Bess cried out. Before she could recover, Richard put his mouth over her nipple and sucked on it. It sent rushes directly to her pussy.

Richard stepped back. He took a jar and spread some goo on her nipples. He then tasted it. “Hmm, strawberry.” He showed her a pair of silver-dollar sized suction cups. “For your nipples, my dear.” After attaching each one he danced his fingers over each breast, the suction cups enhancing the sensation. Bess’s hips moved of their own volition.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her head back. He kissed her mouth, grinding his face against hers. She responded, pressing against him as much as her bound body would allow. “A perfect playmate,” he thought. Then he slapped her face. “You like it too much.”

Unhooking her limbs, he led her by the leash over to the wooden bench. She remembered this from the photo shoot. The leather was still there. “Lie down on your back,” he ordered.

Bess did, feeling and smelling the leather again. She was so hot that she doubted it could get any better.

“Here’s something for you, my little bitch.” He slipped a leather blindfold over her eyes.

The darkness was total. Being unable to see made her more aware of her other senses. She heard rustling and he ripped off her panties. The air felt cool on her wet swollen lips. The next thing she expected, she craved was to feel his hard cock. Instead agonizingly slowly, Richard inserted one-inch Ben-wa balls deep into her pussy. Vibrations filled her body.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said with a slight laugh. “One more thing, just right for your sweet little ass.”

He took the anal plug and rubbed it between her breasts. “Let’s see,” he said, “Make it wet.” He pressed the tip against her lips. “Open!” he snapped. Bess took the thick plastic cock into her mouth and slid her tongue over the plastic. It seemed huge.

“I wonder how this will feel pressing up against those vibrating balls in your pussy.” It took only a little pressure to insert the dildo into Bess’s rear. The vibrations filled her pussy and the suction on her nipples made them almost unbearably sensitive and now her ass was completely filled.

Bess let out a long, low moan. She smelled leather, sweat, and the aroma of her own sex.

He grabbed the leash and pulled. Anadolu Yakası Escort “Now slide up until your head hangs off the end.” She slid along the leather until her neck rested on a pillow and he fastened her arms and legs to the bench. “These aren’t hooks, they’re padlocks.” He snapped them closed and then fastened her leash so she couldn’t lift her head.

She pulled at her arms and legs. The bindings didn’t hurt but she was completely helpless. Her head angled downward was making her a little light-headed but it was fantastic.

“Please let me go,” Bess begged.

“Oh no, bitch. Not a chance.” Richard stood back and looked at the scene before him. In front of him was a beautiful young woman, tied down and unable to escape. Her breasts heaved and hips slowly rose off the bench as she gave out a continuous low sensual moan. Her body glistened from her sweat.

Then his hands were on her face, gently feeling around the blindfold. He slipped a finger into her mouth and she greedily sucked as he worked it in and out.

Bess felt what had to be his naked cock slide over her cheek. “You are going to suck me good.” He withdrew his finger from her mouth and replaced it with his hard erection. Bess grasped as he forced his large member into her mouth, but she quickly started sucking it as he fucked her mouth.

“Too good, too fast,” he moaned, pulling away from her greedy mouth.

Bess heard him move and then a buzzing. “Hear that,” he said, “that’s a vibrator and I’m going to make you come with it. I’ll be in control of your body. You won’t be able to resist. You’ll come only when I want you to and only when I say so.”

He pulled the suction cups off her nipples and she arched her back, thrusting her breasts forward. She jumped when she felt the buzz against her nipple. Jolts of electricity bounced around inside her, stabbing her breasts, her belly, and causing her pussy to clench around the Ben-wa balls in her. She wanted him to stop, to fuck her, any way he wanted.

“Oh stop,” she begged, “please stop. You’re torturing me.”

“It’s exciting to beg, isn’t it? I love to hear you plead for mercy, but there will be none.”

He moved between her legs. With his finger, he grabbed the string outside her pussy and pulled. The vibrating balls emerged with a pop. Bess suddenly felt so empty. She needed something to replace it as she tried to squirm down the bench, her pussy open and soaked. “I can’t take it. No more, please.”

“There is so much more,” Richard said. He moved the vibrator until it was rubbing the inside of Bess’s thigh. “Want it in your cunt?”

Bess wanted anything in her pussy, to fill the emptiness. “No. Don’t!”

“Yes, I will. And what’s more you want me to. It is so embarrassing to admit that you want me to fuck you with this vibrator, this artificial buzzing cock.”

“Oh God, no. Stop, let me go,” Bess struggled against her bonds.

He teased Bess’s pussy, touching her wet swollen lips. Sliding the vibrator through her thick wet juices, then moving it back to the inside of her thigh. “I can make you crazy with wanting. Admit that your pussy needs to be fucked. Say it!”

“Yes, do it,” she groaned, “Fuck me.”

Richard inserted the penis-shaped vibrator into Bess’s pussy and strapped it into place with a piece of leather that was connected to the bench. “Now suck my cock,” he said, walking around to the head of the bench and laying his cock against her mouth.

Bess became pure sensation. She was in a sexual haze. She sucked and lapped as the buzzing filled her demanding pussy. Her ass clenched around the anal plug. Richard came quickly, unable to resist the sucking of her mouth. She swallowed as he pumped until he thought he never be able to come again. He pulled his limp cock from her mouth. “Do you want to come now, baby?”

“Please. Help me.”

“Of course,” he spoke reassuringly. He knelt between her legs and undid the strap. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit.

“Yes,” she screamed, “Oh don’t stop, don’t stop!”

He didn’t and Bess came, shuddering and bucking against the straps holding her wrists and ankles. Richard pulled the vibrator from her sopping pussy, undid her blindfold, unfastened the straps, and carried her to the bed.

Bess could barely talk. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” she whispered.

“It was great for me too,” Richard said, “I’ll definitely be getting back in touch you.” He pulled up the blanket to cover her and kissed her forehead. “I know my way out.” As he strode down the outside stairs, he said to no one in particular, “She’ll do.”

Bess stood in the huge closet trying to decide what to wear to work today. There were numerous choices and she was debating over which one to wear. It was no secret that the outfits she wore to the station were helping her career. They were in style, not over stated, professional, but definitely made…

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