Belated Birthday Gift


Belated Birthday Gift


Nigel was not faking it. He actually did not know if there was a time or the age when physically a man would be called matured or he would truly act like a matured man. He was just touching 32 but he was known by most standards to be a matured man. Most of his friends and people who knew him, considered him to be a sober and quiet, wise man.

Thelma was not a stunning star but she was absolutely a very beautiful young red head working at the Every Day Store on the Main Street of the community. It would be just unfair to simply call her beautiful. She was made by the angels of high heaven with shoulder length red hair, and dark green eyes that were so deep that even a sober, mature man like Nigel would be lost in those for days. She would always greet Nigel with a big cheerful smile and a ‘Hello’ in her musical tone. Her relatively larger breasts, a heart shaped ass and amazingly curvy lips made many men of the town complain about the heartache. Nigel made sure that his relation with her would not exceed from the level of an employee and a customer because although she was also plenty matured but he considered her to be very young than the women he dated or courted. According to Nigel, she was very bold because whenever she helped him find a certain product or pick a video, he remembered her standing so close that sometimes her bigger boobs brushed against his arm. This really drove him crazy for her forbidden lusty body but he kept his distance.

This drizzly, rainy day when Nigel walked in the store, he found her with a long face. He asked her the reason and she told him that yesterday was her birthday but she had to work as nobody remembered it. Her boyfriend grup gaziantep escort bayan left her for someone else, about a week ago; but she chuckled that ‘the life was great’ because she saw him. Nigel just gave her a hug when she told him that he was a very mature and wise man. She told him that her boyfriend was an ass hole. He used her for relieving his sexual tensions and then left her for days to be with his jock buddies. She was very sorry to have told him that she was on a pill. Nigel told her that he was not a sick man and if he had a girlfriend as sweet as her, he would make sure to keep her very happy.

Thelma gave him a very wet kiss and a hug in return and said, “I bet you can keep me happy. All I needed was a warm body to be with me for my birthday”. Her almost erect nipples pierced through Nigel’s body as she did this. Nigel was almost sure that there was a God in heavens and also that He answered prayers. He quickly put his arms around her waist and returned her kiss by pushing his eager tongue through her opened lips. She pulled him into her, letting his hands cup her ample, round tits. Soon as she came up for the air, she quickly got separated from him announcing that it was time for her to close the store and go home. Nigel looked at his watch and knew, it was only this dark and bleak because of the black clouds but he did not say anything and kept quiet.

As if she had read his face and told him that nobody had come into the store for the last one hour, except him and she would not at all care if she got fired for closing early. She switched the lights off and locked the front door and took Nigel by hand, escort bayan güneyşehir leading him to the back door. It was really pouring outside and she had no choice but to drag him into a small room at the back. Reaching behind a large stack of boxes, she pulled an inflatable air mattress and a blanket. She quickly put the mattress on the floor and put the blanket over it, asking Nigel, “Let us get naked, and pulled her t shirt over her head”.

Her nice looking tits stood proud and her nipples were also well distended and the angled lips were inviting him to suck them. Nigel unzipped her skirt as he bent to enjoy her perfect mounds. After taking off her skirt and the panties he felt her soft bushy hair covering her pubis, he was about to remove his pants when she deftly unbuckled and unzipped his jeans to take his swollen cock in her custody, making it grow to its full length. With Nigel’s fingers busy at her steamy pussy, Thelma was heard heaving and exhaling soft moans while her knees gave up on her and she almost dropped on the mattress, signaling Nigel to come down with her. Now his jeans removed, Nigel laid down next to her, wrapping his arms around her and started kissing her.

Nigel began working her neck and down making some odd circles around the amazing boobs and nipples, sucking and lip biting the nipples one after the other making her moan wildly. Now Nigel moved down her abdomen reaching the aromatic thatch between her legs. He parted her swollen labia with his tongue and began licking the sweet, tangy moisture oozing from her quivering slit. Her large and swollen, knotted clitoris was hiding in the silky folds of sensitive flesh sheath. islahiye escort bayan Nigel sucked it out hard from the hiding place, flicking it with his tongue tip repeatedly. By now, Thelma was gasping loud and her body had started to spasm as she pulled Nigel over her, wrapping her legs at his back. Nigel’s cock head was feeling the huff of her pussy as it pressed on the entrance. He quickly raised his mid-body to align the head of his cock positioning into the folds. Being well-lubed, her sheath opened up to welcome the shaft deep in the aperture. She began meeting his thrusts by raising her hips allowing his cock to slide balls deep, stretching the silky slick walls of her tight cunt. Soon there was a very good rhythm between him thrusting and her receiving the strokes in her dilated pussy.

With Nigel throbbing hard and buried balls deep in her, they rolled over and now Thelma was on top having full control. She did couple of moves to find the best position to take the cock and went to town with it. She was wiggling her ass in circles as if she was wrenching Nigel’s cock in his groin. Soon she was thrusting her hips back and forth while grinding her pussy on his balls. Nigel was playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and squeezing her flesh. Soon she was repeatedly asking him to make her cum. “Please, Nigel! Take me hard, make me cum”, was her demand as her body started quivering and pussy started convulsing and contracting very tight. “Ye baby, yeses! Cum all over my cock. Give my cock a warm bath with your pussy fluids”. Nigel reached for her shoulders and fucked her with power and speed; exploding in her core. Their orgasmic spasms intensified each other’s blast of juices.

After the elation was over, she thanked and praised him for taking her to new heights. She was not sure if his maturity was the cause of her multiple and consecutive orgasms but thanked him especially for the new joy she found. Nigel only said, it was his birth day gift for her.

Please send some comments. AWC ……… March 5, 2021.

Belated Birthday Gift By: AWC Nigel was not faking it. He actually did not know if there was a time or the age when physically a man would be called matured or he would truly act like a matured man. He was just touching 32 but he was known by most standards to be a…

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