Bardstown Embrace


I hesitated before turning the showerhead off, luxuriating in the wonderful revitalizing spray. And smiling as I recalled the incredible turn of events the last two hours had afforded me. What a day it had been so far…


I had blasted south on the Harley in ever increasing heat for almost seven hours, planning to meet up with four friends in Bardstown Kentucky, then to continue our southern journey together. Out lofty goal was to get somewhere south of Nashville before nightfall. And I wondered if this was to happen, as we’d all gotten a later start than anticipated. Cell phone texts kept us in touch.

The last fuel and pee stop revealed even more. My friend Bob cut a rear tire just out of Fort Knox, and rather than risk a repair, he had his bike picked up for a new tire installation. Our plans were now to meet up south of Bowling Green the next morning. So, as I stood in the shade of a BP gas station island in the heat of the late afternoon without thinking another thought, I texted my good friend and old classmate Angelica, a Bardstown resident. “Hey! I’m in town. Buy you dinner tonight?”

It was then that things kicked into high gear, and it dawned on me I might not be in control of my own destiny any longer that day. Rather than receiving a return text, my phone rang and an excited Angelica, driving home from work, enthusiastically accepted. I jotted her address on my gas receipt, and the clerk gave me surprisingly simple directions. Thus, I found myself equal parts overjoyed and bemused as I waited at her door when she pulled up. She parked and ran up to me, oh so cute in a breezy black dress, her legs flashing and utterly fabulous, blonde hair flowing, and still with that deep dimple I remember so well… I stood there at her door in a self conscious pool of road grime and sweat stain.

She’d kissed me quickly, opened the door and as we got into the wonderful cool air she kissed me more deeply. It was then that I KNEW I’d lost control. So with a sheepish request of a shower, I’d grabbed my kit from the Harley, and was bustled off to her bath.


I stood dripping on her bath mat, looking around unsuccessfully for a towel. I looked under the vanity, then eyed her tiny hand towel then gave up. I cracked the door a few inches and heard some faint singing and the aroma of fresh coffee. “Hey! I’m sorry, I can’t find a towel.”

I heard her exclaim from a distance then laugh, then footsteps. “I’m sorry! The linen closet in this place is across the hall. My bad…”

Moments later, the end of a fluffy white bath towel, then her hand, appeared through the four inches or so of doorway opening. With thanks, I grabbed the end she proffered, and started wiping my face. Just then she giggled and playfully tugged at her end. Involuntarily, I tightened my grip and tugged back. The towel, now taunt between us, swung the bathroom door wide.

There I stood, naked and dripping, before my grinning friend Angelica, resplendent in her slinky dress. And my cock at that instant in time decided to betray me. The little bastard instantly started to harden.

“Hey, ummm…” was all I could muster. At least I didn’t try to cover myself.

She was laughing now, greatly amused at my predicament, and I realized I had absolutely no power over this situation. She pulled Bayan Eskort my end of the towel from my unresponsive grasp, and flicked it around the back of my neck to pull me closer. I was then molding my wet body to hers, and she to mine. I soon lost vision of her gaze as our lips met in a kiss. Then another, and a third, each more insistent. I then lost all pretense of decorum. What was I to say? That I shouldn’t bury my face in the fragrance of her hair, as I was now doing? That I shouldn’t just crush her to me in the display of passion that I should have done so many years ago?

After a time, I held her at shoulder length and tried to stabilize my breathing. I looked into her deep brown eyes, that impish half smile. All I could muster was, “Your dress is kind of wet.”

“Yeah, but you’re nice and dry in the front! Here…”

With my completely hard cock poking her in her tummy, she closed the distance and kissed me again, while taking the towel and moving it from the back of my shoulders, my back, and my butt and as low as she could reach on the backs of my legs. I felt it fall to the floor, as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer yet. I reached low, and grasped her petite butt, filling each hand with her globes. She was smooth and supple and it came to me that she was either without panties, or clad only with a thong underneath.

I had known Angelica since grade school, and had actually kissed this wonderful woman several years back after a luncheon we had. Her kisses were wonderful then, and certainly nothing had changed.

And now? It was the same… and oh so different.

“Your pretty little dress is all wet”, I managed, again nuzzling her hair.

She backed away a bit, eyes dancing. “You are soooo right!”

And with that, she reached low, and off it came over her head. She shook out her hair, and the shimmery little dress whispered to the floor behind her, leaving a black thong and a wispy black bra. Into my arms she came again and the kiss was slow and languid. I reveled in the smooth skin of her lower back, and explored all the way up her shoulders. Experimentally, I made claws of my hands and gently scratched the small of her back and worked my way up. With a sharp intake of breath, she arched herself into me, evidently enjoying what I’d done. I ran my fingers to her bra strap and found… nothing. She sensed what I wanted and she reacted, by pushed herself away to afford me access.

Both of us were breathing a bit hard as we again locked eyes. I know now that brown eyes are the most expressive, and I’ll know it for forever.

Wordlessly, my hands roamed her flank, then her front as I brought my hands to her breasts, my thumbs gently skimming the black lace, feeling first one nipple then the other. As I did so, she reached with one hand and as gentle as a feather, she cupped my balls. The touch was electric. I moved to undo the little front bra clasp. I fumbled the attempt and she came to my rescue. With a touch, the clasps came free and as if in slow motion, those lacy triangles moved away. Neither of us moved for a moment, save for our breathing, and then as she shrugged her shoulders her bra joined the dress. She was moving now, taking me by the hand and turning me. I was compliant and it dawned on my fogged brain what was Anadolu Yakası Escort to pass as she sat on the lid of her toilet.

She closed her hand around my cock as gentle as a whisper, and caressed, stroked and fondled me in a way that was both loving and inquisitive. She then kissed and licked my head and, with not much more ceremony, most of my cock disappeared. Thus began the best head I’d ever received in all my days. She used everything. The swirling feeling was magnificent. She gently raked my balls with her nails; she stroked me outwardly when she retreated. I had a difficult time resisting the desire to thrust.

“You like?” as she paused to again lock me in her gaze.

“Oh, yeah…” I managed and we both laughed.

She grasped my thighs and suddenly thrust and pulled me toward her. Her nose was now on my groin; she had me. She had all of me. She looked up as she slowly withdrew, and repeated this, watching me all the while. I wasn’t going to last too long with this superb stimulation. I felt things beginning to happen deep inside my groin. And too soon…!

“My God,” I moaned.

“Ha! He can’t help you right now, sweetie. You’re all mine,” she giggled.

After a time, I said, “Uhhh Angelica? I thinkin’ I can’t take a whole lot more…”

“I thought so. I was beginning to taste you,” and with that, she squeezed on my cock as she stroked and out popped a half drop of pre-cum. She took a manicured middle finger and gently smoothed it on my cockhead. Then with a glance up at me, she touched her pointed tongue to my little slit, and slowly drew it away. I watched in fascination as a tiny clear string of the pre-cum came with it. I reached for her and helped her up and into my embrace.


I established some sort of equilibrium when we stretched out on her bed. Just as we got there, she stripped her thong away, turned to me and her embrace was firm, her gaze wide. “D? We can make nice gentle love later. But right now, we really need to fuck first. OK?”

“OK then… but how about a little equal time?”

The truth was, so supercharged was I that I would not have lasted a minute. I slid her to a diagonal on the bed, and kissed her breasts and belly on the way down to her crotch. She opened her legs wide, and there in the mellow light of her bedroom, I gazed upon perfectly bald perfection. Her skin was light, but the mons and her lips were smoky dark. The hood around her clitoris was swelled, and as I gently touched each side around her lips, I heard a sigh. At her lower opening, I glimpsed the emergence of a glistening clear pearl of moisture. I ran my fingers through it in a circular motion and discovered a deep pool of wetness just inside. She was following, or trying to, my hand movements. I leaned forward and as the closeness blurred my vision, other senses took over in ever increasing degrees. Touch, taste and her fragrance all afforded me what nirvana was surely like.

I dipped my tongue in her wonderful natural moisture, then making it hard and pointed; I travelled outside her mons and made a shepherd’s hook motion up and over her clit. Then slowly repeating the dip into her well, I repeated this on the other side. I adroitly missed her clit, and matched her movements with mine to stay away from it. I became aware Pendik Escort she was speaking. I looked up to see her, her hands cupping her breasts and pulling on her nipples. “Hmmmm?”

“Just what are you doing?”

It was still a purr, but there was a humorous exasperation in her tone.

“Uhhh… is it ok if I say ‘pussy’?”

“Yes, you can say ‘pussy’, ” she said, bursting out laughing.

“Well all right then! I’m eating your pussy!”

“No you’re not! You’re teasing me! We can do all that stuff later… give a girl a break, OK? Hurry, please?”

We both laughed, and I thought she reached her hand to caress my cheek. But instead she moved to the back of my head and pulled my face into her. I shifted position, and again dipped into to that delightful well, then northward to her clit. I’m a gentle lover, and with just enough suction I gathered it up and into my mouth and tongue. The sighs turned to moans and she rhythmically started rocking her pelvis. As the tempo increased, I slipped a well lubricated index finger, then middle finger, into her. She arched her back as I heard what was between a sigh and a hiss. One more purposeful flick of my tongue and she was there. With a bit of difficulty I rode this loving storm until she was mostly still.

If I’m any judge, she had a quite satisfying orgasm. I got off my knees on the floor and joined her then on the bed, and took her into my arms, to watch her decompress. The female orgasm is an incredible thing to behold, and witnessing its’ aftermath is just as rewarding.

After a time, she stirred and sought my lips to hers. I then asked, “Would you… on top, please?”

I was so far gone that I knew if I mounted her, it was over. And besides, it’s my favorite all time position. She straddled my oozing cock and I slowly was eased into her wonderfully warm pussy to the hilt. She kissed me, her hair wonderfully everywhere. She started undulating and rhythmically going up and down and after a time I reached for her hips and slowed her movements.

I smiled up at her. “I’m there. I’m so close to being gone.”

Her look was questioning. I breathed, “Please. Don’t move for a sec. I just want to take it all in. I’m soooo close it’ll happen on its own accord.”

A few seconds passed. Other than our breathing we were still. She never wavered from my gaze.

I whispered to her, “I will never ever forget this moment as long as I live, Angel…”

Looking into my eyes, first the right then the left, she gently squeezed my cock. I arched my back and held it still, quietly straining to get every centimeter in. “Again?”

She squeezed me again, and I tipped. Not moving a muscle, I started coming deep into her. As she felt my second contraction, she alternated squeezing me, and in effect began milking my seed from me. It was the most wonderful thing I’d ever experienced.


We lay loosely in each other’s arms. She was tracing little figure eights on my chest with a nail. I again was breathing in the fragrance of her hair.


“You bet.”

Neither of us moved for some time.

“D? Your dick is hard again,” she murmured.

I laughed. “Yup. Can you blame it? He has a mind of his own and he’s parked very close to a beautiful and very naked woman.”

She giggled a little and stirred. I was then again locked into the steady gaze of her brown eyes. “D? Why didn’t…” the thought trailed off.

I finished it. “Why didn’t we do this 40 years ago? I really don’t know…. I was…”

I tightened my grip and my lips again met hers.

I hesitated before turning the showerhead off, luxuriating in the wonderful revitalizing spray. And smiling as I recalled the incredible turn of events the last two hours had afforded me. What a day it had been so far… ~~ I had blasted south on the Harley in ever increasing heat for almost seven hours, planning…

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