Barbie’s Punishment

Barbie’s Punishment


My knees ache as I kneel on the floor at his feet waiting for him to look at me. The outfit he bought for me flows like liquid over my skin. It’s berry red, with a slight shimmer, the deep scoop neck doesn’t compare to the one in the back that ends right at the top of my pert round ass. I have had to be very careful all night since the skirt ends just 2 inches below my inner lips. We have just returned from a lavish dinner at La Cire, even finished with crème Brule and champagne, then out to The Drake to meet friends for dancing. I had so much fun, even if I was a little tipsy dancing with the girls as the guys watched and smiled at us from across the room as they talked business. When hands circled around my waist from behind, I thought they were Daddy’s. The moment I took a step back into him, I knew it was a mistake. Even before I could move, Daddy was there along with the rest of the group, shoving him away. Someone hit him, I am not sure who, as I was being dragged back to our booth and placed heavily there as Daddy went back to take care of my mess. The girls came back to the table and started collecting purses as the night was clearly over. As I reached for my purse, Daddy was back and so upset he didn’t even speak to me. We drove like that all the way home not a word said. When we got home he sat in his favorite chair, yet still saying nothing just looking at me with such disappointment that I immediately fell to my knees at his feet, head hanging low as the tears ran down my face. I know this is entirely my fault.

“How could you?” the voice above me is soft yet commanding. “You know you belong to me, that no other man is to touch you without my permission. Then you go and do this? Allow a total stranger to rub his pecker against your ass, MY ass? You know better baby! Now I have to figure out what to do with you and you know I don’t like to do this, but this is what you make me do. Punish you for your own good.” I nod as the tears of shame continue to flow. “Stand up Barbie!” I scramble to my feet and teeter in my heels before him, slightly shaking as I bite the inside of my lip, the slight pain holding me together.

“Strip.” The word is firm and strong as it comes from him, just the sound of his voice can make me tremble. I slide the dress from my shoulders and my bare breasts are freed from their light covering, a slight twist of the hips allows the dress to pool at my 4 inch heels. My shaking thumbs hook into my panties as I slide them down my long legs, stepping out of them I stand before him bare, nothing but my shame to hide behind. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, my Daddy.” My voice sounds so far away and meek, not like me at all, but this is what he does to me making me his shy little girl, clay in his hands to mold to his desire.

“What are you?”

My reply is again barely heard, “Your Barbie, Daddy. To play with as you want to, Daddy.”

“That is right, Barbie, good girl. And does Barbie get punished when she breaks her rules?”

I can hardly nod. To know what will come, to agree that I want it, need it is so humiliating and yet I also know it is about bursa escort to get worse.

“Barbie, you have to do this, go ahead, baby girl.”

I swallow hard, trying to form the words in my head as I glance up at him, shuffling my feet. How does he do this? I am a grown woman. But, he makes me feel like such a naughty child. There was no way that I caused this man to grind against my ass, it was the dress that did it. That dress that screamed sex, that dress he bought for me, that dress that says I am everything a man wants in his bed. But, I belong to this man. This wonderful man that gives me everything, my home, my car, my allowance, my pain, my desires, and those orgasms that last for hours. I am his as much as he is mine. My lips part to speak, slightly louder, but not by much, “Daddy, Barbie is sorry she caused the man to want her so much he was forced to touch what is Yours. Barbie doll, thinks she should receive a punishment at Your hand so she will not forget these things in the future.” My face is bright red with embarrassment. To have to ask for a punishment is the worst. Now I wait for what seems forever for his reply.

He takes a deep cleansing breath then reaches out and takes my hand and pulls me over his lap. I hate this, the closeness, the mortification, the fact that he will feel instantly how wet my pussy is right now as I am forced over his legs, head down, feet apart, ass in the air, arms behind my back, with my breasts swinging free. His hand makes circles over my ass and I can’t help but close my eyes as the gentleness. “This,” he squeezes my right ass cheek hard, “belongs to me, Barbie. No one touches what is mine, unless I say so. Do you want me to leave you alone for the wolves out there, to let any and every man at that club take you in the back alley and have his way with you? Is that what you want?”

The whimper racks through me at the thought that both scares me and yet excites me and I shake my head no, as his fingers trail down my pussy lips parting them, exposing my wetness to the cool air, his rough fingers working my clit. “Seems baby likes the idea of being treated like a common whore, perhaps I shall set that up. I am sure the guys would enjoy using a slut like you.” Two fingers invade my pussy, causing me to arch my ass up to meet him. The response is instant, with his other hand spanking my left cheek, making me hold still. “Do you know that Donny asked me tonight, if he could use you at the party on Friday at Fetish Palace? He wants to string you up from the ceiling, spread eagle, in front of the whole club, and flog you, then cane you, cover your whole body with his marks. Then to have both he and I fuck you. Fuck my Barbie in front of the crowd. Show them how loved and owned you are. How beautiful you are. Should I let him Barbie? You would make every girl in the club jealous, as they would want to be you, and every Man will dream about having you on their leash. But only I can own a bitch as good as my Barbie.” The whole time he is talking the fingers work in and out of my pussy, slow, deep and hard, malatya escort painfully slow, along with the spanking of my ass never letting up, and harder ones to make his points. I am flailing on his lap, the visions he describes filling my head. The disgrace and humiliation of it all, to be beat by another man? To be fucked so roughly in public? I want to scream “Yesssss!” at the top of my lungs but I know the choice is purely his and my wet pussy is speaking for me plenty right now.

Fingers swiftly are removed from my pussy leaving me empty and wanting but not for long as my ass hole is rubbed with lube, in and out he goes with his fingers, probing deep, inserting another finger, stretching me. I am moaning on his lap and pushing back against the pressure that is building inside of me, wanting to be fucked so badly. Then I feel the cold steel of the plug as it slowly worms its way into my ass. It is huge! He works it in and out, making my ass fit to it. Tears are stinging my eyes again, as my hands are trying to grip air. “Bare down doll, take it all the way in. Just like that. Good girl.” It sinks past my rim and fills me completely and solidly. The steel starts to warm inside me. It is heavy. Then I feel the, tail?? There is a tail attached to this thing? I struggle, trying to look, panic taking over. But he holds me down, I can’t move, I can’t breathe. “Shhhhh, calm yourself Barbie. Yes it is a tail. A horse hair tail. You act like a bitch, then I will treat you like one. Now breathe or this next part will be much worse for you.”

I close my eyes, trying to compose the flood of emotion inside me. It is just a tail, just a tail, nothing more, I can do this. Daddy’s hand is rubbing soft circles over my ass and thighs letting me adjust to the thoughts running marathons though my head. Just as I take one long deep breath, that same caring hand lifts and spanks my ass and freaking hard. I jump and cry out in a mixture of pain and shock. This is it, my real punishment is about to begin. He is harsh, almost brutal, as he rains his palm down on my ass cheeks and thighs. The pain makes me struggle as first, it is too much too fast, I can’t think of anything but the pain. I can’t do this, I have to make him stop, I can’t, no, no, need to stop, safe word, what is my safe word, I can’t, make it stop! That is when is hits me. When the wall before me breaks, when the pain takes over my body, and the bliss sets in, when I fly. He doesn’t stop or let up. Daddy knows how to play with his Barbie doll, how to make her whimpers and moans into a song made just for his ears. The bulge in his pants is crushing into my side, as my pussy is running my honey into his dress pants. My ass and thighs are screaming out in pain, and I know I will wear the bruises for a week.

All of a sudden, Daddy lifts me and I am thrown over the arm of the leather sofa, I can see us in the mirror of the fireplace. The tears are now flowing down my face, making a mess of my makeup, as I see him looking at his handy work while freeing his huge cock from his pants. He doesn’t take them çanakkale escort off, knowing the roughness of them will make my ass chant with every thrust. Gawd this man is so good to me. I close my eyes when I see him pump his cock a few times and steps toward me. The moan cannot be contained as I feel him push hard and deep inside my cunt in one hard thrust. He stops for a moment, but just a moment, before he starts in. I feel it when he grabs the tail and lift it high, changing the pressure inside me and I scream out. It is like it is pushing on my G spot though my ass. How can that even happen? “That’s it doll, you know you need this. To be treated like the slut you are, and it is your own fault. Letting that prick touch what I own! How can I keep you safe if you go and do stupid things?”

He fucks me for what seems like hours, as I struggle under him. I watch in the mirror, it is viciously beautiful how much he loves me. How he has to possess me and take me. Make me understand his ways. My whimpers go ignored, as he takes. The need inside me to cum is so incredible, “Please Daddy please may Your baby girl cum for you??” I am thrashing under his pounding need, my clit rubbing on the leather arm.

“No.” is all he says. But the plug starts to move with him and I am crying out in pain and wonder. In the mirror I see his hand is wrapped around the plug and he is fucking me with the plug and his cock. I can’t breathe, I can’t watch this and I turn my head. OMG I need to cum! Holy Shit! “This what you want slut? To be fucked by two men? To be used as a common whore, a fuck toy? Huh? Huh? Answer me bitch!”

“YESSSSSSSS DADDY!” The screaming moan wracks from my throat as that is all I see in my head is Donny and Daddy fucking me at the club and holy hell I want it, and badly. My cunt is spraying out juices every time he pulls back, I can feel it running down my legs.

“Cum you bitch whore, CUM RIGHT NOW!”

I scream and come apart at the seams as I push up on my arms, arching high. My world shatters, bits of myself explode into the room. “Don’t you dare stop cumming whore! Cum again!” I don’t know if I cum again or get keep cumming. The world seems to spin around us as I feel Daddy fill me with cum, feel my own juices mixing with his, as the room takes on the scent of pure sex.

There is no way of knowing how much time has passed, but when I open my eyes I am in Daddy’s arms as we sit on the floor at the end of the sofa. He places soft kisses on my nose as he gently wipes the tears from my cheeks. “Hey baby girl.” The smile on his lips just melts me.

“Hey Daddy.” I return his smile.

“All better, pretty girl. It is all over, you did good. Daddy is so proud of you.” The words wrap around my heart, making me wonder what I would ever do without him. Kisses cover my face, until he makes his way to my mouth where they deepen, grow with passion and love. I shift to put my arms around him, wincing as I notice the tail is still there. Daddy’s lips curl up, those eyes of his start to twinkle. Oh no, this is not good. “Yes baby, well maybe not all over yet. To finish your punishment, the tail stays in till morning, to remind you who owns that ass.” I gasp, how am I supposed to sleep with a tail up my ass? But the look of satisfaction on his face is priceless, and makes me laugh. I love this man, I belong to him, and with him I can endure anything. Maybe even the club next weekend, a Barbie can only hope.

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