Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 13

Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 13


This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I’ve been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.

You can e-mail me through the link below if you have questions or comments about my stories.

I sent David the video of Janet’s party, and asked him if he was into that type of cuckolding fantasy, and if he wanted me to sign-up for her parties?

He said to sign us up for Janet’s parties also, and if he found it too extreme, we could always bow out later. If the other husbands could find it erotic and enjoyable, maybe he could also.

For the rest of the year that David was overseas, I had invited Andrew over to the house during the week, had James on weekends, and went to Carla and Janet’s parties every other week. I was really getting more sex now with David gone, than when I was when he was home. I planned to abstain from sex with others to once a week, for a few weeks after David came home, unless he said more often was ok.

For almost two weeks before David was due home, I had absolutely no sex, to let my pussy shrink back to normal, if that was possible. I had to resort to dildos, but the ones I had would keep my pussy stretched out, so I had to buy a new one of normal size. I kept thinking of all the possible scenarios that could happen when David and I were reunited again. I still loved him very much, and would have to rely on that to see me through, although the sex between us in our marriage would change almost completely.

That dreaded/joyous day had arrived. David was back home again and I would find out if our marriage was as strong as before, or would burn like paper before the month was out.

He arrived at the base about four o’clock, but by the time the ceremonies were over it was eight o’clock by the time we were alone together.

We had a few beers, while we talked about his Iraq tour, things he did, things he saw and about the household. When I suggested we go upstairs so he could show me how much he missed me, he seemed reluctant, but eventually came with me. I stripped down to my sexy garter belt and hose the way James likes me, and approached him. He immediately got hard, held me close and gave me the best kiss of the day. I commented that his cock had not changed any, that he still oozed pre-cum like always, and I was prepared to give him a nice long blowjob, but he came within a minute.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “I guess I really deserved to be cuckolded by you, you deserve better.”

“You haven’t had any sex for a year, except for jerking-off I guess, anyone would cum soon, and are you still serious about me cuckolding you?” Why, tell me face to face.” I said.

“It excites me more than anything, seeing you have sex with someone else, and I would really like to see some black guys who are really well hung, pound your pussy. When can you invite James or Andrew to come over?” He said.

“Andrew is usually available during the week, and James comes on weekends.” I said.

“Can you ask Andrew to come over tomorrow? He said.

“Yeah.” I said. But why not wait a week or so; give us some time to get reacquainted?”

“I’ve been fantasizing about seeing you have sex with James, Andrew and others at the parties for months now; I’ll cum in my pants if I have to wait any longer.” He said.

“That’s what cuckolding is all about darling. The wife enjoys having sex with other men, while she denies the husband any kind of sexual pleasure.” I teased.

“Ah come on, it’ll be my coming home present.” He said.

“Andrew is young, domineering and cocky. He enjoys humiliating cuckold husbands. You might not like him talking down to you, and having you sexually please us. I think James would be better to start with, he understands the cuckold mentality, and he knows you better after I talked about you far more than I have with Andrew.” I said.

“No.” He said. “I’d like to see you being fucked by someone half your age, something like a mother and son fucking.”

“You get off on incest too?” I said feigning shock.

“Ok. Older woman and younger man.” He said.

“Ok.” I said. “I’ll have him bring some handcuffs, rope and tape in case you can’t handle it.”

“You won’t need it. I hope.”

“You’re a big man with 7″ of equipment, why do you want to be treated like a Herman Milktoast.” I said.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a sexual phase I’m going through, but I do want to see my gorgeous wife scream and yell to the pleasure of another man.” He said.

“Ok cucky. Do you want to fuck your wife, before I enforce your cuckold duties?” I said.

“Of course.” He said.

“I’ll call Andrew tomorrow and see if he can come over and take care of your horney wife, and we’ll also compare internet cuckold sites, to see if you’re ready to conform to the duties and responsibilities of a cuckolded husband.” I said.

David fucked me like a man on a mission, acıbadem escort and fucked me three times, making me cum each time.

The next morning we view chastity lifestyles.com, and he made only a few objections to the duties and responsibilities as a cuckold. Then we went shopping for clothes and lingerie that he would like to see me dressed in and then went home and had David prepare me for Andrew’s arrival. I had him run my bath, shave my legs and pussy and lay out my lingerie.

I felt sorry for David, and at the same time excited. I intended to put on a good show for David, and couldn’t wait to see what kind of degrading acts Andrew would tell David to do, and if he would do them. I dressed in my heels, beige hose, and new matching black satin garter belt and uplift bra, which hid very little while David watched.

David said. “I’ve never seen you look so sexy, desirable and beautiful.”

“That’s because my black lovers give me so much sexual pleasure, so a give them some eye candy, and I don’t deny them anything they want, anything! Go downstairs and wait for Andrew until I finish,” I said.

“Does he know that I’m here?” He said.

“He knows you were due home yesterday.” I said.

He went downstairs, and five minutes later, the doorbell rang. David went and opened it.

Andrew looked David up and down, and said. “Only home one day and you wife is craving my black meat already?” He said.

“I told her to invite you over. She’ll be right down.” David said defensively.

“I know where the bedroom is, the action happens upstairs dude.” Andrew said.

“Hi baby.” I said, as I walked down the stairs.

I walked up to Andrew and put my arms around him, and gave him a hot tongue probing kiss for several minutes, as he caressed and pulled my body into his, as we both knew David was watching every detail.

We went into the living room, fixed drinks, Andrew and I sat on the couch, and David sat in the recliner. I let David and Andrew make small talk about Iraq and then said.

“I told David that I met you at one of Janet’s parties.” I said.

“And did she tell you that she got hooked on my young black dick, and has invited me over every week since then?” He asked David.

“Yes, she told me.” David said.

“David wants to go with me to Carla and Janet’s next party.” I said.

“So you want to see your hot wife banged by a group of black men with nigger cocks, eh? Would it turn you on, or do you just realize that your wife is a slut for black cock now, after having it for the past year.” Andrew said.

“I guess a little of both.” David said.

“Why don’t you guys strip down, and you can both see what I’ve been working with.” I said.

“Yeah, and David can see why you prefer black now.” Andrew said.

David and Andrew stripped and David showed no embarrassment in showing his 7″.

“Well were both semi hard, why don’t you give my cock some of your oral loving babe?”

“Of course.” I said. “I bet he’ll get hard too just watching me suck your cock hard. That’ll prove he likes being a cuckold rather than doing me himself.” I said, as I dropped to my knees in front of Andrew.

“Get over here next to your wife,” Andrew said to David. “She love’s to suck black cock as much as be fucked by them, and don’t touch your cock either. Let’s see if you get hard by watching her suck black cock or not.”

I fondled Andrew’s huge balls in one hand, and held his cockhead in the palm of my other hand, as I ran my tongue and lips along his hard shaft, while staring at David. As I got Andrew’s cock harder, I continued to fondle his balls as I opened my mouth, I took all his cock completely in my mouth, working it from tip to base several times, while making slurpy sucking sounds for David’s benefit.

“Did you see that?” Andrew commented. “He got a hard-on before I did just from watching.”

“Good for me.” I said. “If I ever let him fuck me, I’ll just show him a picture or a video of me sucking a big black cock to get him hard.” I said.

“Did you see your wife deep throat me? She can take James 11″ to the hilt too, she’s a real slut as long as it’s black cock,” Andrew said.

Andrew then turned his body and waved his black cock in David’s face.

“Here, you try it; lets see how much black cock you can take. I will help train you, so you can take as much cock in your throat as your wife. Can’t have your wife out do you, now can we? I read your e-mails and know you’ve started sucking cock years ago. Other cock suckers prefer black to white cock, because there’s more cock to suck and cum to swallow.” He said.

Andrew placed his cock against David’s mouth, held the back of his head, and forced it inside David’s mouth by jerking his pelvis forward and applying more pressure to the back of David’s head until he submitted to sucking his cock.

“That’s it. Suck it on your own, in your own way. You’re really quite a good cocksucker. I think we’re all going to get along real good now.” Andrew said.

I atalar escort could not believe it, but I loved it. Seeing David on his knees sucking Andrew’s big black cock. I joined Andrew’s verbal mocking of David.

“Run your tongue around his cockhead honey, doesn’t it taste delicious? Lick his pee hole too, lick up his pre-cum, he always ooze’s lots pre-cum.” I said.

“He knows what to do, he’s sucked cock before. He doesn’t need anyone telling him what to do now babe. He’s doing real good now, I think I’ll reward him with a extra big load of my hot creamy cum, he deserves it.” Andrew said.

“Want him to cum honey? Tickle his balls and nether area with your finger tips and he’ll cum within a minute.” I said.

“No coaching from the sidelines, he’s a pro, and I’m loving it.” Andrew said.

I moved closer to David and said. “Go ahead honey, make him cum, I’ll lick up whatever you can’t handle. You’ll learn not waste any, it’s real creamy, tastes great and has a lot of protein.”

After a few more minutes of sucking, Andrew started to wince and buck his pelvis and he unleashed a torrent of creamy cum. David swallowed about three spurts of Andrew’s cum, and then Andrew pulled out, said oops, and splashed David’s face with his remaining cum. Seeing that none of Andrew’s cum leaked out of David’s mouth, I licked the cum off of his face, and kissed him on the lips, exchanging Andrew’s cum with each other.

“Do you think David would make a welcomed addition at Janet’s parties?” I asked Andrew.

“Yeah, I think he’ll fit in nicely.” Andrew said.

“Didn’t I say that Andrew’s cum taste good, honey.” I said.

“It was a little tangy, but it went down ok.” David said.

“Better than those other little white cocks you’re use to I bet. Whenever you get a craving for some more, give me a call, maybe I’ll bring some friends over for you too. I’ll have to talk with Janet and see if we could have a contest to see which husband can is the best cocksucker and who can swallow the most cum. You’re ok David.” Andrew laughed.

“Let’s go upstairs, I’m feeling left out.” I said.

“How could the hottest woman in town ever be left out of anything? Andrew said.

“Shut up, and give me your cock.” I said, as I dropped to my knees and continued sucking him hard again.

“David, why don’t you crawl between your wife’s legs and get her pussy nice and slick for my cock to fuck.” Andrew said.

David did as he said, and started to use his tongue on my already moist pussy. He was doing a great job servicing my cunt, and performing the duties of a cuckold husband for Andrew and me. I intended to test him further before the night was out.

Andrew pulled his big cock out of my mouth, and asked, “Are you ready to have your white married cunt filled with a big black cock again, and give you a wave of orgasms, like no white dick could ever do?”

“Yes baby, bury your dick deep in my cunt, and fuck me deeper than my husband and other white men’s cocks never go. Send me to heaven as you always do. Oh David, black cocks were made for a woman’s pussy. Everyone that I’ve had has made me cum.” I said.

“David, I’ll give you the honor of putting my black cock in your wife’s hot cunt. Grab a hold of my cock and put it in.” Andrew said.

David did as Andrew said and placed his cock into the entrance of my cunt. As soon as Andrew felt my flesh against his cockhead, he pushed his full length in. He started out with slow methodical strokes, letting my pussy feel his full length and his thickness along all the nerves of my canal. I didn’t even think about or notice David watching us, but when I did, I saw he still had a hard-on.

I said. “Honey I think we are going to have to consider getting you fitted with a chastity device, your going to get blue balls from having a raging hard-on from watching us, and not relieving yourself.”

“Naw,” Andrew said. “It’s a good barometer for us to see if he enjoys watching his slut for black cock wife getting the fucking she deserves, and that he can’t give her. He knows his place now, and where his dickey isn’t needed anymore. His key sexual instrument is his mouth, lips and tongue now.”

After a few minutes, Andrew started giving me a vigorous fucking, and then stopped and pulled out and said to David. “Get up here and lay on your back, with your head at the foot of the bed. Barb, get up and straddle David in the sixty-nine position. I’m going to let you get up close and see how your wife really likes to get fucked. It’s not just size that matters, it’s skill, and you can lick up all her cunt juices that she leaks out on the bed. She really wets the bed badly. After I cum, let us know whose juices taste best, hers, mine or ours mixed together, ok buddy?”

David and I shuffled our positions on the bed, and when we were situated, Andrew resumed his fucking of me. David started licking my pussy right away, even though I hadn’t started cumming yet. Andrew was fucking me slowly again, and I knew that David’s tongue aydınlı escort was probably licking Andrews cock also.

Andrew started to increase his tempo, and I started to feel my first orgasm start to build, as Andrews cock stretched her pussy in all directions as all her other black lovers cocks did. Sure enough, after about a minute, I had my orgasm and my juices started flowing.

“Do you like seeing Andrew fuck my cunt with his big black cock honey? Is this what you imagined? Is this what you dreamed of seeing, Your wife being a slut for black cocks? I hope so, because it’s reality now, no going back for me now. I’ve had over a dozen black partners finding pleasure in my pussy, and many of them have been there several times again and again. Here it comes baby, lap up my juices.” I said, and I felt David’s tongue increase speed so as to drink my cunt juices.

“Oh David, wow, your good honey. Do you like my cum juice straight from the tap? I said.

His muffled sounds and the nodding of his head, indicated that he did.

After about fifteen minutes and two orgasms later, Andrew filled my cunt with his cum, and as it mixed with my juice, it began to ooze out on to David’s waiting tongue and mouth. The actions of his mouth and tongue, licking my cunt and sucking out what his tongue couldn’t reach, proved he was enjoying his cuckold duties. The slowing down of his actions indicated he had cleaned me of Andrew and my cum deposits.

Andrew then tap David on the shoulder and directed him to clean him up also. David took Andrew’s semi-hard cock fully into his mouth and began sucking him clean, and soon Andrew’s cock began to harden and become thicker and longer, and David tried to maintain his deep throat sucking. He did good though, taking a little over 7″ of Andrew’s hard cock between his pursed lips and deep in his mouth.

“Damn David, that was damn good, I enjoyed your cleaning of my cock so much, I got another hard-on to fuck your wife with.” Andrew said.

“Whose cum do you enjoy most honey? Your own, mine, Andrew’s or Andrew’s and mine mixed together? I said.

“They all taste good, but if I could only have one, I’d have to pick yours and Andrew’s mixed together. I think I could drink a quart of it, and still want more.” David said.

“You like being our clean-up boy, don’t you honey?” I said.

“Sure I do, I love it, as long as I can watch and participate. What they say about being bi is true. It is the best of both worlds.” He said.

“I’ll take your word for it, but me and my black brothers are to busy practicing heterosexual sex with your slut white wives, to have time practicing being bi also.” Andrew said.

“And you have a lot of years ahead of you keeping us satisfied baby.” I told Andrew.

“I’ll see to it that you have a lot of cum mixed with mine at Janet’s party this weekend.” I said.

“And I’ll pass the word that you like to clean-up nigger cocks also.” James laughed.

Andrew and I continued to fuck three more times throughout the night with David orally pleasing and cleaning us with his mouth and tongue.

Andrew got dressed and we were in the living room having a drink before he left, and Andrew asked David, “Did you enjoy joining us as our cuckold boy toy, and seeing your wife being fucked with a big black cock and enjoying it?”

“Yes, very much.” David said. “That’s why I suggested that we join a swingers club, because I wanted to see her getting fucked by other men and not so much fucking other women myself. I heard from other swingers that black men were the perfect lover for married white women and I began fantasying about Suzy having a black lover, and started searching the web for videos, stories and chat rooms that dealt with it. I loved seeing you two having sex, and if I have to be a clean-up cuckold to be a witness to it ok.”

“I don’t understand guys like you.” Andrew said. “You date the woman, marry the woman, and then get off watching her have sex with other men.”

“I couldn’t imagine that I would end up like this when we married, but times change, people change and sexual lifestyles change between them through the years. Your still young and you will change your opinions as years go by.” David said.

“Your wife has only been fucking black guys since you’ve been gone and hasn’t had any white cock. She enjoys and wants to be a slut for our big black cocks now. Now that she has tried black, she won’t go back to little white cocks again. What’s your opinion of that?” Andrew said.

“I know that black guys are more superior in sex and better qualified than us white guys, and I want my wife to have the best, even if that makes me second in her eyes.” David said.

“You’ll always be first with me, especially after what you just said honey.” I said.

“You’ll be the center of attention at Carla and Janet’s parties, being a newbie there and being requested to perform clean-up in front of other wives and their lovers.” Andrew said.

“I’ll know it would be mostly for your amusement, and I’ll be among fellow cuckolds like myself.” David said.

“Oh David,” I said. “You’ve changed so much in the past few months, wanting me to cuckold you with my black lovers, being bi, and being so accepting of our new lifestyle, but I like it and approve.”

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