Baked Peaches Pt. 03: Cherry

After I’ve recovered from the most epic and powerful blowjob I ever got, it isn’t long before you are after more. Your hand finds its way to my crotch and you massage my cock through my jeans. “Wanna take it out for me again?” you ask. God, the way you say that is so fucking sexy.

I’m hard instantly. My hands fly across my belt buckle and again, you’re plunging your mouth down on my rock-hard cock, sucking on the sensitive spot and and pressing your lips and tongue all over my shaft, licking and slurping, gathering every last drop of leaking pre-cum while lathering me in your saliva in the process. I can’t believe how much you love to suck my cock or how well you read my mind.

“Mmm, I’m just so horny,” you murmur into around my dick, “I think it was the fingers in my ass.”

You suck my cock playfully hard before letting me out of your mouth with suction. Then, you look me in the eye and smile devilishly before coming close and whispering in my ear: “I want you to fuck it.”

I groan. What!? I don’t think so. This isn’t the right time. “Maybe not without lube,” I stammer. “I don’t wanna hurt – “

You look at me funny, grinning while your cheeks redden, “Zoe gave me some for my birthday.”

My eyes bug out. “So that’s why she was smirking so much.” You’re not listening. You straddle me, knees parted around my hard core, tits squashed and bulging out of your dress, which is resting on my hands at the top of your ass. It drives me wild when you reach back with your hand to scoop up your leaking pussy juices, slowly circling your fingertips on your cute pink asshole to moisten it.

I’m barely breathing from the rush of lust pervading me. You are staring deep into my eyes, biting your lips and moaning lightly as you slide a slender finger inside your anus, spreading your asscheeks with your other hand.

“Fuck,” I pant as I slowly stroke my aching penis, already lathering my length with a generous amount of lube.

“Help me,” you whisper, wiggling your sexy butt, still sliding your finger in and out of your ass.

My hands are shaking while I deposit an exaggerated quantity of lube on the crinkled edges of your sexy asshole. I massage the gel all around it while you push the slick stuff up in you with your fingers. Emboldened by the noticeable lack of resistance, you start sliding two fingers in and out of your snug asshole.

The thought of what’s happening takes my breath away. It’s the dirtiest thing I had ever seen or done. Are you really about to give away your last virgin hole here with me? In public? With our friends so close by? I’m tempted to grab my raging erection and jerk off. It is just so hot.

I look into your big brown eyes. “Are you sure?”

You nod and tilt your fabulous ass higher in the air, arching your back. You obscenely spread your hypnotic asscheeks with your tiny hands and moan huskily: “Take it.”

I guide my hard-on between the luscious globes of your beautiful ass, pressing my pre-cum leaking glans to the entrance of your forbidden hole. escort bayan You are pulling the edges of your virgin asshole apart with your fingertips until you are slightly gaping, inviting me to enter. I place my hands over yours while I grab your juicy ass. Then I push.

Your oily butt-ring yields almost immediately, letting the tip of my cock slip inside your plump ass. I wait there, with barely a half-inch of my rock-hard shaft embedded in your tight little hole, letting you get used to being stretched.

Now that I am inside you, you let go of your asscheeks and reach your arms around me in a warm hug. I claim you while you gasp and whimper. I caress your back and butt, waiting, basking in the tight grip of your most protected place.

After a few tight pumps, you exhale deeply and I feel your whole body finally relax. Your most reluctant orifice relents its constricting choke on my dick. Your eyes lock squarely on mine and you nod, attempting a smile, silently telling me you’re okay.

I smile back nervously, trying to steady my racing heart. Then, gripping your butt tightly, I gently start pushing myself deeper inside your asshole. As my spearing shaft delves into your private depths, you shiver all over.

“Uuuuhhh,” you wail hushedly.

“Does it hurt? I can stop…”

“Nooo! No, don’t stop, I’m fine… It just feels weird, and so full… But it’s good… Just go slow.”

I freeze, not completely convinced. You smile reassuringly, then whisper: “Really, it’s fine.” You pause to run your tongue through my mouth. “You’re just really big.”

My saliva catches in my throat as I swallow. I’m anxious, but if you tell me it feels good, I believe you. I trust you, and I’m so blown away that you trust me enough to want your first time to be with me. I push forward and you gasp as more and more of me disappears inside you.

We lock eyes as I sink deeper and deeper into your untouched regions, pushing until the resistance rises too much, then withdrawing to give you time to relax. Then I push deeper, each time sensing that your body is happy to surrender another inch. We share a psychedelic trance of prolonged eye contact and true connection as we repeat this pattern, reading each other’s body language until we eventually sync in a careful, assfucking rhythm.

You sigh in relieved satisfaction when my balls finally bump into your sopping pussy and your butt finally presses against my taut thighs. My cock flexes, engulfed in you from tip to base. The feeling of your oily asshole squeezing my entire length makes me shudder. You took it all like a good fucking slut.

“I’m so full.” Your voice radiates pleasure. “I’ve never felt so fucking stuffed!” You whisper passionately while trying to keep your voice down. After all, we are only a few meters from Mike and Brie and this should be a private moment. I embrace you tightly, contracting my cock muscles again and again. The more slick pre-cum I can pump into your tight ass, the better.

“Still okay?” I ask, slowly altıparmak escort bayan gyrating my pelvis into you. Now that you’ve taken my cock balls-deep, I’m pretty sure the dangerous part is over. Now I’m getting a bit greedy for you. I want to work you and work you hard.

“Yeah, it’s so naughty.” you giggle. You are feeling more comfortable now – I can tell from the way you’ve begun rocking your hips, fucking my cock nice and slowly in and out of your ass.

I put a hand on your cheek and kiss you softly. “I’m gonna fuck you now, okay?”

You kiss me back. “Okay. I’m ready.”

I pull your dress down politely over your backside to hide the details of the intimate event to any onlookers. You arch your back in anticipation, driving your midsection down further and forcing my pulsing cock even further up into your private passage. My arms fold around your midriff as I press myself firmly against you, hugging you tightly. I lean backward just a bit so as to penetrate you to maximum depth, then start fucking your oily asshole.

At first, I go slowly. Determined not to hurt you, I’m careful, making sure you are becoming more relaxed and accepting of my stiff pole as I move slowly in and out of you. Maybe it’s because there are people sort of close by or maybe you’re just overwhelmed, but you make hardly a sound as you give me your anal cherry.

You lean close to my ear, moaning and whimpering at a volume you hope won’t carry too much; however, those whimpers grow louder as I pick up my tempo, sliding in and out of your unbelievable tightness, each stroke gaining more force, each force plowing you a little harder.

We are getting hornier by the second, high on the feeling of being so dirty together while you let me violate you in this forbidden way. As I gain speed and sink deeper into your slick anal depths with every gliding stroke, you take it all without protest, turning yourself over to me completely.

For a long while, you lay your head on my shoulder and enjoy the feeling as I enter and reenter your tight warmth. You make a small hiccupy sound every time my cock reaches its maximum penetration, intermittently kissing my neck and tightly squeeze my torso in a way that tells me you’re enjoying this. We stay in this peaceful embrace for a long while, taking the time to enjoy this unexpectedly tender coupling. Before long, the touching nature our delicate union overwhelms us, and we are suddenly crazy with desire for each other.

Our mouths lock in a kiss of pure surrender to one another. Driven by a single dirty purpose, we begin picking up speed, throwing modesty and caution to the wind.

You pull your dress down so I can suck on your tits while I buttfuck you. Soon I’m pounding you with all I have, absolutely railing your ass while I suck on your tits in the moonlight. My cock slides in and out of your ass like a thick stick of butter, and, as you experience the total and complete fullness and depravity of it, you whisper breathlessly nilüfer eskort between brutal poundings: “Uhhhh….fuck….yeah…fuck…me…..fuck…my…asss…”

Repeatedly, you hump your pelvis upward let it fall on my cock as I thrust upward. Together, we are driving my swollen, massive slick cock all the way into your innermost core again and again.

“Uhhhh…uhhh….uhhhhhh….oh…my…god! Feels…so…good,” you grunt. You sound so thankful to be taking me up your ass like a complete cum-bucket.

In a cock-stuffed bout of pleasure overload, you drape yourself over my powerful frame as I abuse your ass, burying my thickness in your newest dicksleeve, drilling you harder, faster, deeper. Your head lolls on my shoulder as you grunt unintelligible obscenities in my ear.

Suddenly, your head jerks back and you gasp loudly. I know it’s coming: your first anal orgasm from a transcendent assfucking. The contractions come strong. Your spasming anal walls milk my cock without mercy.

I barely manage to slam myself balls-deep inside you one last time before your asshole clamps down around me, squeezing my length from glans to base in a series of powerful spasms that send my mind reeling. The indescribable eroticism of the situation and the crazy build-up from the whole rest of the night are just too much for me.

I blast a continuous thick stream of cum deep in your ass, flooding your insides with creamy jets of so much sperm that I feel it sliding against my twitching cock as I buck desperately into you, deep up into you, trying to cram myself more inside you than I already am.

“Oh!” you pant breathlessly. When you feel my river of cum gushing up your ass, it undoes you completely. You writhe on my massive fuckstick as it pulses inside you, your whole body thrashing on me. Your muffled cries break into choking squeals and sighing gasps of utter ecstasy as you get swept away by a devastating orgasmic wave. The muscle contractions deep inside you strike one after another, driving you to delirium and coaxing the last pulses of cum from my twitching cock.

As your orgasm burns through you and slowly ebbs, I completely empty myself inside you. You fall limp in my arms, your chest against my chest, your head resting in the hollow of my shoulder. I wrap my arms around your soft curvy body, we just sit like that for a while, perfectly still. Our gradually slowing breaths are the only sounds in the world.


The sun is rising. After our couple-sexy-times, the six of us have regrouped on the swamp deck to continue drinking. After wondering where Daddy and Hailey ended up, we have a great conversation, recapping the events of the night while we take golden showers in the magical golden hours of sunrise.

Eventually, the inevitable: “Well, guys – we’re going home!” Chase announces. We wave goodbye as Chase and Avery depart, walking through the tall grass on the other side of the pond and out of sight.

“Let’s go home,” you say into my shoulder.


I have the fancy plan to sweep you up in my arms like a gentleman and carry you to the road until I can throw you in a taxi or something…but I grossly overestimate my motor skills when I stand with you in my arms. In a moment of semi-dismayed acceptance, I hug you tightly as we topple into the swamp.

After I’ve recovered from the most epic and powerful blowjob I ever got, it isn’t long before you are after more. Your hand finds its way to my crotch and you massage my cock through my jeans. “Wanna take it out for me again?” you ask. God, the way you say that is so fucking…

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