Bad Precedent With My Son-in-Law Part 3


It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Cheryl was sitting in her backyard gazebo waiting for her daughter Joanne to arrive. They had made plans to get together since Steve was out of town until next Tuesday on a job. The birds were out and she had been watching them with a cigarette while enjoying the weather. As she finished her smoke, she noticed a text message pop up on her phone from her daughter.’Sorry, Mom. I can’t make it today, something came up. Will is gonna stop by on his way home from the hardware store to pick up the roasting pan that you said I could borrow. He should be there in ten or fifteen minutes.’“What a surprise,” Cheryl said sarcastically to herself after reading it. Cheryl had a bit of a hot and cold relationship with her daughter. She loved her dearly but there were some issues that stemmed from a bad divorce with her father that would come into play from time to time. Joanne had a habit of canceling plans between the two of them at the last minute when it suited her. The only reason Will was coming today was that Joanne needed her roasting pan for a dinner party the next day. Cheryl couldn’t remember the last time she has been invited to her daughter’s house for dinner. She pushed this thought aside and replaced it with something much more fun.Instead of stewing in bitterness over her daughter, some naughty thoughts of petty revenge came to her involving her son-in-law, Will. She had admired his muscular frame for years, and ever since John had pissed her off with his unexpected visit a few weeks ago, she was eager for a new lover. Will was her favorite son-in-law by a long shot, so it was an obvious choice for her, he was a nice guy and pretty funny when he wanted to be.He was a good man, part of her wondered if it would be a waste of her time to try and seduce him, but then she remembered his wandering eyes. Cheryl had caught Will checking her out many times over the years. If she wore a low-cut top and bent down in his presence, she was almost certain to catch him looking in her direction, trying to look inconspicuous, when she noticed his gaze. Even after having been caught a few times in this fashion, he persisted. This gave Cheryl the kernel of hope she needed. This would be a perfect opportunity to see if Will was interested in her. She looked down at the plain t-shirt and knee-length shorts she was wearing. She would need to put on something a little spicier to catch his attention though.She quickly went inside and up to her bedroom. She abandoned her baggy clothes and tossed them into a hamper. In their place, she selected a pair of tight-fitting shorts that were half as long as the ones she had on and a yellow tank top that would offer Will as much cleavage as he wanted. She stood in an old, mismatched pair of bra and panties while she examined the outfit she had chosen. It looked sexy, but still gave off the appearance of casual attire in case Will wasn’t interested and she had to bail on her plan.Next, she looked down at her underwear. If things progressed to the point where clothes started coming off, she was pretty sure that it wouldn’t matter what underwear she was wearing, but she had purchased a new pair of bra and panties recently, and wanted Will to see her wearing them. She was running short on time and she dressed herself quickly so she could get ready for Will’s arrival.She gave herself one last look in the mirror and adjusted her breasts slightly to maximize their visual appeal. She then headed down to the kitchen to check on the coffee pot. She heard a car pull into the driveway as she came down the stairs. When she got to the kitchen she raided Steve’s weed stash, she knew Will was a big stoner so she hoped it would help convince him to stay longer than planned. She heard Will come in the front door so she called out to him in a sing-song voice.“I’m in the kitchen, Will.” She tried to sound happy, not sexy. She didn’t want to come on too strong. Will would take more convincing to commit adultery, he was nothing like John. She just hoped it wouldn’t take too much convincing. Will gave her hope on this front as soon as he entered the kitchen and noticed her tank top. While he could not see any real amount of cleavage from across the kitchen, his instant recognition of her choice of shirt was a good sign to Cheryl.“Hi, Cheryl.” Will seemed apprehensive of her when he approached and it was reflected in his tone. “Joanne couldn’t make it today, but she wanted me to grab that…” Will was interrupted by Cheryl’s exasperated guffaw.“Couldn’t make it, my ass. Let’s not waste time with her excuses. I have a full pot of coffee and I was expecting company to help me finish it. Why not stay for a cup of coffee with your mother-in-law? Maybe we can smoke a joint as well. It’s so nice out.” As Cheryl mentioned the joint she leaned down over the island counter that was in between them to grab the bag of weed and rolling papers that she had purposely left on the far side of the counter.The move worked perfectly, Will helped himself to the generous amount of cleavage she offered, and after a few drawn-out seconds, he raised his eyes to meet hers. A sheepish look came over his face as he realized he had been caught but Cheryl’s only response was a warm, satisfied smile.“I need your help, Will. I can’t roll a joint to save my life. Will you stay and hang out with me for a bit?” This was a total lie on Cheryl’s part, she was very good at rolling joints. Will had a conflicted look on his face. She could tell that he was on the verge of saying yes, Cheryl just needed to push him over the edge.“Joanne was expecting me back soon. I’m not sure if…” Will’s half-assed objection was interrupted by Cheryl once again.“Oh, forget about Joanne. You’re only here because she was too lazy to come herself, and doesn’t value your time as much as her own.” After one and a half failed marriages, Cheryl had a good idea of what buttons to push to get in between a couple. She stood up straight sınırsız gaziantep escort and pushed her chest out slightly as she spoke. Once again her breasts caught his attention. The vocal tone of Will’s response told Cheryl all she needed to hear about whether her scheming was working so far.“Okay, Why not? Joanne can wait an hour or so.” Will tried to sound uninterested, but Cheryl could tell he was thinking about more than just a joint and cup of coffee. Cheryl gave him a warm smile and turned around to pull two mugs out of the cupboard. She hoped Will’s gaze was on her butt while it faced him, but for good measure, she made certain he couldn’t avoid it when she bent over to reach the cream from the bottom of the fridge.“Steve always puts the cream so far down.” She spoke in a flustered tone as she bent over at the waist in a very exaggerated pose meant to grab Will’s attention. Before she stood up, she turned her head back to look at him and was happy to see his eyes quickly dart from her ass to her face.’So far, so good,’ Cheryl thought as she stood up and poured cream into each cup before putting it back in the fridge. She told Will to grab the weed and she led him to the backyard gazebo, after filling each cup with hot coffee. Cheryl put the mugs down on a patio table and Will sat down and started to roll while Cheryl pulled her chair out and arranged it to face him. She struggled to maintain her patience as she watched Will slowly rolling a joint, his rolling skills were nowhere near as good as hers.She kept things light at first, she had always enjoyed Will’s company so it was no problem to keep the conversation going easily. Will was a warehouse manager at a small distribution company and almost always had a funny story about some workplace drama. He was finishing up a story about a new hire that had left before lunch on his second day when he finished the joint and asked about a lighter. Cheryl realized she had forgotten to bring one.Steve always kept a spare on an old bedside table that they kept out here. Cheryl stood up and walked over to retrieve it at the far side of the gazebo. She bent over at the waist again to give Will another look at her big butt. She took her time finding the lighter in order to give Will a few more seconds to gawk at her.Before she stood up, she gave each of her nipples a quick pinch. Will didn’t seem to notice her pinching, but he noticed her stiff nipples. She gave him a welcoming smile as she walked back to her chair and handed the lighter to him. He arranged his chair so it faced Cheryl and they started passing the joint back and forth.Cheryl began gradually increasing the sexual tension with a few simple compliments. Starting with his choice of shorts and T-shirt, she slowly worked her way, inch by seemingly innocent inch, towards comments about his muscular physique. Will worked out regularly and his hard, muscular frame made this obvious. He had dark hair on his head that he kept buzzed down to a short and satisfyingly coarse stubble. If he wasn’t exactly six feet tall, he was close enough that no one would notice. Cheryl didn’t have to think very hard to compliment this man by any means.They puffed slowly on the joint while they sipped their coffee and talked freely. Will was the kind of guy who was tight-lipped when his wife was around, but would open up much more when she was absent. Cheryl had always enjoyed Will’s company and would leave this experience with a smile on her face whether Will fucked her or not. She would just have a much larger smile if the former option took place.She took a big toke and passed it back to Will. Once it was firm in his fingers she coughed. While she did this, she made sure her arms were clear of her jiggling boobs so Will had a good look. Once her coughing fit stopped Will spoke.“I don’t think you and I have ever smoked together before, just the two of us I mean.” He coughed out a particularly big hit before continuing. “I’ve smoked alone with Steve a bunch of times, but this is a first for you and me, I think.” He passed her the joint before coughing once more.“I usually prefer to smoke alone, but when Joanne told me you were stopping by I knew I had to make an exception for you. A ‘first’ for us, as you put it.” She took a small puff and exhaled before she slipped in the rest of her sentence. “Maybe another ‘first’ between us is in order.” She cringed internally at such an obvious come-on but she gave him a devilish grin to better sell her off-putting statement.“Uh, what do you mean? I…” Will looked noticeably flustered by her ambiguous, yet obvious suggestion, Cheryl interrupted him before he could get too far into that thought. She knocked the lighter on her lap onto the ground in between them. She reached down to both pick it up, and to give Will a good look down her tank top.Will, of course, took the bait and couldn’t help but stare, he was trying to see just how far down her cleavage his eyes could reach, when Cheryl grabbed the lighter and looked up at him with a smirk. When Will noticed he had been caught red-handed by Cheryl, she raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have looked. My eyes wander sometimes.” Will looked worried and was trying to downplay some of the sexual desire that he felt through confession in a contrite tone. Cheryl wasn’t fooled, however. She could tell by how much he had been looking at her breasts today alone, that this was a futile effort on his part. He wanted her, and she could see it in his eyes. The wheels were already turning, so she pushed a bit further as she sat up straight in her chair. She leaned forward to pass the joint and also to give him another look at her cleavage.“It’s OK, Will. Take a good look. I wouldn’t have worn this shirt if I was worried about you catching a peak.” Cheryl was already fully committed to her plan before she said this, but there was certainly gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan no going back now. She pushed further still to reassure him that this wasn’t a trick or test.“ I know all about your wandering eyes for big boobs, Will. Hell, you might not even be married to my daughter if you didn’t have an eye for busty women.” She gave him a wink as she sensed an easing of his tense attitude. She was thinking of something else flirty to say to him when Will interrupted.“Hers are not as big as yours are though, that’s for sure.” He blurted this out without thought and it was plain to see on his embarrassed face. Cheryl’s ego soared at hearing this, and a wicked smile crept onto her face. She could not have hoped for a better response to her flirting.“No, they aren’t. Are they?” Cheryl’s enjoyment of this was obvious as she handed the joint back to him. Will took it and helped himself to another look down her shirt while she continued to smile at him. He took a long toke while he tried to fight the temptation building inside him. Cheryl was a bit surprised that her stoned antics weren’t immediately rejected, she didn’t take Will for a cheater. A few weeks ago she would have thought less of him for his behavior today, but she had since decided that real life was too complicated for a black-and-white mentality on moral behavior.Will pulled his gaze from her lovely breasts and up to meet hers. He looked deep into Cheryl’s eyes and was intimidated at first by the intimacy, but he maintained eye contact. Cheryl let the moment drag on as the gravity of their last exchange sunk in. Once it was over, she noticed their coffee cups were empty and the joint was down to a roach.“Why don’t you get us more coffee while I roll us another joint.” She gave him a cheeky smile before continuing. “I may not have been entirely honest earlier, but I’m quite good at rolling.” Cheryl slid her coffee mug towards him on the patio table they sat next to.“Do you know how I take my coffee?” Cheryl asked. Will chuckled at her joint rolling confession before he stood up and responded.“Yeah, I know how you like it.” He looked back over his shoulder and smiled at her as he walked away.“I’ll bet you do,” Cheryl said as she watched him walk away. She admired his muscular form for a few seconds before she turned back to the table and started to finger-bust the weed for a joint. She worked quickly and was most of the way finished before Will came back and put a cup of coffee next to her at the table.“Wow, that joint looks damn near perfect.” Will was genuinely impressed with her work.“Thank you. I end up rolling most of Steve’s joints for him when he drinks too much, which is a lot, as you already know.” Cheryl gave the joint a long, exaggerated lick to seal it, and also to entice Will. He was lost in thought for a few seconds while he pondered what else that tongue of hers could do. Cheryl smiled as she grabbed the lighter and lit up the joint. Things seemed to be going well for her so far.’We’ll be naked in no time’ She thought as she took a puff, she would have laughed out loud if not for the ensuing coughing fit. She handed Will the joint and reached for her coffee. She decided it was time to turn things up another notch.“So, tell me, Will. A good-looking man like you must get laid anytime he wants. If I was Joanne, I would jump your bones every night.” Cheryl smiled at him, but she was a bit worried by the long pause before his response.“Well, I wouldn’t say anytime. Joanne can be a bit particular about how she likes sex to initiate. There isn’t a lot of variety.” Will stopped and thought carefully about whether he should continue or not, Cheryl gave him a comforting squeeze on the thigh just above his knee to encourage him to continue.“Everything has to be a certain way. She needs a full-on massage, which I like doing most of the time, but it’s starting to feel more like paying an entrance fee than seduction these days. She can be a bit selfish.” He took a small puff and exhaled before he continued. “Sometimes she just falls asleep altogether before anything fun happens. Other times I just give up halfway through the massage and just half-ass it until I can stop.” Will let out a big sigh after he was finished.’Yikes!’ Cheryl thought as she took the joint from Will. She took a puff and tip-toed around the majority of the issues that he had mentioned, so as to not disrupt the sexual tension they had been building.“My daughter, acting selfish? That can’t be true.” Cheryl’s words dripped with sarcasm and Will laughed heartily at this joke, so she continued.“I love my daughter very much, but if there is one thing I have learned about her, it’s that she is almost certain she knows what she wants until she stumbles across what it is she really wants.” Cheryl gave Will another squeeze on his thigh, this time a few inches higher than the last time.“She doesn’t love you because of what you do to please her. She loves you because of who you are. If you stop trying to placate her and just be yourself, she will probably respond much more favorably to you. Make your needs and wants as important to you as you make hers.” Cheryl could see her words had the intended effect on Will. He just needed someone to show him his inner confidence and Joanne didn’t seem to be up to the task.’Never send a girl to do a woman’s job.’ Cheryl thought as she passed the joint and waited for Will to say something.“You are probably right. I’ve suspected as much for a while now.” Will took a puff before continuing. “I just hate the thought of pushing past all the temper tantrums she is gonna have.” Will was beginning to look stoned now and it softened the tense look on his face.“It will be worth the effort, trust me.” Cheryl leaned in towards Will and placed her hand on his thigh, this time it was high enough that she could feel the edges of his pockets. She gave him a light gaziantep sınırsız escort squeeze before she started rubbing gentle circles on his thigh. Will didn’t look at all uncomfortable with how close her hand was to his crotch, his eyes were firmly locked on her cleavage.With her free hand, she took the joint out of Will’s mouth and placed it in her own for a puff. She turned her head to exhale and coughed lightly. Her hand was still on Will’s thigh and she moved it at the exact moment she coughed. It was made to look like a careless accident, but of course, neither of them was fooled when two of Cheryl’s fingers came in contact with Will’s right testicle.“Oops,” Cheryl said with a playful look on her face. She kept her fingers in place while she gauged his reaction“Whoa.” He was a little shocked at how forward she was being, but he spoke in a nonchalant voice that only served to encourage Cheryl to seek out the rest of his testicles with her eager fingers. Will was lost in the initial rush of sensation as Cheryl lightly rubbed his balls, it was almost a full minute before he snapped to reality and objected to what was going on.“Listen, Cheryl. You’re very sexy, but we should stop this.” The look on his face wasn’t at all convincing and even now he struggled to look her in the eyes. Cheryl passed the joint and pulled her chair closer, she spread her thick thighs as she sat forward in her chair. She placed her free hand on his forearm as she pressed onward.“Hush, Will. When was the last time that Joanne took care of you properly?” she slid her hand upwards and rested them on his bicep.“ She is too selfish, you said so yourself. You need some relief.” There was a quick, passing look in Will’s eyes that implied she was correct, so she kept going.“You will find me to be a very generous lover.” She was recycling old lines she had read in romance novels at this point, but it seemed to be working. When his eyes drifted down to her chest again, she knew for certain it was. She decided to go for it.“Will. You are a good man. You don’t need to worry about anything. You just sit back and let your mother-in-law take care of you.” She was massaging his quickly hardening penis with both hands as she spoke to him. Cheryl knew for a fact that this gazebo was well positioned for privacy from any possible onlookers so she slowly unzipped Will’s fly without a care in the world.“Oh, fuck! Cheryl. You are gonna get me in trouble.” He looked straight at her chest while he said this. He remembered that there was a joint in his hand so he took a big puff while he let her continue.“No trouble. Just a little secret between you and I.” Cheryl unfastened the button on his boxers and reached in to pull out his now fully erect penis. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen, but it did not disappoint her at all. It was warm, smooth and its girth filled her hand in a way that made her eager for what was to come.All of Will’s previous hesitations faded away as Cheryl started to slowly jerk him off. He completely relaxed in his chair as her hand slowly moved up and down on his penis. He moaned softly as Cheryl maintained a slow pace, she thought about pulling off her shirt for him, but decided it would be more fun to tease him until they got inside. She reached down and lightly pinched each of her nipples again.“You like it when I jerk you off nice and slow, don’t you?” Cheryl looked him right in the eyes and spoke softly. A more intense moaning was his only answer as Will leaned back and slouched down into his chair. Her boobs jiggled ever so slightly with each stroke of her hand and she could tell that Will loved it by the excitement in his eyes. Cheryl handed him the lighter for the joint which had gone out of his hand.“Why don’t you finish that yourself?” She worked away slowly on his dick while he smoked the last few puffs of the joint. She could tell he was getting closer, so she used her free hand to keep playing with her nipples to tease him over the edge. Will took one last puff and put the roach into the ashtray before leaning back.“Oh, yeah. I’m gonna cum.” Will spoke quietly, almost to himself, as he approached his climax. Cheryl had left a roll of paper towels on the table when she was cleaning the glass. She managed to unravel and tear off a sheet with one hand without losing momentum on Will’s orgasm, which was close, judging from the look on his face.“Oh, Cheryl.” Was all he managed to say before he started. Cheryl was ready with the paper towel to catch every bit of it. Cheryl liked Will’s O-face much more than John’s. John had an exaggerated, almost pained facial expression that looked like he was being stabbed in the kidneys. Will’s facial expression was far more relaxed and sexy, it made Cheryl want to see it again and again. Will breathed a huge sigh of relief as Cheryl pumped the last bit of his semen into the paper towel.“ Wow, Will. That was such a big load of cum. You came to visit just in time.” Cheryl tossed the soiled paper towel into a nearby garbage bin before she dutifully tucked Will’s softening penis back into his boxers and fastened up his shorts again.“Would you like to come inside with me, Will?” She spoke in a voice that teased the endless, sexy possibilities. Will said yes without a second of hesitation. Cheryl stood up and led them inside. When they were almost at the back door, Will gave Cheryl a firm spank. She turned back and spoke with a playful scolding tone, as she turned the doorknob.“Will! The neighbors might see.” While this was a genuine concern from where they were standing, secretly Cheryl loved it and wanted another.“ I don’t care. You’ve been teasing me with this plump, round ass all morning.” Will kept his eyes on her butt as they walked through the doorway. Will closed the door behind them, when he turned back Cheryl was bent over the kitchen counter and looking back over her shoulder at him.“Just plump? Come on Will. You can be more honest than that.” She swayed her hips slightly as she teased him. Will moaned in satisfaction as he walked over to her.“Okay, how about this.” He gave her another hard spank and continued speaking.“I think you have a big, fat, sexy ass, and I wanna bend you over every time I come here to visit with your daughter.” He gave her a spank for each word of ‘big, fat, and sexy’. Cheryl gave out a little squeal of delight with each one she received.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Cheryl was sitting in her backyard gazebo waiting for her daughter Joanne to arrive. They had made plans to get together since Steve was out of town until next Tuesday on a job. The birds were out and she had been watching them with a cigarette while enjoying the…

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