BabySitter and the Uncle

Big Tits

It was just a normal baby-sitting job. I was sitting for Angela and Peter and it was going to be an all-nighter. Apparently they were going to a party that would run on to the not so small hours of the morning. I had no objection. I got paid by the hour, whether I was up and chasing children or sleeping in the spare bedroom while the kids also slept.

I arrived as requested and played with the kids while Angela and Peter got dressed. About the time they told me they’d be leaving there was a knock on the door. I would have left it for Angela but she yelled out for me to let him in. Let who in, I wondered.

Danny, it turned out. Thank god they were leaving shortly. Danny is Peter’s older brother, about ten years older. Seeing Peter is mid-twenties that makes Danny mid-thirties. I don’t dislike Danny but he does tend to tease me, which gives me the irrits.

I said good evening in a polite manner and didn’t react when he winked at.

“Can’t stay and flirt with you, love,” he said with a big smile. “We’re about to take off.”

“How unfortunate,” I murmured, keeping my face totally blank. “I don’t know how I shall console myself.”

The rotten man laughed and headed for the children who were happy to see him. It was going to take me a half hour to calm them down again once he left. I just knew it.

Angela and Peter came out, all ready to go. Farewells were said and the trio departed. I settled down to calming the kids down, drat the man.

I didn’t dislike Danny. As a matter of fact I quite liked him in a platonic, older man, fashion. Not what I would consider to be boyfriend material. I mean, really, my eighteen to his thirty-five or so meant that he was double my age. He was also a big man, two, maybe three, times my size. I’ll go with three as, like I said, he was a big man.

Eventually the kids flaked out and I tucked them into bed. A while later I was prepared to flake out and so I went to bed. My normal nightly attire consisted of either baby-doll pyjamas or lacy nighties. Not when I was sitting, however. It was a case of let’s not give any husbands the wrong idea, there are always some who like to chance their arm. When sitting I wear sensible and comfortable flannel pyjamas. (Of course, I could look sexy in them if I so chose, just not when I’m sitting.)

I was dead to the world minutes after hitting the pillow. Unfortunately I didn’t remain that way. I woke up with severe bladder pressure. I knew I shouldn’t have had that drink immediately prior to going to bed, or at least I should have gone to the toilet straight after. Now I was going escort bayan bursa to have to get up and go. It was pitch black and I tapped on my phone to get a little light. Freaking four am. No one should be awake at four am. I wondered if Angela and Peter were home yet. Not that it mattered. If they were they’d be in bed and asleep, which was where I wanted to be.

I turned on my bedroom light and the hall light. I hate wandering around in the dark. You never know what might be hiding in it. You know, nasty things like spiders and roaches and the occasional ghost. I hit the bathroom (and that light as well) and attended to my bladder problem.

Maybe I was in a bit too much of a hurry as I left the bathroom. I was trying to look in two directions at once, one eye on the light switch and one on the door handle. Fortunately the door was the lever type. Just swipe in the general direction and you’d get it. I caught it as I was turning off the light and hurried out before the door opened properly. This resulted in the stupid lever type door handle catching on my pyjamas. I felt the tug and heard something rip and then I was out and hustling down the hall. I decided I didn’t like lever type door handles after all. A nice smooth knob didn’t catch on your clothes and tear them.

All the above distracted me for a moment, just as I was heading full bore down the hallway. It belatedly registered on me that Danny was standing there with a startled look on his face and one hand outstretched to fend me off. Too little, too late. I crashed full into him. I didn’t knock him over but I did set him back on his heels and finished up plastered over him.

Somehow or other his hand had finished up covering my breast. Not my pyjamas but my actual breast, with skin to skin contact. Looking down I could see that the stupid door handle had hooked my top between a couple of buttons and the tearing sound had been one of the buttons coming off and the other coming undone, my top now gaping wide, giving Danny an invitation for a free feel.

Considering everything I couldn’t even accuse him of making a grab. He’d been standing still and I’d just gone and thrust my boob onto his open hand. Who could blame him if his hand had automatically closed over it? Not me, apparently. I just stood there and stared as he started caressing my breast.

“Um,” I said, which wasn’t really a very witty thing to say in this situation.

“Umm,” he agreed, but his um sounded sincerely appreciative where mine had just been startled nerves.

He then took advantage of the situation bursa sinirsiz eskort and our close proximity by leaning down a little and kissing me. Okay, he might be twice my age but I was going with the guess that he’d spent that extra tine learning how to kiss. His mouth absolutely ravished mine, effortlessly holding me captive, while his hand wandered over my breasts, teasing and tantalising.

I kissed him back. Why wouldn’t I? It was educational to say the least. (Um, and perhaps a little arousing, to say more than the least.)

“Very nice,” he said, drawing his head back a little. “You taste delicious.”

Before I could say anything he resumed the kissing, his hand still stoking my breasts. And, I suddenly realised, my bottom. I’d only just noticed that his free hand had slipped inside my pyjamas and was covering my bottom. Not having panties under my pyjamas that meant more flesh to flesh contact.

I, quite naturally, started to kick up a stink. Ha, the hell I did. I found I was enjoying his touches, the smooth way he was caressing me. His upper hand was tweaking my nipples and his lower hand was exploring quite thoroughly. I might have let out a bit of a squeak when it drifted around to the front and pressed against my mons but that was all.

When his hand cupped my bottom and pressed me more firmly towards him I became aware of two things. First that Danny was no longer wearing his suit. Dressed in his undies was my guess, a singlet and boxers. Second, those boxers were straining to hold him. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who was slightly aroused.

I guess I was a little slow at this stage. I knew that I was aroused and should have realised that he probably knew it. I knew that he was aroused, the evidence was pretty hard to miss, and he knew that I knew it. I still didn’t put two and two together.

He pushed my pyjama bottoms down and dropped his boxers. I could now feel his erection pressing hot and hard against me and it finally twigged that he had every intention of using that erection on me. Now was my time to take a step back and say thanks, but no thanks. What I actually did was press myself harder against him, relishing the feel of that cock pressing against me, knowing that I’d done this to him.

He turned slightly, backing me up against the wall, his knee pressing between my legs, forcing them apart. (Not that much force was needed.) He leaned down and his hand hooked behind my knee, lifting my leg high. I was now totally exposed to him. He leaned more firmly against me and I escort bayan could feel the length of his erection pressing against my slit.

He just sort of stayed like that, moving gentle, rubbing his cock against me. That was not what I wanted and he knew it and I knew he knew it. What was he waiting for? I was not waiting any longer, I decided, and reached down and took hold of him. From there it was the work of a moment to position him and start impaling myself upon him.

The rotten man laughed and pressed firmly into me, sheathing himself fully with that first robust thrust. He’d just been waiting until I initiated things before he got going.

Danny proceeded to demonstrate that it wasn’t just kissing that he’d been practising. His cock was long and thick, presumably well developed from all the training he’d had with it. I certainly had no objections. His cock filled me nicely, dragging against my passage in an exhilarating fashion as he thrust into me, pulling back just to thrust in again.

He wasn’t in any hurry — not at this stage anyway. Me, I was just happy to take things as they came, and that cock was coming frequently enough to keep me happy. He kept driving into me, lifting me high and then holding me there, letting me ride along in a state of imminent bliss. I knew, I absolutely knew, that a climax was coming but I was quite happy to just go along for the ride while waiting for it. More than happy. This was far superior to my previous ventures into a sexual education, not that there’d been many of them.

I could sense when Danny was ready to finish. I wasn’t sure how but I just knew that something was different. I’d barely realised this and Danny and his cock were suddenly battering me, driving into me as though he was in a race that he had no intention of losing. I simply lost it, clinging to him and trying not to scream out loud, not wanting to wake anyone. I mean, how would I explain this to Angela if she came to see what was wrong?

Danny seemed to give a little hitch and then he was jerking against me, spilling himself inside me, and that was enough to set me off. I jammed a hand against my mouth to muffle any sound I might make as I climaxed, and climaxed in a big way.

I returned to the bathroom to get cleaned up a little and then headed back to bed, finally. I paused for a moment, wondering where Danny was. Probably bedding down on the couch in the front room I decided. I made a short detour and there he was.

“Um, Danny,” I said nervously. He turned his head to look at me.

“You didn’t use protection,” I said quickly, “and I’m not on the pill. But don’t worry, I’m fairly sure that this is a safe time for me. I just thought that you should be aware.”

I hurried off to bed, giggling silently, enjoying the shocked look on his face. Of course I was on the pill. Catch me having unprotected sex if I wasn’t on it? No way.

It was just a normal baby-sitting job. I was sitting for Angela and Peter and it was going to be an all-nighter. Apparently they were going to a party that would run on to the not so small hours of the morning. I had no objection. I got paid by the hour, whether I was…

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