Aunt Missy Cleans Up

Aunt Missy Cleans Up

Female Ejaculation

Only two days after the naughty fun we had in the pool, Aunt Missy called and asked if I would help her clean out her garage. My parents thought I was excited about earning 25 dollars. I was much more excited about being with a beautiful busty lady twice my age.

I wasn’t sure exactly to expect once I got there. I didn’t know if she wanted to go any further than we had the other day, or if she just needed the garage cleaned up, or some combination of the two. In any case, I figured the best thing to do was just to show up ready to work, and let her take the lead. She seemed to like that, based on last time. Besides, it wouldn’t do to appear too eager.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t pretend I didn’t enjoy going next door to Missy’s. My heart was in my throat as I rang the doorbell. She came to the door looking very fetching in a loose work shirt and a pair of old cotton pants. I suspected they were her ex-husband’s, but she made them look a lot better than he ever had, even if they hid her delicious curves. I cleared my throat, trying not to stare. “Uh, hi, Aunt Missy,” I managed. “I’m here to help you with the cleaning…”

She motioned for me to come inside. “Thank you so much for helping out, Joey,” she said, her smile bringing out her dimples. “Can I get you something to drink before we start?”

“Thanks. Some water would be nice.”

She got a couple of large plastic tumblers out of the cabinets, and filled them, taking a healthy swig of her own. “Good idea. We’ll be working up a sweat,” she said. Looking back, I realize a lot of the things she said could be taken more than one way. In this case, she was right in a couple of ways, but I wouldn’t find that out until later.

It turned out that the garage wasn’t in horrible shape, but some clutter had accumulated. Since there was one less car to take up space, her garden implements, tools, and some of her ex’s junk had expanded to fill the void. I wound up moving the fertilizer and a few other heavy things, which I enjoyed, since it let me show off my muscles. Sure, I wasn’t especially huge or anything, but it still made me feel manly.

In a relatively short time, we had everything where Aunt Missy wanted it. Of course, in that same short time, we were covered in the kind of grime that comes from dust mixed with sweat.

Aunt Missy still looked beautiful, even dirty. The little smudge of dirt on her nose actually made her look even cuter, especially with her hair up. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually starting to tent up. Then again, I’d just been exerting myself, so my heart was pumping pretty hard, so it made a sort of sense. She looked me up and down just a bit, though I couldn’t tell from her eyes if she saw my erection, and said, “Oh, I can’t send you home looking like that. Let’s get cleaned up.”

I stood there, not knowing what to do next. “C’mon,” she said. “I’ll throw those clothes in the washer, and let you borrow some of Dave’s until yours are dry.” I looked down, and realized that they did need a serious washing. I was glad I hadn’t worn anything I particularly cared about—just a beat-up old school t-shirt and a pair of sweats. Now, they looked more like urban camouflage. “Well, are you gonna take ’em off, or what?” she asked. When my eyes widened, she laughed, jiggling even under her loose work clothes. “Oh, come on. It’s not like you have anything I haven’t seen—literally.”

I felt myself blushing deeply, but started to shuck the gear. “How about you?” I asked, grinning with more bravado than I felt. The worst she could do was send me home…but then, that was pretty bad.

She dimpled again. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said, answering my question with a question. She unbuttoned the loose shirt slowly, revealing a very tight black tank top underneath. “We’ll just see…” Under her pants, her legs gave off a slight sheen, and her shorts matched the tank. I tried to keep from staring, but I couldn’t. Fortunately, her very wicked grin told me that she didn’t mind.

I followed her, presuming we’d pick up a washcloth and a towel in the hall closet and I’d grab a shower in the guest room. So when she kept walking past both, I was a little concerned, but I figured she had a better idea. She walked right into her bedroom, and opened the door to the master bath, and I had to agree that it was a much better idea.

The tub and shower in the master bath had clearly been made for two…or more. Aunt Missy started to draw a hot bath, and said, “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, while I go get something?”

I blushed again, and she moved close to me. “Go ahead. It’s okay,” she said, resting a thumb on the waistband of my boxer briefs. I slowly peeled them off, revealing my rampant erection. “Oh, my,” she said, giggling. “That wasn’t just the float magnifying it the other day, was it?”

I shook my head and shrugged, giving her a goofy smile. “Well… İstanbul Escort I’ll be right back.” She indicated the slowly rising hot water, and I nodded, and reached over the high edge of the tub with my leg, and dipped a toe in. It felt very hot, but that was just what I needed right now. Slowly, I slid in, letting the gentle heat soothe my aching muscles.

Aunt Missy came in with a box from the garage and a mischievous grin on her face. She pulled out two packages from the box, both labeled “48” Beach Ball”—and they had a picture of her holding the ball, fully inflated! At my amazement, she said, “I’ve done a lot of modeling for swimsuit and pool toy companies.” She tossed me one, and opened the other, continuing. “I’d like for us to blow these up…and then I have a little game to play, if you’d like.”

My heart was pounding as I nodded, and tore open the package, careful not to damage her picture. I found the valve on mine at about the same time as she found hers, and we started to fill the big beach balls with air. My hardness started to throb almost painfully, and it felt as if it grew a little bigger with each breath we took together. She finished blowing her ball up tight just before I did—she had clearly practiced!—and set it aside. Then she smiled at me again, and slid her wet, tight black shorts off ever so slowly, revealing a perfect round bottom, and a cute tuft of blonde pubic hair over her gorgeous womanhood. I felt myself leak a little precum, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when she reached for the lower edge of her tank top and slowly pulled it over her head! Her big, beautiful breasts bounced free, and I was finally looking at Aunt Missy completely nude.

“You’re beautiful, Aunt Missy,” I breathed, face to face with one of my most powerful fantasies.

She blushed and dimpled, even cuter with the dirt still on her face. “Thank you, Joey. I hope you don’t think that I’m too old…”

“Never,” I said, meaning it.

She rewarded me with a deep kiss, and I almost came right there. “Oh, my…you’re getting awfully close, aren’t you…” she said suddenly. “Why don’t we just take care of that? I’m sure you’ll be up for some more pretty quickly.”

I nodded stupidly. I couldn’t think straight—this situation had gone far beyond what I could have expected—and she knelt in front of me, and cupped her huge breasts in her hands, wrapping them around my erection. In just a few strokes, I groaned, trying and failing to hold back. In my defense, it had been almost a day since I had gotten myself off, and so when I erupted, I splattered cum all over her beautiful bulging breasts.

“Wow, you really did need to let off some pressure,” she said, with almost a touch of admiration in her voice. “Do you always come like that?”

“Pretty often, though this was also the first time I’ve done it in awhile,” I said shakily. She moved up along my body and squeezed close, kissing me, and I could feel all sorts of wonderful sensations.

“Well,” she purred, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. You sure made a pretty mess…”

I looked at her, embarrassed. I had almost covered her lovely naked skin in my cum. “I hope you’re not mad…” I said.

“Mad? Oh, no…I love the feel of it spurting all over me, so warm and sticky,” she said breathily. “It turns me on something fierce.” She pressed deliciously against me, kissing me hard, and I could feel my own arousal stirring again already.

“Speaking of turn-ons, how about we soap each other off?” she asked. I grinned, realizing that there was only one answer, especially with her pretty boobs in my face, covered in my sticky goo.

Aunt Missy turned off the water, handed me a washcloth and a bar of very fragrant jasmine soap, and started lathering her own washcloth. I couldn’t help smiling when she started to wash me off, scrubbing my arms and chest gently, and then moving downward. Meanwhile, I started covering her in soapsuds as well, scrubbing lightly and watching her nipples get even harder. I paid particular attention to her aureoles. I gleefully rubbed those sensitive small brown circles, which caused her to moan softly.

She scrubbed and stroked my scrotum and cock so delicately, I thought I was going to have another orgasm, but she seemed to know just when to back off. At one point, we actually found ourselves cuddling and making out for awhile, and after an odd pause, we decided to enjoy the moment. Then as we relaxed for awhile, she sat up a bit in my arms and said, “And now, for the game.”

Aunt Missy climbed back out of the tub and grabbed the beach balls, dropping them onto the water. “Ever play Submarine and Destroyer?” she asked.

She knew the answer, since I had been a Boy Scout, and her ex had been one of our assistant scoutmasters. “Submarine and Destroyer” was a game where two teams took turns alternately defending Anadolu Yakası Escort or attacking a balloon. Each time your team popped the opponent’s balloon, you got a point. Each time your opponent went more than a certain amount of time without a balloon getting popped, they got a point.

“This is the same basic game, except with beach balls,” she said, holding her ball protectively. “And with one other difference…this time, each time you fail to defend your submarine, you have to do whatever I say for…oh, we’ll say fifteen minutes.” She grinned as I felt my face flush deeply. “Would you rather attack first or defend first?”

I thought about it. “I think I’d rather defend first.”

“Very well, then,” she said. She turned around and grabbed a nail file off the counter. “Defend your submarine!”

I grabbed a huge beach ball and sat resolutely in front of it in the tub as Aunt Missy advanced on me mock-menacingly, the sway and jiggle of her beautiful breasts muting the effect somewhat. Not that I was complaining. She climbed into the tub and crawled forward on her hands and knees, the file between her teeth. I knew I was strong enough to keep her from getting by me, but I had no idea what she had planned.

As she moved toward me and the big ball, I felt my cock start to rise again, growing harder and thicker. She took the file out of her pretty mouth, and kissed me softly, and my body responded. I threw my arms around her, squeezing her voluptuous form tightly but gently to my toned chest, and she melted, moaning happily in the deep kiss. How could I resist?

Then, with a “pft!” sound, she sank that file deep into my poor ball, and it began to hiss behind me, and then underneath me as we leaned back onto its deflating form.

She broke the kiss slowly, and grinned, biting her lower lip a bit guiltily, and her big blue eyes flashed a mixture of contrition and mischief. “I win,” she finally said bouncily, and pressed up against me again, nibbling my ear.

“What do I have to do?” I asked, suddenly a little nervous. I knew she probably wouldn’t make me to anything too embarrassing, but I couldn’t help a little apprehension.

She grabbed the other ball and sat on it. “I want you to play with my pussy until I can’t think straight,” she said, already breathing a little heavily. She weighed just enough to make the ball touch the floor of the tub, so that I had to grab her and the ball to steady us all. This made it easy for her to throw her legs over my shoulders, and I found myself staring at her perfect sex. “You won’t mind doing that for your Aunt Missy, will you?”

“Well, you won fair and square,” I said, smiling up at her. I didn’t have a lot of experience, but I figured taking things slow was smart. The girls I had dated up to that point seemed to appreciate when I did, so I figured the same would be true for my beautiful next-door neighbor.

I ran a finger up her left thigh, and lightly petted her pubic hair, starting at the top of the little blond tuft, and working slowly down to her mons. She wriggled happily when I started to massage her there, and I smiled as her hips flexed, moving that sweet pussy closer to my face. When I touched her labia, she gave a sweet little “mmf” noise, and nodded at me. I ran my fingers gently up and down those soft, moist nether lips, watching her open and bloom like a flower. Instinctively, I leaned down and kissed and licked at her, and she let me know I was doing well by wrapping those shapely legs around me and pulling me in closer.

Slowly, my tongue traced where my fingers had played, then again, more intensely. She gasped and said, “Ohhh, yes…is this your first time?” She sounded surprised.

“Yes, Aunt Missy,” I said, and then went back to tonguing her.

“You’re a fast learner,” she answered breathily. “Now…I want you to stick that tongue of yours inside my pussy, slowly…”

I did, and she squealed happily. I lapped up the juices that were beginning to flow, and moved up from where I had entered her. “That’s it…you’re going to feel a little button right at the tip…if you can reach….Ohmygod, you can reach…yes!” she cried.

I continued to lick and finger her to three or four orgasms, until she finally pushed my head away from her pretty mound. “Enough…” she panted. “Oh, God. You’re going to make some girl very very happy…and reduce her to a puddle.” She smiled. “That was amazing, Joey.”

I smiled, and said, “You are amazing, Aunt Missy.” I unconsciously licked my lips, savoring her taste, and she laughed.

She picked up her big bouncy beach ball. “Well, then, good luck. You’re gonna need it!” She climbed out of the tub, grabbed the ball, and bounced away!

I sheepishly got out, and looked around for something sharp. Finally, my eyes lit on a dental pick in the toothbrush holder. I carefully picked it up Kartal Escort and gave chase, walking instead of running. She wouldn’t get far naked, after all, and I wanted to take my time watching her jiggle around the house with a huge beach ball. I didn’t really care about the score; just playing was a victory for me.

Sure enough, she sat naked on her ball in the den when I caught up with her. I strode confidently up to her, my cock still half-erect, and the pick hidden in the palm of my hand. “So,” she said, “do you think you can let the air out of my beach ball?”

I got to within arm’s reach and let her see the pick as I took a playful swipe at her beautifully inflated ball. She squeaked and rolled forward, grabbing my wrist and trying to turn it away. We struggled playfully for a good while; I enjoyed the way her breasts bounced up and down, and she kept looking at my cock and smiling.

Finally, I pretended to give up, putting the dental pick on the floor, where it nestled in the luxurious pile, and moved in for a kiss, just as she had. Her lips felt so soft and warm and yielding on mine that I could have spent the rest of my life kissing them, feeling her hot little tongue tease mine. Gradually, she pulled me on top of her on the beach ball, and we rolled around, laughing. I felt my member throb against the warmth of her womanhood. We rolled a bit sideways, and *thunk!* My trap was sprung. The curved point of the pick had slowly turned up as the ball had rolled over it, and our combined weight was easily enough to press the ball down until the point poked through the surface.

Aunt Missy got this mock-innocent look on her face, her eyes widening in an almost childlike way. I thought I was going to climax right then and there, but I managed to relax enough. “Oh, my!” she said. “You’ve punctured my ball after all!”

I smiled wickedly as the ball hissed under us. “What do you want to do to me?” she asked, still pretending innocence.

“I want you,” I said, my voice suddenly husky. “I want you to turn over on this ball, and I want…I want to fuck you.”

She grinned. “Well, rules are rules,” she answered, and wiggled out from under me to reposition herself. She pulled the dental pick out of the deflating toy and put it up on a table nearby. Covering the small hole with a finger, she undid the valve and blew it up a bit more firmly. Then she put the ball down, straddled it, and bent over, leaning forward as she needed to. Every so often, a little air would escape as her grip shifted.

She looked back at me, her eyes smoldering and smiling at me, and licked her pretty lips. “Anything you want…” she said.

My thick erection twitched happily as I moved toward her gorgeous round rump, pointed up at me welcomingly. I found her soft folds, and carefully positioned myself, ready to take her. For a second, I thought about making sure she was ready, but then I felt her wetness on the ball, and on the head of my manhood, and I knew she was more than ready. And I had to have her. I slickly entered her, gasping at the heat inside her. She moaned a little, and I felt her grip my cock.

“Yes…” I whispered in response. Slowly I shifted my weight, letting the ball hold us both, though it hissed occasionally when her finger slipped. She responded eagerly to each thrust I gave her, and we built up a rhythm. I felt precum start to leak out with each slick movement. “You feel so good, Aunt Missy,” I moaned.

“You…feel good yourself, Joey,” she said, a little whimper in her voice. “Fill me up…fuck me good and hard…Don’t hold back at all…”

Her voice drove me wild, and I grabbed her big, round boobs, and groped them wantonly as I pumped her faster and faster. I felt her tighten at least two or three times, and then cry out in the throes of passion, and at last, I couldn’t hold back anymore. My cock felt like a fountain, emptying jet after jet of my hot lust into her tight opening. “That’s right, Joey, spend yourself inside me…”

I was still hard when I ran out, and was beginning to get that really sensitive feeling one usually gets after an orgasm, but I had also mostly recovered what wits I had left. Feeling mischievous, I carefully reached over, grabbed the pick, and put a few more holes in the ball, making it really hiss under us. To my surprise, our weight shifted a bit more, driving me even deeper into Missy’s pussy, and she cried out again, joyfully, “Yes, puncture, yes…!” as her sex gripped mine one more time.

Finally, we wound up on the floor, the ball flat beneath us. “Joey,” she said, still a little breathless, “that was exquisite.” She kissed me softly, then wiggled around and curled up in my arms.

“I’m glad you feel the same way, Aunt Missy,” I answered. “I hope we can do this again…”

“I think we can find lots of games to play,” she said. “Also, if you like, you can just call me Missy. I think you’re old enough now.”

“Thank you, but I kinda like calling you Aunt Missy. I can’t explain why, really…just makes me feel…naughtier.”

She grinned and kissed my ear. “As long as you treat your auntie right,” she said, “I’ll let you call me anything you like.”

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