Aunt before Mom Pt. 02


Authors note:

All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over eighteen years of age. This story includes incestuous relations with the intent of pregnancy. It doesn’t include anal sex.

Special thanks to neuroparenthetical for proofreading and editing my story. His advice was invaluable. I enjoyed working with him.

My excitement elevated when I neared home. Mom was off for a week and I looked forward to spending time together. After I closed the front door, Mom surprised me by hugging me tightly.

“Welcome home, Kev. I’ve missed you and can’t wait to enjoy my vacation with my favorite son.”

“You only have the one, Mom. It’s not a high bar,” I chuckled. After having spent the previous night in bed with her sister, I’d been confident I was satisfied enough to control my lust for Mom. That confidence vanished when her full breasts pressed into me. I inhaled her natural scent and immediately stiffened. I had to shift back to avoid an embarrassing situation.

She asked, “Are you hungry? I hope my sister fed you before shipping you back to me.”

“We had a hearty breakfast, same as she’s always done. I’m eager to catch up on my to-do list.”

“No boring work for us this week. It’s my vacation, and we’re going to enjoy every minute. Where did my sister take you and Ken?”

I described several of our activities and was careful to repeatedly mention my cousin’s name, wary of arousing any suspicions she might have had about my aunt and me.

“It sounds like you had fun. I wish I could have tagged along. In fact, what do you think of taking me to the zoo and museum today?”

“I’d love to, Mom. It’ll be easy for me to show you the highlights since I was at both last week.”

Once at the zoo, we agreed on the order to hit the various areas. Mom brushed up against me when we viewed the more-popular, crowded exhibits. When our hands bumped together, Mom would hold mine until we moved to the next habitat. Our close contact increased as we toured the grounds. I wondered why I hadn’t taken her here sooner.

After the zoo, we enjoyed a light lunch and toured the museum in the afternoon. The calm and quiet atmosphere opened up more opportunities to become physically closer to Mom. For some of the more interesting pieces, I leaned in close to whisper in Mom’s ear. The fragrant mixture of her perfume and shampoo scent drew me in to talk to her more than I normally would.

She reciprocated my actions and frequently whispered in response. Her warm breath washed over my ear, sending chills down my spine. For the first couple of times, she would hold my upper arm to keep her balance. Soon after, she progressed to holding my waist; I quickly repeated her actions.

If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought she was flirting with me the same way my cousin and I had done with Aunt Kate. Our intimate interactions continued until we finished.

We ate dinner, followed by an evening of watching sitcoms. Mom wore her robe, which prompted me to compare her smooth calves with her sister’s. She was taller, and her long, lithe legs were like magnets to my eyes. When I caught sight of her wiggling toes, I wondered how she would react if I’d offered my services as a foot masseuse. Before I’d built up enough nerve to act, she rose and excused herself for the night.


Mom wore her street clothes when I arrived in the kitchen for breakfast. Her legs were covered with nylons, concealing her luscious flesh. I’d wanted to see her bare legs and hoped she didn’t notice my disappointment. Her cheerful disposition, identical to her sister’s, elevated my spirits.

“What’s on the docket for today, Mom? Anything special you want to do?”

“It’s a beautiful day,” she joyfully said. “Let’s walk to the park and enjoy the spring blooms.”

While we leisurely strolled to our destination, my mind drifted to her uncharacteristic hug the previous day. Did my aunt confess to Mom and tell her the lies I’d made up? Quickly dismissing my paranoia, I enjoyed our romantic walk. When we arrived at the park, Mom firmly held my hand. She’d always done that, though, so it didn’t set off any alarms like her hug had.

We rested on well-placed benches, enjoying our time together. Several hours later we decided to head home.

The deadbolt didn’t click with Mom’s house key, alarming us. I protectively moved her off to the side and slowly opened the door. Relief swept through me when I smelled food cooking. My suspicions were confirmed when Aunt Kate yelled, “Welcome back, you two. Sit at the table and have some lunch.”

Mom rushed through the door and hugged her sister. “Hi, Sis. How’d you know where we were? I thought you were working today?”

Kate smiled and replied, “Your cars were parked out front, it’s a beautiful day, and you love taking walks with your son. It was an easy conclusion, and I thought you’d be hungry. My work schedule has been reduced since I’m working remotely. It was a perfect time to come visit you, travesti gaziantep especially since Ken has left for school already.”

She waved at me and said, “Hi, Kevin. Come join your mother, and I’ll bring your plates over. Good to see you again.”

Her poker face concealed our illicit relationship. Throughout the meal, my aunt’s bubbly personality brightened our already-pleasant mood. When we finished, I offered to clean the dishes, giving them time to chat in the living room. I worked quietly so I could eavesdrop on their conversation.

Kate was careful to not mention her son leaving partway through the week, and talked about the same activities I’d discussed with Mom. Once finished in the kitchen, I joined the sisters in the living room. When Mom noticed me heading towards my favorite chair, she ordered, “Sit by Kathleen on the couch, Kevin. She won’t bite, and I want to look at both of you while we talk.”

“Kel, it’s time you quit calling me that,” my aunt complained. “It sounds too formal. Call me Kate, as you did years ago. After all, your son calls me that.”

“Sure, Kate,” Mom replied with a smirk, “You’ve always loved everything Kev does. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you have a crush on him.”

My aunt’s face flushed, but mom showed no indication that she suspected we had a deeper connection.

When I sat beside my aunt, her intoxicating scent swept over me. Memories of our lustful nights resurfaced, awakening my prick. When I attempted to concentrate on something non-sexual, my eyes landed on her shapely, bare legs. Her shorter-than-normal skirt rose several inches above her knees, and once again, my cock responded.

Panic set in. I stared out the living room window and thought about my school schedule for the next term. Fortunately, it was enough; my prick softened.

I shifted my attention to Mom to clear my mind of my aunt. Mom frequently glanced at her sister’s exposed legs, which had undoubtedly aroused her curiosity. Both had always worn thigh-high nylons, and the absence of them on my aunt didn’t go unnoticed by Mom.

We talked for hours, with the sisters commanding most of the conversation. Mom hinted several times she suspected that Aunt Kate was in a relationship. My aunt finally relented and admitted she had been seeing someone but said she didn’t want to divulge any more information. I hoped that would quell Mom’s interest in her sister’s change of attire.

It had been a while since the two had had a lengthy conversation and it appeared that their close relationship was strengthening. It felt good to see both of them happy with their reconnection.

Aunt Kate’s body squirmed against me, her restlessness increasing. “How about we go to the mall and do some shopping?” she suggested. “We can finish off the day at a nice restaurant. It’s going to be like old times. Remember how much fun we used to have when we went out with the boys?”

“We certainly do have a lot of fond memories,” Mom replied. “Teasing the kids and pranking each other eliminated a lot of our stress. With your new hours and the boys away, I’d love to spend more time with you.”

“You may be older, but I’m more devious. You won’t beat me on the practical jokes,” Kate said with a mischievous smirk.

“Give me a few minutes to freshen up before we head out,” Mom said, before leaving for her room.

As soon as Mom’s bedroom door closed, my aunt turned to me for a kiss. While our mouths were locked, my hand snaked under her skirt. My fingertips ran across her smooth flesh, progressing towards her treasure. When the side of my hand bumped against her silky panties, she spread her legs.

I immediately took advantage and cupped her panty-clad pussy. She moaned and pushed her pelvis into my palm. The silky material stretched tight when I shoved three fingers into her crevice. She groaned and humped her hips, begging for more attention.

“Did my horny aunt miss her nephew?” I whispered into her ear.

“You have no idea,” Aunt Kate groaned. “You’ve spoiled me. My toys aren’t enough anymore.”

Before I could respond, Mom’s door opened, and we quickly resumed our innocent-looking positions. Mom insisted I drive so they could continue their conversation.

It took less than an hour to get to the mall. While they shopped at their favorite stores, I lugged their purchases. After several stops, we decided to have dinner.

Mom insisted that her sister and I sit together on one side of the booth at the restaurant. To my dismay, the table concealed my aunt’s legs. I wanted to sneak my hand underneath to grope my aunt but dismissed the idea when Mom continued to glance at us while they talked.

Kate shifted near me, continuing to converse with Mom. Holding her napkin in her left hand, she gently swiped her mouth after several bites before lowering it to her leg, repeating the process several times.

After she was sure Mom wouldn’t notice, she reached over and unzipped gaziantep travesti me during one of the times her hand was under the table. She was quick, and Mom didn’t flinch when my aunt wiped her mouth again. On the following cycle, Kate extracted my prick. The next time she squeezed and stroked my staff until it hardened. Never taking more than twenty seconds each time, she stroked and massaged my cock, ensuring she held Mom’s attention.

Normally, I would have devoured my food, but I slowed to a snail’s pace to prolong the pleasure of Aunt Kate’s caresses. Her manhandling kept me rock-hard. To help keep a straight face, I concentrated on their conversation. Too soon, in my opinion, we finished eating. When my aunt dropped her napkin on the table, I knew our fun had ended. Squirming in my seat as if I was uncomfortable, I cautiously stuffed my cock into my pants.

“How about some dessert?” Kate asked with a smirk, knowing she had successfully groped her sister’s son without being caught.

“Nope,” Mom replied. “We have pie at home to finish off our wonderful day.”

Excusing herself, my aunt rushed to the ladies’ room. After several minutes of talking, Mom and I walked out to the car. Standing on the passenger’s side, Kate exclaimed, “Shotgun! I want to ride in front this time.”

Mom didn’t object and crawled into the back seat. After we were on the road, my aunt twisted to face me and raised the console so she could lean over the seat and talk to Mom. Her skirt rose and exposed her smooth thighs. Knowing Mom’s view was blocked, I ran my right hand across my aunt’s bare thigh.

Mom and Kate’s chatting kept their attention on each other, giving me an opportunity to stroke my aunt’s leg. My fingers inched higher until her hem prevented me from advancing. Swinging out her right leg, my aunt gripped her hem and yanked it to her waist. Her bare pussy glistened in the dimly-lit interior; my hand moved towards it on its own. I knew she’d been wearing panties at the house, so I figured she’d ditched her undies in the bathroom just before we’d left the restaurant.

My fingers delved into her juicy slot; she was already aroused. I slowly finger-fucked her while she continued to talk. Her breathing rate increased. Fearing she’d orgasm and lose her concentration, I withdrew from her pussy.

When I pulled into the garage, my aunt rearranged her skirt and twisted herself back into position. Her sexy grin was the only thanks I needed, but I knew she desired much more. I immediately began thinking of ways we could sneak off together to satisfy her incestuous craving – and mine.

Once inside, Mom insisted her sister and I sit on the couch while she prepared our dessert. The apple pie was topped with sugar sprinkles, one of my aunt’s favorites. It was delicious, but after my aunt took a bite, she gagged and shrieked, “Kelley, you sneak! You sprinkled salt on mine.”

“Did I?” Mom giggled. “You did mention how you missed our pranks.”

“Don’t worry, Sis. I’ll get even,” my aunt replied. Prying off the top layer, she gobbled down the rest of her pie. Her mischievous smile indicated she was already formulating her revenge.

We watched TV for another hour before Mom yawned, “Time for me to hit the sack. Do you want to spend the night, Kate? My bed is big enough for both of us.”

“Like old times, eh?” my aunt asked with a mysterious, sexy grin.

Mom’s face blushed a beet red. “Not exactly. We’re adults now, Sis.”

Their innuendos intrigued me. It was clear that my relationship with my aunt had empowered her to push the boundaries that she and my mom had maintained while raising their children. In any case, I thought a sleepover would be a perfect opportunity for my aunt to satisfy her horny pussy. It’d be easy for her to slip out of Mom’s room and visit me during the night.

“Not tonight, Sis,” my aunt lamented, “I need a good night’s sleep for an important Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. I’ll drop by after I’m done.”

Mom’s disappointed look matched mine. I wondered if we’d both been looking forward to enjoying my aunt’s body.

They hugged, and while Mom walked toward her room, Kate unzipped me. When Mom’s door clicked shut, Kate pulled out my cock and stroked me until I was rock-hard. She leaned in for a kiss. “Don’t worry, Kev. Your aunt will take good care of you. While your mom is busy cleaning herself, I’ll be doing the dirty with her son.”

Turning around and lifting her hem, she impaled herself on my cock. “Damn, your prick is perfect,” my aunt moaned. “Fuck me fast and hard!”

Her hands squeezed my legs for leverage, frantically humping herself onto my prick. I gripped her waist to keep her thrashing body from popping off. We had to be quick; neither of us slowed the pace of our stroking. Our fast fucking caused her slick, hungry pussy to quiver with excitement. My aunt’s snug pussy, and the knowledge that Mom could catch us at any moment, were both huge turn-ons. gaziantep travestileri I mostly hoped that the noise from the shower would prevent Mom from hearing our panting and groaning, but a small part of me hoped she’d at least hear enough to be suspicious.

Sensing my aunt was nearing her orgasm, I thrust my hips upward on her downstrokes, resulting in my engorged head smashing against the back of her pussy. Her body tensed, and the force of her contracting channel resulted in my cock spraying her insides with hot cum.

After my entire load had been deposited into her fertile pussy, she lowered herself and kept my cock embedded in her tight glove. It took several minutes for us to recover from the intense session. When our normal breathing returned, she rose off my coated staff. Blobs of mixed cum dripped onto my groin.

Kate leaned over and cleaned our juices off my withering stem. “There. All clean again,” she said, confidently. “That should hold both of us over until we can arrange some quality time.”

Sleep arrived quickly, with visions of the two women filling my dreams.


Feeling energized after a restful night, I was anxious to greet Mom for breakfast. She wore a flowered sundress and looked gorgeous. The hemline was shorter than normal, but unfortunately, her long legs were concealed by her black nylons.

She’d heard my rustling in my room and had already placed my filled plate on the table. It didn’t take long for me to dive into the hot meal. She sat and smiled, watching me eat. “It looks like you still have your appetite,” she giggled, sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Good Morning, Mom. You’re dressed and appear eager to get going this morning. Did you already eat? What do you have planned?”

“There’s been a little change to our plans. Your aunt called. Her meeting was canceled, and she asked me out to one of our favorite restaurants. She wants to discuss something with me privately. You’ll have to find something to do until we’re finished. We shouldn’t be too long, maybe an hour or two.”

“I could drive both of you and wait in the car,” I offered, hating to relinquish any time I could be with the two sexy women.

“No, she sounded serious, and I don’t want to make her any more uncomfortable than she already is. It’d be best if you leave before she arrives.”

Waves of panic flowed through me when I digested the seriousness of the situation. With the rekindled relationship between Mom and Kate, was my aunt feeling guilty, and getting ready to divulge our affair?

“No problem, Mom. I need to purchase something at the electronics store anyway,” I reluctantly agreed.

Mom’s oddly mischievous grin intrigued me. After I threw on some clothes, I left.

Several scenarios flashed through my mind, each a different conversation between the two of them. It didn’t take long to finish my shopping, so I decided to head back to the house and wait.

After kicking off my shoes, I heard a faint noise emanating from Mom’s room.

“Mom, are you here?” I asked, unsure if it was her.

“Yes,” she weakly replied. “Could you come here, please?”

When I entered her room, I knew why she hadn’t come out to greet me. Her hands and feet were secured to the bedposts with leather handcuffs. Her unconcerned look surprised me.

“Mom, who did this? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she chuckled. “It turns out your aunt didn’t want to talk or go out to eat. She tricked me into trying out some of the items we used to play with, and before I figured out her motives, it was too late. She warned me she’d get even for the salty pie.”

My mind shifted from the fact that she and my aunt used to handcuff each other to how I’d like to take advantage of my defenseless, bound mother. Quickly discarding any ludicrous thoughts of forcing myself on her, I asked, “Where are the keys? Did she take them with her?”

“They’re here. If my sister knew you’d be back so soon, she wouldn’t have risked it. She called one of our friends and asked her to come here in half an hour and release me. Unlock these cuffs so I can call Rachel and tell her she’s not needed. The keys are under my stockings. Find the one under my left calf.”

Running my hand under her leg, I felt the outline of the key. “Do you want me to get the scissors and cut it out?”

“No, pull my stocking off. I don’t want it ruined.”

When I pinched the material to yank it off, she exclaimed, “Stop! You’ll tear the material. Reach underneath my skirt to locate the tight band holding it in place.”

Happy to obey my curvy mother, my hands slowly traveled up her silk legging. When I didn’t reach bare skin where I thought it should be, I asked, “Mom, are these thigh-highs? I can’t find the top.”

“Yes,” she murmured. “They’re a little longer than most. You’re almost there.”

My hands were within inches of her groin when I discovered the taut, silicon ring. Moving my fingertips under her stocking to drag it off, Mom stopped me, “Roll the material when you remove it to avoid ruining the nylon. Pressing your fingers into my flesh will help.”

Eager to comply, I wrapped my hands around her thigh and squeezed while moving the silky nylon down her smooth leg. Her hot flesh burned my fingers when they brushed across her skin. My cock fully hardened from caressing my mother’s shapely leg.

Authors note: All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over eighteen years of age. This story includes incestuous relations with the intent of pregnancy. It doesn’t include anal sex. Special thanks to neuroparenthetical for proofreading and editing my story. His advice was invaluable. I enjoyed working with him. My excitement elevated when I neared…

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