At The Window

At The Window


We all sat around drinking and chatting and laughing like friends tend to do when they’ve had a few drinks and they begin to reminisce on the fun times they’ve had together. We, being myself, John Stevens and few of my close friends. I won’t get into details by naming them all as this really only concerns myself and one of my friends; but we shall get to her momentarily. We had all known each other since high school and were a fairly tight knit group. We shared most stuff and hung out whenever we could. Tonight was one of those times.

The topic we had chosen to talk about at the moment was whether or not we closed our bedroom curtains when we undressed at night. A fairly random topic I know, but it seemed natural to us, I guess it’s hard for an outsider to understand the mechanisms of other people’s friendships and it’s equally hard for a member of that group to explain the mechanisms to an outsider. But maybe I’m getting a little too deep here, lets just backtrack a little back to the topic at hand. Everybody was just throwing in their two cents worth and I was content to just sit back and chill a little; it was only when Jane spoke up that I began to take notice.

‘I undress with my curtains open; god’s honest truth.’ Was all that she said, but it was enough to catch my attention. Now I know that we were all friends and that’s where it stopped, sure, Jane was an amazing looking girl with long brunette hair, a fantastically busty figure and perfect long legs to match; but none of our group members had any sexual relations with one another. But hey, what can I say? I am a male after all and she was one fine looking girl; I’d be lying if I said that she had never popped into my head while masturbating. That statement from her started the motions of a plan forming in my head. I had always been something of a voyeur; something about it turned me on from a very early age. I remember when young I used to sit at my window late at night watching the lady opposite’s bedroom, hoping to get a glimpse of her naked body as she undressed for bed; needless to say I never did, but I was turned on all the same by the thought of watching someone who isn’t aware they are being watched.

Now I knew where Jane lived and that is I do believe, what got the ball rolling in my head. I knew she lived in a huge bungalow on the outskirts of town, but not only that, her house was surrounded by acres of woodland that a person could easily hide in. As luck would have it, I also knew that her bedroom faced out into these dark, dense woods. I do believe that, in a sense, my decision to do a little spying had already been made in my mind almost as soon as she had finished speaking. All I needed to hear was ‘naked’ and ‘curtains open’.

All I needed to do then was wait, wait for the right moment to set my plan into action. That time came around a month or so later, when Jane told us about her parents going out of town for a few weeks on business. The very first night I knew them to be away I put my plan into action, driving over to near where she lived; parking up about a mile away or so and making my way through the woods to her house. I went in the early evening time so that when I began to trek through the woods there was enough light to see the path, however after an hour or so, the last of the light had pretty much gone and I had to rely on instincts to get me the rest of the way. After getting lost a couple of times, I finally found my way to the edge of the wooded area that looked directly into the huge back garden that belonged to Jane and her family. It was dark out now and I was dressed in full black so I wasn’t very worried about being caught. All that was required now was to wait. Her bedroom light was off when I arrived; I assumed she was in the front room watching a bit of TV.

I kept silent for the two hours or so I had to wait; the only thoughts in my head were about Jane and what she may look like naked. It was something I had fantasized about ever since hearing her say she never closed her curtains. I had started to notice how good Bycasino she looked every time I saw her and I masturbated over her constantly. Eventually, the light flicked on in her bedroom; from my position far back in the trees I could not see much other than her walk into the room. No specific details; I realised I would have to move in closer. It was knocking on midnight now and pitch black outside; my only fear was that they would have a motion sensor light outside. I quickly and quietly made my way to the shed which was about two thirds of the way down the garden, luckily for me, there was no security light and an inspection of the outside wall from my new position confirmed that there was none at all.

This position was far better to see in; from here I could see more details. Jane was stood roughly in the middle of the room, combing her long, straight hair with a pink comb. She wore a tight, white t-shirt, which showed off her curves wonderfully. Unfortunately, all I could see from here was her top half. She stood with her back to me in her room. After she had finished combing her hair she left the room again; I wondered briefly what for, but my questions were soon answered when I saw a light go on in what I knew to be her bathroom. I took this opportunity to move even closer in towards the window of her bedroom and finally found a spot on a raised section of patio from where I could see into the whole of her room; pretty much from floor to ceiling. The bathroom light went off once again and I pictured her walking barefoot back down the hall into her bedroom, where she re-appeared in my sight.

My heart began to race in my chest and I felt my chest tighten as she walked up to her window and peered out into the darkness. I felt sure she would spot me out there, spying on her. But, to my surprise, and great relief, she apparently saw nothing and after a moment or two turned away back to the centre of her room. Despite my near miss, or maybe even because of it, I felt my cock straining at the material of my trousers; I was sporting the hugest erection ever. It grew even bigger when I returned my attention to Jane’s bedroom and saw her unbutton her jeans and slide them down her amazing, slender legs before kicking them off into the corner with her bare feet; revealing her amazing ass which was smooth and blemish free and perfectly nude save for the tiniest, skimpiest black thong which disappeared deep into her tight ass crack.

She stood admiring herself in the mirror for a moment, running her hands softly up and down her smooth thighs, I saw what I believed, and hoped desperately, to be a wet spot on the crotch of her thong in the reflection of her in the mirror. My dick was begging me to play with it, but I had to hold on. I couldn’t exactly masturbate over just this could I? She wasn’t even naked yet.

She took the next step toward that however when she hooked her thumbs under the material of her white t-shirt and lifted it up over her head, tossing it into the corner with her jeans. Her huge, firm melons wobbled slightly in her matching black bra as she did so. Her straight, soft brown hair fell sexily over her face as she resumed admiring her amazing body in the mirror; now cupping her breasts in a move that reminded me of Shannon Elizabeth’s in the original American Pie movie. Jane was bustier than her though and had a lot more flesh to cup. The tension was unbearable as she placed a hand behind her back and unclipped her bra strap; holding onto the cups at the front to prevent her breasts from spilling free. It was almost like she was teasing herself. And I was sure when I glanced back down at her crotch that the wet spot there had grown; I could now see the faint outline of her pussy lips as the damp material clung to them.

Slowly she removed the cups from her breasts, showing them off in all their glory; I nearly came there and then as I beheld them. Gigantic and gravity defying with big pink nipples standing proudly erect; her areola a lighter shade of pink, circling them and fading off towards Bycasino giriş the edges, gradually becoming more flesh coloured. I had to put my hand down my trousers and begin to massage my throbbing erection as I watched her begin to tease her nipples, pulling them out with her thumb and forefinger and letting them snap back into place; heightening her own arousal. it was obvious now that she was aroused as her face had flushed slightly and also her free hand was now massaging her smooth, flat stomach, straying closer and closer to the constantly growing wet patch in her thong.

I watched her tease herself for around five minutes, by this time I had begun to move closer and closer to the window without realising it. By the time she began to rub her index finger up and down her wet slit through the material of her underwear, I was but mere inches away from the bedroom window. I was now dimly aware that, although it was dark outside and light inside; if she really looked hard enough now, she would see me stood outside her bedroom window staring in. But something told me she was too lost in herself to be aware of anything like that.

Now came the part that I was waiting for, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her thong and began to tease it down her legs; bending over as she went to work the undies over her knees and down to her dainty little feet. As she bent over she gave me an amazing shot of her tight, hairless, puckered asshole and an equally tight looking, wet slit. This also appeared to be hairless. Her pink lips were parted slightly and looked amazing to me. I longed to enter the house and bury my aching cock up to the balls in her warm, moist pussy. Something told me that, as horny as she appeared to be, she would put up little contest, but I knew I could never do that. Instead I had to make do with watching and jacking off.

After she stepped her pretty little feet out of the thong that too got tossed into the corner with the pile; now she stood once again to full height and admired herself for a moment before stepping over to the bed and laying herself down onto it; flat on her back. She was raring to go now I noted as she lifted her knees up and placed her right hand down between her legs. From where I was my vision was blocked slightly, so I adjusted myself slightly to get a better view.

The sight was absolutely amazing. Her fingers were softly rubbing over her swollen looking clitoris and her tight looking vagina was parted allowing me a great view of her moist, fleshy looking pussy which was a deep pink colour. It was absolutely hairless. I unzipped my jeans allowing my throbbing cock to spring free of its restraints and I began to slowly masturbate as I watched Jane tease her swollen clitoris with her index finger. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a perfect little ‘o’ as she did.

I continued to fantasize about what it would be like to shove my cock deep inside one of my closest friends. I knew that after tonight I would never be able to look at Jane in the same light, but I didn’t much care at this point. I watched her pretty little toes digging into the duvet on her bed as she pleasured herself; thinking how nice it would be to suck on them as I watched her. She was becoming hornier now and she stopped paying as much attention to her clitoris. She now began to rub her index finger up and down her wet pussy crack, gently thumbing her clit. Her other hand had now wandered to her breasts and she softly teased her nipple with her fingers.

I kept feeling like I was about to cum. As I’ve said before, part of the excitement of being a voyeur, for me anyway, was the thrill of maybe being caught. My heart on this night was going treble time and at any slight movement or sound in the night I thought I might blow my load. I re-focused my attention on Jane just in time to watch her slide her finger inside the fleshy confines of her vagina. Her mouth opened wider as she inserted her digit and the moan she let out was audible even through the double glazed windows of her Bycasino deneme bonusu bedroom. Now that she was inside herself she began to push her finger in and out at a steady rate; her huge chest rising and falling with every sensuous breath that she took. I had to steady my own breathing as I watched my friend pleasure herself in a way I had only ever fantasized about before.

This truly was what dreams were made of, and she had no idea that this intimate, personal moment had an audience of one. She drew her knees in closer to her body and spread them a bit further, allowing her tight entrance room for another finger. This caused an even more audible moan than before and her other hand which once teased her breasts now clung tightly to the duvet to brace herself for her oncoming orgasm.

She now began to slip her fingers in and out of her tight entrance with more ease due to her obvious wetness. Her breathing became more harried and her chest rose and fall at a faster rate. Her toes dug harder into the duvet. I too felt my own orgasm fast approaching and even felt my head getting lighter at the level of arousal I was currently in. Before I could help myself I reached out and put a hand onto the bedroom window to steady myself. It made a soft thump and I was sure she must have heard me. But we were both too far gone now to do anything about it.

A moment after I had reached out to the window I watched as her whole body tensed up and then began to tremble. Her huge breasts wobbled like a jelly on her chest and in her passion she managed to push another of her fingers inside herself. She screwed up the duvet with her free hand and then let out a huge moan as her orgasm took over her body.

As I watched the display I felt my own ejaculate racing up my shaft and erupting all over her outside wall, wave after wave of my creamy, thick fluid squirted out onto her wall as I watched her body rock and shake with the force of the orgasm. Her moans were constant throughout. I had to stay silent for fear of discovery, but I still continued to squirt an endless flood of cum over her wall. One wave even splashed up onto her windowsill, such was the force of my orgasm. Her pussy actually released some fluid, which trickled between her legs onto her ass crack.

As her orgasm finally subsided to a few shudders and soft whimpers; my stream of cum faltered and died and I felt my cock instantly shrinking as if in need of a good long rest. It was only after I looked away from the window to put my penis back into its confines that I remembered the thud when I leaned against the window. As I looked back up again I realised with horror that Jane too, must have recalled it as she was staring right through the window into the darkness. I was sure she was looking straight into my eyes. I was shocked into action and must have been out of her garden and back in the woods before she even had chance to stand.

I lay restless in my bed that night, not knowing whether Jane had even seen me outside, or if she had did she recognise me? I awaited the sound of nearing police cars and every time I heard a siren off in the distance I convinced myself that they were coming to my house. I did not catch one wink of sleep that night; I decided that Jane must have waited until the morning to call the police and so sat in my front room awaiting their arrival. When they did not come by six o’clock in the evening I think I allowed myself to breathe for the first time since we had made eye contact the previous night. I somewhat convinced myself that she must not have seen me, but I could swear that in that moment of eye contact there had been a hint of recognition.

Now you may think that this would have put me off of my voyeuristic fantasies. Quite the opposite in truth; I masturbated now more than I had ever done in the past and always over the same image of Jane, nude on her bed, masturbating. Unaware that she was being watched over. I guess I’ll never know whether or not she recognised me. She certainly never shows any signs of it when we meet up as a group. We still talk the same as we always have, but sometimes… Only sometimes, I catch a glimpse in her eyes of that same recognition that I thought I saw at her window. Did she know it was me? Did she even see anything out there? Only time will tell I suppose.

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