At Long Last: Gwen Ch. 02


Thank you for the nice feedback to Part I of Gwen’s and Will’s story.

Part I concluded with Will mounting Gwen and engaging in a frenzied coupling.


When Gwen and I had explosively climaxed we simply collapsed. I knew I had to roll off her and I did while pulling her on top of me. Oddly, despite our intense love-making of the past 24 hours, I just now seemed to realize just how small she was compared to me. She lay on top of me with her chest heaving and she just seemed diminutive. I simply lay there, also with chest heaving, marveling at how I had not appreciated what a little dynamo she was.

As our breathing slowed and began to approach something approximating normal, Gwen said, “Will?”

I responded with “Yes?”

Gwen asked, “What’s happening here?”

I shook my head and responded, “I don’t know, Beautiful, I don’t know.”

She propped herself with her elbows on my chest and said, “Will, I’ve been more intimate with you than I was in 15 years of marriage.”

I again shook my head and repeated myself, “I don’t know, Beautiful, I don’t know.”

She added, “I just let myself go with you. I have no inhibitions..”

“And,I with you. I’ve not known, at any time in my life, the kinds of feelings I’m experiencing with you. Frankly, it’s a little scary, but I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop.”

“Will, we met at 11:00 a.m. yesterday and it’s just been crazy since then. I’ve opened my legs to you, I’ve not worn panties because of you. I can sit on a toilet in front of you and not be shy. I don’t know who I am when I’m with you.”

I asked, “Do you have regrets?”

“No!” she murmured.

“Neither do I.” I continued, “Do you agree with what I said earlier that we need to pursue this and really get to know each other?”

“I certainly do, if I can stop shoving my pussy into your face every time I see you. Will, I’ve had more orgasms with you than I had in any five years of marriage.”

“I have a question Gwen.”

“OK, what?”

“What are we complaining about? I’m happy, I’m excited, I feel on top of the world. Do you feel that way?”

Gwen’s answer was to crawl up my chest and kiss me for minutes.”

When she finished kissing me I asked, “Was that an answer to my question?”

Gwen burst out laughing and said, “Gee, you’re dumb! Are you that literal all the time?”

“Yes, I am.”

Gwen shook her head, “Oh boy. Note to self. The Old Man is literal to a fault.”

I answered, “See, we’re making progress already.”

Suddenly Gwen grinned, “Oh, why couldn’t you have been my grad school adviser?”

I thought about that for a minute and said, “Do you really think that would have worked?”

She laughed and said, “No, I think I would have been climbing all over you most of the time.”

I laughed and said, “I think we would have been climbing all over each other..”

“Answer a question for me?” Gwen asked.

I nodded, “OK.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 62” I responded.

“Another question?” Gwen queried.

I nodded “OK.”

“Why are you so lean? You have very little body fat.”

I smiled and said, “Mens sana in corpore sano”

Gwen translated, “A sound mind in a sound body.”

“Are you a runner?” Gwen asked.

“I was until I developed arthritic knees.” I responded.

“And now?” Gwen asked.

“Eat intelligently, engage in lots of both low impact and deep water conditioning, and golf.”

Gwen nodded and I said, “My turn?”

She nodded her OK and I asked, “You are almost devoid of body fat which is unusual for a woman of your age. How so?”

Gwen replied, “I work out a lot. Running, aerobics, swimming… It helped me deal with the stress of grad school and going without sex for so long. Now, I’m just hooked on it.”

I said, “OK, but why don’t these beauties sag? Your breasts are breathtaking.”

“Good genes, I guess” she smiled and slid up my chest to place her right nipple in my lips.

“Insatiable wench” I commented.

“Shut up and suck” was Gwen’s gleeful response.

I sucked and the little vixen arched her back and began sliding her pussy up and down my stomach and chest. She soon shifted her weight so that by doubling up she could rub her pussy over my rib cage and she asked me to suck her harder. I did and she humped my rib cage furiously. She moaned and moaned and looked at me pleadingly. I released her nipple and pulled her to me and kissed her hard with my tongue down her throat and only then did she stiffen and let out an extended groan and I felt her fluids gush over my rib cage.

She slumped against me and I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed. When we broke our kiss to breathe deeply Gwen moaned, “Oh, Will, you make me so crazy.”

I smiled and said, “I approve of your kind of crazy.”

“Shameless, too” she added.

“Call it what you want, I’m thrilled that you initiate our sex.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, and fell asleep on my chest.

As she slept I lay Pendik Escort quietly and tried to sort out my feelings for this woman. She was smart, beautiful, and sexy, but there was something else here. I really cared about her and wanted her to be herself and to succeed and I thought I wanted to be with her. Still thinking, I dozed off with the little vixen breathing deeply on my chest.

I’m not sure how long I slept, but I was awakened by Gwen stretching and yawning on top of me. I opened my eyes and she complained, “You’re too bony for sleeping comfort.”

“I yawned and said, “That’s just one of my many faults.”

She rolled off me and announced, “Potty.” She walked to the bathroom and I noticed that she didn’t even close the door


When she finished on the toilet she called me, “Shower time, Stinky Old Man.”

“I am not a stinky old man. I am a passive victim of your wanton sexually deviant behavior, Wench.”

“Uh huh” she pointed out, “And that dried pussy juice all over your face is from being passive?”

“Well, that’s something I have to do to keep this wench I’m sleeping with happy,” as I stumbled into the bathroom.

Gwen put her arms on my shoulders and leaped into the air and wrapped her legs around my waist. I caught and held her and she leaned up to kiss me. And, that kiss lingered and lingered and when we broke it we stared, wordlessly, into each other’s eyes.

Gwen finally broke the silence by saying, “Lord Almighty, what have we done?”

I just shook my head and said, “Just keep doing it, Beautiful.”

Gwen nodded her head affirmatively and slid down my legs and turned to the shower. She said, “You make the water too hot. I’m in charge of the water temperature from now on.”

“Says who?” I asked.

“Says me” she said. We took a vote and my two votes outweighed your single vote.

“How did you get two votes?” I asked.

“I get one and Anastasia gets one,” she replied.

“Anasta…Oh, that volcano you call a pussy gets a vote?”

“Of course she does” was Gwen’s rejoinder.

“Well, then, what about Ivor? Why doesn’t he get a vote?”

Gwen smiled, “Well, first of all, his name is Ivan and second of all, Ivan is too dumb to vote. Keeping Anastasia happy is about all he can manage.”

In spite of myself I cracked up. I sat down on the edge of the tub and just laughed until tears filled my eyes. When I looked up, Gwen stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled her hairy pussy in my face which set me off on a paroxysm of laughter again.

Gwen bent down and grabbed me by the bicep and said, “Get up Old Man and get in the shower.”

I got up and got in the shower and Gwen turned her back to the spray and wrapped her arms around me and simply held me. Taking the cue from her, I held her back. Finally, she released her hold on me and looked up and said, “I have an important question.”

“OK, what is it?”

“Do you like cats?”

“Yes, I like cats, either grilled or broiled.”

Gwen actually looked as if she was going to cry. So, I reached down and got my forearm under her beautiful tush and lifted her up to my level and said, “I was kidding. I happen to love cats and have two of my own.”

She squealed with delight and said, “Oh, that’s wonderful.”

I asked why that was wonderful and she said, “I just love cats and have three of them.”

I smiled at her and she kissed me and then said, “I like this. When you hold me like this I don’t have to look up at you.”

I said, “Yes, but you forget how much you weigh. It’s hard holding a 200 pound squirming woman.”

Gwen screamed, “I weigh 100 pounds you dirty old man!”

“Ah ha! I didn’t have to ask you what you weigh. You told me yourself.”

“Put me down, Old Man” and I did.

Gwen again stuck out her tongue at me and turned to get the soap and she began to wash me. When she finished with me I took the soap from her and lathered her up and let her rinse herself. She turned off the shower and we climbed out. I dried her and then myself and I asked, “Do you have any scissors with you?”

She said, “I think so. Why?”

“Could we trim your bush a bit?”

Gwen looked solemn for a moment and said, “It depends.”

“On what does it depend?” I asked.

Gwen said, “Well, I’ve neglected it forever because I’ve not had sex so I know it needs trimming. But, it depends on whether you are making a legitimate request or this is just another ploy to get me to spread my legs for you.”

“Oh, it hadn’t occurred to me that you’d have to part your legs for me to trim you.”

Gwen laughed delightedly and started rooting through her stuff and came out triumphantly waving the scissors which she gave to me. She sat down and spread her legs for me and I knelt on my knees and started clipping away the excess.

When I finished I said, “OK, all done.”

Gwen just sat there. I looked at her and she said, “Well?”

“Well, what?”

Her answer was to spread her legs wider and to reach down and pull away her outer pussy lips.

I said, “It Kurtköy Escort will be my pleasure,” and I knelt on the floor and put my mouth to Gwen’s open pussy. She wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me deeper into her pussy. I licked the length of her pussy repeatedly as she moaned and rocked back and forth.

Gwen blurted out, “Will, after ten years of no sex and fifteen years of rotten sex before that, I’m so incredibly orgasmic with you I can’t believe it.”

I pulled away long enough to say, “Yes, and I’m the lucky guy who gets to capitalize on it.”

After minutes of simply concentrating on her pussy I shifted upwards and gave her clit a number of rapid flicks with the end of my tongue. I heard her whisper, “Oh, Will, am I falling in love with you?”

As her moaning increased I sucked her clit powerfully and Gwen screamed and went rigid and I was rewarded with the gush of pussy juice I’d come to know and love. Gwen was slumped over me with her hands still cradling my head against her tortured pussy. She was sobbing and I didn’t know why.

I slowly extricated myself from my knees and Gwen’s pussy and picked her up and lay down with her on the bed. I simply held her and let her sob. It seemed to take forever, but the sobbing eventually subsided.

When she had exhausted herself, I asked, “Will you tell me what’s wrong?”

Gwen glared at me and said, “Oh, you big dumb idiot. Don’t you know anything?”

Trying to make light of things I said, “Well, let’s see. I’m a pretty good statistician and I know research design and systems analysis. Does that count?”

Gwen started laughing and hiccupping and hitting me all at the same time, but she did manage to choke out, “No, that doesn’t mean anything, you doofus.”

“OK, I give up.”

Suddenly energized, Gwen sprang to her knees and put her hands on my shoulders and said, “I don’t even know where to start.”

I helpfully suggested, “Try the beginning.”

“Oh, shut up and listen.”

Gwen began, “I gave up on men. They’re boorish and self-centered and I don’t want them and I don’t need them and then I met you and you treat me like I’m a princess or some damn thing and we’re leaving this place in another day and one-half and you look at me and I have an orgasm and I think I’m in love with you, but I don’t really know you, but I think I’m in love with you and I don’t want to leave this place, and I’m so confused I don’t know which end is up.”.

I thought a minute and said, “That was impressive. You didn’t take a breath in that whole sentence.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You’re a mess, you know that?”

“Yes, I know that!”

“Now, come here and let me hold you and reassure you.”

She sniffed and said, “OK, but don’t give me another orgasm.”

“Go blow your nose.”

“Go blow your own nose” Gwen yelled, but she did get a tissue and blew her nose and then came back to me and curled up in my arms. I kissed her.

She said, “Stop that! No more kissing.”

“Why not?.”

“Because I’ll probably have another orgasm on the spot.”

“Have you considered the fact that I’ve never felt about any woman how I feel about you. I’ve never felt anything like love. I don’t even know what it is, but I know that I go crazy when I look at you and I want you to be happy and I want you to initiate sex and I want to make love to you and I want you to laugh and tease me and I want you to be successful and I want you to work with me?”

Gwen stared at me. She finally blurted out, “Holy cow, Will.”

“Now, get your beautiful little tush up off that bed and put some clothes on because you have to go downstairs to the hotel’s dress shop.”

Gwen was shocked. “What are you talking about?”

The big dinner is tonight. You’re going to be the belle of the ball. Now get that beautiful tush up and moving.”

“Will, I didn’t sign up for the dinner. I didn’t bring clothes for such a formal event.”

“The dinner is taken care of. You’re going as my guest. Now, you’re going downstairs and trying on that purple print dress that you admired so much and which I think will be so beautiful on you.”

“Will, I can’t afford that!”

“You don’t have to afford it. I already paid for it and you have to go make sure their size 3 petite super tiny or something fits you.”

I laughed as Gwen’s mouth dropped. She stared at me and finally said, “How do you know my size?”

I looked at her and said, “I looked at your clothes.”

Gwen jumped on top of me and showered me with kisses.

I growled at her, “Stop it! You’re going to give me a hard-on and then you’ll never get fitted.”

Gwen cooed, “Ohhhhh, hold the hard-on for later. I’ll need it.”

She scrambled off the bed and stopped in her tracks. “Wait, I don’t have shoes to go with the dress. I’ll need a purse, too.”

“I said, “A matching clutch is with the dress. You don’t need a purse because you’ll be with me.”

“Well, that doesn’t take care of the shoes. And, I’ll need a bra and panties, too.”

I handed Gwen my credit card and Maltepe Escort said, “Shoes only.”

“But, Will, I’ll need a bra and panties, too.”

“Gwen, your so damn firm you don’t even need a bra and since I’ve known you, you haven’t even worn panties.”

“You’re mean” Gwen accused.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m mean.”

Gwen was jumping into clothes giggling. I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t put on a bra or panties.

In a moment she said, “Bye! Where will you be when I’m done?”

“I’ll be in my room.”

She was out the door and gone for all of ten seconds and she came bursting back into the room announcing, “I’ll have to have a bra on for the fitting.”

“Yes, and what else?”

“OK,” she agreed. “I’ll need panties, too.”

In another minute she was gone.

I got dressed and went to my room and called my old friend, Walter, who had been Gwen’s adviser in graduate school. Gwen had not a clue that Walt and I had been friends since attending graduate school together.

I got Walt on the third ring and identified myself and we chatted a bit and I asked him why he wasn’t at the conference and he explained a campus emergency that was holding him there.

Then Walt asked, “What’s up?”

I asked Walt to tell me about Gwen. Walt was intrigued and wanted to know if I was trying to recruit her. I indicated to Walt that that was certainly part of the larger picture, but I was involved with Gwen in a much more intimate way such as sleeping with her.

Walt was flabbergasted, but when he got over his shock he said, “OK, Gwen is bright and a lot brighter than she realizes. She must have let her ex-husband do a number on her in terms of her self-confidence, but that’s her major deficiency. If she ever realizes who she is and what she has, she could be a productive scholar. I should mention that on the few occasions that she let herself relax here, she displayed one great sense of humor, but she was really tightened down when she was here.”

“Good.” I said, “Anything else?”

“Hell, yes, there’s more. How you ever got into her pants is one of the mysteries of the universe. She was really down on men when she was here and I mean no one got near her. There was even talk that she was a lesbian and off limits to men.”

Again, I said, “Good. Anything else?”

“Yes,” he roared. “How’d you get in her bed?”

“I’m not sure. I think it was because I was nice to her.”

Walt roared, “Nice to her? Nice to her? Everyone here was nice to her and no one ever laid a hand on that woman. I’m telling you, Will, there must be a tanker truck full of repressed sexuality in that woman. If she lets go of all that sexuality, you’re going to be in for the ride of your lifetime.”

“Roger that, Walt.”

Walt was laughing, “You old bastard. I’d have bet you’d be the last man on earth to tap into that woman.”

“Walt, one more thing…You introduced us years ago when you became Gwen’s adviser and she and I have dated ever since.”

“Got it, Will.”

“Thanks, Walt.”

“Go for it, you old codger! Good for you.”

I hung up and literally prayed, “God, help me do this right and not mess up this woman.”

I worked on a few e-mails that couldn’t wait and waited for Gwen to arrive.

In due time, Gwen rapped on the door and I opened it to a gleeful Gwen.

She said, “Pick me up.”

I picked her up and when we were eyeball to eyeball she placed her hands on both sides of my face and kissed me long and hard. Then, she said, “Put me down.”

I put her down and she handed me my credit card and receipt for the shoes and a bra and panties.

I cracked up and commented, “You really follow instructions well.”

“Oh, she said, “You’re too dense to understand. You’ll get it when I get dressed.”

“No, I won’t get it. I won’t see your bra or panties so what’s the thrill in that? Does this mean you’re going to wear panties?”

“Of course I’m going to wear panties! What if you make me wet? Without panties I might stain a $350 dress!”

“Oh, I’m glad to know there is one way to get you to wear panties.”

Naturally Gwen stuck out her tongue at me.

Gwen did get sober and say, “We do have a problem. Lie down so we can talk about it.”

I lay on the bed and Gwen laid on top of me and asked, “What am I doing as your escort to this dinner? I’m nobody and you’re a big mucky-muck and I didn’t even sign up for this shindig and here I arrive on your arm.”

“Hmmmmm” I said. “Well, you could be the attendee and I could be your arm candy. Sort of an escort service, you know.”

“Get serious, Will. What are people going to say and think when I walk into that dinner with you?

“They are going to say and think, ‘How does that guy warrant walking in with that gorgeous thing?'”

Gwen gave my chest a good pounding with her fists and said, “Come on, Will. Be serious.”

“All right. I’m serious. Most of the people there are going to ask how in the name of heaven and earth I rate being with a beauty like you. As for the others, we handle it simply. We’ve known each other since you started grad school. When I was visiting Walt, he introduced us and we’ve been an item ever since.”

Gwen’s response was, “WHAT?”

I nodded. “Yes, we’ve known each other for years and have dated all this time.”

Thank you for the nice feedback to Part I of Gwen’s and Will’s story. Part I concluded with Will mounting Gwen and engaging in a frenzied coupling. ——————————————————————- When Gwen and I had explosively climaxed we simply collapsed. I knew I had to roll off her and I did while pulling her on top of…

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