At a Music Festival

At a Music Festival

Big Tits

When I was in my junior year at Oceanview U., my boyfriend Ryosuke and I ‘broke up.’ I think basically he is a good guy, sweet, attentive, funny, sexy, but he sometimes gets sidetracked by women from his past. Even though we were theoretically on a break, we kept on seeing each other. To be honest, I was still a little angry at him, but it seemed like he wanted to get back together. I was doing my best to get past my doubts, to get back to the way we used to be.

One night at the beginning of the summer, Ryosuke suggested we go back to Hernando’s, the pub in Oceanview with the bare-as-you-dare contest. It was one of the places we used to hang, and I did know a lot of people there. Our friend Sven was there, Mr. Party himself, the tall blonde guy with wide shoulders. Sven was excited to see us actually. There was this big electronic dance music festival coming up, and he was looking for people to go with.

It did sound like fun. It was going to be in a big outdoor park not far from Oceanview on a grassy peninsula that juts out into the Pacific. According to Sven, all these famous bands and DJs were coming. I don’t know that much about music, but I’d met a couple of Japanese DJs at the Japanese Student Union. One of them had tried to teach me the difference between house, techno, trance and all that, so I’d been listening to some of the music. It does have an uplifting good time feel to it. Sounded good to me anyway.

Ryosuke was keen, and these two other guys Margas and Gus had already told Sven they’d come. Margas looks East Indian, but I swear he is always on the make, hitting on me or almost any other girl he meets. I don’t know how successful he is, but one girl I know says he calls a lot. Gus is tall, slim, from a small town in Kansas or somewhere, so he’s a bit more countrified, but he seems nice enough.

I wanted some girls to go, so I wouldn’t be the only one. My best friend Satomi begged off, saying she had some big assignment coming up. Asuna was doing her own thing, and Debbie didn’t really say anything when I told her about it. Sven used to bring a girl with him when we went clubbing, but she was away, so it ended up being just me and the four guys—Ryosuke, Sven, Margas and Gus.

Anyway, soon, the day of the concert rolled around. My host family, Loretta, and them weren’t home, so I put on some EDM to get into the spirit while I got ready. It was warm and sunny, so I dressed light: sandals, sunglasses, cream-colored cargo shorts, a red bandana on my head tied like a hat, and this yellow and green crop top with a picture of the sun on the front. I wore a white lace bra, but no panties. Looking back, I guess I should have worn some panties, but it was hot out, and I didn’t think I’d need them. I have to admit it is a bit of a buzz wandering around with no panties on. It makes me feel sexy even if people can’t tell.

Anyway, just as I rubbed on sun block, I heard the door bell ring. It was Ryosuke. He smiled when he saw my outfit, and gave me a kiss. (OK, so maybe we’re not that broken up). I grabbed my purse, locked the door, and scurried down to Gus’ car. Sven was sitting in the front next to Gus, and Margas was in the back. Single or not, I think all of them were pretty happy to have me there, the one girl in their posse of guys.

On the ride there, Sven told us what bands were coming. I don’t really know them. Sergeant Laser? Chimney Smokers? David Ghetto? Anyway, big names apparently for people who know that world. Ryosuke didn’t know them either, but we were curious to see what they’d be like.

The festival grounds were great—this park with big fields of green grass and trees. Everyone there seemed to be in such a good mood, dancing, drinking, whooping it up. Ryosuke snuggled up behind me, and we both clapped, and cheered the band on. Sven would lean over, and share some interesting factoid about the music.

There was more than one stage, so you could wander from band shell to band shell checking out the different bands. For the first little while, we just roamed around, listening to the bands, trying to decide which one we liked best. The music was cool—electro house, progressive house, “dirty Dutch bangers,” Sven told us. We found this one band who were really playing up a storm. Everyone in the audience was on their feet, hands in the air, bouncing around, really getting into it. Margas went into the crowd trying to see, and the rest of us followed. I started dancing, and Sven joined in, rotating his biceps like a Chippendale stripper.

I was kind of hoping Ryosuke would watch me dance, but something else had caught his eye. I followed his gaze to see what it was. It seemed like he was checking out these three girls standing up in the bleachers to our right. Two of them looked Asian. They were wearing crop tops like me, but the American girl, a big brunette, had on a black camisole. Some of the other guys seemed to be staring at them too. I wonder why.

Then she did it. The American girl squealed, and pulled up her camisole, flashing her breasts at the band! I was so shocked! She had quite Bycasino large breasts, and she seemed to get a thrill out of showing them off. At first, I was surprised because there were, like, thousands of people around, but the girl herself seemed really charged up. I soon realized there were other girls flashing their breasts too. It seemed to be a thing… with this band maybe… or at the festival generally? I guess the singer was kind of sexy—spiky hair, pasty skin, Goth-like, but with a certain raw appeal.

Ryosuke noticed me gawking at the girls, and grinned, motioning that I should flash my breasts too. I wasn’t so sure at first. I guess it was no big deal—a lot of girls were doing it—but it would be kind of embarrassing to flash with Sven, Margas and them looking on. Maybe Sven would be OK, but Margas was always eyeing my body even as it was. It’s nice that he thinks I’m sexy, but if I flash, he might get the wrong idea, thinking I’m easy or something.

Ryosuke kept nudging me though, so I reached up inside my crop top trying to figure out how this would work. My bra was actually pretty tight, so I didn’t know if I could pull it up without undoing it. I found the straps, but they were pretty snug. I looked around wondering if I should risk undoing my bra right here with all these people around.

Sven was looking at the stage, smiling. Had he overheard? Gus and Margas were gazing off in the other direction, probably at some girl. I kept on dancing, but slowly, moved my hands around to my back, reaching up for the hook in my bra strap. That particular bra is kind of hard to undo, so I struggled with it, but finally got it open. I squatted down, still trying to do this without setting people off. Ryosuke was beaming by then, lifting his eyebrows in anticipation. I still wasn’t sure if I should do it, but I was glad Ryosuke seemed so eager.

I hid behind Ryosuke, and pulled my arms into the crop top sleeves, so I could get the bra straps off my shoulders. I slipped out of my bra, and stuffed it in my bag, but Sven was looking at me now. The cotton of my crop top was thick enough that I don’t think you could see my nipples, but Sven looked pretty surprised that I’d taken off my bra.

I just stood there for a while waiting for Sven to stop looking at me. He eventually turned away, still dancing. Seizing my chance, I yelled out,

“Woohoo!” and lifted my top exposing my breasts. It felt great actually, the breeze licking at my boobies, getting me all excited. Some guys turned this way, crying out,

“Whoa!” but actually, I seemed to be like the only one who thought this was completely outrageous. I mean Ryosuke looked pretty tickled, and Sven had turned back this way, but Margas hadn’t even noticed! Pretty soon, some other guys started nudging their friends to look at me, so I pulled my crop top back down, covering up. Ryosuke smiled, and whispered,

“Nice one!”

I blushed, a bit embarrassed. Word was spreading though. More and more guys started pointing me out.

That particular band wrapped up their set. I was all revved up now, vaguely thinking of flashing again, but they were done before I could. I felt a bit torn, embarrassed, but charged up and hungry, anxious for more.

Sven led us off in search of another band. I don’t think Margas nor Gus saw when I flashed, but they were glancing around, wondering what the hubbub was about. Ryosuke pulled me closer, giving me a warm hug for my bravery. I was glad he liked it.

As we walked around, hunky guys and cute girls would smile at us. I kept wondering if they’d seen me flash, but probably they were just high on the music, enjoying the festival.

Anyway, we wandered around some more, and eventually, found another band we liked. They were pretty hot too, electric. We pushed our way through the crowd, trying to get closer to the stage this time.

Once we’d found a decent spot, I noticed a girl being lifted up. At first, I thought they were trying to help her see, but once up, the girl would stretch out on this sea of hands letting everyone carry her.

“Crowd surfing,” Sven explained. I guess I’d seen this kind of thing on TV or a video somewhere.

Ryosuke looked over at me, and motioned that I should try. It was true that I was kind of worked up, looking to do something, but I didn’t know if I should risk doing something so dangerous. My bra was still in my purse, and I hadn’t even brought undies. Sven though was super keen.

“Yeah, you’ve got to try!”

I laughed, and tried to get them to stop, but Gus and Margas said they’d help. They all wanted me to try.

Ryosuke took my purse, and Sven kneeled down to give me a boost up. I put my hand on his big shoulders, and soon up I went, floating above the crowd on this sea of hands. Honestly, it felt so weird. All these different guys had their hands on my back, my thighs, my bottom. Even the hands of the guys who weren’t trying to feel me up still felt kinky, like getting an all over body massage. I tried to stay calm, but it was kind of exciting.

It Bycasino giriş was hard to balance though, and soon, I fell back down. I told them we should stop, but Sven and them all insisted that they were starting to get the hang of it, so Sven gave me a boost, and up I went. I threw my arms up in the air, joking around, pretending like I was flying.

Before long, I felt someone tugging on my cargo shorts. I looked down, trying to see who it was, but it was hard to tell. I don’t think it was Ryosuke. There were other guys not part of our group who had joined in to help, so maybe it was one of them.

Pretty clearly though, someone was trying to get a hold of my shorts, and pull them down. I’d actually done my belt up pretty tight, but somehow, whoever it was had managed to get a grip on my waistband, and I could feel my shorts slipping. I yelled for them to stop, and reached down to pull my shorts back up, but it was kind of hard to balance, bobbing up and down on top of this sea of hands.

I fell down, but Sven was all excited now. Before I could explain, he lifted me back up, and there I was again, stuck and vulnerable. Some of the guys must have been drunk or high, but most of them seemed pretty mellow. I was kind of confused—embarrassed and worried, but also excited by all these hands, running their fingers along my body.

I struggled as best I could to preserve my dignity, but whoever it was finally got a grip on my belt, and somehow managed to yank my shorts way down. My butt cheeks popped out, and I squealed. I grabbed for the waistband, but some of them were rocking me up and down, making it hard for me to get a grip.

The crowd swept me off in a new direction away from Ryosuke. As I came closer, new guys would reach out, and grab my behind, trying to get me all excited. I was desperately trying to pull my shorts back up, but the belt was so tight they’d kind of got stuck half way down my butt cheeks. My waistband had fallen so low you could almost see my bush.

Up on the stage, the band was still playing, but they’d noticed me, and were kind of peering over this way. While I struggled to pull my shorts up, some guy got a hold of my top, and started pulling that up too. I was flat out panicking by then. If I don’t do something, they’re going to strip me naked!

Luckily though, some kinder souls rescued me, pulling me away from the ones who were grabbing my clothes, and I finally managed to slip back down to the ground. I pulled my shorts back up, and fixed my hair. The hornier guys were still staring at me, but I finally managed to pick my way through the crowd back to my group. Just as I came up, I heard Sven say to Ryosuke,

“Emi is such a babe.”

I was pretty embarrassed, let me tell you. Ryosuke didn’t seem worried, while Sven and them were obviously loving it. Sven wanted to say something to me, but I hid behind Ryosuke, trying to hide how horny I was. I’d better keep away from Sven and them before they try to lift me up again.

Ryosuke did his best to shield me from the crowd, but I think he was pretty horny too by this point. I ended up coming around in front of him pretending like I wanted to focus on the band. Ryosuke put his arms around me from behind, rocking me back and forth to the music. I was glad that he was so open to snuggling again. It made me feel loved.

Sven sidled up next to us. Sven doesn’t usually hit on me the way Margas does, but he is very handsy. I think this is just his way of being friendly though, and not that he’s trying to start something. He has a kind of straightforward honesty about him. He peered down curiously at my belt.

“How do you undo that thing?” he asked. The crowd had mostly turned back to watch the band. I glanced back at Ryosuke, and then just to tease them, I showed Sven how my belt works.

“You have to pull the end of the belt out of this loop here,” I pointed, “and then, tighten the belt to get this prong out.”

Ryosuke chuckled, amused at my cheek. I was just joking of course, but Sven was up for it, and played along.

“Can you show me?” he grinned.

I looked around to see who else was watching. Margas and Gus were facing the stage. There were a few other guys around us, but they looked harmless enough.

I tugged on the tip of the belt, tightened it, and then undid it, trying to pretend like I was just adjusting it. Ryosuke and Sven were both gawking at me, surprised I guess that I seemed game for all this. I was half tempted to give them a peek at my pussy, but held back. I undid the front button of my shorts, and then leaving the fly open, I got out a rubber band, and gathered up the hair on my head to make a ponytail.

I knew that Ryosuke was probably too much of a gentleman to pull down my shorts, but I wasn’t as sure about Sven. He’d done some surprising things before. I fiddled with my hair, and wiggled my hips, letting the fly slowly slide open. Ryosuke straightened up, uneasy, but Sven licked his lips, grinning, nodding for me to show more.

I didn’t want Bycasino deneme bonusu to go overboard, so I finished fixing my hair, zipped up my fly, and did the button back up. I did up my belt again, but Sven was all excited now, and asked,

“Can I try?”

I looked back at Ryosuke. He looked incredulous, doubting that I would do anything with so many people around. Usually, I am pretty careful, but the song the band was playing now was quite peppy, almost as if they were egging me on.

I knew I was playing with fire, but I was curious too. To tease them, I lifted my arms up, daring Sven to undo my belt. With exaggerated care, he pulled the tip from the loop, and then pulled my belt tight as I’d shown him. He got the belt undone at the first try, but instead of redoing it, he pulled it out of the loops in my shorts.

“Heyyy!” I protested. Sven grinned, and stashed my belt away in his bag. I gave Ryosuke a peeved look, but he signaled for me to just leave Sven be, and watch the band. That was easier said than done. Without that belt to hold up my shorts, they slid down exposing more of my tummy and hips. I looked around, but no one other than Sven seemed to have twigged yet. Eventually, I turned to listen to the band.

A couple of songs later, the band started into this driving number that had the whole crowd up in arms, clapping and screaming. It must have been one of their hits. Sven waved his hand in front of my face, motioning that he wanted to lift me back up. I grabbed for the waistband of my shorts, worried, but Ryosuke just shrugged, pointing out that I was the one who’d let Sven take it from me.

Before I could stop him, Sven took a hold of me, and lifted me up. Oh oh. This isn’t good. I had my shorts, but they were much looser than before. I pushed Sven, trying to get him to let me down, but he was all excited now, not listening.

Sven got Margas and Gus to help, and soon all the guys near us reached out to do their part. I still felt weird floating high on this sea of hands, but I did my best to keep my balance. The music was really starting to pick up though, whipping everyone up into a fever pitch. We could hear helicopter noises and sirens.

I think Sven was trying to keep me near, but these other guys started shuttling me off in another direction. Sven grabbed at my ankle to try to get me back, but he lost his grip, and I got swept away. I covered my mouth praying these guys wouldn’t notice my missing belt, but it didn’t take long before some bright light started grabbing at my shorts again. Panicking, I folded in two, managing to slip between them, and fall to the ground.

They were all kind of gawking at me now. I did manage to slip through getting back to Ryosuke and them. Sven smiled, seemingly satisfied, but Margas and Gus were all excited now, and lifted me back up. The other guys caught me, and started whisking me away. I tried to go limp, and slip down again, but whoever was wise to my tricks, and this time they got under me, and pushed me back up. Caught up in the frenzy, someone got a hold of my shorts, and started yanking them down. I held on to them as best I could, but without my belt, I was fighting a losing battle. Down they slid, exposing ever more of my bare buttocks to the randy guys beneath.

I thought the song was going to end, but the band had gone into some kind of extended jam, almost as if they wanted to see what would happen to me. The singer was really singing his heart out,

“I want to feel the changes. Turn me in! Now is my time!” The guitars and bass were growling so deep it sounded like thunder.

One of the guys got hold of my wrists, and pulled my hands away from my shorts, making me let go. I was really starting to panic now. My whole body was shaking, partly from the music, but also from fear and embarrassment. Other hands pawed at me, grabbing at my poor previous cargo shorts, pulling them down. By sheer dumb luck, the waistband got caught on my pubic mound. I could feel hands on my bare butt cheeks, but my shorts were still on, hanging by a thread.

I began to hope maybe I could make it to the end of the song at least, but suddenly a hand rose up above the crowd, grabbing for the button at the front of my shorts. I desperately tried to wrench my hands free, but the grip was too strong.

I had to look on in horror as the button popped open, and my fluffy black bush slid into view. The crowd let out this massive roar, evidently because of poor little me, stuck up here now half naked above the throng.

I was trying to keep it together, but to tell you the truth, I was losing it. The cool summer air was now licking at my pussy, making me realize how wet I’d become.

I twisted and contorted my body trying to break free from my captors, but they kept touching me on my rear, my thighs, between my legs, all over, getting me even more aroused. I turned to look for Ryosuke, but I’d drifted far from him.

Some audacious pups got hold of my crop top, and pulled it up exposing my breasts. I gazed over at the band, begging for help, but they looked as shocked as anyone. I kept on resisting, but the guys at my feet pulled my shorts clear off. I tried to keep hold of my crop top at least, but whoever had a hold of it wouldn’t let go. I didn’t want my top to rip, so I finally raised my arms, letting the guy strip it off me.

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