Another Union Training Session Ch. 02

Another Union Training Session Ch. 02


As we walked back to our rooms, I was between Janet and Phyllis with my arms around their waists. Every now and then I would reach down and rub their big ole asses. We got quite a few looks from other union stewards. I even heard a few, both male and female mutter under their breath, that they wish they were me. I just smiled at them and pinched those two big ole asses.

We decided to take the stairs up to our rooms, since they were only on the second floor. We entered the stairwell and walked up to the landing. At the landing Janet leaned over and gave Phyllis a passionate kiss, sticking her tongue deep down Phyllis’s throat. As they were kissing, I was between them with their tits rubbing against my chest. My cock started getting hard. I untied their robes and started to play with their tits as they continued to kiss. Both them reached down and started to play with my hardening cock.

They stopped kissing each other and started to kiss me on the ears and neck as they continued to play with my cock. They had pushed my swimsuit down, so my hard cock was sticking straight out. Janet grabbed the back of my head and forced her tongue deep down my throat, as Phyllis nibbled on my neck and ear. Janet started kissing my chest and flicking my nipples with her tongue. Phyllis grabbed the back of my head and forced her tongue deep down my throat as Janet continued to play with one of my nipples with her mouth and tongue. Phyllis moved down and started to play with my other nipple with her mouth and tongue. I was in heaven, having two African-American women playing with my nipples and cock. I leaned back against the wall and just enjoyed the feeling of their mouths and hands.

Janet and Phyllis both began to kiss down my chest to my stomach. They both dropped to their knees and began to kiss and lick my cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt having two women playing with my cock with their mouths. Janet took my cock in her mouth and started deep throating me as Phyllis sucked and licked my balls. The women changed places and now Phyllis was deep throating me as Janet was sucking and licking my balls.

Phyllis continued to suck my cock, as Janet bent over and started sucking and licking Phyllis’s tits through the white bikini top. I just leaned back and enjoyed the feeling and the show. Janet had removed Phyllis’s tits from the bikini top and was sucking, licking and biting her Phyllis’s nipples. Phyllis continued to deep throat my cock.

I heard the stairwell door above us open, but apparently Janet and Phyllis did not as they continued their licking and sucking. A few people, both men and women entered the stairwell and as soon as they saw the three of us, they stopped. I looked up at them and smiled. Janet was still sucking on Phyllis’s tits and Phyllis was still deep throating my hard white cock. I continued to look at the people at the top of the stairs and saw several of the guys rubbing their cocks through their pants. Most of the women seem to be watching intensely, licking their lips and rubbing their tits through their clothing.

“I think we ought to get to kaynarca escort our rooms before someone sees us,” I said loudly giving the people in the stairwell a chance to leave. All of the people retreated out of the stairwell, with a big-busted blonde throwing a kiss toward us. Janet and Phyllis and got up and retied their robes and I pulled up my swimsuit. Just then we heard the stairwell door close.

Janet and Phyllis both turned and looked up shocked and asked, “Was someone watching us?”

“I didn’t see anyone.” I replied. “Come on lets get to the room and continue the fun.”

We walked up the stairwell and opened the door. Janet peeked her head out to see if anyone was in the hallway. There was no one there. We walked to my room and I opened the door. We entered the room and without waiting Phyllis immediately grabbed Janet and started kissing her. They both fell onto the bed and continued to kiss. I stood there and watched these two big African-American Amazons play with each other.

They continued to kiss each other exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. I began to remove their robes. After removing their robes, I untied their bikini tops and removed them, allowing their tits to become free. Phyllis immediately took one of Janet’s tits into her mouth and started to play with the nipple with her tongue, while her hand played with the other tit. I pulled off Janet’s thong and Phyllis immediately move between Janet’s thighs and started eating Janet’s pussy. I pulled off Phyllis’s thong and could see her pussy was wet. Janet maneuvered herself into the 69 position and pulled Phyllis down onto her face. Watching these two eat each other out was driving me crazy. I dropped my swimsuit and my cock sprang out at attention.

I sat down in a chair and watched the women eat each other out and slowly stroked my cock. Phyllis was grinding her pussy into Janet’s face and Janet was sucking and biting on Phyllis’s big clit. Phyllis’s pussy juice was running all over Janet’s face. Phyllis was sucking on Janet’s clit and had three fingers in her pussy fucking her. I continued to watch and slowly stroke my cock.

Janet pushed Phyllis up off her face and looked and me and said, “Zeke go into my room and get that small red bag on the dresser, please.” She immediately pulled Phyllis back down onto her face.

I went into Janet’s room and found the bag and opened it. I looked inside and saw several different “toys.” I smiled and took the bag into my room, opened it and put it by Janet. Janet reached in and fumbled around a bit and then pulled out a big two headed 14-inch dildo. She started to rub one head of the dildo around Phyllis’s pussy, lubricating the dildo. Janet started to slide the dildo into Phyllis’s pussy and Phyllis started sliding back to take more of it. Janet began to fuck Phyllis with the dildo, with Phyllis’s pussy taking almost half of it. Phyllis forgot all about eating Janet’s pussy when Janet starting fucking her with the dildo. Phyllis rolled over onto her back as Janet continued to fuck her with the dildo. I sat there watching, küçükyalı escort my cock growing harder.

Janet maneuvered herself so she could put the other end of the dildo into her pussy. Janet placed the other end of the dildo into her pussy and slid down the dildo. There was only about an inch of dildo not in a pussy. Janet and Phyllis began to fuck each other with the dildo. I had a raging hard-on watching these two African-American women fuck each other. They were moaning and telling each other to fuck them.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. I looked over at Janet and Phyllis, but they continued to fuck each other, unaware of the knock. I walked over to the door and standing behind the door I opened it and peeked out. Standing there was the big-busted blonde from the stairwell.

“Yes, can I help you?” I asked.

“I enjoyed the show in the stairwell and was wondering if more of it was going on.” She said. “I can tell it is, because I can hear it. I would love to watch and join in.”

Janet and Phyllis was still fucking each other and moaning and you could hear it at the door. I looked over at Janet and Phyllis and saw that they were focus on fucking each other and did not realize anyone was at the door.

“Sure, come on in.” I said as I opened the door and let her in.

She walked and in and immediately saw Janet and Phyllis fucking each other with the dildo.

“That looks good.” She said, “and so does this,” grabbing my hard cock. “I’m Carol by the way.”

Carol continued to walk into the room and watch Janet and Phyllis fucking. She was about 5’ 8”, 48DD-36-40, with a milky white complexion. She was wearing a short red dress that show off a lot of cleavage and legs, along with a pair of red “fuck me” high heels.

“I’m Zane and that is Janet at the foot of the bed and Phyllis at the top of the bed.” I said.

Janet and Phyllis continued to fuck each other, still oblivious to Carol being in the room. I followed Carol into the room and was standing next to her, when she reached down and started to stroke my hard cock. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. She shook her body a little and the dress fell to the floor. Carol was standing there stroking my cock watching Janet and Phyllis fuck each other wearing only her fuck me shoes.

Carol dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I fell back into a chair and enjoyed the feeling my cock getting sucked and watching Janet and Phyllis fucking each other. All of a sudden both Janet and Phyllis starting moaning really loud and their hips started bucking as both of them started to cum. Carol increased her efforts and continued to bob her head up and down on my cock.

Janet and Phyllis lay exhausted on the bed. They both looked over at me and stared with their mouths opened. They looked at each other in wonderment and mouthed who in the hell is that?

“Janet and Phyllis, I would like for you to meet Carol. I lied, she saw us in the stairwell and liked what she saw and wanted to join us. sancaktepe escort She is doing a good job on my cock.” I said.

Without missing a beat, Carol turned her head and waved hello to Janet and Phyllis. Carol continued to deep throat me. Janet and Phyllis continued to lie there, partly stunned from Carol’s appearance and partly from cumming so hard.

Phyllis got up from the bed and walked over behind Carol. “Well this a night of first for me. I never been fucked my white guy or ate a white girls pussy until tonight.” She said as she dropped down and crawled under Carol and buried her face in Carol’s pussy. Carol continued to suck on my cock and started to grind her pussy into Phyllis’s face. Janet got up from the bed and walked over to me and stood up on the arms of the chair I was sitting I was sitting in. She lowered her pussy to my face and my tongue shot up into her pussy and started licking up all her pussy juices.

After several minutes of this, I could tell Janet was getting uncomfortable. I pushed her up and told her to get her strap-on and fuck Carol; I wanted to eat Phyllis’s pussy. Janet got up and went and got her strap-on from her bag and put it on. I lifted Carol’s head and lifted her up. Janet grabbed her and threw her on the bed and spread her legs and rammed the strap-on deep into her pussy. Phyllis started to get up, but I held her down and got between her thighs and started to eat her pussy. I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, lapping up all her pussy juices. Janet continued to fuck Carol with the strap-on driving it deep into her pussy. Carol grabbed Janet’s ass and forced the strap-on deeper into her pussy. My tongue along with three fingers was in Phyllis’s pussy fucking her.

I rolled over onto my back, pulling Phyllis along keeping my tongue buried in her pussy. My cock was sticking straight up, ready to fuck someone. Janet saw this and pulled the strap-on out of Carol’s pussy. Janet had Carol get onto my cock and start riding it. I continued to fuck Phyllis’s pussy with my tongue as Carol rode my cock forcing deep into her pussy. Janet got behind Carol and place the head of the strap-on at the entrance to her ass. Janet squirted some KY Jelly onto the strap-on and Carol’s ass. Slowly Janet started sliding the strap-on into Carol’s ass. Janet grabbed Carol’s hip and with one long hard deep thrush buried the strap-on into Carol’s ass.

I continued to fuck Phyllis’s pussy with my tongue. Carol was riding my cock even move, trying to get the strap-on out of her ass. But all it did was drive it deeper into her ass. All four of us were moving together in rhythm, and we all started to cum at the same time. Phyllis was drowning me in her pussy juice and I was filling Carol’s pussy with my cum. I could feel Carol’s pussy juice along with my cum dripping onto my crotch and feel Janet’s pussy juice dripping onto my legs.

When we all had finished cumming, Phyllis rolled off me and collapsed onto the floor along with Janet. Carol got up off my cock and started licking up the mixture of her pussy juices and my cum off me. I just lay there and enjoyed it. When she finished she lay down on the floor next to me. I looked over and saw that Janet and Phyllis had fallen asleep in each other’s arms on the floor. I grabbed Carol and pulled her up onto the bed and started to suck on her tits, until her and I fell asleep.

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