Anne’s Story Ch. 04


Training Sessions

Anne, Dan and Grace share

Seven pm and Dan drove into the carport and was forced to park his car behind Anne’s Audi. The space beside her car was taken up by what he thought was Grace’s small van.

Hefting his briefcase, he walked into the house to find the living room empty but, noticing the outside lights, he suspected both women were in the spa. He walked quietly along the patio towards the back of the house where the spa was tucked away in a quiet corner of the backyard.

The vision that confronted him stopped him in his tracks. In the subdued glow of the side lights he saw his partner Ann sitting in the Spa, neck and head resting on the side and Grace’s curvy body arched back as she straddled Anne’s head, pushing her pussy into Ann’s face.

From the back view he had of the girl on girl action, Dan could see, between Grace’s legs, the movement of Anne’s jaw as she sucked and probed Grace’s pussy.

Ever the voyeur, Dan stood transfixed as he viewed Grace in the nude for the first time.

Grace’s well slung tits were swinging and her cute arse was shaking as Anne’s mouth worked its magic in her sex organ. Dan could hear Grace moaning and passing orders to Ann.


“Now circle it.”

“Flick, side to side.”

“Suck that clit.”

Anne’s actions excited him as, he had never suspected she was sexually interested in women. It would add a new dimension to their ever expanding sex life.

Grace, Dan knew from their friendship with John her boss and the frequent meals they shared at the Bistro. Dan suspected John was fucking Grace but nothing had been said during John’s visits when he or both of them pleasured Anne.

Dan disrobed quietly and strode towards the spa. The noise of the air pump masked his approach and, he was not noticed till he sat in beside Anne.

Both women stopped and looked at him. Not knowing what else to do they both smiled.

Not giving them time to offer an explanation, Dan embraced them and said. “Hi girls, what a wonderful way to find you both relaxing. I’m glad you are enjoying the liberation of fresh air and good sex.: Tell me how this came to be?”

The girls explained that they had had their first encounter that afternoon almost by accident. They had then come out to the spa to relax and drink champagne.

“The talk then got around to my training,” said Anne. “As I had never eaten pussy before.” Grace, was instructing me on the techniques and timing in the fine art of cunnilingus”.

“I could see that you are a keen student,” said Dan. “Where is the champagne? I could do with a glass.”

Anne grasped Dan’s hand and led it under the water, between her thighs, to where the bottle was embedded, neck first, in Anne’s sweet pussy.

“Grace was showing me some exercises to tighten my muscles and the only long thin object we had was the empty bottle. Sorry lover we will have to open another when we get inside.”

Grace was standing in the water, the hand cradling her pussy, gently kneading her labia’s, she seemed eager to continue with Anne’s lessons.

“There was one more thing I wanted to teach Anne before we finish. Do you mind holding my shoulders Dan, while we do Maltepe Escort the last lesson?”

Dan complied, sitting back in the corner seat of the gently swirling spa. Grace rested her head against Dan’s chest his arms under her shoulders and his hands cradling her tight arse globes.

“Now Anne, get in between my legs.

That’s right, spread them.

Let my thighs rest on your shoulders.

Lean forward, point your tongue.

Dip your head towards my cunt hole.

Push the tongue in as far as it will go.”

At the first thrust of Anne’s tongue Grace sighed and leaned further back into Dan’s chest letting the water and Dan’s hands float her body, as Anne, the willing student, became a human woodpecker, drilling away at her friend’s love hole.

Dan helped by pushing up and kneading Grace’s arse cheeks, also providing the resistance that allowed Anne to drill deep.

Anne’s soft tits were floating below Grace’s arse and Dan was able to gently stroke them as they floated by.

Five minutes later, with Dan’s now hardened cock pushing into Grace’s back, and Anne visibly tiring, they called a halt and decided to move inside.

Anne wanted to get dinner started so she suggested Grace and Dan shower then prepare the drinks to go with the tapas that she would plate up.

The threesome headed inside, Grace leading Dan; pulling him along by his hardened cock they headed to the shower.

Warm water spraying gently, Dan began to soap Grace. Fingers spread and with a soft touch he ran his hands up and down her flanks reaching round to at the shoulders to roam to the front of her body and soap the firm breasts. Then, with a circular motion he soaped her back and buttocks.

Grace spread her legs allowing Dan’s hand to cleanse the crack of her arse.

A soapy finger began to probe her hole. Grace leaned forward to facilitate its entry.

Keeping the position and allowing Dan to insert a second finger, she humped back and began to rotate her arse.

“Anne come in here please.” Grace called.

Anne duly arrived and opened the shower door to witness her partner with his fingers buried in her friends arse.

“Will you let Dan fuck me in the arse please? It seems to be a shame to waste a good hard cock like that.”

Anne leaned into the shower and, grasping Dan’s balls, hefting them and feeling their fullness, said. “Fine by me Grace but don’t let him cum. I want him to finish in my arse. Here let me help you both.”

Grasping the soap Anne leaned in and soaped Dan’s cock, paying particular attention to the throbbing glans. Keeping it in hand she then applied a coating of soap to Grace’s arsehole, pushing some inside with her fingers. She now pulled Dan’s cock forward and helped him slide it into Grace’s pulsing brown ring.

Anne stood back, rinsed her fingers under the sprinkling water, spread her legs placing two fingers in her pussy and watched.

She was frigging herself with slow steady strokes as she watched her lover’s cock slowly slide into Grace’s arse.

It really was a day of firsts for Anne. She turned to finish readying dinner, her thighs slick with juice running from her pussy.

Grace İstanbul Escort whispered to Dan, “Don’t cum in me. We owe that to Anne, she has been so trusting with us and I don’t want to spoil it for her.”

Dan nodded and gritted his teeth. His balls were boiling and he could feel cum filling his tubes. “I won’t move. For if I do I will blow. You do the moving but do it slowly.”

Grace began to slowly rotate her bottom, at the same time reaching down and working on her clit; sliding the finger from the top of the hood to the mouth of her vagina and back again. She slowly eased her bottom forward, feeling an inch of Dan’s cock slide out and then pushing back gently. He felt it slide in again and seat against the raised nerve ends that surrounded her now stretched arsehole. Dan didn’t complain ,so she increased the tempo sliding the cock in and out a little further and faster.

The rhythm was established and both bodies, lulled by the flow of the shower relaxed’ into a Tantric state where their beings were fused into a state of ecstasy; not moving towards orgasm, just existing in bliss. They remained like this for at least ten minutes.

Anne returned to the bathroom and stood watching the slow sinuous motions of the two under the shower. She realised they were in a trance. Slowly she entered into their aura by gently stroking their backs. Their heads came up and Dan moved back allowing his turgid member to pop from Grace’s soapy arse.

Grace sighed, moved to the back of the shower stall.

Anne deftly slid into the space Grace had occupied, picked up the soap and handed it to her.

Grace moved forward and taking Dan’s cock carefully soaped it. Leaning down, she parted Anne’s peach shaped, bottom cheeks and with two slick fingers lubricated her brown hole. Spending a little time easing and loosening the ring, then as Anne had done for her, Grace guided Dan’s cock between Anne’s cheeks and into her waiting arse.

Dan slid in gently, as he knew that Anne had not had the foreplay that he had given Grace. His cock however slid in and bottomed out against her soft arse cheeks without much resistance.

Anne turned with a sly grin and said. “I had to fill my waiting time productively so I lubed up and fed in our small arse plug from the toy box. I held it in, by clamping my ass cheeks just as Grace had taught me with the bottle, as I readied dinner. Slips in nicely now, doesn’t it.”

By way of reply, Dan smiled at Anne and pulled his cock back till the head was flush with the encircling anus ring and then drove it in hard. Anne grunted and pushed back as his balls slapped her thighs.

Braced with her hands on the shower pipe, Anne bent further forward and said. “Take me hard lover. I have never seen your cock in another woman before. It was so sexy. My arse is hot and my pussy is boiling. FUCK ME!!”

Dan, his cock rock hard, went to it with a will. Holding Anne by the hips he pistoned her, driving his cock home, then pulling it out all the way. Driving it back in again before the hole closed. He set a raging rhythm.

Grace, listening to the conversation, moved in to help as she crawled between Anne’s legs sitting with her back to wall of the shower. She Anadolu Yakası Escort reached up and inserted two fingers into Anne’s boiling pussy.

It was wet, it was pulsing, and through the back wall of Anne’s vagina, she could feel Dan’s cock sliding up and down that brown tube.

Driving in and out of Anne’s cunt, Grace established with her two fingers the same rhythm as Dan’s hard driving member. She then lifted her other hand and began to flick Anne’s clit.

Anne couldn’t move. She was locked against the shower pipe with Dan’s weight behind her; she just had to take her pleasure without being able to react or enhance it further by her own movements.

The two dominant lovers kept the attack on Anne’s arse and cunt for as long as they felt she could stand.

Shifting into automatic, Anne’s body began to quiver as a rolling orgasm enveloped her. She couldn’t move and it rolled on through leaving her weak and trembling. Still unable to move, she just had to endure the continuing pleasure.

Still fucking, fingering and flicking, Dan and Grace kept up the attack on Anne’s holes. She felt her body recover and another orgasm built within, from her feet to the top of her head.

Anne’s second orgasm caught Dan ,as the clenching of Anne’s arsehole began to milk his cock dry. He cried out, as he felt he cum boiling along his tubes. Well past the point of no return he gave a last massive shove and emptied deep into Anne’s quivering bowel.

Dan pulled back; his softening cock flopped out followed by a stream of cum from Anne’s now quivering arsehole. He held on to the still flowing shower head, to keep his now loose jointed body upright.

Anne slumped forward resting against the wall of the shower, physically spent from her first ever multiple orgasm. Looking down she saw Grace on the floor, her hand now flicking her own clit.

Grace turned towards Dan’s dangling cock and engulfed it with her mouth. Slowly and with relish Grace gently licked it clean of cum then sucked it; to fully empty Dan’s balls.

Letting the now flaccid cock fall from her mouth Grace fell into the trance of her building orgasm. Sitting, legs apart, Grace was flicking her clit and grunting as a self induced orgasm built towards its peak.

Anne moved behind Grace. Sitting behind her she embraced the woman who was clearly on her way to ecstasy. Holding her boobs and fondling them roughly. Then, at the moment of no return when nothing would stop the explosion in Grace’s cunt, Ann pinched Grace’s nipples HARD.

The effect was startling, Grace’s legs flew out and she screamed, “FUCKKKKK!” Her arse was slapping on the floor as she arched back into Anne.

Dan, letting go of the shower head sunk to the floor beside them. He embraced both girls as the warm shower continued to sprinkle them. Silently they hugged each other enjoying the closeness of the joint post orgasmic bliss.

Rising, they completed their shower. Two wiping down as the third person stood, arms up and was rinsed clean of body juices and soap.

When all were dried and warm, Dan finally opened the promised bottle of Moet. A toast was proposed to enduring friendship and also to future training sessions.

Plans were made to include John at some time when the girls felt they were well enough trained in the art of mutual pleasure to give him a real surprise. Dan, of course, would be included in training sessions if he was home.

‘I will make very sure of that,’ thought Dan.

To be continued.

Training Sessions Anne, Dan and Grace share Seven pm and Dan drove into the carport and was forced to park his car behind Anne’s Audi. The space beside her car was taken up by what he thought was Grace’s small van. Hefting his briefcase, he walked into the house to find the living room empty…

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