An Older , Wiser Man For Me


Elizabeth sighed. People had told her the first year after the divorce would be difficult, especially the holidays. But she hadn’t thought to include Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t as if Geoff had actually sent her anything the last 3 years of their 6-year marriage…not even a card. Come to think of it, they hadn’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day at all…no dinner, no ‘hey, it’s a holiday’ sex. Now she was faced with spending the evening with quilting bee or going to a restaurant in Chicago’s Loop with the ‘Newly Single’ group her sisters’ had signed her up for. “Gee,” she thought to herself, “what a choice…a group of octogenarians foisting their middle aged sons on me or a group of divorcees, most of whom still have trust issues.” Elizabeth decided that a tub full of bubbles, a glass of wine and the latest Nora Roberts book was more her speed this year.

She undressed slowly, admiring her form in the cheval mirror in the corner of her room. During the course of the divorce, she’d shed almost 50 pounds and gained some decent muscle tone. “Too bad there’s no one here to appreciate it, huh Kitty?” Elizabeth’s calico sat on the bed and purred in response. “Huh. Should have known you’d be content to spend tonight alone. Cats always were solitary creatures.” Turning her attention back to the mirror, Elizabeth ran her hands over her full breasts, smiling at how readily the nipples became hard. Running her hands down her ribcage she turned slightly, admiring her form. “Not bad Lizzie old girl. Not bad for 33 at all.” Her pussy was shaved smooth, something she’d done when things had started to go bad between her and Geoff, mainly to see if he’d even notice, much less care. He hadn’t, and as was painfully obvious when she found him in bed with his secretary, he didn’t. As she felt herself, Elizabeth felt that familiar tingling sensation, that craving for something hard and thick deep inside her. Her juices began to flow as she fingered her clit until it stood out between her lips as if daring someone to satisfy it, to satisfy her. God, she hadn’t had sex in over a year. The thought of a lifetime with only her fingers, a vibe and a pack of double a’s didn’t appeal at all. Lizzie, as friends and family called her, needed a good fuck, and she needed it soon. “No,” she thought, “I can get a good fuck…just hop online and cruise the local chat rooms. What I need is to be seduced. A good old-fashioned seduction. I need someone to make love to me. To show me what it feels like to be made love to.” Sighing, she grabbed her terry cloth robe and knotted it, sitting down at her computer to check her e-mail before climbing into the tub. No sooner had she logged on when her ICQ beeped. She smiled as she read the message.

“a_long_tall_one: Hey sexy! What? No hot date tonight?”

It was Corbin, a man she’d met a month earlier through a local writer’s group. So far, their friendship had been confined to emails and ICQ messages. Very flirty emails and ICQ messages. Forgetting her bath, Lizzie began to type a response.

“fab4fan: Oh scads…I’ve got them scheduled hourly. :P”

“a_long_tall_one: LOL…scads, huh? And why wasn’t I told about this? I would have loved to have joined the rank and file.”

“fab4fan: *grinning* Honey, if I’d known you were interested I would have told the others to take a rain check. 😉 Seriously though, all I think I’m up for tonight is a nice bubble bath and a trashy novel.”

“a_long_tall_one: L Oh come on…surely you’ve got a date for tonight.”

“fab4fan: Only with the latest Nora Roberts, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a tub full of bubbles. It was that or the bee. Or the Meat Market.” Corbin had heard all about the attempts her sisters had made to set her up with some of Chicago’s finest and most eligible men. After the third outing with the group, Lizzie had said she felt like a piece of prime rib being paraded before a group of men who hadn’t seen a steak in ages. The term Meat Market had stuck.

“a_long_tall_one: Well, that’s not right. Not right at all. A sexy little number like you should not be celebrating tonight of all nights alone.”

“fab4fan: *sigh* I don’t see any other options…no interested parties I’m afraid. Besides, even if there were, what’s so special about tonight? It’s just Valentine’s Day.”

“a_long_tall_one: JUST Valentine’s Day? Sugar babe, you haven’t even been divorced a year, surely you can’t have forgotten what a little romance is like! And hey, I’m interested. And tonight’s your lucky night. I’m not doing anything either.”

Lizzie sat and stared at her screen. Was he serious? She began typing, erased it, and started over.

“fab4fan: Geoff’s definition of romance: looking at hardcore pics to get hard then coming upstairs and basically humping me until he shot his nut. Also synonymous with Geoff’s definition of foreplay. If I managed to get an orgasm that was an added bonus. So…that being said, just how lucky am I gonna get? I mean, if it’s anything short of 7 orgasms, I don’t know Corbin…I just Anadolu Yakası Escort may have to stick with the bath.”

“a_long_tall_one: Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not the quantity, but the quality?”

“fab4fan: lol…here it comes again…’oh I’m soooo old!'”

“a_long_tall_one: *pouting as I reach for my cane* well, I am old darling! But everything still works, trust me!”

“fab4fan: Corbin, you’re only 48…that’s not old!”

“a_long_tall_one: Then meet me tonight and prove it.”

Lizzie’s hands froze on the keyboard. He’d asked again. Her palms got a bit sweaty. The picture he’d sent showed a very handsome man, short brown hair with flecks of gray, a nice short beard to match. And the most penetrating, sexy hazel eyes she’d ever seen.

“a_long_tall_one: Liz…still with me?”

“fab4fan: Uhm..yeah. Are you serious? Tonight?”

“a_long_tall_one: Of course I’m serious. You should know by now I never say anything I don’t mean. And why not tonight. No one should spend Valentine’s Day alone. Just think of it as two pen pals meeting for a drink.”

“fab4fan: A drink? That’s it?”

“a_long_tall_one: If that’s all you want, then yes. A drink. If you should see something that whets your appetite, then fine. If not, that’s fine too.”

It almost sounded like a date. Lizzie hadn’t been on a date in over seven years. Her mind began racing with the possibilities. What if he was some strange psycho and she ended up chopped up into tiny bits in the Salt Creek Forest Preserve? What if he wasn’t 48 at all and the picture he’d sent wasn’t him…what if he was some teenager just looking to lose his virginity? Or a group of teenagers looking to humiliate someone. A tiny voice whispered from the back of her mind. But what if he’s who he says he is…and what if he’s just what you need right now? Incredible sex with a gorgeous older man? Lizzie, come on, you’ve read his stuff. No man can write like that unless he can back it up.

“a_long_tall_one: I’ve lost you again, haven’t I?”

Lizzie shook her head, clearing away the images that had begun to crowd her mind. Images of her kneeling between Corbin’s legs and taking his cock deep in her mouth. Images of the two of them in a 69 position, her body writhing as he tongue fucked her to one mind blowing orgasm after another. Images of him fucking her from behind, grabbing her hips and moving her up and down his cock like a piston as she cried out for him to take her harder and deeper. Taking a deep breath, she began typing.

“fab4fan: alright…where?”

“a_long_tall_one: What’s good for you?”

“fab4fan: There’s a Bennigan’s off the East West Tollway…what about there?

“a_long_tall_one: Off 22nd? That would be perfect…right by my office. Now…when?”

“fab4fan: uhm, how about an hour?”

“a_long_tall_one: an hour???? It won’t take you an hour to get there!”

“fab4fan: *laughing* no…but I want to wash my hair.”

“a_long_tall_one: *rolling eyes* oh alright…but I’m sure you’re absolutely lovely right now. Just run a brush through your hair!”

“fab4fan: lol…can I at least put some clothes on?”

“a_long_tall_one: :O You’re nekkid? Have mercy on an old man! Just come as you are baby!”

“fab4fan: No, I’m not nekkid…I’ve got my white fluffy robe on. *giggling* It’s more cozy than alluring, but I still bet I’d get arrested for indecent exposure? So I think not. I’m sure the attorneys I work for would have something to say about that.”

“a_long_tall_one: I bet they would too…and I bet you’d love it! But…I suppose you should get dressed…just to be on the safe side. I’ll just have to be content with undressing you with my eyes until we’re alone.”

“fab4fan: I thought this was just drinks…you know…a couple of buds?” Lizzie began to feel the butterflies in her stomach churn. What on earth had she gotten herself into?

“a_long_tall_one: *sigh* I suppose I can put my lecherous side away for one night and just be a pal. Still need to wash your hair I suppose?”

Lizzie thought about the possible outcomes of this evening. The good and the bad.

“fab4fan: yes. Even with friends, first impressions mean a lot. I’ll meet you in an hour.”

“a_long_tall_one: alright…an hour it is. At the Bennigan’s off the Tollway. Meet me outside, okay?”

“fab4fan: okay…an hour outside the Bennigan’s. See you then.”

She disconnected before Corbin could reply and looked at Kitty. “Oh sweet lord Kitty, what have I done?” Kitty purred and flicked her tail in approval.

Forgoing the shower, Lizzie washed her hair in the sink, weighing the pros and cons of her decision. She quickly blew dry her short red hair and re-applied her makeup, taking care to outline her green eyes and put mascara on her lashes. Old boyfriends and even Geoff had said her eyes were one of the sexiest things about her. A final touch of copper lipstick seemed to be the perfect touch. Now, what to wear. Turtleneck? Too prudish somehow. The pink Bostancı Escort button down sweater? That accentuated her breasts rather nicely. No…it’s just friends…that sweater is not for ‘just friends’. She settled on an emerald blouse, leaving the top button undone. Showed just enough to let him know she wasn’t uptight in real life and kept enough covered so he wouldn’t think she was a complete slut. Jeans or a skirt? When had getting dressed become so freaking difficult? He was just a friend. It wasn’t like this was an actual date. They were just meeting for drinks! Lizzie opted for jeans and loafers. Nice and casual. Scratching Kitty behind the ears, she headed for the door. Then stopped. No…part of this outfit wouldn’t do at all. She needed that extra boost of confidence.

When Geoff had first begun losing interest in sex (about the same time he’d hired Stacie…imagine that?) she had begun buying plus size lingerie, wearing it under her conservative work clothes. Much to her surprise, that simple act had done wonders for her self esteem. Even more so as she began to lose weight and drop in size. Now she routinely wore something silky and slightly naughty looking under her clothes. If her day was scheduled with meetings and seminars she would often wear just a demi bra, imagining the reaction of the men around the conference table if they only knew what their quiet paralegal had on under her suit and how moist and warm her pussy got when she felt the cool leather against the bare skin of her ass.

Going back to the bedroom, shedding the blouse & jeans, Lizzie pulled out her most recent purchase from Victoria’s Secret. A black and pink bustier and matching thong. Kitty watched her, almost grinning. As Lizzie put the combination on she glared at the cat. “He’s just a friend! This means nothing you stupid cat.”

Kitty sighed and put her head down, her tail twitching as if to say “whatever makes you feel better kid.”

The entire way to the restaurant, Lizzie mulled over her decision. Even though she and Corbin had been talking to each other for a month now, and had exchanged pictures, they’d never discussed actually meeting. Ever. In fact, Lizzie was quite careful to avoid the subject entirely. Having actually met a few of her male ‘on line’ friends almost immediately after the divorce, Lizzie had been convinced she would never find a healthy relationship that way. What if Corbin thought she had been leading him on? What if really expected more from this than just drinks. By the time she reached the restaurant, she had decided that she’d go in, have one drink, and then politely excuse herself saying she was tired. Really, how long could one drink take? Thirty minutes at the most. She’d be back home and in the tub by 9. Read a little Nora, drink a little wine, pull out one of her favorite toys and she’d be fine. Well, maybe not fine, but better than having done nothing at all.

As she pulled into the parking lot, Lizzie scanned the front walk of the restaurant and didn’t see anyone. She pulled into a parking space along the side of the building and sat, occasionally checking the rear view mirror to see if someone was waiting outside by the door. All the while she continued her inner discussion. She was entitled to one drink with a friend. He certainly seemed harmless when they chatted. His emails and pictures hadn’t been the usual sort she’d encountered: graphic descriptions of acts he’d like to do to her, with her. It had all been polite chit chat. He’d learned that she had gone to college in central Iowa. She’d learned that he’d grown up in the little town just south of the college. He learned that she’d been divorced for a little over 6 months, the cause being Geoff’s affair with Stacie and their inability to have children. She learned that he was just starting the process of ending a marriage that had lasted over thirty years and produced four children and 3 grandchildren. He’d learned that there had been affairs on both sides of her marriage, hers occurring after she’d found out about Stacie. She’d learned that he’d had an affair early on in his marriage, one that he felt guilty about more because he didn’t feel guilty about it. Movement in the rear view mirror brought her mind back from her thoughts. She noticed a tall, slender man pacing in front of the restaurant. Taking a deep breath, Lizzie got out of the car and walked towards the man.


“So…you finally decided to be brave and leave your car, huh?” Corbin grinned, his eyes twinkling mischievously, tiny crow’s feet appearing at the corner of his eyes. His voice, while not deep, was slightly husky, a sound that made Lizzie’s pussy clench. “I saw you pull in and wondered how long you were going to sit there.

Blushing, she let him usher her through the door. “Uhm, yeah. I don’t know. I was just really nervous about this.”

“Why?” he asked as they took their seats at the bar. “Afraid I was some deranged lunatic who’d drug you and carry you off to parts unknown?”

“No! Erenköy Escort Well, okay…kind of. You just never know, you know?”

Corbin laughed as the bartender took their order. “I promise to keep all impure and unclean thoughts to myself. Unless, of course, you really want to know.” He flashed a smile at her and took a swallow of the beer that had been placed in front of him.

Suddenly, she felt more at ease than she had in months, and found herself deeply engrossed in conversation. They talked about music, movies, writing, growing up in Iowa, how they ended up in Chicago, divorced and starting over. Drinks soon became dinner and all the while Lizzie had the same images running through her head as she had in the car. Corbin thrusting his cock into her, her legs wrapped around his back. Corbin caressing and nibbling at her breasts as he fingered her wet slit, finding her clit and making her cry out for release. Riding Corbin, taking his cock deep inside her as she pinched and played with her breasts. Before she knew it, a quick glance at her watch showed the time was 9:30. They’d been there for almost 3 hours.

“Oh wow…I didn’t realize it was this late,” Lizzie exclaimed as the waitress asked, amusedly and for the third time, if they needed anything else or if they’d like the check.. “I didn’t mean to monopolize your time like this.”

Corbin told the waitress they were ready to settle their bill and as the girl left, he reached across the table and took Lizzie’s hand in his. She felt a jolt of electricity shoot straight up her arm and down her back. “Lizzie, if I didn’t want to be here, I would have asked for the check before now.” His hazel eyes stared deep into hers and she felt herself blush. “You know,” he said as he reached for his wallet, “you’re awfully cute when you do that.”

Liz blushed even deeper at that. “Thanks. I haven’t been called cute since I was 16.”

Corbin laughed as he held the door open for her. “Well, remind me to call you that more often.”

Without thinking, Lizzie fell into the repartee they had on line. “Honey, I don’t care what you call me, just as long as you call me.” Realizing what she’d said, she blushed again, muttering “I can’t believe I said that!” In her haste to escape what was quickly becoming an uncomfortable situation, she stumbled along the edge of a pothole. Corbin’s arms had her before she hit the ground. Steadying her, he pulled her closer to him than necessary, much closer than necessary. Lizzie found she didn’t mind at all.

“Alright,” said Corbin as he leaned in, “I lied…this isn’t just friends…not anymore. I’ve wanted to do this all night.” He took her chin in his hand and tilted her face to meet his. The kiss was soft and lingering. Then another kiss…and another. Lizzie found herself moving closer into his arms and sliding her arms inside his jacket and around his waist. Tentatively, she slipped her tongue past her lips and slowly licked along his upper lip. She could have sworn she heard him sigh as their mouths opened and their tongues intermingled. As they kissed, she felt her nipples harden, her pussy grow moist. On a moan, she leaned in against him and felt the growing bulge in his jeans. It was as if they’d been thirsting for this moment, and now having found one another, they couldn’t get enough.

“I told you Jason…that’s $10 you owe me.”

Lizzie broke the kiss and turned towards the voice. The restaurant door was open, revealing several of the wait staff, standing around and grinning.

The waiter named Jason shook his head. “No, it was $5 if they kissed. $10 if they left in the same car.”

Lizzie and Corbin laughed as they listened to the exchange. “How about it,” whispered Corbin. “Should we make Jason pay his buddy the $10?”

Lizzie looked up at him and grinned. “I’ll go one better. Wait here.” She broke their embrace and walked over to the group. Corbin couldn’t hear what she was saying but noticed the boys’ faces getting red as the rest of the girls among the staff laughed. She pulled out her wallet and handed him a $20 then borrowed his order pad and scribbled something down. As she walked back, Corbin looked at her quizzically.

“Do I even want to know what just went on back there?” he asked as he walked her to her car.

“I simply told him that it was rude to bet on the romantic arrangements of his customers.”

“Uh huh. Explains the blush…I think. And the $20?”

“Oh that. The first half was to cover his bet with his friend. And the second half he’s supposed to put in the bank so that when he’s a handsome older man out with a younger woman, he can pay for the bet the wait staff make about HIM. Then I told the girls that older men are definitely better.”

Corbin swallowed. “Oh,” was all he said.

Lizzie pulled out the order ticket she’d gotten from Jason’s pad. “These are the directions to my apartment. You can follow me if you want.” She noticed how quiet Corbin had become. “Did I say something wrong?”

Corbin took her in his arms. “It’s not that I don’t want too…you have no idea how badly I want to Liz. But when we’re talking, I completely forget about the age difference. I’m almost 16 years older than you sweetie. You aren’t getting a spring chicken here.”

Elizabeth sighed. People had told her the first year after the divorce would be difficult, especially the holidays. But she hadn’t thought to include Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t as if Geoff had actually sent her anything the last 3 years of their 6-year marriage…not even a card. Come to think of it, they hadn’t really…

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