An Intimate Friend Pt. 01

An Intimate Friend Pt. 01


In the early spring of 1979, my wife Billie and I had two threesomes with an older gentleman named Ned. We had met him when we stopped at a small desert trading post while we were on one of our trips exploring the southwest desert.

When we had first started out on these trips, we had made it a habit at stopping at this lonely out post owned and operated by an old time desert dweller. We would stop not only to buy gas but also visit with the old gent who knew the desert like the back of his hand.

One weekend, while Billie and I was visiting him, a 1977 FJ 40 Toyota Land Cruiser arrived that was almost identical to ours. The old timer introduced us to Ned as not only one of his regular customers but also a friend. Ned, he told us, was also someone with a vast knowledge of the desert.

Ned was in his mid-fifties, average in height and weight with thinning gray hair, a slight potbelly and wore a pair of heavy black-framed glasses. We discovered he was divorced and worked as an electronic engineer for the Department of Defense at the base where I was stationed. We also found out he lived only a few blocks from our apartment.

During our conversation I noticed he was unable to keep his eyes off my wife. This was understandable as all she was wearing was one of my old white, threadbare t-shirts, her running shoes, her wedding band and a smile. The t-shirt was almost transparent in the bright desert sun and was just long enough to cover her adorable pussy and perfect butt.

She was lovely; her nipples and small trimmed pubic patch were visible beneath the t-shirt. The late afternoon sun painted a titillating outline of her beautiful body, and as she moved about, the t-shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination. Billie seemed unaware with the effect her near nudity was having on the storeowner or our new friend.

At the time Billie was twenty-eight, five feet three inches tall and weighed one hundred-eight pounds. She exercised and ran daily and had a tight, toned figure (34B-23-33) with a perfect little ass. Her long, sun lightened, brown hair, which she wore in a ponytail, reached her hips and she had big brown eyes.

Her breasts were a little more than a handful with small nipples; her stomach was flat and she kept her pubic hair groomed to a diminutive triangle. She was attractive on the inside as well as the outside with a warm, friendly and vivacious personality; in addition to her fantastic persona, she was totally uninhibited and had an exceptionally high libido.

After meeting Ned we agreed to get together for future trips. We exchanged telephone numbers and addresses and decided to travel back together keeping in touch via CB radios. This accidental meeting has led to a great friendship, which continues to this day.

A couple of weeks later Ned called and we made plans to go on our first trip together. Ned and I were lucky enough to be able to get off from work around noontime and get an early start. We met at his house and headed for the desert.

Prior to meeting Ned, our trip routine, was to top off our tank at the trading post. Billie would then strip as we departed the store and stay naked for the rest of the trip. On the return trip she would slip into one of my old t-shirts or a worn chambray shirt as we arrived back at the store.

On this trip, as we headed out to the desert with Ned, I was curious if she was going to stay with our routine and asked, “Are you gonna go nude this weekend?”

She bit her lower lip, thought for a second and said; “I don’t know, I’m not sure if I should go naked on our trips with him or not…we really don’t know him and I certainly don’t want to make him uncomfortable.”

I held back a laugh; she had worn a minuscule, baby blue bikini top under her old chambray shirt and I knew the shirt would be coming off as soon as it got warmer. She had also worn a pair of brief nylon running shorts without panties, which was her norm.

I wanted her to go naked for the weekend, so I appealed to her exhibitionism, “Sweetheart, he would love it if you went nude. Besides, the t-shirt you were wearing when we first met him didn’t leave anything to the imagination.”

“Yeah, I know, but, well, we’ll see…” she trailed off in thought.

We rode along for a while, chit-chatting with Ned over the CB radio. I glanced over and notice she was smiling about something and asked, “What are you smiling about?”

With a bigger smile, the little imp said, “I was thinking…” she paused and bit her lower lip. Unfastening her seat belt, she slipped her shirt off; her nipples were clearly visible and pushing out against the thin fabric of the tiny panels of her bikini top.

Refastening the seat belt she continued, “I…was thinking, how hot it would be, to be a naked woman out in the middle of the desert with two men…”

“So… you are going to get naked.”

“Didn’t say that… but, maybe.”

Looking over at her again, I laughed, “You could go topless.” The paper-thin, baby Onwin blue panels of her bikini top didn’t do anything to conceal her breasts.

Looking down, she laughed with me, saying, “Yeah…I could go topless”

Arriving at the trading post we ended up on opposite sides of the gas island, which gave us a little privacy. After we topped off our tanks, paid for the gas and visited with the old storeowner for a while, we then prepared to head out to our first campsite.

Ned couldn’t keep his eyes off Billie’s breasts in her bikini top. So, I reached over, untied and removed it.

Billie barked a laugh, looked at me and then at Ned. His eyes were locked on her naked breasts. Her nipples hardened. She softly asked him, “Ned, does this make you uncomfortable?”

His head snapped up and he blurted, “No!” Then softly, “They’re beautiful…you’re beautiful…” his mouth continued moving, but he wasn’t saying anything.

She looked back at me, shrugged, gave us a sunny smile saying “Okay then…” she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her running shorts, slid them down and stepped out of them.

Picking up her shorts she stood up straight with her shoulders back and said, “Well, let’s go.” My heart was thudding. Nude, in the bright sunlight, she was absolutely beautiful; I was so proud of her.

Ned made sure to help my naked wife into our Land Cruiser. We drove up the road and I looked over at her, she had a glow on her face, I asked, “Happy?”

Looking at me with a contented smile, she replied, “What do you think? I’m naked and out in the desert…” and in a soft, sexy, insinuating voice, “with two men.”

A short time later we turned off onto an old desert trail and stopped to let air out of our tires for backcountry travel. Enjoying herself, Billie helped. She put on quite a show bending over and kneeling down to help with letting the air out of our tires.

Coming around our vehicle and out of sight of Ned, I whispered to her, “You’re getting off on this.”

She guided my hand between her legs; she was soaked and her nipples were hard. Laughing, she whispered in my ear, “You have no idea.”

Wrapping my arms around her, I laughed and asked, “Are you going to fuck him?”

With a naughty smile, she answered in a low, sexy voice, “…maybe.”

Ned, still busy with his tires, called out, “I could use some help over here.”

Laughing, I whispered in Billie’s ear, “He doesn’t need any help, he’s turned on.”

Giggling like a teen, she whispered back, “Yeah…I know, he’s got a hard-on.”

With a bounce in her step, my naked little nymph joined Ned, supposedly helping him with his tires. I pretended to continue performing various checks on our vehicle and watched as he surreptitiously stroked and gently touched her. Billie was having fun.

After we had the pressure of our tires lowered we gathered around the hood of Ned’s FJ 40. He had a USGS geographic map of the area and wanted to show us our route to our campsite. It gave Billie the perfect opportunity to let her naked breasts and erect nipples brush against Ned’s arm as she leaned over pretending to look at the map

Billie was delighted, Ned was more than okay, with her going nude on our desert trips. From then on, she would happily get naked as soon as we stopped at the trading post. She especially loved being a nude woman out in the middle of the desert with two men.

On our next trip, I moved things forward, hoping for a threesome. We had stopped at the trading post to top off our gas tanks. Billie had just stripped naked when I said to her, “Honey, why don’t you ride with Ned.”

Excited, my naked wife exclaimed, “I was just thinking the same thing!”

Ned stammered, “Y…y…you wouldn’t mind?”

When we stopped to adjust the tire pressure for backcountry travel I noticed Billie’s nipples were extraordinarily hard. Seeing my arched eyebrows she laughingly whispered, “He felt me up a little…”

I cocked my head and waited for her to continue, “After we left the store, he shifted into fourth gear and then…he dropped his hand on my left knee and told me how happy he was that I was riding with him.”

Nodding my head, I said, “Go on.”

“I patted his hand and told him I thought it was only fair…I shifted around sideways to face him, and let my legs open up…and he took it as an invitation…”

Interrupting her and smiling at the naughty little imp, I asked, “Was it…?”

Smiling, she put her arms around my neck and pressed her warm naked body up against me, whispering, “Yeah…he told me, he especially liked the way I kept my pubes shaved between my legs.”

Holding her, I laughed and asked, “What did he do?”

“Unfortunately, the seats are too far apart for him to be able to finger-fuck me, but he was able to trace his fingers up and down my slit a bit and feel how smooth I was…it was pretty awkward though.”

I kissed her and we set about prepping our rigs for backcountry Onwin Giriş travel. My wife rode with Ned until we reached our campsite. For the rest of the trip she would trade off every couple of hours. Since the trails we were on required constant attention and both hands on the steering wheel, there was very little hanky-panky going on.

However, whenever we stopped, Ned would take every opportunity to gently touch or caress Billie. This playful petting continued throughout the trip. On the second evening, after turning in, Billie snuggled up to me, guided my hand between her legs encouraging me to finger-fuck her.

After a small orgasm, she gasped, “Honey, between the two of you, I’m so fucking horny…I’m about to explode…” She threw her leg over me and sank down on my cock. Burying her face against my neck, she rode me hard.

Hot, wet and tight, my horny little wife milked my cock with her internal muscles as if it was going to be the last time. Humping, squirming, bouncing and wiggling she was going wild. With a groan and a growl she erupted, setting me off like a volcano.

We lay there on top of our sleeping bag gasping and sweating, she murmured, “Oh, I needed that…” she giggled, “fuck, I’ll smell like day old fish tomorrow.”

Laughing with her, I whispered, “We have more than enough water left for you to clean up. Honey, why don’t you go to Ned and spend the rest of the night with him?”

Drawing back and looking into my eyes she hoarsely whispered, “You wouldn’t mind?”

“No…I wouldn’t mind. I know you want to…”

“Yeah, I do…but” She snuggled and held me tighter, she then very softly whispered, “I don’t think so, not tonight anyway…” She kissed me, “it going to happen though.”

Placing a hand-towel between us, she eased off me and snuggled up. She drifted off to sleep with my arms wrapped around her. Early the next morning I slipped out of the tent and started the coffee. It wasn’t long before Ned joined me.

Billie crawled out of our tent wrapped in her old chambray shirt. When she stood up, she was bottomless, which made her look much younger and adorable. Holding up a container of water, a washcloth and a towel she looked at me questionably. I nodded my head and she went off for her morning ablutions.

Returning a short time later she put her toiletries away and joined us looking fresh and ready for the day. As the sun got higher and it became warmer, she slipped out of her shirt. We broke camp, loaded up and prepared to head back toward the highway.

She had decided to ride with Ned back to the highway where we stopped to inflate our tires for highway running. He eased out of his rig, held his forefinger up to his lips and then pointed to the passenger side. Looking in I saw Billie curled up and sound asleep.

Reaching in, I gently woke her. With a sleepy smile she climbed out of Ned’s Land Cruiser and assisted us prepping our vehicles for the highway. We headed down the road, stopped at the trading post, topped off our tanks and headed home.

It was a couple of weeks later before we made our third outing. The first two days out were similar to the last trip, with Ned and I intimately caressing and fondling Billie. She, however, upped the ante, by playing with our cocks whenever we played with her. Early the second evening the sexual tension heated up even more.

We had stopped to make camp near a ridge, which overlooked a canyon. Since the sunset looked promising we hiked up to the top of the ridge to watch it. I put my arm around Billie and she put hers around me. She reached back and took Ned’s hand and pulled him to her. She slipped her arm around his waist and he slipped his arm around hers.

The three of us, soon to become intimate friends, stood there, watching a beautiful sunset. The sun had started turning orange and then red as it slipped behind the mountains. There was sudden flare of reddish light painting the valley in a variety of reds and pinks as the sun sank below the horizon.

Behind us a bright full moon was rising. It appeared to be close enough to touch. The air was pleasantly warm, and as the moon’s glow cast new colors across the desert landscape it transformed the evening into an enchanting dreamlike scene.

Billie, nude and warm, with her arms around both of us turned, smiled and kissed me with love. Ned slipped a hand up over her left breast and gently stroked it. After our kiss she turned to him, looked up and kissed him with passion.

He pulled her to him in an intimate embrace. I eased up behind her reaching around and caressing both of her breasts. I pressed my erection against her pert butt. My naked wife was sandwiched between her two desert men and was caught up in the moment.

Kissing her neck and ears I watched as Ned slid his hand down her belly, tickled it through her pubic patch and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs and I heard her gasp, which told me he had slipped at least one finger into her.

She Onwin Güncel Giriş turned her head and I kissed her again as she started rocking her hips against Ned’s hand. With a soft moan, she dropped her right hand down, unzipped his trousers, freed his erection and started to stroke him.

Still kissing me she grabbed the waistband of my shorts with her left hand attempting to push them down. I helped her free my erection. Billie was sandwiched between us, being kissed, caressed and finger-fucked while she played with our cocks.

Switching back and forth, she kissed us as we caressed every inch of her we could reach. Ned looked at me and I nodded. I continued holding her, cupping her breasts, as I knelt down, pulling her back against me, as if she was sitting in a low chair.

Ned hooked his arms up under her knees, lifting and spreading her legs. He eased between them, running his cock up and down her hot, very wet and receptive pussy. He had just started to penetrate her when Billie twisted slightly in my arms and trembling, softly said, “No, please, not out here…not out here in the dirt.”

Ned and I stopped; and regained control of ourselves. We helped Billie to her feet and forlornly tucked our erections back in our pants. After an awkward moment, the three of us quietly returned to camp, all of us thinking about what had almost happened.

Later, when Billie and I had retired to our tent, she came into my arms and sorrowfully whispered, “Honey…I’m so, so sorry…I… “She paused, not sure of what to say.

I put my arms around her, whispering, “It’s okay…why don’t you go to his tent.”

“I thought about doing that, but, no, honey… not out here… and, really, when I decide to have sex with him…I want you to be there…don’t ask me why, but, my first time with him, I want it to be a threesome.”

Laughing softly, I whispered, “I thought that’s what was going to happen up on the ridge.”

Blushing, she softly stammered, “I’m so sorry…I…I…wanted to, but…not out here in the dirt…not the first time anyway…” she gently giggled, “maybe later.”

“Let’s invite him over next weekend and we’ll have a threesome.” This wouldn’t be the first time nor would it be the last time we invited someone else into our bed.

We were married in the summer of 1972 just after she had finished her freshman year in college and I was in the first year of my enlistment in the Navy. At the end of her sophomore year Billie left school and joined me so we could be together.

After my discharge we relocated and she returned to school as a junior. I looked for a job with benefits and an opportunity for career development; but times were tough and money was tight. I reenlisted in the Navy while she stayed in school to finish her degree.

When I went back into the Navy, I told Billie I didn’t want her to just sit at home studying, but to go out and have some fun; to feel free to go out with someone, if she so desired. It was my unspoken way of telling her; it would be okay if she had sex with someone else.

One weekend she went out with a grad student, and, as I’d hoped, she’d had sex with him. The next weekend, she had decided to accept an invitation to a spring-break beach house party where she had been easily persuaded to dance naked, have two threesomes on the back deck and then continue fucking them, and others, for the rest of the night.

When she told me about her infidelities, I reassured her, that I loved her and wasn’t upset with her at all. I also told her, I was proud of her for being able to disregard the accepted social constraints of the conventional marriage, as we’d never been a conventional couple.

She admitted she had enjoyed the freedom of just letting go and fucking all these guys. At her request, we opened our marriage. Both of us were free to have sex with other people and we discovered we enjoyed this unconventional lifestyle. We didn’t even have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy since she’d had a tubal ligation the year before.

Billie embraced her sexual freedom and became extremely promiscuous. It was a rare day she didn’t have sex with one or more of her male classmates. When I was able to make it home, she would tell me about her infidelities. Her tales became a type of foreplay for us and we wouldn’t be able to get enough of each other.

She introduced me to some of her female classmates who were as uninhibited as she was and always up for a sexual adventure. We enjoyed threesomes, foursomes and orgies at our home and at the various beach house or pool parties we attended.

Shortly after she graduated in the summer of 1978, I received orders to the west coast. After the move we hadn’t had the opportunity to indulge ourselves in these activities. We thought a threesome with Ned might be a perfect opportunity for some extramarital fun.

As we discussed, what had almost happened that night, she whispered, “You know, when I do fuck him and it is going to happen, he’ll be the oldest man I’d ever had sex with.”

Teasingly, I whispered, “Ah, that’s why you want me there, in case we have to do CPR.”

She lightly punched me, laughing, “No, you asshole…”

“Wasn’t that professor an older man…?”

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