An Awakening

An Awakening


I was as far as I was aware, completely straight, although I did always have a second look at well-defined men’s legs when they were very hairy. One evening as I was standing in at a bar counter ordering a beer, I noticed a rather sexy, petite blond girl sitting on a barstool next to me. We exchanged smiles and started a conversation. As she spoke she began to touch my exposed arm saying that she loved to see a man’s hairy arms. I was in my early twenty’s, fairly athletically built and both aware and proud of the fact that I was fairly hairy (which I have always acknowledged as a sign of masculinity). I was wearing a polo shirt that revealed much of my arms that are covered in thick fairly silky dark hair with an abundance of chest hair jutting out of the open neck around my neck.

At that moment I noticed a rather good looking bearded guy looking at us, he was slightly taller that I am and had dark golden hair on his head, with natural sun highlights, his full beard (cut fairly short) was a much darker colour as did the thick bush jutting out from around his neck. I noticed that his body proportions were fairly similar to my own, as he Onwin was dressed in a tee shirt and jeans. He seemed to be even hairier than I was, with thick blond course hair covering all over his exposed body. On hearing what the girl had to say about my arms, he said that he could match my hairiness any day.

We both continued to chat up this bird, who seemed to be getting more and more turned on – by the way she was rubbing her naked thighs together (obviously getting turned on to both of us). After some time and a number of drinks, the other guy (Brad) suggested that we go to his place to have some more drinks and listen to some music.

As soon as we got to his place, Brad went the kitchen to get some drinks. I was standing close to Ann (the blond chick’s name) and she touched my arm again and I bent down, kissed her and held her close to me. She responded by pressing herself against my already rock hard cock. At that moment, Brad returned to the living room and pressed himself against Ann’s back, making her the meat between a very hairy sandwich.

It wasn’t very long before Ann was carried into the bedroom, having Onwin Giriş had her loose cotton shift that she had been wearing removed as well as her panties – her only under garment, revealing a small neat shaved pussy which showed off a beautiful rosebud clit. Brad, who had removed her panties, started to suck on her very wet, horny pussy and I quickly stripped and gave her my thick pulsating cock, which she eagerly swallowed. Ann came a couple of times in Brad’s mouth, before Brad pulled away to strip, revealing the hairiest body I had ever seen, even hairier than my own as well as a beautiful 8 inch uncut cock, (my own 7 inches being circumcised). Ann turned over onto her stomach to suck on Brad’s cock while I entered her sopping pussy from the rear. After a while I pulled her onto myself in a lying position with her lying on top of me, with her back to me, my cock still filling her pussy. Brad went down on Ann, sucking on her clit as I pounded my meat in and out of her hungry pussy. I was starting to experience something completely new and mind blowing as Brad’s beard was stimulating my hairy balls as he sucked on Ann who was Onwin Güncel Giriş reaching new heights as she climaxed again and again. Occasionally Brads tongue would also include part of the shaft of my exposed cock.

Brad suddenly pulled away and put his long foreskin onto Ann’s clit, enveloping it and as he told us both, he was fucking her clit. This drove us both nearly over the edge and I had much difficulty holding back as Brads pre-cum mingled with Ann’s juices. Ann was so excited her cum and juices were drooling down my hairy thighs. Brad suggested that he join me in her soppy cunt. Ann didn’t have time to object as Brad forced his thick meat onto my cock forcing Ann’s cunt lips to open extremely wide to accommodate us both. After the initial discomfort, Ann was screaming in pleasure as two extremely hairy guys rode in and out of her eager pussy in unison. I reached out and pulled Brad closer on both of us feeling his hairy thighs rubbing against mine, his hairy balls stimulating my own and as I fondled his very hairy ass he yelled out and came all over my cock in Ann’s pussy, forcing me to cum almost simultaneously. We were all spent for a while, but after a sleep and shower we repeated the entire performance.

Ever since that night, I have found that I am extremely attracted to other hairy men and have taken every opportunity to explore that side of my sexuality.

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