An Afternoon with Amanda Ch. 02


AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you are reading this for the first time, I suggest you read

“An Afternoon With Amanda.”

(This story is set 7 days after An Afternoon With Amanda)


I was really looking forward to the long weekend. My wife, Jen, was going to Rome on business for four days. This meant little or no contact from her. You might think that was odd, but after almost twenty years together, I was used to it.

Yes, it was going to be a nice weekend. I would be able to catch up on and complete some projects I had, I would be in charge of the TV remote control for four days and I could eat and drink what I wanted, when I wanted.

It was pure coincidence that Robert, Amanda’s boyfriend and Jen’s nephew, was also out of the country for the weekend, although he would be back a day earlier than Jen. He was having a “guy’s weekend” away with his friends. They would be going to Amsterdam, Jen told me.

The memory of last week was still fresh in my mind and I was glad that there hadn’t been any family get-togethers over that time. It might have been uncomfortable for both myself and Amanda.

I was also fairly convinced that had we met again, Jen would have picked up on my discomfort and awkward questions would have been asked. I hadn’t received any texts from Amanda either.

Part of me was again relieved but there was a small part of me that wondered if that afternoon of a week ago was there was. I, of course, didn’t message her either, because knowing me as I do, I would surely have been found out.

I stood in the hallway of our apartment and watched as Jen finally closed and locked her suitcase. For someone who was only going away for four days, she had packed for a month.

“You can’t be too careful,” she said.

“I never know what outfit I might need.”

As she picked up the suitcase from the spare bed, she said, “You’re a man and will never understand.”

Dressed in a pair of black slacks, a powder blue blouse, a long cardigan and a pair of black Vans pumps, Jen walked out of the bedroom and offered me the suitcase to take from her.

I followed her out of the flat, down a flight of stairs and out into a quadrangle.

It was a bright and warm, sunny morning. I walked with her to the taxi that was waiting in the car park, near to the flats.

We kissed and hugged and I told her to have a good time.

As I walked back to our apartment, Amanda and Robert walked towards me.

Robert was dressed in sweat pants, an tee shirt with the logo of some band or other. Over this he wore long, black raincoat.

Amanda wore black yoga leggings and a baggy, black sweatshirt. Both wore trainers. My gaze also took in the fact that her leggings were skin tight and pulled up just enough to create a pleasing camel toe.

I felt my cock twitch its approval.

“Has Aunt Jen left?” asked Robert, setting his sports bag on the ground.

“I wanted to say goodbye.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking in the direction that the taxi had driven.

“We both thought you had gone earlier. You could have saved yourselves a journey, if we had known.”

“He’d be late for his own funeral,” said Amanda, pointing her thumb in Robert’s direction. “So it’s down to me to be his taxi driver.”

“What are you going to do with yourself, while Aunt Jen is away?” asked Robert.

“Oh, I’ll be fine,” I replied. “I’ve got some jobs that need to be done and Netflix will ensure that I won’t be bored.”

I looked at Amanda and asked, “What about you? What plans have you this weekend?”

She shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Oh I’ve a few things to keep me occupied and I’ll be seeing some friends later.”

She winked at me.

I said goodbye to them both and began to walk away.

I turned around just in time to see Robert climbing into Amanda’s car. He waved and then ducked out of view.

Before she climbed into the driver’s side, Amanda gave me a wave and another wink. She turned to face the side of the car and bent over to adjust the driver’s seat, affording me a delightful view of her backside.

It was a perfect peach.

The material of the leggings was taut across her rear and pulled right up the crack between her cheeks.

I could feel my cock starting to stir in my jeans. Amanda stood up again, turned to face me, smiled as if she knew what effect her little display had on me and then climbed into the car. I heard the car engine roar into life as I made my way back home.

As I opened the front door to the apartment, the memory of Amanda’s gorgeous arse was still clear in my mind. I closed and locked the door and quickly made my way to the bedroom, whereupon I stripped, naked.

My cock was rising to attention as I climbed onto the bed. I lay there naked, cock in hand and the vision of her ass in my head.

I came after only a few strokes of my cock, such was the intensity of that image, which ensured that it was a heavy orgasm.

I lay there for a short while, regaining my breath.

Thoughts and images dancing in my mind.

I wanted to taste Anadolu Yakası Escort her pussy again and slide my tongue over her cute puckered anus. I wanted to slide my cock into her tight cunt and fuck her brains out.

My train of thought was derailed by the sound of my phone blipping.

I got off the bed and went to bathroom to clean up and then I padded, naked, into the lounge to retrieve my phone.

There were three messages: two from Jen and one from Amanda.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Amanda had messaged me, but I read Jen’s messages first. One to say that she had made it through airport security with the minimum of fuss and another to say that she was boarding her flight and would message me again once she had arrived in Rome.

I took my time when reading Amanda’s message: “Hey there big boy. I’ve just dropped Robert off and am now on my way back. Feeling ultra horny, so keep that door unlocked and be waiting for me. I have things to do and I want to do them with you. See you in 10…”

I quickly dressed, in sweat pants, sans underwear and a tee shirt, unlocked the front door and waited…

“I thought I would find you in bed,” said Amanda as she walked into the hall. She was surprised to find me, sitting on the sofa, in the lounge.

“You’re not always going to come in and find me masturbating,” I replied, smiling.

Just thinking about her and anticipating what was to happen had caused my cock to become hard again and with me not wearing underwear, the effect was all too plain to see as it formed a tent in my sweat pants.

Her gaze fell upon it.

“Maybe not,” she replied, pointing at my groin. “But one way or another that needs to be taken care of.”

She pulled her sweatshirt over her head and somehow I wasn’t surprised to find she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her small, perky breasts had nipples that were hard and the size of juicy raspberries, surrounded by plum coloured areola.

She walked over to where I was sitting and knelt down on the floor in front of me.

I groaned aloud as she stroked my erection over the material of the sweatpants.

“Oo, you are hard,” she said.

She tugged at the drawstring and pulled the garment down. I lifted my butt off the couch in order for her to pull the pants completely down to my ankles. She balled them up and tossed them across the room.

Sitting for a second, looking at my cock, which was now standing to attention, Amanda noticed a small bead of pre-cum that had formed at the tip. Placing her hands on the couch, either side of my thighs, for support, she slowly slid her lips over my bulbous, purple head, wrapped her tongue around my cock and licked the liquid off.

I gasped as I felt the delicious warmth of her tongue. She told me to lie back and close my eyes. As I did, I felt her tongue slide up the inside of my thigh, from my knee and upwards, until she came to my groin.

The flat of her tongue folded its way around my scrotum, licking and teasing my balls, causing them to retract upwards. The tip of her tongue tickled my perenium and flicked against the underside of my scrotum, before sliding back down towards the crack of my arse.

I slid forward a little and lifted my legs up allowing her access. I couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

I felt her hands on the cheeks of my arse as she pulled them apart. I curled my fingers aound my thick shaft as I felt the slight but delightful intrusion of her tongue, as she rimmed my anus.

I began to stroke my cock as Amanda flicked her tongue over my puckered starfish, occasionally poking it inside.

Her tongue travelled up and over my scrotum and she closed her lips around each testicle, sucking on it and allowing it to fall from her mouth with an audible plop.

Her tongue travelled further and slowly along my hardening shaft.

I let go of my cock to allow her to finally take it into her mouth. Once more, she slid her lips over the head of my cock and along my shaft, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. I heard her gag as my cockhead touched the back of her throat.

Saliva hung in tendrils as she moved back and forth along my erection. Amanda came up for air, wrapped her fingers around my iron hard penis and started to stroke it. At the same time, she sucked each of my testicles into her mouth again and massaged them with her tongue.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my sap beginning to rise.

When she noticed my balls starting to retract into my body, Amanda switched places and slid my cock back into her mouth. Moving back and forth along my penis, she massged my scrotum with her hand.

That was enough. I grunted loudly as I ejaculated into her mouth. Four or five streamers of my hot, sticky cream exploded from my cock and slid down her throat.

She used her hand to coax more semen from me and drank every drop like it was fine wine.

When I was done, Amanda allowed my cock to slide from the warm confines of her mouth.

She stood up and began to walk towards the bedroom. Pendik Escort

She stopped at the lounge doorway and began to roll down her leggings. As they reached her thighs, she bent over to roll them down the full length of her legs. They parted slightly and she afforded me a view of her beautiful bottom. At the juncture between her thighs, I was able to see the glistening wet bulb of her vulva.

She rolled the leggings further to her ankles and kicked them off.

I watched as she placed her hand between her legs and slid a finger along her wet slit. My cock miraculously began to rise again at this sexy sight. Amanda stood, turned her head to me and slid the finger into her mouth, tasting her own juices.

Damn! That was sexy.

“Are you just going to sit there and watch?” she asked. “Or are you going to follow me to the bedroom and screw my ass into the mattress?”

I was lying on my back, on the bed, with Amanda kneeling astride my head, facing the same way.

She reached behind her, trying to stroke my hardening cock. I reached up to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

With her thighs wide apart, I could see that her pussy was soaking. The rubbery lips of her vulva were dripping with her juices and I had my tongue out, trying to catch her sweet nectar. She let go of my penis and used her fingers to spread her vagina for me.

It was glorious pink hole with a bullet- like clitoris perched atop, begging me to lick and nibble it.

I placed my hands on her buttocks and pulled her in closer.

The tip of my tongue brushed against her hardened clit and she shuddered. An audible moan escaped her lips and she let go of her pussy with one hand, to hold my head in place while she rode my tongue. I rolled my tongue into a cylinder and used it as a sheath for her clit to move in and out of.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. “That feels so fucking great. Where did you learn that trick?”

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t. I had a mouth full of tasty pussy.

I took each of her labia between my lips and sucked on them, flicking my tongue into her tight, wet hole. “Cooooooominnnnnnnnng!” she moaned and her juices erupted from her cunt, splattering onto my chest.

She let go of my head and fell forward over me, shuddering and moaning as I continued my assault on her sex.

I slid a finger between her buttocks and over her anus. I pushed gently and the tip moved past her sphincter and into her butthole, up to the first knuckle.

I continued licking and sucking her clit, poking my tongue into pussy, every now and then and twisting my fingertip inside her ass.

The result was explosive.

Another moan, a long shudder and KAPOW!

She screamed so loudly, I was afraid the neighbours might hear.

Her orgasm washed over her like a tsunami and more juice erupted from her tight quim, soaking and matting my chest hair.

My cock was so hard, it was almost painful and I longed to slide into Amanda’s wanton pussy and fuck her hard.

I sat up, pushed her back onto the mattress and positioned myself between her thighs. My cock needed no guidance. She was so wet that I slid in easily. I knelt up and gripped her thighs and began to move my hips back and forth.

I looked down as I slid my cock out of her pussy and it glistened with her juices.

I began to speed up my thrusts and before long I was fucking hard and fast.

I was amazed at how much staying power I had. Normally when Jen and I had sex, it was over in a matter of minutes, such is the plight of a middle aged man. But for some reason with Amanda, this young and beautiful woman, who was old enough to be my daughter, I had found a new lease.

I was fucking her like a man half my age. Every shudder, every moan told me that she had come several times.

I was actually feeling proud of myself. Not that I could ever boast about it with friends.

But I was like a man possessed.

Amanda begged me to stop.

I asked what the matter was.

“I can’t take anymore orgasms,” she replied. “You’re wearing me out. This is the best sex I have ever had, period. But I need a break. Can I suck you cock for a while?”

I must admit that maybe I needed a slight rest too. I laid back on the mattress and looked at my cock.

It seemed huge.

So engorged with blood that it didn’t look human. The mushroom like head was purple and shining and the shaft was wet with Amanda’s juices.

I winced as she closed her fingers around it. I didn’t realise it was so sensitive.

Once more, she bent her head forward, wrapped her tongue around my hard shaft and began to suck hard.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my sap rising, but I wasn’t ready to come and I didn’t want to come in her mouth. “Well,” she replied, allowing my cock to fall from her warm, wet mouth.

“You can’t come inside me because we don’t have any condoms. What else do you suggest?”

I thought for a moment and then remembered something she had said after the first time we Kurtköy Escort had sex.

“You told me last time that you liked it when I licked you butthole and had never tried anal sex,” I told her. “What about trying that?”

“You mean fucking me and coming in my ass?” she asked.

“Why not?” I replied. “It could be fun and you might enjoy it.”

She agreed to try it on the condition that if it hurt, we would stop straightaway and she would finish me off in her mouth.

I jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom.

Jen kept a flavoured massage oil in the cabinet. We bought it once with the idea of massaging each other before having sex and even teetered on the edge of anal sex but never actually got there.

The oil and any ideas of trying anal sex again were forgotten about.

As I came back into the bedroom, Amanda was resting on all fours, with her face buried into the pillow and her gorgeous peach-like ass pointing up in the air.

“You know we can try a more comfortable position first,” I said, unscrewing the cap from the bottle. “Just lie on your back, with a pillow under your lower back, That’ll raise your bum up a bit.”

She did as I suggested, while I poured a little oil into my hand and began rubbing both of them together. This would lubricate my hands and warm up the oil.

Amanda reached down to her thighs and supported her legs in the air, allowing me access to her cute starfish anus.

I massaged the oil into her butt and around her anus, sliding my finger inside.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” she moaned. A little more massaging and I slid two fingers inside her.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“Nice,” she replied. “Try another finger.” With three fingers now inside her bottom, I began to move them in and out, back and forth.

After a few minutes, she said, “I think I’m ready for your cock now.”

I withdrew my fingers and knelt between her thighs. I held my still hard cock in my hands and guided it towards her pouting anus. I rubbed the head of my cock around her anal opening and up and down the crevice between her cheeks, gathering as much of the oil as I could. Then I pointed my cock head at her butthole and gently pushed forward.

As my mushroom head passed between her sphincter, she winced but told me to keep going.

Gently and slowly, I kept pushing until the head of my cock disappeared inside her. Then I pushed a little more until nearly all of my erect penis was inside her ass.

I asked her how it felt for her.

“I feel kind of full,” she replied. “This has never happened to me before. So I am not sure how to react or what to do.”

I told her to try and relax and enjoy it.

I would be doing all the work. I suggested that as time passed, if she wanted to come, she could play with her clit to get herself off.

Holding her knees apart, I began to fuck her ass.

With every inward stroke, Amanda moaned. Slowly I picked up speed, in relation to her reaction.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed. “This is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. Please don’t stop, but I am going to make myself come.”

To me, there is nothing more of a turn-on that to fuck a woman and see her masturbating at the same time.

I looked her in eyes as Amanda raised her hand and put two fingers into her mouth. She licked her fingers, coating them in as much saliva as she could. Then with her other hand, she pulled her clitoral hood upwards and using her dripping fingers, ran small circles over her hardened bud.

I felt her anal muscles milking my cock as she squeezed her pussy together, trying to achieve her orgasm.

I turned up the volume and sped up my thrusts.

My sap was once more on the rise and I asked her how far from coming she was. She replied that she could come at anytime and was just waiting for me. That was it. I was over the edge.

With a loud grunt, I climaxed, shooting wad after wad of semen into her rectal cavity.

Amanda came with a loud scream.

Her pussy sprayed a fountain of juice up and down my chest and I felt her anal muscles squeeze, with vice-like grip, around my shaft.

Finally we stopped and I collapsed onto her, my cock still stuck in her ass.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until I began to deflate and slide out her. I climbed off and lay beside her. After a few more minutes, Amanda jumped up, as if in shock and hurried to the bathroom.

She giggled as she ran.

“I can feel your semen dribbling out of my ass and it feels funny. I need to shower and clean up.”

I lay on the bed, as I heard water flowing from bathroom, thinking about what just happened.

I smiled to myself for a moment and then thought about Jen and what kind of an impact this would have on her, if she ever found out.

Indeed, the effect would be devastating on all concerned and possibly other family members too.

That thought deflated what was left of my erection and I walked into the lounge to get dressed.

I was old enough to understand that an affair like this was never going to be anything more than it was. I decided that if Amanda wanted to keep on coming to me for sex and as long as that was all it was, then I would keep fucking her until she grew tired of me and decided she wanted Robert to fuck her instead.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you are reading this for the first time, I suggest you read “An Afternoon With Amanda.” (This story is set 7 days after An Afternoon With Amanda) *** I was really looking forward to the long weekend. My wife, Jen, was going to Rome on business for four days. This meant little…

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