Amy’s Weekend

Amy’s Weekend

69 Position

Amy’s Weekend Part One

What has come to be known as “Amy’s weekend,” as my girlfriend Lisa and I call it, began with a call from her in Austin. She asked if we would mind a houseguest for the weekend. Her husband was going to be out of town on an extended business trip and she wanted to get away for a while. Besides, she said she was very horny and couldn’t think of a better couple to help relieve that situation. Amy and her husband Bill are one of our favorite couples to party with and we welcomed the chance to spend some time with her. Arrangements were made and good-byes exchanged and everything was set for her visit. Lisa was very excited about Amy’s visit and immediately began making plans for her stay.

That night, Lisa was still buzzing with excitement from Amy’s upcoming visit. It was clear that her excitement extended to the bedroom. When we went to bed that evening, it was clear that Lisa was very turned on. When I asked her about it, she confirmed that yes she was very turned on, and that images of the three of us in bed, and other places had been flashing through her head all day. We made passionate love that evening with Amy’s name prominently mentioned during our “pillow talk”. Lisa said she had a special “theme” planned for Amy’s visit but wouldn’t go into any details saying that it was to be a surprise. She did say that she would call Amy back the next day to discuss it with her. Knowing how Lisa’s wicked imagination works, I left it at that and didn’t press her for further details. I should stop here to tell you a little about Amy. She is a tall blond with large, firm breasts that have nipples that I never seem to get enough of. She keeps her pretty pussy neatly trimmed and has a large clit which stands out prominently when erect. The one thing that we especially love about her though, is that she is as sexually adventurous as we are and will try almost anything once and probably more than once. Lisa and Amy share an avid interest in sexual toys and when we are together their conversations frequently feature a lively discussion comparing their favorite gadgets. These conversations often turn into demonstrations of the relative benefits of the latest additions to their collections. She and Bill are our best friends in the swinging lifestyle and we have spent many memorable days and nights with them, in and out of bed.

Lisa and I had a very hot passionate week of sex leading up to Amy’s visit. Our sex together was filled with images of her with us. The sexual tension around our house continued to grow as we got closer to the weekend. Finally Friday arrived and I had a bitch of a day at work. The fact that I couldn’t keep my mind off sex didn’t help at all. At 4:00 I got a call from Lisa and she said that Amy had arrived and for me to get home as soon as I could. I finished up a few things and left shortly afterwards. The drive home was a total blur.

As I walked in the door to our home, I almost immediately heard Lisa’s familiar moans coming from the direction of the bedroom. I quietly made my way back to the bedroom and peeked in. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the sight before me was something of a surprise. Amy was tied spread-eagle to the bed and Lisa was sitting on her face while she thrust a dildo into Amy’s pussy. From the generous amount of pussy juice flowing from Amy’s shaved cunt it was clear that she was genuinely enjoying her predicament.

Just as I began to fully appreciate the view, Lisa’s moans changed, a change I knew signaled her approaching orgasm. Lisa’s eyes were closed and Amy’s head was buried between her legs so that neither of them knew that I had arrived. I remained silent and enjoyed the view of Amy bringing my girl friend to the first of what I was sure would be many orgasms. I could here Amy’s muffled moans from between Lisa’s thighs. Lisa stopped thrusting the dildo, concentrating on the oncoming climax. Her familiar cries, announcing her orgasm, quickly filled the room.

As Lisa disengaged herself from Amy, both ladies noticed me standing in the doorway. “Enjoying the view,” Lisa asked?

“Yes I am, very much,” I replied.

“Good, but we’ve worked up an appetite, and you’re taking us out to dinner. Why don’t you get cleaned up and change clothes while I try to get Amy untied.” I responded by kissing them both and heading off to the spare bathroom allowing them to use our bathroom to take a shower.

In the car on the way to a local restaurant Lisa informed me that Amy had agreed to be our “Love Slave” for the weekend to do with as we saw fit. This weekend was Amy’s opportunity to explore some of her untested submissive fantasies. I also knew that Lisa had long had several unfulfilled dominant fantasies involving another woman. This was going to be their chance to work out a lot of these fantasies. I realized that my role was to be a spectator and participant, an “extra” to be used in whatever scenarios these two beautiful woman may have concocted. I noticed Pendik Türbanlı Escort that Amy was squirming slightly in the seat next to me as I drove. When I asked what was going on, Amy replied that Lisa had made her wear a vibrating egg in her pussy while we were out to dinner to “keep her hot and ready.”

I slid my had up over the top of Amy’s stocking to her pussy and felt the unmistakable vibrations of the vibrator buzzing deep inside her cunt. Lisa said that she had adjusted the speed so that she wouldn’t come but would keep her hot and horny. She also said that she had placed an anal plug in Amy’s ass so that it would be open and ready for my cock whenever I felt like fucking her. When I asked Amy how she felt, she said “Like I really need to be fucked!”

I told her in a semi-serious voice that she would have to wait, that I didn’t want to ruin whatever Lisa might have planned for her later. At that point we arrived at the restaurant and proceeded to enjoy a great dinner and a couple of good bottles of wine. It was clear that Amy was starting to really get into her submissive role and Lisa and I enjoying watching her growing frustration as the egg and butt plug did its work. Whenever she moved or squirmed in her seat it caused the butt plug to be driven deeper into her ass.

After dessert, Lisa took Amy’s hand and escorted her to the ladies room while I took care of the check. When we were at the car Lisa instructed Amy to get in the back seat with me. She told her to “take care of me.” Amy unbuckled my pants and proceeded to give me a great blow job while Lisa drove us home. During this trip, Lisa explained how she had put nipple clamps on Amy’s tits while they wherein the bathroom to “slow her down some.” I slid my hand across Amy’s blouse and sure enough I felt the chain attached to the clamps. I gave the chain a gentle pull and was rewarded by a soft moan of pleasure-pain from Amy whose mouth was full of my very hard cock.

When we arrived home, Lisa took Amy by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Lisa instructed Amy to undress her, then herself. They were clad in only their garter belts and hose. Lisa then arranged them so that she was leaning back against the headboard with Amy on her knees with her head buried in Lisa’s pussy. I got undressed as I watched Amy proceed to give Lisa the satisfaction I know she was craving. The view of Amy’s garter clad ass was extraordinary. I looked up and saw a look of pure pleasure on Lisa’s face and heard her soft groan of contentment. Our eyes met and she said, “I think Amy would really enjoy having her ass spanked, would you like to fulfill her wish?”

Lisa’s question was answered as the sound of my hand slapping Amy’s ass filled the room. A muffled groan came from between Amy’s thighs. I continued to spank her and my ears were rewarded with the sounds of Amy’s enjoyment. My cock was standing out, rock hard, and I decided I needed to do something about it. I removed the vibrating egg from Amy’s pussy and with one deep thrust buried my thick cock deep into the depths of Amy’s very wet cunt. Amy’s head rose from between Lisa’s thighs and she let out a loud moan of pleasure when my cock was buried firmly in her beautiful pussy. I could feel the ass plug rubbing against my cock through the thin membrane separating her cunt and ass. I set up a slow rhythm of long deep thrusts into her which pushed her further into the depths of Lisa’s pussy. Lisa had her fingers buried in Amy’s hair guiding her mouth around her pussy. Lisa began a dialogue, describing in detail what Amy was doing to her. First, how she had her tongue buried in her vagina, then how she was flicking her tongue over her clit and finally how she was sucking her clit while flicking it with her tongue. Her description was soon punctuated by frequent moans as Lisa approached orgasm. Lisa groans were soon joined by those of Amy as I continued fucking her hot cunt. I began to feel Amy’s cunt muscles gripping my cock, grabbing it with increasing intensity and it took all the self control I had not to cum right then. She was thrusting her hips back upon my cock, attempting to bury it even deeper in its wonderful, velvety depths. It was clear that Amy would soon join Lisa in her own orgasm.

I took Amy’s reddened ass in my hands and increased the intensity and pace of my thrusts. Lisa’s climactic cries of release filled the room and Amy’s cry of, “Yes baby, I’m cumming with you. Cum with me, OHH YEAA!” quickly followed. At the peak of Amy’s orgasm I reached under her and released the clamps still attached to her nipples. This seemed to intensify her orgasm and as I continued to thrust into her, which set her off into the depths of another orgasm? Amy’s cries of release were completely unintelligible and it was clear she was lost in the depths of a major orgasm.

As my two beautiful lovers came down from the peak of their respective climaxes, Amy slid down on her belly and Lisa slumped down Pendik Otele Gelen Escort next to her. I reluctantly pulled my cock from Amy’s cunt and lay down next to them. The room was totally silent except for the sound of our labored breathing as we all attempted to catch our breaths. I wasn’t sure if Amy was even conscious until minutes later when she voiced what we later agreed we were all thinking, “WOW!”

Amy’s Weekend, part 2

As I lay in our bed, surrounded by beautiful female flesh, I realized that I had not yet cum. I recall thinking how this was only a temporary situation as I was sure that my partners would not allow that condition to last for long. I got up and went to get us all something to drink and when I returned I found the girls arranged with their legs scissored together and Lisa’s 18 inch double headed dildo buried in their cunts. Lisa and Amy’s hands firmly grasped each other and they were pulling each other onto the dildo.

I couldn’t help but stand there and admire the view for a moment as they frantically struggled to fuck each other on the thick length of the cock they shared. Amy saw me first and beckoned me to join them. I kneeled on the bed and she freed one hand to reach out and grasp my semi-hard cock toward her mouth.

“Yea please let me have some of that cock while Lisa and I fuck each other,” she pleaded.

I adjusted my position and my cock was soon enveloped by the velvety embrace of her mouth. Amy was similar to my lover Lisa in that they both shared a deep passion for sucking a hard cock and she soon had my cock swollen to its full length and girth, buried deep in her mouth. However, our position was awkward and she subtlely encouraged me to straddle her chest so that I could bury my cock in her mouth.

“That’s it; fuck her mouth while this hot slut and I fuck each other’s pussies,” Lisa encouraged. Never let it be said that I am less than willing to fulfill the desires of my playmates and soon my cock was sawing in and out of Amy’s mouth. Amy seemed to genuinely enjoy the double action her mouth and cunt were receiving as her moans of pleasure vibrated around my hard dick.

Both Lisa and Amy’s moans and cries of passion again increased in frequency and volume and it was soon evident that they were going to cum yet again. Amy’s moans were muffled by the length of my cock buried deep in her mouth as she sucked and swirled her tongue over it. Their hips were a blur of action as they humped the dildo that they shared. I felt Amy’s hard nipples pressing into my ass as I rocked on her chest and I moved a hand back to where they were seemingly joined at the crotch and alternated between flicking a finger over their exposed clits. This resulted in alternating moans as I continued to stroke them.

Their oncoming explosions soon had an effect on me also as I felt the stirrings of my approaching orgasm deep in my balls. As my two playmates orgasms swept over their joined bodies, I felt the my cum rise from deep within, and I was soon pumping a large load into the depths of Amy’s mouth and throat.

After a brief rest period I got up and retrieved the glasses of wine that I had brought. As I turned back towards the bed I was rewarded with sight of two very passionate and lusty ladies sharing a kiss, and my sperm. We drank wine and cuddled, with me sandwiched between two soft and warm bodies, sharing the moment and the closeness that only can be shared by swingers after a very satisfying fuck, such as we had just experienced.

We lay there like that for perhaps 30 minutes, enjoying the after glow of great sex, speaking little, and I thought how lucky I was to have this opportunity to be two such hot and sexy women. Amy’s hand slid down to my cock and began to caress it. I rolled slightly to one side and Lisa’s nipple was soon between my lips, softly pulling and nibbling on it the way I know she enjoys.

Suddenly, Lisa jumped up, her nipple sliding from between my lips and said, “I’ll be right back, don’t stop on my account.”

Amy and I murmured our consent and I quickly moved my oral attentions to her lips and then to her very hard nipples. My hand soon found its way to her shaved slit and I heard her now familiar moan as my fingers buried themselves into her wet pussy. Amy nuzzled her face into my neck as I began to slowly stroke her large, exposed clit and she began to contentedly purr her pleasure.

My attention returned to my surroundings as I felt the bed shift, signaling Lisa’s return. I saw out of the corner of my eye the reason for her absence, she had put on a strap-on dildo.

“I think our little love slut would enjoy being sandwiched, don’t you?” she asked.

“I think it is a definite possibility,” I replied.

All Amy could manage was a lusty, “Mmmmm.”

“What do you say, Amy, would you like that?” Lisa asked.

“Yes mistress, I would love to have my ass and cunt filled with hard cock, especially Pendik Ucuz Escort by two of my favorite people,” she replied.

Lisa quickly took control and had Amy straddling her, the head of the lifelike dildo sliding through the portals of her wet pussy lips. A satisfied groan spilled from Amy’s lips as the latex dildo filled her cunt.

I remember noticing two things at that moment, the first being that the anal plug had been removed from Amy’s ass. The second was that Lisa had chosen a dildo harness from her considerable toy collection that held a small vibrating egg against her clit.

The ladies were soon comfortably situated with the dildo buried in Amy’s depths and their breasts pressed together, their softness molded into each other. I sat back and admired the view for a brief moment, the softness of their bodies contrasting sharply with firmness and artificiality of the strap-on which joined them both physically and mentally. I almost hated to ruin that picture with the addition of myself, but the heat which pulled me toward them soon overcame any such thoughts.

I reached to the bed stand and grabbed a bottle of lubricant that I realized had been strategically placed there by Lisa for just this moment. I applied the slick liquid to my cock and Amy’s asshole. Amy produced a throaty groan as she felt my lubricated fingers invade the hot depths of her asshole and I felt her sphincter grabbing at first one then two fingers in her ass.

“Are you ready to have your ass stuffed with a hard cock,” Lisa asked.

“OHHH YESS Pleeease Mistress, your cock feels so good in my cunt. I want more, I want it all, and I want both my holes stuffed with cock.”

With that, I approached the beautiful ass that was presented to me and Amy soon felt the heat and pressure of my cock head against the yielding softness of her sphincter. I slowly pressed into the tight softness of her asshole with the lubricated head of my cock. As I gently and slowly pressed inward, Amy became impatient and thrust her hips back toward me, burying my cock almost to the base in the hot tightness of her ass.

A strangled scream of pleasure/pain erupted from her as my length filled the tight confines of her nether hole. She lowered her body onto Lisa’s and began to rock back and forth on the two cocks filling both of her voids. Lisa and I picked up this tempo and soon my cock and Lisa’s dildo were soon thrusting in and out of Amy’s impassioned body.

Amy lowered her mouth to Lisa’s and they kissed, their lips pressing tightly together. Amy began to moan deeply in her throat as the two cocks continued their assault.

She propped herself up on her arms, temporarily leaving Lisa’s lips, and began to thrust back on the two invading cocks more emphatically. I felt her hips begin to slam back into my own, burying my cock even deeper into her ass. I lengthened my strokes, giving her the full length of my cock, feeling the dildo in her pussy rubbing against my dick. Even though Lisa was somewhat limited in her mobility under Amy, she matched my rhythm, alternating with my own thrusts.

“OHHH God, this is so good, I love having you both in me, both of you filling me up. I love the feel of Lisa’s soft body beneath me and the feel of the two cocks rubbing against each other,” she cried ecstatically.

Lisa reached and began to pinch and pull on Amy’s hard, erect nipples, resulting in more groans of pleasure from Amy.

“OHHH Yea, pull on them, I feel so hot, so nasty, give it to me,” she said, the desire embedded in every syllable.

The desire and lust in Amy had been awoken, that was very clear, and only one thing would quench that desire, and we didn’t have to wait long for that. Her climax was not far off, that was certain. Lisa and I continued to increase the pace, striving toward a synchronicity of our movements that I didn’t know was possible.

“YESSsssss, OHH GOD, I’m cummming,” she cried. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, faster, harder, fuck me.” Amy’s body collapsed onto Lisa’s and their lips met once again, Amy’s cries of orgasmic release muffled by the softness of Lisa’s lips.

Amy seemed to be lifted from one orgasm to another as we continued to fuck her. Her hips jerked back in an uncoordinated, jerky manner as she continued to cum. Her cries of ecstasy were soon joined by those of Lisa, as Amy’s pleasure seemed to intensify her own. The soft buzz of the vibrator buried in Lisa’s harness and my own throaty gasps as I struggled to keep pace with them served as a back drop to their screams and moans of pleasure.

I heard the familiar moans of Lisa’s approaching orgasm and I strived to meet her, to cum with her as we shared the body of this special lover. As I heard Lisa’s cry of orgasmic release blend with Amy’s, I felt the first sensations of my orgasm and I was quickly pumping my seed into the depth of Amy’s hot, tight asshole. My cock pumped a full load into Amy and my own groan of release rose to meet theirs as pleasure shot from my cock to fill my body.

Afterwards, we slumped into a pile of relieved, fucked out flesh. My last thought before sliding down the eventual slope of a deep contented sleep was, this is only Friday, we had two more days to go!

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