Ama’s Paranormal Quickies 2: Greyback


Ama’s Paranormal Quickies 2: Greyback

Ama after her experience in her new house. Became a junkie.

Addicted to paranormal sex.

It took her a few weeks of digging but she believed she found another haunted location that would suit her… needs.

She found an abandoned road where many women have claimed they were raped by a confederate ghost.

She did research and found out a confederate unit was attacked by general Sherman located by the Mississippi. And one of many skirmish’s.

She studied the geography and found the road was directly on a convergence of lay lines. Telling her this spirit could be extremely powerful, feeding off the energy of the lay lines.

She saved up for a trip and headed there immediately.

She decided to wear a pair of leather booty shorts. The sides of them being held together with laces. Her round shaped butt stuck up a little at the bottom. Black sneakers and a tight leather bustier exposing her midriff. Her full ample chest was pressed hard as her cleavage mounded above the bustier. A black lace choker. Adding red gloss on her fully pouty lips and her hair in corn row pigtails. Finally she wore leather boots with four inch heels. Black on the outside and red on the soles.

It took her a while to find, most of it had been retaken by the forest. So she parked on the side of the road full of tall grass.

The night was muggy and suffocatingly hot.

The she stayed in her car most of the time because the mosquitos were everywhere.

She knew she didn’t want to give up but she wondered how she could get off if she hides in her car.

1 am rolled by when the first heavy drop of rain plopped on her car windshield.

Then two.

Then a sudden down pour.

She sighed staring forward blasting death metal. Her high beams on to catch a glimpse of the notorious confederate specter.


She gave a loud audible sigh putting down her phone, then.

She saw it.

With a brown and grey uniform, a rifle on the shoulder and a pack.

The ghost of a soldier rapist. It stood in the middle of the road. Glaring at her. It’s shoulders slumped, soaked. A white dirty face with a porcelain like crack around its left eye. The eye completely white. The other black. It stared at her with no life in its face, it’s head slightly tilted.

She looked down and grabbing her phone to record it.

She pulled up her phone opening video to see it was gone.

She sighed and placed the phone on her dash. Camera facing up and left recording.

She opened her car door peering around for the apparition.

Her heart was pumping out of excitement and lust, but also fear. This was the first time she had ever seen a full bodied apparition.

She immediately got drenched in the warm heavy rain. The air made harder to breath in the flood like rain and suffocating heat.

She slowly walked around her door with her death metal band Ectoplasma roaring in the rain.

As the rain poured on her, sliding down her bubbly cleavage and face. She took a single step adıyaman escort past her car door when the rain suddenly got got.

An invisible force turned her and pushed her toward her car. She felt a hand at her neck shove her down. She breathed easier in the cold rain, her bust pressed against the hood. Feeling a hand holding her head down.

She felt something lean on her back and a breath on her neck. Every single one of her nerves were one edge.

“Squawk you Squaw.” She heard a raspy voice say.

Her eyes darted to the side catching a glimpse of the soldiers rigid porcelain like features pulling back out of sight.

The pressure lifted from her frame as she felt a heavy smack on her ass over and over. Hard and painful.

She could feel her pussy getting hot as she lightly gyrated her hips.

She felt a tug at the side of her booty shorts.

Then a yank that ripped the garment off of the bent over babe.

“Fuck you whore!” She heard a distant growl say as a spectral hand slapped the bottom of her exposed athletically round butt cheek. Her red lace thong leading a stream of rain between her ample ass cheeks. Her other cheek a deep red.

She felt the pressure on her head release. She lifted her body arching her back staying bent over. Her cleavage nearly busting from her bustier.

She felt her thong being moved over her round ass.

As she felt a pair of hands seized her cheeks with a wide grip.

She gasped feeling a cold face press against her privates. She glanced over her shoulder seeing her ass cheeks being lifted by its ghostly grip. Feeling like it was motorboating her pussy. The lightning flashed it there it was. Two rough pale hand seizing and groping her ass spreading her cheeks apart. It’s eyes looking directly into hers, it’s head unnaturally twitching with head tilts bobs and movements. It’s face embedded in her between her thighs and cheeks and it was gone as fast as the lightning.

She moaned louder looking forwards. Hanging her head and leaning on her elbows. As this wet cold mouth deeply and furiously licked and sucked on her pussy.

She gave a low long moan as the rain pelted her face looking up.

Suddenly it stopped. She felt it disappear. She slowly looked around still bent over wondering if that was it.

The radio went staticy, “*static* Indian *static* WHORE! *static*” and went back to playing the death metal.

Her head was suddenly pinned back to the hood of the car, as she felt the civil war soldiers cold ghostly cock stretch her asshole with no warning. She gave a grunt of pain as her ass stretched out to the suddenly onslaught happening to her ass.

She felt it slap her ass over and over fucking her butt. She quickly began to moan pushing her ass into the specter wagging her butt to and fro.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god! You’re fucking my ass so good!” She cried between her rising moans, one of her hands at her pussy rubbing her clit.

The invisible phallus pumped between her round cheeks which bounced back and forth with akkent escort force.

The brutal ass fucking went on for minutes.

The lightning flashed three times as it appeared in the strikes.

It’s cold one of its cold dead hands lifting her leg onto the hood of the car. It’s white stiff cock pumping into her tight butt hole.

Gone just as quick. The rim of her ass hole being pushed in and pulled rapidly over and over.

Ama convulsed once grasping for air heavily as an orgasm spilled over her and she felt a cold icy liquid fill her ass.

The lower half of her body shuttered as she took cold breathes. The her body pulsing in pleasure.

Suddenly she felt it grab her hair. Yoking her up by the hair she spun around and was forced to her knees.

She looked up with her eyes, her head tilted just enough to see her lips when looking down.

She was on her knees sitting on her feet patiently. Like a good girl.

Her hands on her thighs.

She felt fingers at her jaw when something pressed against her lips. Rimming them slowly. She didn’t need a second clue.

She widened her jaw leaving her lips slightly agape.

She felt the thing member slide pass the pressure of her red wet pouty lips.

She slowly closed her eyes, advancing her head forward tilting her head. She felt the force slide over her tongue and down her throat.

She suddenly felt two hands yank her pigtails forward.

She knew it was about to go savage again.

Whispers came from all of around her, “squaw” “slut” “whore” “redskin”

In an instant she was being violently face fucked.

Amas eyes widened as she immediately began choking on the spectral cock.

The violent spirit pulling her head forward pumping into her face. Eight inches of the otherworldly cock only being seen by the bulging in her throat as it thrust. The lightning flashed once again, the almost zombie looking soldier furiously pumping its almost transparent pelvis into her. She could see the black marks under the pale flesh of the ghosts member as it slid ferociously under her nose. Her thick wet lips wrapped around it. Her pigtails firmly in its grasp.

She began to turn a bit blue choking on the cock. Her limbs getting a weak when she felt it explode down her throat. Her eyes wide open going bloodshot she gulped over and over is pulled out slowly, she felt it pulsate. Not like a humans. But the whole cock throbbed beat after beat, each throb more of its ghostly sweet musty fluid filled her throat. Feeling it pulling hard on her pigtails. She breathed as the head left her wind pipe, her tongue sliding along the shaft while it pulled out. It yanked her head back by her cornrow pigtails. A series of lightning strikes flashed and she saw the head of its cock leave her lips, the thick clear ghostly fluid came on her face and another large load on her busty cleavage. The fluid streamed out of her mouth sticking her tongue out wide and flat along her chin. The fluid mixed in with the rain drizzling down her breasts, slightly gaziantep anal yapan escort thicker then the rain. A thick stream of it sliding down her tongue, gasping.

She felt it grasp her hair again, throwing her into the sloppy mud.

She the lightning storm intensified, crackling and booming thunder. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the soldier in the lightning sometimes. Other times not, as it laid on top of her, she felt the weight of this force as her body sank into the mud.

Her breasts sinking all the way into the thick oozing dirt and clay filled mud.

It’s hand grabbed her by the hair wrapping it’s other hand around her throat.

Her lace choker imprinting with the flesh.

She felt it’s member slide in between her asscheeks. Her ample round butt wrapping it.

She felt it pull little further back and then violently thrust back into her ass. She could feel her cheeks spread from the force. Pressed down by the entity.

She huffed a couple of times.

“Good whore” she heard whispered to her.

The cars radio buzzed again, “*static* You’re *static*”

“Gonna be my” it growled,

“*static* Prisoner, of war *static*” a news announcer said on the radio before going back into her death metal playlist.

As soon as it started the violent apparitions began to viciously ram her pressed asshole.

She got half breaths in as it continued to thrust, her butt pressing down with brutal force. It let go of her hair her grope her ample butt.

“Fat, buttocks savage.” It growled in hate, the lightning bringing it in and out of perspective vision grabbing handfuls of her firm ass. Bouncing it’s pelvis on her like a brute.

She felt herself cumming harder then the car. Her whole body felt like electric current of pleasure were jolting her as her legs went stiff. The cock didn’t stop at all feeling it deep in side of her, sliding in and out against her butt cheeks. Cold and firm pressure as her toes dug into the mud, squeezing it between her toes. She heard an audible loud growl, almost a roar as it started choking her with an iron grip.

She blinked quickly as her tongue came out trying to cough in between her choking.

Suddenly feeling her orgasm climax again when thick load of a specters fluid ejected deep in her asshole.

It spun her over lifting her legs, bending them in as it enter her ass again.

Grunting whispers all around her ears as she felt her ass getting smacked and the ghostly apparition biting the back of her fleshy thigh. Suddenly it spread her legs.

She stared into its eyes as it faded in and out of reality. Closer and closer when it put its cold dead lips onto hers. She moaned as it’s smooth tongue of energy seemed sometimes half real and half a non existent force. Feeling it’s last slowing thrusts, and last spurts of its spectral cum.

Just like that it was gone.

She heaved in the rain shakily sitting up.

She looked around, the entity no where to be seen.

And just as mysteriously as it arrived. The rain. Stopped.

She stood up, the front of her body was covered in mud. Her legs were quivering. She slid back into her car and closed the door before the mosquitos came back out.

She heaved trying to catch her breath.

“Well. I’ll unpack my tent in the morning. I have a week off after all.”

Ama’s Paranormal Quickies 2: Greyback Ama after her experience in her new house. Became a junkie. Addicted to paranormal sex. It took her a few weeks of digging but she believed she found another haunted location that would suit her… needs. She found an abandoned road where many women have claimed they were raped by…

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