All We Knew Ch. 09


All Characters are aged eighteen or over, sex is consensual, this is a slight departure from the main story, I hope you enjoy. Again non British English lovers please accept that the story is set in the UK and uses the root tongue of English for spelling, if you can’t take arse or Mum, then best you skip this story. Enjoy.


Mary Carpenter pulled her dressing gown and nightdress off and stepped into the bathwater, she planned to have a quiet bath and luxuriate in the peace and calm after everyone had left for the day. As the only one who could work at home, she enjoyed these days. Gladys Carpenter had left the previous day after much hugging and kissing and tears. Mary was so very grateful to her for all the help she had provided over the years. Sadly she had watched her age after her husbands death, slowly giving up on her life as she adjusted to being alone. Mary wondered how she would cope if and when the point arrived when she too would be on her own.

Meanwhile the water was nice and relaxing and her thoughts turned to John and her. She thought dreamily of the early days of their marriage, her head sank back onto the bath surround where she had placed a small towel, folded to give her some comfort and the pleasant thoughts swirled around as she drifted away. lazily her hand drifted over her breasts, touching her nipples and stroking the area round her aereola. She felt the familiar tingle as her nipples slowly compacted and became erect.

Her other hand drifted to her pussy and she began to tangle her fingers in the dense mat of brown hair on her mons. slowly her fingers walked down until she felt the lips of her labia opening up, she gently moved her finger over the slit, feeling her juices lubricating her, thick and sticky despite the bathwater. she flicked her fingers along the slit as it opened up and placed a finger at the entrance, moving her hand in little circles before drifting back to the clitoris as it began to peek out of its hood. Slowly she moved her fingers back and inserted one into her vagina, rocking it slightly feeling the opening accommodating her.

Her fingers flicked over her slit and she felt herself beginning to push slightly, her hand stretched so her thumb found her clit and began rocking the little bud. she withdrew her finger and placing two together pushing once more into her entrance, pushing a bit harder to force the two digits into her private place, rocking her hips now.

She felt the heat rising and moved her hand faster. The waves of pleasure began building, her hand grasped her breasts together, forcing the nipples against each other, she tore and twisted at them , releasing and grabbing them back, her hand now moving rapidly in and out as her fingers traced the route of her vagina, thumb pressing hard on her clit. The dam burst and waves of pure pleasure raced through her body, her hips spasming and forcing water up and over the edge of the bath. She gasped and screamed in alternate breaths, grunting as the pain began to rise up as her battered clit could take no more, but her legs thrashed for a few more seconds as she came down.

Jane should frozen in the bathroom door, her eyes locked on her mothers passion. She closed the door and walked to the side of the bath.

“Mum?” she saw her Mum with her hand still between her legs and the other hand mashing her breasts as she moaned softly. “Oh My God!” said Jane, watching her Mother in the afterglow of her frenzied orgasm.

“Jane, oh no, oh no, so sorry, so very sorry, it’s been so long since…” Mary’s voice trailed off as she relaxed back into the bath.

Jane stared at her mothers body, she hadn’t seen her fully naked before, She was still a good looking woman, slightly tubby but not in any way fat. her small sized breasts sat high on her chest. Her stomach gently round led down to a thick patch of pubic hair, masking her femininity. There were no flabby thighs or arms but they were not toned.

Mary pulled the lever to empty the tub and absentmindedly stood naked before her daughter.

“Mum, you’re beautiful,” said Jane admiringly, and reluctantly turned to get a towel to cover her mother.

“Do you think so darling,” said Mary,

“Wow, I certainly do, I hope I look that good when I get to your age, Kevin would be all over me still for sure.”

Mary glanced at her daughter and smiled, then looked at the floor.

“Such a shame your father doesn’t then, ” she said before abruptly moving to leave the bathroom.

She heard the bathroom door open and glanced over in surprise as Kevin came in, remembering she hadn’t locked it as she thought there was no-one else in the house.

Kevin gasped and closed his eyes, putting his hands up to cover them,

“Kevin?” Mary said surprised by his appearance, “I thought you had left for the day, and shouldn’t you knock before coming in if the doors closed?”

“Sorry, going out now, sorry,” Kevin backed out and closed the door

Mary smiled, “Sweet but rude boy,” she said as she stepped out of the bathroom Şerifali Escort grabbing the towel from Jane to cover herself, she turned to her bedroom. Jane walked to the room she and Kevin now shared.

“Nice timing, Bro, so now you’ve had a flash of Mum as well as seeing me. By the way why are you here?”

“Same reason as you, traffic, did Dad drop you at the High Street, I couldn’t get any further, I bet he’s stuck, the whole towns gridlocked. I turned round eventually and came back. By the way I did get a peek at Mum and apart from the hair down there, she’s like your older sister, same boobs everything, wow what a nice sight, is that wrong to think that? What’s up with Mum, she’s not herself is she?”

“Dad! is what’s up with Mum and thank you for the sort of compliment to both of us”


“Seems Dad’s not paying her any attention, well in the bedroom department, anyway. She was taking care of her own business when I burst in, that’s a conversation stopper”

“What? Well I don’t blame her, I spent a long time in hand trying not to ruin our relationship, before we actually sorted ourselves out, correction you sorted us out. Dad’s mad; for a woman her age she’s pretty near the top of the pile of sexy older woman.”

“Do you fancy her Big Bro or are you making an academic proposition, a sort of theoretical, “I would if she asked”?”

“I’m your older, but probably not smarter brother, sis and the answer is there is only one woman in my life, but our mothers body shows where your beauty comes from, that’s it period, end, finish. Dad must be mad not to still want to make love to her.”

“I need to talk to her, Kev, there’s something wrong, they’re close but there’s a wedge between them. I’ll try to get her to open up, go read a book.”

“Yeah thanks, send the boy off to his room, whilst the grownups speak.” He grinned and kissed her grabbing her arms and sliding down to her hands which he grasped strongly. They held the kiss for many minutes, until Jane broke free,

“Sit, read, enjoy, later, bye bye.”

She walked slowly to their parents bedroom, knocked and waited.

“Come in darling,” sighed Mary to her daughter.

Mary sat on the bed her shoulders heaving, the towel still draped round her as silent tears fell down her cheeks.

“Oh Mum,” said Jane, walking over to her mother and wrapping her arms round her. They sat for silent minutes as Mary cried her heart out, mourning the loss of her husbands touch.

“I’m so sorry darling, I thought everyone was gone, I was just enjoying a bath, I’ve never done that before, well not for many, many years. I feel really strange, embarrassed because you caught me, lonely because your father should be doing it and angry that he doesn’t. I also feel much better because I came,” she laughed, “I really needed that. I won’t go into details but, your Father and I sometimes used to make love four or five times a week until recently.”

“Wow, good for you, I had no idea, but then what child really knows what their parents love life is like, that’s terrific. Kevin said that you looked sexy and he couldn’t see why Dad would stop making love to you.” Jane blushed as she said this.

Mary looked at Jane, and smiled, “Well that’s quite a compliment from my son considering who his girlfriend is.”

“He said he could see where I got my looks from.” she said proudly.

“Oh, well sorry about your small boobs,” Mary joked.

“He said mine were perfect recently, which means yours are as well, well not in so many words, but that’s what he meant. He said you would be near the top of the pile of sexy women, in your age group.”

“Is that a compliment?” Mary queried, ” or is it just to give me a lift?”

“Mum, you are beautiful, you’re in great shape for your age, oh God, that didn’t come out how I imagined it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen myself in the mirror, starting to build a little surplus on the hips and tummy, wish it were on my boobs but that never seems to happen. When I was breast feeding you and Kevin, then I had some great boobs, I felt full and sexy then.”

“So what’s the story Mum, what’s happened between you and Dad?”

I don’t know exactly, we sort of slowed down a bit and then it was occasionally, perhaps once a week, then maybe once a month. Now your father seems to have shut the door to lovemaking. Sure he cuddles me but he doesn’t try anything or suggest we have an early night, or watch me undress. If I go for a pee he leaves the bathroom, previously he’d stay and talk, finishing up washing or cleaning his teeth, whatever.”

Mary shrugged and the towel slipped off her shoulders revealing her slight frame and almost pert breasts. They sagged slightly, her nipples not pointing straight ahead as they had when she was younger, but they definitely didn’t look droopy. Jane stared at her mother and wished she could stay as slim as her mother at 55 years old.

“Jane, please don’t stare at me like that it’s a bit unnerving, almost like you were eying me İstanbul Escort up.”

“Mother, I was just thinking I hope I can look as good as you after two children and at 55 years.”

Mary stood and used the fallen towel to dry her breasts, arms and back then dried the rest of herself. Jane looked in awe at her body and was fascinated by the luxuriant growth of hair on her mothers pubis.

“Have you ever trimmed or shaved your hair mum?” Jane asked.

“No! in our day it was left to nature, I’ve never considered it, do you darling?”

“Err well I actually don’t have any at all, I keep it smooth, waxing, rather than shaving, but I used to shave it when I was younger.”

“You did, I never saw your razor in the bathroom,”

“Actually I used to borrow Kevin or Dad’s, they were always wondering why their blades never lasted,” Jane giggled at the thought.

” You naughty girl, but why would you shave it off, or have it waxed?”

“Bikini’s Mum, if you leave it to nature you end up with little bunches of hair sticking out and it doesn’t look enticing, apparently.”

Mary laughed and looked down at her bush. She pulled absently at the hair and looked at Jane.

“Do you think I should shave, it’s something your father has mentioned as being something he’s like me to try.”

“Well mum it might be worth trying, if it rekindles the fire, why not do it.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start. Would you help me?” Mary looked at Jane pleadingly.

“Sure, do you want to do it now, I mean your already undressed, look sit back on the bed on the towel and I’ll pop in the bathroom and get the necessary, Dad won’t know.”

“Why Dad’s?”

“Well I can’t use Kevin’s now can I? that would be wrong on so many levels!”

“point taken, that boys already seen more of me than I would have wished, although he was very sweet about it.”

“Okay, do you have any scissors as we’ll, I’ll need to trim it down so it doesn’t clog the blade.”

“Yes top drawer of my dresser, lefthand side.”

Jane found the scissors and handed them to her mother.

“If you put some tissues down on the towel, as you trim the hair it will fall on them and we can just roll them up and throw them in the bin.”

Jane walked to the bathroom and selected her Fathers razor and found some shaving foam that had no strong masculine smell, she found a small bowl and added some hot water and turned to go, finding Kevin standing in the doorway.

“What’s up?” he whispered leaning down to her ear.

“I’ll tell you later, it’s a bit complicated and I’m not quite at the bottom of it.”

“Ok what’s the water and shaving stuff for?”

“I’m going to shave Mums pussy!” she smiled.

“Bloody hell, now that’s something I would love to see… sorry that’s totally pervy, I apologise, wrong on so many levels, I’ll get back to the book, see you later.”

“Okay, moron. Tell you what try reading a book without pictures, they can be fun too, but you might want to finish crayoning in your current one before you switch”

Kevin signed “Whatever”, grinned and went back to their bedroom.

Jane returned to the bedroom and found her Mother sitting with a pile of cut hair in front of her.

“I never realised it was so thick, I’ve done what I can, I might have to get you to do the rest”

“Okay Mum, sorry for the delay, Kevin was outside our room he’s really worried about you and Dad.”

Mary looked up and smiled, “Kevin, is so unlike his Dad in many ways, he’s always been a big teddy bear, as for your Dad I’m past caring about him now. Oh no that’s not true, I care a lot, but I am resigned to little or no sex now, enjoy it while it lasts Jane.”

Mary sat back so Jane could finish up with the scissors. Jane occasionally touching her mother asking her to open her legs wider or lie back more. Finally satisfied she asked her Mother to stand and she folded the tissues up and put them in the bin. Jane dipped her hand in the warm water and drizzled warm water over Mary’s trimmed hair. Then she ran her hand over the hair to distribute the water before applying the shaving gel. She then sprayed the shaving gel on and again massaged the gel into her mothers pubis. Mary giggled and told her it made her feel funny.

Jane then took the razor and made the first run, washing the blade off in the bowl and starting again. Twenty minutes later,she took the bowl and emptied it coming back with fresh water and a flannel. Jane carefully wiped her mother clean of any remaining foam, examining her mothers bare pubis. As she spotted stray hairs she whisked them away with the razor. Finally they seemed satisfied.

The two women laughed out loud as Jane angled a mirror in front of Mary’s pubis so she could see her bare mons.

Jane smiled and left with all the shaving gear so Mary could dress on her own.

She wandered back to their bedroom and put her head round the door, Kevin looked up from the book he was reading,

“Thank you Kev, you were really good, Ümraniye Escort I know you must have got a kick out of seeing Mum naked, but you behaved wonderfully.”

“Jane, she’s my mother and although she was a real live naked women, somehow it was different, I can’t put my finger on it. It’s different that’s all, now if it had been you, I wouldn’t have been able to resist, truth.”

“Bless you brother, your one hell of a great guy.” Jane kissed Kevin’s cheek.


John Carpenter walked into the bathroom, as Mary sat down to pee, unusually she had her legs wide open, he looked over at her and gasped.

“My God, you’ve shaved!” his eyebrows shot up as he stared at his wife’s bare sex.

Mary, although she had started to pee, began to rise from the toilet, widening her legs as she did so. John stared in awe at the steady stream of piss coursing out of her sex lips and gurgling into the bowl. His hand shot to his prick as he unconsciously began to circle his fist around his hardening dick. He began pumping his stiffening manhood, as Mary let the last of her piss drop into the bowl in a series of drips. She held her pose and reached for the toilet tissue.

“No don’t, don’t move,” rasped John as his erect penis pointed straight out at her bare body, he moved towards her slowly. Suddenly he shuddered and his knees seemed to sag, white ropes of sperm shot from his prick covering the short distance to Mary and landing in a series of splashes on her belly and mons.

She looked down as the cum began to slowly slide down her body, without hesitation her hand came down and began to massage the cum into her skin. Her hand went between her legs and she again started to probe her clit and vagina. John was unable to believe the sight of his wife massaging his cum into her skin then starting to play with herself. With a strangled cry he fell to his knees and crawled towards her, moving her hand aside and plunging his face into her pussy and swirling his tongue around her lips and pushing upwards into her. Mary gasped with pleasure and adjusted her legs so John could have better access.

“The bed, the bed, it will be better on the bed,” she gasped, not really wanting him to stop. John withdrew his tongue, kissed her pussy and standing scooped her up in his arms. He almost ran to the bed, lowering her so that her legs hung off the end. Moving between her legs John once more ran his tongue over her wet slit, tasting both his and her juices and a little of the piss that remained. He loved it all and drank in her perfume and licked as much of the juice as possible.

Concentrating on her clit as it emerged from its hood, he soon had Mary gasping and raising her legs higher to allow him even greater access. Finally she dropped her feet on his shoulders and used them to lift her bottom off the bed to try and get John as close as possible. Slipping his tongue off her clit, John stabbed it into her vagina and Mary screamed with pleasure. She dropped her legs over Johns shoulders neatly pulling him right against her, his nose mashing her clit. He began pushing his tongue in as far as possible, rubbing his nose against and either side of her bud.

Marys next orgasm flooded through her and she thrashed her pussy against John’s face grinding into him and feeling herself slipping away. Her eyes closed as she slid forward and fell into Johns lap. He immediately grasped a breast in each hand and kneaded them as his mouth closed on hers. His mouth tasted different, earthy sweet, pungent and glorious. She realised she was tasting her own juices on him. Breaking away she licked his face, before once again closing her lips over his.

John felt the drips of her juices falling onto his cock as it lay against her slit and adjusting himself, unfolded his legs until Mary was balanced on his thighs, he began to rock on his buttocks, his hips causing his prick to slid along Mary’s furrow. After a few seconds he felt the tightening of his balls and in a series of pulses his cock sent his sperm against Mary’s slit, some catching but some dropping to the carpet. He had never been so exited with her before. This was completely new and so unbelievably hot.

Mary mewed her pleasure and once again moved her mouth over his, they kissed deeply and he released her breasts and pulled her to him. This had the effect of pushing his cock into her slit and her vagina accepted him in, so that in moving closer he entered her, eased in by the mix of his cum and her juices. only vaguely aware they were joined the pair kissed endlessly. Finally breaking apart, they realised that they were joined together as Mary’s muscles squashed against his hardening dick.

“Oh I’ve wanted you in me for ages, John what’s been wrong, why haven’t you needed me like this?” she asked gazing into his eyes.

“I thought that you didn’t need me anymore, I thought that as you were not inclined to accept my fantasies about you, that you had tired of sex or me!” he said, kissing her lips.

“What!! Oh you mean like shaving my pussy or letting you get a closer look at me peeing?” she asked.

“God yes, but it’s more than that, I’ve been toying with telling you about my desires because lately they have resurfaced and I was afraid that you’d guessed and were trying to push me away.”

All Characters are aged eighteen or over, sex is consensual, this is a slight departure from the main story, I hope you enjoy. Again non British English lovers please accept that the story is set in the UK and uses the root tongue of English for spelling, if you can’t take arse or Mum, then…

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