All in… Ch. 03

All in… Ch. 03


It turned out that I was ‘spot-on’ with the thought that Jack would, indeed, like watching the dvd of me fucking Bob and Mindy.

After he had returned late Thursday evening, I waited until Friday afternoon to tell him of my evening with Bob and Mindy, handing him the dvd to watch while I fixed us some drinks.

When I returned with our rum and cokes, I found him staring at the flat-screen in our bedroom, his cock in his hand slowly being stroked, his eyes almost glazed over.

Joining him in our bed, I took his cock in my hand and lowered my mouth to suck him while he watched me getting my brains fucked out by my two playmates. After two sessions with Bob-of-the-firehose-cock, Jack’s smaller dick was a walk in the park for me to deep-throat. What did catch me by surprise, though, was that after Jack orgasmed in my mouth, he quickly kissed me and eagerly licked and sucked his own jism from me before I could swallow most of it.

Interesting……something to think about, I remember thinking to myself at the time. For reasons unknown to me, I found it ‘hot’ that he wanted to do so.

“Hey Sugar, got a minute?” Mindy said when I answered the phone on the Saturday morning after my threesome with them.

“Always have time for you,” I flirtingly replied, just the sound of her voice turning on my horny engine.

“Well, aren’t you just sweet,” She cooed in return, “Well, I hope you still feel that way after I break our date for tonight.”

I had tentatively agreed that Jack and I would meet up with them at the club on Saturday night. I brought it up with Jack on Friday, after he had watched the dvd and I had given him a world-class blowjob.

He agreed in a New York minute.

“Some friends from a few years ago are traveling through in their RV today and….well, you know, we haven’t seen them in a while…..” Mindy said.

“Don’t worry about it,” I assured her, interrupting her to do so, “there’ll be other times. Of course I understand.”

But, truthfully, I was more than a tad disappointed.

“So, do you still want to go to the club, just you and me?” was Jack’s response when I told him of Mindy’s news.

“I wouldn’t mind,” I nonchalantly replied but thrilled, inside, that he still wanted to go. As I said earlier, my own mind-set on this whole swinging thing was firmly on-board with the whole scene.

“Figure out something sexy to wear,” he said to me as he was walking out of the door, “shouldn’t be hard to do…….going to my golf match at the country club, see you this afternoon,” kissing me before he left.

Something sexy, huh? That might require a shopping trip, I reasoned, any ol’ reason for a shopping trip, chuckling to myself as I headed to the shower, my mind already thinking of possible outfits….

“Does this work?” I asked when I joined him in our den after shooing him from the bedroom so that I could dress and surprise him.

I found an ensemble that included a mid-thigh skirt of thin material that really liked my ass and thighs. The blouse was designed to begin buttoning about mid-driff, the folds of the blouse providing a large vee to display cleavage. You had to have cleavage to wear this baby and, thankfully, Bycasino I did. Some mid-sized hoop earrings, a colorful, but not gaudy, necklace and I was ready for the club.

“Wow” was his one-word comment. That and the rising bulge in his dress slacks.

“Good,” I replied, “I’m glad you approve,” really, truly glad that he did…..

“Theme night? What the hell is theme night?” I asked Jack when we saw the placard at the door, next to the keypad that one used to enter.

“It varies,” said the voice behind us, “some nights its costumes, some nights are ‘bi’ nights, other nights might have select singles as a part of the mix.”

“And tonight?” I asked turning to the couple, older, but not unattractive, that answered my query.

“Select Singles. Men and women,” the female half said in answer.

“Good to know, thank you,” turning away as Jack held the door open for me.

“A little old for my taste,” Jack said as we wended our way to the bar, nodding his head towards the entry door.

“Me too, I think, but you must admit that they were attractive” I agreed, then giving our drink order to the bartender.

“So, what is your taste tonight?” I asked of Jack, turning to face him on our barstools.

“Whatever gives you pleasure, baby….you want a girl, that’s fine….you want a stud or two, that’s okay as well,” Jack answered after the bartender delivered our 151s and coke.

“A stud or two, huh? You mean besides you?” I joked in response. But, I was ahead of him and thought of that scenario when the couple told us it was singles night.

“That’s exactly what I mean, babe….you see a couple of hot guys that turn your crank, I’ll gladly watch you entertain them and clean you up afterwards,” tipping his glass against mine in an unspoken toast to whatever.

We sipped our drinks, not guzzled. Bacardi 151 is seventy-five percent alcohol and will provide a quick trip to buzzville; slam’em down and it’ll kick your ass in a heartbeat.

“Buy you folks a drink?” asked the wife of the older couple we had talked with at the entry to the club. Jack and I exchanged quick glances of ‘oh shit, now what?’ but, not being rude or unfriendly by nature, we both agreed that we’d love to share a drink with her.

“Lose your hubby?” I asked out of politeness when we made room for her to join us at the bar, seating her between Jack and myself.

“Temporarily,” Marge, it turned out was her name, answered, “he’s playing with a couple of younger gals that have ‘daddy’ fantasies,” chuckling while saying it.

“Most people think us older than we are because of the salt and pepper thing going on with our hair,” Marge continued, “but, in truth, Jim’s fifty-one and I’m forty-eight; older than most who come here, but with a lot still left in the tank, so to speak.”

Never judge a book by its cover, dear hearts.

The more we talked with Marge, the less her age was a factor of anything. She was witty, ribald, and extremely flirtatious which I started finding attractive for some strange reason. She was also ‘handsy’, finding any reason to touch Jack and I on our arms or leg as we chatted. Brief, not lingering touches, but just enough to Bycasino giriş let you know she was interested.

Jack excused himself to go to the restroom and as he walked away, Marge’s eyes followed him, admiringly so. Turning towards me when he turned the corner, she placed her hand on my thigh, just above the knee, gently rubbing her fingtips across my skin.

I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t feel good.

“Any chance that you two might entertain the thought of a romp with this ‘old’ lady?” Marge asked, staring into my eyes with an intensity I’d rarely experienced before, an intensity that flipped my ‘on switch’ suddenly.

“Sounds like fun,” I heard myself say which brought about a gentle smile to Marge’s lips and a gentle squeeze to my thigh.

“It’s been a while since I’ve partied with another couple without Jim but I think this will be a lot of fun for all of us,” Marge remarked, leaning towards me for a small kiss to my lips. Still staring into her eyes I then leaned in towards her and returned the kiss, mouth more opened, our tongues quickly touching.

Jack had returned from the restroom and, without interrupting us, took his seat. Still holding our kiss, Marge reached behind her and boldly grabbed Jack’s package through his slacks, her skilled fingers beginning a slow stroke of his hardening cock.

Breaking my kiss with Marge but not my eye contact, I said to Jack, “We need to find us a room.”

We did.

“Door open or closed, ladies?” Jack asked as he stood aside for Marge and I to enter first.

“Open” Marge and I said at the same time, looking at each other with startled eyes before the three of us started laughing.

“Open it is, m’dears,” Jack confirmed, walking towards Marge and I.

Taking me into her arms, Marge pulled me tightly against her body, our mouths wide as we attacked the other with our tongue. Her body was a ‘tad’ softer than mine but sensually so, her breasts larger, perhaps a cup size larger.

“Take off your clothes, Jack,” Marge said firmly, “find a corner of the playroom to watch us as I make love to your wife,” her skilled fingers already snaking my skirt down my wiggling hips, my attempt to help her get me naked.

“And Jack?” Marge said further, “When you kneel behind me to fuck me? I want you to fuck me in the ass, can you do that for me, Jack?”

Simply nodding slowly, Jack’s hand was already slowly pulling at his dick. Bending her head to his lap quickly, she swallowed him, her mouth gnawing at his pubic bone as she deep-throated him, working him with her throat muscles and tongue.

“Cum for me, Jack, cum down my throat, Jack,” Marge said when she lifted her mouth from his now, rock-hard dick, “I want you to cum, Jack so that I can have an extra-long time to play with your wife while you recover. Then, Jack, that’s when you’ll fuck my ass,” dropping her mouth once more to his cock.

He came……maybe a gallon, Marge would joke later that evening when telling her husband of our play over drinks in the lounge.

While she sucked Jack’s cock, I was leaning against some large, fluffy pillows, two fingers furiously fucking my cunt, my eyes loving the scene Bycasino deneme bonusu of Jack being sucked by Marge.

After Marge finished swallowing and licking Jack clean, she quickly found me in my corner, her hands removing my panties. Kneeling before me, she raised her arms above her head, an unspoken command to me to take off her french bra and silk panties.

I did, flicking my tongue across her wet slit when removing her panties. She pushed me gently onto my back, separating my legs with her body.

And then?

Then Marge showed me how to make love to another woman, properly. The nuances of her kisses, of her touches, the simple concept of ‘less is more’, took me to a level of sensuousness that I had never experienced.

She let me taste her first. She let me eagerly eat her oh-so-tasty pussy first, ‘sitting’ on my face for me to do so. Her juices were intoxicating, as was her fragarance, her taste, divine.

Taking what seemed like forever, she mouthed and tongued her way down my body, her bites of my nipples just ‘short’ of pain. Finally reaching my needful pussy, I pulled her head tight to my bucking hips and snatch.

Oh God, but she was good…..so fucking good, my screams loud I was sure. Opening my eyes partly after one of my first few orgasms, I watched as Jack knelt behind Marge’s upturned ass, smiled as I watched him enter her ass and begin a slow, steady pumping of his cock into her.

She clearly enjoyed ass-fucking while eating pussy at the same time….win-win for Jack and I, I thought.

Jack came. Marge came. I came. The sound from our indvidual orgasms mixing in the air and floating from the room. We all laid there, exhausted, for how long, I’m not sure. Finally opening my eyes, I saw them. Three guys, three naked guys, ogling our scene, stroking their cocks.

Looking up at me, then at them, Marge said to me, “I’ll take the short one, you can have the other two.”

Looking to Jack, now reclining in his corner of the play area, he simply smiled.

And as if I had done this before, I called to ‘my’ two strangers.

“This way, fellas,” I said softly, my voice husky and wanting, to the other two now that Marge was already sucking the cock of the one she ‘took’, falling onto my back against the pillows, my arms opening to them both.

With a hand on each one’s ass, I pulled their cocks towards my mouth, sucking on each in turn. Neither was huge. Neither was small. Both were comfortably satisfying to suck.

And when I was ready, I moved one to fuck me while I sucked the other, loving the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of both my mouth and my pussy at the same time. The one fucking me climaxed first and when he pulled out, I moved the one I was sucking between my legs to fuck me some more, one after the other.

I don’t ever recall having ‘gangbang’ fantasies. Ever. But it was what I was thinking of while number two finished dumping his jism into my cunt, on top of number one’s.

That’s right, I don’t know their names. Didn’t want to know it then, don’t care about it now.

Slowly, our room emptied. Marge invited us to meet her and Jim in the lounge for a goodnight/goodbye cocktail. Closing the door behind Marge, Jack knelt between my legs which were spreading for him to do so. He did as promised and ate the cum from my well-fucked pussy.

And not only did I let him, I liked it. I liked it a lot that he was eating strangers’ cum from me.

So sue me.

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