All alone

All alone

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All alone, just the way I wanted it, I was better off. This was by choice, my choice. I had enough of the bullshit, enough of the games. So I quit my job, sold my apartment in the city, dumped my boyfriend and broke all my ties that was binding me. Now here I am. All alone. Isolated, cut off from the world in a way.

I bought this place out in the country. Away from everything and everyone. It was a big house, with 10 rooms. It had a small 4 room apartment behind the pool. My closes neighbor was about five miles from me, town was about ten miles away. The only people I come in contact with are the three people I hired to care for me and the place.

It was a family that I hired. The wife, Susan, did the cooking and the cleaning, she was about 48 years old. Very well preserved for her age. Not a bad looking woman, but nothing to write home about either. Her husband, Justin, was around the same age, now that was a man. Very well put together, tan and tight, he had the body of a warrior. He was part of many of fantasies I had, all the things I thought about to get me off, Justin was included. The last person that was part of the “family” was John, their son. He was their adopted son. He was 28 years old, geek looking, with glasses, and short hair. I couldn’t tell what his body looked like for he was always buttoned up. He always wore long sleeves and baggy pants. It didn’t matter anyway to me, he was there to work for me. Justin did the handyman ilginç porno work and John did the gardening.

So here I was, in the middle of the night, alone and feeling so damn horny. Sometimes toys just don’t cut it. Sometimes you need the feel of flesh against flesh. The sweat from another person while they are pounding into you. All the nasty talk. I was hot, so I decided to go by the pool, all was quiet.

I layed down on one of the lounge chairs with my back to the cottage house. I was in a dream like state. Just drifting in and out of my fantasies. I took off the sash that held my robe together, letting the moon bath my naked body.

My hands trailing down my body. Playing with my nipples, gently squeezing and pulling on them. I wet the tip of one finger and ran it slowly over a nipple, feeling the cool breeze on my body, making my nipple even harder.

Then I heard some noise. It was coming from over my shoulder, from the cottage. I went to the window of the cottage to see if everything was OK. I was shocked what I saw. I just couldn’t believe it. There was Susan standing over the two men who were on their knees in front of her. She was dressed in this see thru black gown. Spiked high heeled shoes. Her legs were spread apart. One man was at each foot, licking her shoes and making their way up. As they were going up, their heads were under there gown, pulling it up with them.

As they got higher, japon porno they were sort of strangling her legs, sorta like humping it like dogs. She couldn’t stand anymore and fell back onto the couch. Now I seen her sweet wet pussy. She wasn’t completely shaved, but she was pretty close to it. I could make out the wetness clinging to her pussy lips.

Justin was the first to touch her sweet cunt with his mouth. I heard her moan. First he licked her outer lips nice and slowly. Up one side then down the other. Up and down, just teasing her. John, was playing with her tits and humping her leg. I could see how hard his cock was. Justin gently spread her juicy cunt lips and stuck his hot tongue deep inside. That made my pussy even wetter. He was going to town.

He kept licking and sucking her cunt. Her body was meeting his tongue, begging for more. By this time, John was standing up. His cock sticking straight out. He laid his mom down, and stuck his cock in her mouth. She just sucked it right up.

I could see Justin sticking his fingers in her pussy as he was licking her clit. Finger fucking her with the same motion as his tongue licking her clit. Susan was moaning with John’s cock deep in her throat. I could see her body start to cum. It was shaking a little at first and both men were staying with it. Then her body went faster with the shaking, she pushed John’s cock away and started to moan,”Oh yea, baby, I’m cumming”, latin porno “Lick me, while I cum”. “Ohhhhhhhh God, Yessss”.

My fingers were buried deep in my own wet cunt, and I came at the same time that she did. I was swallowing my moans. My nipples were rock hard.

When it looked like she couldn’t cum no more, Justin pulled her up and he laid down. He guided her cum drenched cum onto his hard cock. One motion and she was riding him hard. Her ass was too John, who was slapping it and making it red. John reached down and wet his hand with some pussy juice and rubbed it on his hard cock. He positioned himself behind Susan, spreading the cheeks of her ass. He spit on her asshole. Then he just pushed his swollen dick in.

She screamed with pleasure. Justin and John found the same rhythm. Both of them fucking her. Both of her holes filled with big, hot, hard cock. “Fuck me, Fuck me harder”, “That’s it, do it now, fuck that cunt and ass”, she kept moaning and screaming. They kept it up for as long as they could. John was the first to pull out and shoot all over her sweet ass. He kept cumming and cumming. I swear I seen steam off of his sweet cum as it hit her body that’s how hot they were.

Then it was Justin’s turn to shoot. Susan jumped off of his cock and put her mouth to his cock. Coaching him along. “Shoot in my mouth, honey”, “Cum for me”. “Let me taste your sweet cum”. He started to shot and she covered it with her mouth. I could see him pumping into her mouth, her swallowing every drop.

The three of them collapsed on the couch, Susan in the middle touching both her men. Now I knew why John didn’t want to leave home. I don’t blame him. I quietly moved away, feeling more alone then ever.

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